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Kitten Chapter 1-2

That will do Kitten, that will do.
Chapter 1

The boys had left a few hours earlier with their dad for their annual car trip to his family's place in Ohio. She missed the boys, not the ex husband, but would take the time to enjoy her life a bit and have some fun with herself and her man. He was coming over later tonight after work. He wasn't a perfect man by any means but he was smart, funny, and treated her like a princess. They had planned a wonderful night of a long dinner and some time on the dance floor before returning to her house and her bed for the night. She had not seen him for more than a week because of schedules and travel so there was some built up angst as the day had approached and now with only hours to go she found herself in a state of arousal as she slipped into her white silky robe as she started to run her bath.

The red wine that was poured seemed to be running low already. As her bath ran and the steam rose filling her stone tiled bathroom she exited to fill her glass one more time. The walk downstairs allowed the warm air to circulate under her robe stimulating an already aroused body. She poured her wine and lightly stroke the cleavage visible between the folds of her robe. She ascended the stairs once again and moved to the steamy bathroom to disrobe and slide into the tub. The candles were lit around the tub and the wine glass placed in an accessible location next to her head. Her body slid down into the scented warm water and let out a long sigh as she relaxed. The wine and scented warmth did the trick as her muscle's loosened and the arousal of the day began to climb.

She took extra time relaxing in the tub letting the steamy water surround and caress her body as she sipped her wine and relaxed against her pillow. She slowly caressed her own skin as she washed her body slowly from toe to head. Her legs rose from the tub as she ran the suds across her smooth long legs. Very carefully she smoothed her legs with a nice shave as she was sure her hands would not be the only ones to touch them tonight. She stroked her body and pampered it making it feel warm and soft all over. The wine warmed her on the inside as the water warmed her on the outside. She was careful washing and conditioning her hair to make it shiny and smooth as she planned to straighten for the night, a different look for her.

She had lingered in the bath for so long that the water began to cool so she decided to slip out of the tub and into the covering of a warm white towel. The soft towel wrapped her body in luxurious softness as she blotted the wetness from her soft creamy skin. Once dry she slipped back into her white robe and sat down to coat her nails with deep red polish she had bought for the occasion. She was careful in applying the polish to her toes first them her finger nails applying two thing coats to her nicely shaped nails. She paused to sip the last bit of her wine as her nails dried and the deep red began to shine under the light. She slipped into her closet and began to survey her selections for the night. She was very puzzled when she heard the doorbell ring and the knock at the door.

Chapter 2

She checked the time and realized that although she had spent quite a bit of time relaxing it was not time for him to arrive. She didn't want to go to the door in her robe so she threw on a hoody and yoga pants there were neatly placed in her drawer and slipped downstairs. She looked out the door to find a UPS driver with some elaborate boxes standing at her door. She opened the door with chain still hooked and the UPS driver nodded and motioned toward the packages and indicated they were for her and she needed to sign for them. She reluctantly opened the door and the driver was very professional easing her anxiety. The cool air coming through the door quickly tightened her body and she felt her nipples push against the hoody. She noticed that the package was large but not very heavy. She thanked the driver and brought the package inside placing it on her kitchen table.

She smiled when she noticed that it was from him and quickly looked for a way to open the box. As she began to pull back the top it was obvious there was multiple boxes inside and they were wrapped and labeled with numbers. The envelope in the top was elaborate and fastened with a wax seal. The letter was simple with instructions to follow:

Open packages marked 1-5 first and put them on one a time. Do not cheat and open more than one package at a time. You will need to wait for the other packages until given further instructions. Send me a text when you have finished the first packages. I will see you tonight.


They had been dating and playing for months but this was very new. She was excited to be given such a fun task but rather nervous about what was in the boxes and what would be coming next. She arranged the boxes and counted them carefully with and counted 10 boxes in all. She beat back the temptation of to open them all but decided to do as she was instructed.

She gathered boxes 1-5 and moved them upstairs to her bedroom. She found her heart was racing and her breath a bit short as she stared at the gifts. They were wrapped elaborately and obviously not by him, but they were beautiful. She stared at the pretty packages arranged on her bed and contemplated her next move. She decided to finish her makeup and hair as she knew she was to "wear'' whatever was in the boxes.

She slipped out of her current apparel and slipped her robe back on so she could continue her pampering. She smoothed her long blond strands just as she had planned getting them to shine with her delicate touch and shape. She smoked her eyes giving them a deep mysterious glow and went with the luscious deep red on her lips that she had planned, knowing she could change it if she needed. She doused her breasts and shoulders with some glitter powder just for a little bit of pop. She noticed how aroused she was from her afternoon of pampering as her nipples responded to the brush.

She gently stroked them feeling herself respond as her body tingled. She wanted to continue, to stroke herself a little more, but she was anxious to open the boxes as well and she lifted her hand from under her robe and tightened her belt.

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