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Labia of love

Temporary lovers on an oral road that never ends
A tongue delves into the beautiful mysteries of a woman’s crotch. A mouth descends on the smooth, urgent head of a penis.

Evolution is a wonderful thing, and sexually the human race is at a particularly good stage. We have progressed from the unthinking animal practice of a man jumping on a woman and fucking her for the sake of procreation, and have come to appreciate some of the other options available to us. Chief among those options is the very special intimacy that is oral sex.

While it would be wrong to say that old-fashioned fucking is on its way out, it certainly has a rival now in the Most Exciting Sexual Practice category. And that is because oral sex can also be the most profound expression of physical love. Some of us acknowledge that, while under the sexual spell of someone we like, we experience periods of love that may or not be the same as long-lasting non-sexual love but are equally valid.

By way of illustration, let me tell you about Zee. I met her through a sex dating site. She’s a lot younger than me, but she likes much older men. She’s what some call ‘full-figured’ and I think Caribbean girls call ‘thick’. Whatever, I like a bit of flesh on a woman. I’m no Adonis, more your Mickey Rourke than Johnny Depp, but I sent her pictures of me and she seemed to like them.

We met a few weeks before Christmas at a fancy hotel near where she lives. She’s got no money and I don’t have much, but I got a great last-minute deal on this place and it would play a part in a fabulously memorable evening.

Zee was better looking in the flesh than in her photographs, but as she came swinging up the entrance corridor I saw that she was taller than I expected. We went to the hotel bar, we went to the restaurant and within an hour we were in my room. We lay on the bed and kissed and I undressed her. She was beautiful. Fleshy but firm. One of the photos she had sent showed her outdoors, kneeling on all fours, looking like a friendly, smooth, gleaming honey bear. The reality was even more gorgeous.

She wasn’t doused in perfume, she just smelled clean. I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples, then slithered down with barely-disguised haste to her crotch. She opened her legs wide for me as I sucked her pussy lips and licked her slit, lapping at her hole and loving the taste of her juice. My tongue rolled around her clitoris and she groaned appreciatively.

“Come up and kiss me,” she said. I moved back up and we played with our tongues. I licked her lips from side to side as if they were between her legs. Her arms were up on the pillow, so I held her left elbow there and licked her armpit. She tasted faintly of deodorant, but not the tongue-coating heavy-duty stuff. She smelled like a gently perspiring woman, and there is nothing wrong with that.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“It makes me want you to get your cock inside me,” she said, which registered immediately with my erect friend. But my tongue wasn’t finished with her yet. I licked her neck, which is on the same road that runs from the ears through the armpits to the vagina. Then I went back down on her, my tongue devouring her essence.

I turned her over and made her put her ass in the air. Then I got into that sacred place and she shuddered as I boldly went where no man had gone before. I knew she was half-expecting this, because I had referred to it briefly in a message and she had accepted the subject without fuss. The noises that came from her throat told me all I needed to know. She was loving it.

“Let me do something to you,” she said eventually. I lay on my back, waiting to be pleasured, and she dragged her substantial breasts down my chest and stomach until they came to rest on my thighs and she took my cock in her loving mouth. She held my balls and ran her fingers around my crotch, and when I looked down, she was looking up with a wide-eyed innocence disguising her knowing lasciviousness.

She was a good girl doing something she wouldn’t tell her mother about, but she wasn’t ashamed of it. She and this man whom she liked a lot, even though she hardly knew him, were exchanging more than bodily fluids. They were exchanging love notes that would quickly turn into memories.

We spent three hours in a cycle of oral love, and it was a heavenly experience. We weren’t chasing orgasms – that’s a young person’s game. As nice as they are, orgasms are road signs that eventually lead to red stop-lights. In our oral world we could cruise forever. We could come to a screeching halt at any time if we wanted to, but we didn’t want to. We were out in the country on a clear, sweeping road with the scenery constantly changing as we took detours and shared the driving.

Shortly after midnight Zee had to go home to her kids. And that was the only time I saw her. I had to leave the country and she had to stay with her family. But when I think of her, I think of us worshipping each other. We had the best, most intense, most romantic part of a relationship, and we just jumped to that part of the route and came off at the junction where we had to.

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