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Learning On A Lazy Saturday

Nina learns a new trick poolside with her young neighbor.
My eyes focused on the clock 9:02 stared back at me. I love sleeping in on a Saturday. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and sat up raising my arms above my head and arched my back then relaxed. I stretched right, exhale, left, exhale; then relaxed my arms down and stood up. Such a stress free way to start the day.

‘What to do today… no projects due, no errands to run, no meetings; just a no nothing day. I can’t wait to relax by the pool and soak up some dangerous sun.’ I thought as I walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

‘Could my biggest decision today be what type of tea to have,’ I laughed. ‘Well let’s see what there is for lazy Saturdays… earl grey, oolong, green, irish breakfast. Ahh yes, irish breakfast with a good bit of honey and a splash of milk… perfect.’

I started the kettle and prepared my cup, as the kettle warmed I fixed up the sun tea pitcher so I would have tea all day. I fixed my tea, let it steep as I fixed some toast and planned my lazy day.

‘Get some sun by the pool all day, read, relax, enjoy. Don’t think about work. Why is it so much easier to plan a relaxing day,’ I smiled as I sipped my tea and ate my toast.

Finishing my breakfast I walked up the stairs to shower and get ready to spend a day doing nothing. I picked out my suit, a pair of bottoms that tied on the side and a top that tied behind my neck and clipped between my breasts. As I undressed I caught myself in the mirror, being just over 5 foot, 125 pounds and having hair to my lower back I looked younger. ‘You know for late 30’s you are still pretty hot. The breasts are a little saggy, but the stomach is as tight as ever and I’m still a knock out,’ I giggled and made my way to the bathroom.

I love my bathroom with its walk-in shower and large jet tub and plenty of space. I decided on a quick shower. I entered the shower, shaved where I needed to when you are going to be wearing a bikini and washed with my vanilla body wash. The smell of vanilla filled the room and relaxed all of my muscles. I rinsed off, turned off the water and found my towel.

‘Why am I drying off the put on a bathing suit,’ I smiled and laughed, but still dried off.

With my suit on and the sun tea chilling in the fridge I grabbed a bottle of water, my sun screen and a book as I made my way to the back patio. The warm sun hit me hard; my eyes closed, head went back and I sighed. I love the warm days of summer. I set up my things and dove into the pool, the cool water sliding over my body and entering where it wanted like a lover taking control of you.

I swam for a while waking my body and mind. I heard a loud commotion from the neighbor’s house, ‘Great there goes my peaceful day.’ My neighbor is a young, overly active man in his 20’s. We have chatted a few times over the fence and I have caught him leering at me when I swim or sun bathe. I find it intoxicating to know that he finds my body appealing.

“Shawn is everything ok,” I asked as I pulled myself out of the pool.

“Ugh, yea I’m ok Nina. Sorry if I disturbed you, I didn’t even know you were out today,” he sounded winded and flustered.

“Are you sure, that was quite a ruckus. Sounded like you fell, if you need some help I have nothing planned for today,” I asked just to be neighborly, hoping that he would say no.

“I’m fine really. I will try to not be so noisy so you can enjoy the day,” he had such sincerity in his voice. He is a very polite young man.

I smiled, “Well then at least try not to hurt yourself, that would be a real crime.”

Shawn and I playfully flirted whenever we talked. I like to tease the poor boy with words. I couldn’t help but be attracted to the over 6 foot tall, muscular younger man. I am a woman.

“I know that you would offer to be my private nurse if I did so I just might have to get a few scrapes and bruises just for you Nina,” he said as he finally looked over the top of the fence.

“Well I am glad that you didn’t hurt that cute face of yours,” I winked as I saw his brown hair and looked up at his green eyes. I can get lost in those eyes.

“Wow Nina that is one sizzlin’ suit, you tryin’ to warm the pool,” he asked with a grin and wink.

“Ha ha very funny mister. Speaking of the pool, would you mind cleaning it this weekend it feels a bit dirty,” this time I grinned back.

“Sure thing how about in a few hours, I’ll let you enjoy the morning and I need to get this moved.”

“Thank you Shawn you really are a sweet man.”

We both smiled as he went back to his project and I went to get some reading done. I rubbed my sunscreen on my legs, across my stomach, along my arms and down my chest. I was taught long ago that when you apply lotion you need to be sure to get the areas right under the seam to be sure not to burn there, so I ran my fingers under my top. I was turned on by flirting with Shawn so I played a bit more than normal. I felt my slit wetten as I thought about the young man next door getting all sweaty, I should offer him some sun tea; no that is too forward even for me.

I read for a while, but was not all that interested in the book; so I laid back and closed my eyes. I am not sure how long I slept, but I was woken by splashed. I opened my eyes to see Shawn in a pair of short trunks cleaning my pool.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you. I let myself in, hope you don’t mind,” he glanced to me and smiled.

“No, no that is fine. You know you can use the pool anytime you like, after all you are the one that keeps it clean for me,” I said somewhat flustered.

“Thanks Nina, but I will always ask you first,” Shawn winked, “I’m almost done and then you can have your pool back in about an hour.”

“Thanks, have you had lunch? I think I might make some sandwiches. I should pay you somehow.”

“Sure that would be great, I’ll be done in a few,” he smiled as I walked to the patio doors.

“Just come on in when you’re done,” I winked as I turned and sauntered inside.

‘Damn he’s cute and I would love to get him out of those shorts,’ I though with a devilish grin. I made sandwiches and poured some tea for us. I was just finished putting them on the table as he walked in, he was glistening with sweat.

“Looks like you need a dip in the pool. How long until it is safe?”

“Not long, we can eat then wait the 15 minutes, you know you shouldn’t swim for 15 minutes after you eat,” we laughed.

We ate, talked and flirted for about an hour before I suggested we relax in the jacuzzi. He agreed. We took our refilled glasses outside and stepped in to the warm water. We laughed that on such a warm day the water just felt so soothing.

Shawn put his head under water to get some of the sweat and grim off, but I quickly found he had other reasons for going under the water. He came up right between my legs with his hands on my thighs. He smiled as he pushed me tight against the side and kissed me.

I was in shock; he had never tried to touch me before. It took me a minute to realize he was kissing me and that I wanted to kiss back. I opened my mouth to him and he moaned as his tongue touched mine. His mouth was so warm and inviting, he tasted of sugar, sunlight and desire. My hand moved to his cheek and traveled to the back of his head grasping his wet hair. I held his face close to mine.

His fingertips moved up my thighs to the ties for my bottoms, was I going to let this get that far… yes, yes I was. Feeling me push my hips closer he pulled the ties loose. I lifted my butt and he pulled them off and tossed them on the porch. His fingers danced and played along my slit as I tried to push him inside. He would pull back as I pushed against him. ‘Stop teasing me, stop teasing me…’ ran over and over in my mind.

As he teased me his other hand found the clasp for my top and released my breasts. He cupped one in his hand and pinched my nipple making me groan into his mouth. I heard and felt him growl on my lips increasing my lust. He pushed me back hard against the side as I grabbed his crotch and felt him long and hard.

He growled again as I tightened my grip and pulled his trunks down freeing his cock. I could feel that he was very long and extremely ready. I pulled at his hips wanting to feel him inside me. He held his ground making me whine my displeasure.

He broke our lip lock and kissed down my neck and chest as he lifted me up and sat me on the edge. His face was level with my pussy as he looked up at me. I nodded, spreading my legs further open and pushing my hips toward him. It had been so long since I had a good tongue lashing. He took the ‘invitation’ and licked me from bottom to top. I lowered my hips and let myself be at his mercy.

He sucked and rolled my clit around his tongue as you would a fine chocolate, savoring the taste and feel around your palate. He was a master; licking my labia, teasing my opening with just the tip of his tongue, sucking my swollen clit and biting everywhere. I tried to push toward him and move to guide him, but he held me still. I went crazy at the loss of control being imposed on me and all I could do was grab handfuls of his hair and hold him tight to me.

I travel closer and closer to quenching his thirst as his tongue explored my insides. ‘Oh god he is good, please never let him stop,’ raced through my mind. I moaned and danced, grinding my lips around his tongue as he put his finger inside. He was pushing my closer to the edge. I was holding back wanting this to last forever.

“Oh god Shawn please don’t stop, god please, please…” I breathlessly begged.

All I heard in response was him moan, that sensation almost plunging me into the abyss. As he pulled my hips closer and my pussy tighter to his lips, I was in heaven.

He stopped his masterful tongue and pushed himself away from me just as I was about to come. I groaned, whined and scowled as he looked up at me.

“Why, oh god, why. I was right there, please, god please let me finish,” I begged.

Shawn just shook his head and stood up straight. I watched his body emerge from the water, what a gorgeous site; the water cascading off his body and running down every inch. It was almost enough of a site to get me to finish. I was now eyelevel with his cock.

“Your turn Nina, I have wanted you for so long and now that I have you I want it to last. I want those soft lips around him and to fill that hot mouth,” he looked down at me with a fire in his eyes I had not seen before, I wanted that fire.

“Shawn, I don’t do oral. I’m sorry,” I lowered my gaze and continued, “I’ve had several bad experiences and it is just something I don’t do. I’m sorry.”

He hooked his finger under my chin and raised my eyes to his, “Try me, I will be gentle and you can stop at any time.”

He had such a loving look in his eyes, the fire had died. I was sad to see the fire go, but glad that he looked to me with such love. I melted some as I fell deeper into his eyes. I sighed as I thought about my desire to please him; he made me want to make him happy. ‘What the hell is happening to me, I have never wanted to please a man like this.’ I just wanted to see that fire in his eyes again.

Shawn grabbed my hips and tossed me over his shoulder and spanked my bare ass, I gasped in shock. He stepped out of the jacuzzi and walked toward the pool.

“What the fuck are you doing, put me down,” that was the wrong thing to say as he threw me in the pool. I landed hard on my back and surfaced fast gasping for air.

Shawn dove in and came up under me sliding his skin along mine. He was still rock hard as he brushed against me. ‘Damn I want that throbbing deep inside me,’ I thought.

“Sorry you frustrated me. Do you know how long I have wanted to tear your clothes off and fuck you? You have teased me so much the last few months. I watch you change in your bedroom and walk around naked, I know your routine and plan my day around it, you have to know that I watch you and you just egg me on and on. I took the chance today, but you shot me down again. You are a damn cock tease and I feel that you need to be taught a lesson. I am going to fuck you,” as Shawn spoke he forced me toward the side, I was surprised that he was watching me and stalking me. I was scared, but so damned turned on by him. I wanted him, but I needed to calm him.

“Shawn, I had no idea you were watching me, I would never tease you like that. Why don’t we sit and talk for a while,” I looked to his eyes and saw that I was just making him angrier, so I stopped.

“No, no more teasing, no more,” the fire was back.

I gave into him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and grabbed his neck. I kissed his neck, his ear and nibbled on his lobe. He sighed.

“Take me Shawn, punish me for teasing you, impale me with that hard cock, punish this cock tease,” I breathed and moaned to his lips.

Shawn smiled as he as he closed the distance between our lips; he grabbed my hips and pulled me close. I could feel him throbbing against my stomach as he walked to the shallow end. He knelt and set me down on my ass in the water as he stood letting the water drip and run down his naked body. What a sight seeing him glistening in the sun.

“Now where were we before, ahh that’s right. Get on your knees so I can punish you,” he said as he looked down at me with a wicked smile.

I got on my knees and awaited his punishment. I didn’t expect him to grab the back of my head and push his cock between my lips. My eyes flew open as he filled my mouth and pushed toward my throat, I was in such shock that I didn’t get a chance to clench my jaw. He was pushing at the back of my throat before I knew it; I had heard and read enough to know to relax if he pushed farther. He did and I tried to relax, but I was getting nervous. I really didn’t like to give oral and the shock was wearing off and my alarms were starting to blare in my mind. I pulled away and lowered my teeth as a warning.

“Oh no you don’t, this is my time, my way. You can fight me if you want, but it will only make me fuck you harder and longer.”

I moaned thinking about him taking me so rough and hard. My pussy flooded at just the thoughts of him fucking me hard and long. I closed my eyes and moaned. I pleaded with my eyes trying to show him my desire.

Shawn looked down at me still with his hand on the back of my head and his cock in my mouth. I could see he wanted to stay where he was and I resigned myself to please him. I relaxed my jaw and rolled him around my mouth with my tongue. I heard a quiet moan as I pushed him farther in his head tickling the back of my throat. I moaned letting the vibrations caress him as I pushed him down my throat. Shawn looked down at me as his eyes rolled back and his head fell back as he moaned. I surprised myself that I was letting him this far down my throat without complaint and that I was enjoying every sensation.

I started to get into the idea of pleasing him with my mouth. I licked, sucked and rolled him around as I cupped his balls playfully squeezing them. Shawn seemed to be in another world as I did what I had seen in movies or read about in stories. He took control of my head with a handful of my hair pushing me and pulling me as he wished. I did like feeling him filling my throat and the throbbing against my tongue and cheeks. ‘I need to learn more and try this more often.’

As his pace quickened I realized that he was close, he looked down at me and I nodded my head. I gave him permission to do what only one man had ever done, he was going to cum down my throat. I tensed, but was willing to try for this young man that had dreamt about me for so long.

He pulled me close and buried himself down my throat as I played my tongue along his hard shaft. I felt him tense, his hips flex and him throbbing as he released the first spurt. I tasted nothing since he was in my throat, but he pulled my hair and my head back some for his second spurt and I tasted him. I tasted salt and it was like pudding, I swallowed all I could. Some did leak out and travel down my chin, Shawn smiled and used his finger to catch it and rub it across my lips.

As he pulled out of my mouth I was somewhat sad, I had enjoyed not only the feel; but the taste of him. I definitely wanted to try that again. ‘Maybe Shawn will come by and teach me more later,’ I thought with a little smile as I looked into his eyes.

“Well I didn’t expect a smile. What was that for, I thought you didn’t like oral, but you are damn good, damn good at it,” he said with a smile and shake of the head.

“You have converted me,” I winked.

He picked me up, carried me to my deck chair and sat me on his lap facing him. I wanted him to be hard; I guess I will have to do some work to get him back in form. That brought a huge smile to my face and he smiled in return.

We sat there, sipped tea and talked. I was impressed that Shawn was so mature for his age. He agreed to continue watching me in my bedroom with my permission and to come by and ‘teach me’ a few things. I talked about wanting to hire a personal trainer and one of his friends was in the program at his school. Shawn was nice enough to get me his number, that was a load of my mind. As we talked we flirted more than normal and he was soon ready for round two, but that will just have to come later.

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