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Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned

A man is taught the finer art of cunnilingus...

“You are one messed up little man, Bud!”

She laughed, thinking I was joking, but I was not. Terri’s smile slowly faded when she realized I was serious.

“No. I can’t. I won’t do it,” she said.

“Please, Terri, you must. I need your help. You’re my only hope!”

≈ ≈ ≈

Ella and I had a fairly good love life but it bothered me that my wife did not enjoy oral sex. She enjoyed providing it but said receiving it never satisfied her. I always felt she meant that I did not satisfy her. I accepted that, but also felt that with time and practice, I would get better. I felt she would eventually grow to love it, or so I had hoped.

She had never had an orgasm from oral sex. Ella said she became too impatient waiting for the result, with any partner. Although they were not intended to do so, her words hurt. I felt like a failure. I often wondered how our relationship would change had I possessed better oral skills. I often thought about this when I could not sleep, and the vision of making my wife cum that very first time, always aroused me.

With Ella sleeping beside me, I stroked myself imagining her focus. I envisioned, with her eyes closed, she would play with one nipple while sucking the fingers on her other hand, as I probed her warm pussy with my tongue. Just like with intercourse, her moans encouraged me to do better. I sucked and licked her tender folds, while devouring every drop of her sweet nectar. I worked my hand faster, trying to time my orgasm with the one Ella was about to have in my fantasy.

“Whatcha doin’?” Ella giggled, startling the life out of my pending orgasm.

“I… I thought you were sleeping. Sorry,” I embarrassedly apologized.

She smiled at me as she pulled back the duvet.

“Someone’s a horny little devil tonight. Do you want some help with that?”

We both knew that was a rhetorical question.

She replaced my hand with her soft lips and took most of me inside her mouth. My amazing wife swirled her tongue around the shaft of my cock before she pushed me deeper into her relaxed throat. I am not a monster but I am still amazed my wife can take all of me without gagging. I never asked, nor did I want to know, if she ever had, or could take more. I just appreciated that she had the skills necessary to do it to me.

Ella cradled my balls as she moved her head on me, pressing her lips into my pelvis, and then sucking the end, before moving down again. She did this a few times before pulling off to ask me a question.

“Bud, what were you thinking about? What’s got your little Buddy so horny?”

I searched for the words, but did not know how to answer her. Ella just smiled.

“That’s okay. Keep it to yourself. It’ll be your little secret. Go back to that happy place and enjoy.”

Ella took me again in her mouth. While she masterfully worked my penis, she rimmed my ass with her finger. She pressed the bumpy edges with her sharp, red finger nail, adding a bit of danger to her blowjob.

What a wonderfully, nasty woman I married!

Ella monitored my growing moans. She then pressed her finger into my ass, wiggling it as she gently thrust it inside me. The surprise caused my hips to buck as Ella’s lips stroked my erupting cock, milking me of my pearly liquid. My body twitched with the last few spasms while Ella’s mouth stayed attached, providing a gentle suction while drawing out the remaining cum from my relaxing balls.

When I finally softened, Ella moved up to me. I saw her eyes dancing with naughtiness as she moved her mouth to mine. She pressed our lips together, parted mine with her tongue, and shared the result of her effort. Sometimes Ella likes to be a nasty whore and I still cannot believe it is all for me. I do not think it is earthly possibly that I could love her anymore than I do when she acts like that.

When she was done, Ella sat back and watched me while she licked her lips clean. She then growled, “Don’t make me wait, Bud. We both have to get up early.”

I got a glass of water for us to share. After we cleansed our palates, Ella kissed me, turned, placed her head on her pillow, and attempted to return to sleep. I curled up behind her, spooning my warmer body against hers. Ella reached around, grabbed my arm, and draped it over her soft breasts. Right then I vowed I would find another way to repay Ella, to again show her my appreciation, for being my wonderful wife.

“I hope you can get to sleep now, Baby,” she whispered before she fell asleep. I covered our naked bodies and quickly fell asleep the way wedded bliss had promised us we would.

≈ ≈ ≈

I awoke before the alarm, by yet another morning hard-on.

What the hell?

I am almost forty and I still wake with erections. But this time, I knew why. My dreams brought me an idea. I quickly showered and got dressed before Ella woke. I raced down stairs and made breakfast so it would be waiting for my unselfish wife.

The rising sun now filled our kitchen as Ella sat down at the table. We exchanged pleasantries, ate our breakfast, and talked about our upcoming days. Ella did not mention the previous night and in a way, I was glad. I did not want to accidently tell her about my plans. I knew what I needed to do.

We hugged and kissed, and then drove separately to work. However, I took a detour to a coffee bar near my office.

≈ ≈ ≈

“I’m your only hope?” Terri mocked. “Quoting Star Wars will not get you anywhere.” She then stared at me with disbelief as she savored the expensive coffee I had just bought her. She knew me well. If I asked to meet for coffee, I was asking for a favor. She made my inquiry as uncomfortable for me, as she did my pocketbook.

“Seriously, Bud?”

I nodded. “Seriously.”

Terri was a childhood friend. We were neighbors, had gone to school together since Kindergarten, and we were each other’s first kiss. I was also the first person she told, the first person she nervously confided in, that she was gay.

After a family barbeque, we had an impromptu water fight in our backyard. Mom made us some ice tea and we drank it while sitting on the tire swings my Dad had built. As kids, we had many conversations on those swings. Even though we outgrew the swings, our conversations never stopped. Terri then told me she had feelings for, and was attracted to girls. But it was more than that. She was physically repulsed by guys, especially guys like me. I gave her that one, but vowed I would zing her back another time.

Terri told me she got crushes on girls and said the urge was so strong and so emotional, she sometimes could not think of anything else for days. She had strong sexual urges too. She was tired of fighting them, but was scared. She knew how mean people could be, especially those that claim that they love you.

When I look back on that day, I still feel privileged. I am still proud of myself for how I responded to Terri confiding in me. She needed to reach out to someone and she chose me. That supportive bond will never be broken; tested yes, but never broken.

Over the next couple of years, we kept this information to ourselves. In private, she would tease me, calling me a future breeder, and I would volley back with carpet muncher, or something immature like that. We laughed our asses off trying to better insult one another. I knew it eased the tension she placed on herself. In some way, I think our banter prepared her for the day she came out.

Our banter was fierce, but we never got angry with each other either, just even. One time, I said or did something, I cannot remember what, but it got under Terri’s skin. I did not know I had until I found a dildo stuck to the inside of the door of my school locker, with a note saying, “Fuck you, cocksucker!”

When Terri was almost seventeen, she finally came out. It was rough. People, as expected, were mean. The first person that called her the “D-Word” was one of the football jocks. I got suspended for a week and his family threatened to press charges, but in a heartbeat, I would kick the fucking shit out of that guy again. Fortunately, I never had to. He got the message. So did the others. I am sure there were other things said at school about Terri, but they were never heard by either one of us.

I would have to say Terri was probably, in the truest sense of the word, my best friend. Ella understood this and she understood our connection. We asked Terri to be in our wedding party, but she said no to both a tux and bridesmaid dress. She said there were too many mixed messages and did not want to take anything away from our day. We did not care and disagreed with her assumptions, but respected her wishes.

Over the years, I realized Ella and Terri share many of the same qualities, and that is why I dearly love both of them.

≈ ≈ ≈

“Terri, I want you to teach me how to properly perform oral sex on a woman. I want to learn how to eat pussy, just like a lesbian.”

“Shhh… keep your fucking voice down you moron,” Terri scolded. We both then started laughing.

Terri did not give a rat’s ass what other people thought. Life was too short. Depending on the crowd, the more uncomfortable she could make them feel, the happier she was. She would call that payback for how society treated her. However, Terri did care deeply about her friends and what they thought.

“I want to make Ella cum with my… “.

“Yah, yah, I know how it works,” she cut me off. “Are you telling me you’ve never?“

I nodded my head in shame, “No, never.”

We both stared at the table not saying a word. It was tense. This was a huge ask, and I knew it.

“You are asking me to do something that we can’t take back.”

“I know, Terri. I know.”

I continued. “You once told me that you’ve rarely been disappointed by a woman. I’m tired of disappointing my wife.”

“Sure… I said that. Most women know what they are doing, for the most part. But if Ella ever found out, she’d be sooo pissed at us, maybe even more than pissed.”

“I promise she’d understand,” I tried to convince Terri. “It’s not like we’re fucking.”

Terri pretended to gag on the thought, loud and demonstratively enough that the teenaged barista's expression frightfully considered rendering first aid.

“Stop that, you fool. You’ll get us kicked out,” I cautioned.

Terri then bellowed, “Okay, fuck it. I’ll do it. I’ll help your sorry ass.”

I was shaking. I was so happy. I hugged my dear friend while fighting back the tears. We walked out of the café together, and Terri could not resist a parting jab.

“How embarrassing this must be for you,” she said through her evil grin.

“Bite me you saggy-titted bovine!” I quickly countered.

I had not called Terri that in a while, and she was nowhere near that description, but she almost pissed herself laughing. She bowed in appreciation of my witty retort.

We agreed to meet at Terri’s after lunch. I knew she did not work that day, so I left the office early, feigning an appointment.

≈ ≈ ≈

“I’ve thought about this and your pants stay on,” Terri demanded.

“Of course,” I agreed. “I wouldn’t want to do this any other way.”

Terri looked at me, uncertain if she believed what I said. I kept a straight face, but it was difficult. I really wanted to say something funny to break the nervous tension, but used my better judgment.

Terri started with some on-line lesbian porn. She offered various comments and critiques, and tantalizing tips, trying her best to keep our session as clinical as possible. I remained seated trying to contain my arousal.

“Man, I wish I was a lesbian,” I eventually blurted out. Terri just smiled.

“We are always recruiting,” she half-joked.

“Jesus, some of these women are absolutely gorgeous,” I raved. “I’ve never seen so many beautiful pussies.”

“Well, that’s lesbian porn for you. We get the best of the best.”

Terri then added, “Bud, I can’t invite you into our club, but I might be able to teach you how to dine like a member. Are you ready?” I nodded I was.

We then walked to her bedroom and Terri said, “Okay stud, show me what you got!”

Terri dropped her pants, and like a giddy teen, started jumping in her tiny panties on her bed. She still had a teenager’s libido, as she constantly reminded me, but clearly had a grown woman’s body. It was more mature now, than it was during the first kiss we shared as teens. I suspected her taunting and bed jumping were ways to physically deflect some of the tension. I then joined her, jumping next to her as we held hands bouncing laps around the mattress.

“If you get hard, I don’t want to fucking know about it, got it?” she instructed.

“Got it,” I agreed.

Terri stopped bouncing, so I did as well, and we sat on her bed.

“I know how much you love Ella and you know I’d do anything for you guys. But Bud, this is really out there.”

“I know, Terri. I’m sorry, but you are my best hope. You are the greatest of friends for doing this.”

Terri wasted no more time and peeled off her panties, presenting me with her waxy smooth, ultra divine vagina. It was exquisite. I could tell she was very proud of it too.

“Terri, my god, you’re… it’s beautiful.”

“That’s what all the girls say,” she smiled. I smiled too, the best I could without looking too creepy.

“Instead of me telling you what to do, first show me what you do. Let’s start there.”

I moved to the end of the bed and crawled between my childhood friend’s legs. As I moved closer, I noticed that her scent was different than Ella’s. I could not explain it. It was more ocean breeze or something. Oh fuck, I did not know. I had been with others, but I just knew this was a different kind of honey trap. Nervously, I looked up and saw Terri watching me. That evil bitch was grinning ear to ear.

“Stop that you asshole!” I yelled at her. Oh course, she laughed at my expense.

“I’ve got enough pressure here without you mocking me too,” I whined.

“I’m sorry,” she said holding her hands up. “I’ll try to behave, honest.”

I do not think I was this nervous the first time I had sex. Talk about performance anxiety. Not until Terri leaned back and stopped watching me, could I relax. I then placed my fingers on either side of her lips and gently pulled them apart. I counted to three, and then tasted my first lesbian pussy.

Yes, it was awkward, but I moved my tongue up and down, trying to do exactly what I have done in the past. Up and down between her lips, like I thought I should. I did not expect Terri to start moaning or anything, but I was hoping for some positive feedback.

“Stop! Stop!” she shrieked as she sat up. “What the FUCK are you doing?”

Terri startled me with the volume of her profanity. “Dude, we’re not painting a fence here! And you don’t immediately go from my ass to my clit.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, now a bit shell-shocked from her reaction.

Terri quickly sat up, grabbed the pillow beside her, and clutched it like a teddy bear. I could tell she was searching for the right words, and that she also felt badly about how she lashed out.

“Bud, I love you with all my heart but this won’t work. I thought I could do it, but I can’t. I… I just can’t. I’m sorry.”

“Why? It has to work. I need your help!” I begged.

“I’m going to get dressed. Fix us a couple of drinks and let’s talk out there, not in here, okay?”

Mortified, I sulked my way to the kitchen and poured a couple rum and cokes. I knew it was not the end of the world, but I sure thought my friend would come through for me. Terri then walked into the kitchen and sat across from me.

“Bud, I can’t do this. It’s like having my brother between my legs. It’s just wrong.” She then over dramatically shook as if a chill raced up and down her spine.

“I know what you mean,” I offered. “As soon as got, there, it just felt wrong.”

I guzzled my drink and moved to make another.

“Terri, what am I going to do? I need to learn this for Ella.”

Terri saw the desperation in my eyes. I then saw something devious arrive in hers. She sipped her drink, and then smiled as she put her glass down.

“Bud, I have an idea.”

≈ ≈ ≈

A few nights later, Ella and I went for a romantic dinner and a movie. It was a warm, summer night so when we got home, we went for a moonlit walk around the block. While we kissed under the stars, Ella ground her hips into mine. Yes, I am a lucky man.

Ella had a little wine but was not drunk, just playful, and a little horny. An evening like this usually put Ella in the mood and that is exactly what Terri wanted. In addition, the honest man’s best friend, ovulation, assisted with our matter. Right then, I wanted to make love to Ella on our front lawn, under the stars, but I knew I could not. There were other plans.

Ella stopped us on our front step and she placed both of my hands on her breasts. I felt the silky fabric slide across her breasts as I grabbed them. Her nipples were hard and my mouth watered to taste them.

“Sweetie, I’m a wee bit of tipsy but a WHOLE LOTTA horny,” Ella teased.

“Do you want me to help you with that?” I teased back. We both knew that was a rhetorical question.

After fumbling with the keys while we kissed, we finally opened the front door, took off our shoes, and Ella went straight for our bedroom.

“Don’t make me wait long,” she spouted as she skipped down the hall.

I promised I would not. I waited until I heard Ella in our bathroom before I went to the kitchen. As I walked down the unlit hallway, I jumped and let out a little scream.


My embarrassing shriek was drowned by Terri’s muffled laughter.

“I see you got in okay… asshole.”

“Is that anyway to speak to the girl who’s going to teach you how to eat your wife’s pussy?”

She was right. I looked at her, nervous as hell. “Are we ready?”

“I am, are you?” I nodded I was. We then let Ella entertain us with her rant from the bedroom.

“Honey, could you come and FUUUCK me already. I need your COCK inside me RIGHT now!”

“Clearly, Miss Horny Pants is ready,” Terri acknowledged.

Ella’s babbling continued as Terri’s smirk grew bigger with each word.

“Hey Bud, how about you do mine and I’ll do yours. I think tonight, I want to fuck that tight little ass of yours.”

“Oh you kinky little fucker,” Terri whispered, “I had no idea you and the missus were into that shit.”

I hushed Terri and responded, “I’ll be right there, Ella. I’m just getting some water.”

“Well, hurry the fuck up or I’m starting without you. Now, where did I put that god damned vibrator?”

Terri giggled as she placed her hand on my face, sliding it along the sides, under my nose, and along my jaw line. She approved of my smooth skin.

“Good. I put your shaving cream, shampoo, and deodorant back in your bathroom,” she said. I then slid my hand along Terri’s face.

“But you need a shave, Grizzly Adams.”

Terri elbowed me in the gut, almost knocking the wind out of me.

“Dude, it’s time to get serious. Once I’m in there, no talking. Just watch what I do and we’ll discuss it later. And take notice; I won’t be painting a fucking fence.”

Terri then placed her thumb and index finger on her forehead, shaping an ‘L’ for loser.

“I put the handcuffs, blindfold, and iPod in the drawer of your night stand,” Terri paused and then added, “Let’s be careful in there, Bud. This IS going to work.”

I mouthed a thank you and then went into our bedroom. Ella had tossed the bed and was starfished on her back. Clearly, she was eager but was frustrated waiting for me. I hurried over to my night stand and retrieved the items.

“I’ve got something special planned for you, Ella,” I whispered to my wife.

Ella just moaned and slid her legs against the lone cotton bed sheet covering the mattress. With the need for some moonlight for both Terri and me, I blindfolded Ella for safety. Before she could change her mind, I quickly attached the cold steel bracelet around one wrist.

“Oh, you nasty little devil,” Ella purred as I pulled her arm up. I looped the cuffs around the middle metal spindle of our headboard and then locked her free wrist in the other bracelet.

“I love you, Ella.”

“I know you do. Now fuck me, damn it!”

“I will… I will, just not yet.” Ella’s legs violently kicked their disapproval. I had to work faster. I put the ear buds in Ella so she could listen to Terri’s Cunnilingus Mix, or so she called it. I ensured the volume was set high and Ella seemed pleasantly distracted by the music.

As I backed off the bed, I bumped into Terri who was standing right behind me. Her grin told me she was enjoying this far too much.

“She’s a rowdy one when she gets randy, isn’t she?” Terri whispered.

“Remember,” I whispered back, “That’s my wife and that’s my pussy.”

Terri winked, “Not after I get done with her.” Terri then became alarmed with something.

“Oh shit. Take off your shirt,” she instructed.

“What? Why?”

“We can’t let her legs feel my skin or shirt, so I’ve got to wear your long sleeved shirt. It will also transfer your scent.”

“Good thinking, Ms. Bear Grylls.”

I removed my shirt and Terri quickly put it on over hers.

“Now watch closely. Take notes if you have too.”

I watched in fascination as my best friend, the sole lesbian in my life, climbed between my beautiful wife’s parted legs, and began kissing her calves, knees, and then moved up to her inner thighs. Ella then pulled her legs back, bending them at the knees. She spread her legs as far apart as she could, offering Terri her warm, trimmed lady. I know it was just a few kisses, but this was the most receptive to oral sex I had ever seen Ella.

My wife’s hormones were already raging, but when Ella started moaning, and Terri still had not yet touched her pussy, I knew Terri was on to something. I was learning. Quickly.

Terri took her time, gently kissing, nibbling, and licking the smooth skin of my wife’s inner thighs, while she caressed the sweet curves of her ass. Terri toyed with my wife’s arousal as if time did not matter. That was important, I thought. I usually dove right in.

For this first time, Terri said she was only going to use her lips, mouth, and tongue. She would only penetrate Ella’s pussy with her tongue, but would use her fingers if absolutely necessary. I watched her tongue swirl and prod, as it moved closer to my wife’s now dripping cunt. I was in awe. I was close enough to see how much lady juice had run down her perineum, over her butthole, and between her cheeks.

Terri's tongue then jumped to Ella's ass and circled my wife’s butthole, causing Ella to rattle the handcuffs against the metal spindle of our headboard.

“Oh my God, Bud. What are you doing down there?” Ella screamed.

I smiled at Terri, feeling proud of what we were accomplishing. Terri was driving my wife crazy and she still had not touched her pussy.

Terri now placed her hands behind Ella’s knees, and lifted Ella’s feet off of the mattress. As Terri rimmed my wife, Ella’s hips rocked and her bent legs slowly flapped like the wings. She was thoroughly enjoying this. When Terri plunged her tongue in Ella’s ass, my wife pulled her knees back even more, giving Terri a better angle for access. Terri then plunged her tongue as deep as she could, causing Ella to scream some unrecognizable, semi-slurred profanity. I continued watching in awe as my friend gently tongue fucked my wife’s butt.

I tried my best to ignore my hard-on, but it was difficult. I kept my hands clear of my zipper or any part of my pants. It was torture, but Terri was torturing my wife too, and I liked it. So did Terri, but Ella loved it.

“Jesus Christ, Bud!” my wife yelled as Terri continued working her tongue, showing Ella no mercy. Ella’s body twisted and shook, as her breathing became heavy and deep. It was such a beautiful thing to watch.

Terri then slowly removed her tongue and helped Ella return her feet to the mattress. In the moonlight, I saw Ella’s glistening, opaque fluid all over Terri’s nose, lips, and chin. There now was also a large wet spot on the bed sheet under Ella’s ass. Terri looked up and smiled at me.

“It won’t be long now,” she mouthed. “Yummy.”

Terri then saw what I was doing.

“You brought a fucking note book!” she angrily whispered, while trying to hold back her laughter. I nodded and smiled back, then showed Terri the doodle I drew of her with a fat, hairy ass and big, saggy tits. This time, Terri had to cover her mouth and swallow her laugh.

“You stupid mother fucker!” she mouthed back at me through her muted laughter.

She regained her composure and told me to watch closely, so I did. By this time, I felt Ella knew she was going to have her first oral sex orgasm. We all could tell she was close.

Terri slowly ran her tongue from Ella’s ass to her vaginal opening, just like I had always done. However, she then ran her tongue along the outside of Ella’s puffy labia, starting on the left, and then moving to the right. I could tell Terri was being very careful to not yet touch Ella’s clitoris. This was one of my major mistakes, as Terri put it.

Ella’s moaning and breathing calmed, so Terri gently grabbed Ella’s labia with her lips and began sucking each fold. She ran her lips up and down each side, sucking and pulling as much into her mouth as she could. Ella now begged me to suck her clit. She called me. She wanted my mouth on her so bad, she yelled for me to do it. So Terri did.

“OH FUCK!" Ella yelled.

Terri sucked Ella’s clit hard for several seconds before releasing her grip, much to Ella’s dismay.

“Ah, come on!” Ella yelled. “Quit fucking around! Mama’s gotta cum!”

During training, Terri told me to look for the ABC’s of cunnilingus. I now watched as Terri began the alphabet, ensuring every tongue-written letter would touch Ella’s clit. Terri told me to take special note of the letters that got the best reaction from Ella. Terri joked that some day she hoped she would get head from a cute, multilingual Japanese girl who knew the oral secret of the ABC’s, but would use the complex symbols of her own alphabet and native tongue.

Sometimes, Terri said, she would spell special messages like I Love You or the person’s name and see if they could guess the word or phrase. Terri started spelling something after she finished the alphabet. I started to write each letter down.


Terry, you are such a twat!

But sadly, it seemed to work.

Ella's orgasm had built, and she was ready to cum. Terri noticed this too and quickly jumped back on Ella’s clit, sucking it hard to Ella’s approval. The clanging sound of the handcuff’s straining against the metal spindle was barely heard as Ella's screaming orgasm hit. She twisted and turned her body, her legs thrashing in protest, as I watched my wife orgasm with great pleasure. Terri had done what she said she would do. After all these years, it finally happened.

Terri’s mouth held on to Ella’s clit, gently tugging on it as I watched my wife’s weakening spasms cascade up and down her body. When Ella’s body began to relax, Terri climbed off our bed and motioned that she was going to leave. It was my turn to take her place. I would now fuck my wife, but neither Terri nor I wanted my trainer in the room while I did it.

Terri cautiously crept to the bedroom door while she looked at a totally spent Ella on our bed. I waved goodbye and blew her a kiss before turning back to my wife. I was waiting until Terri left before I dropped my pants, and I decided to leave the blindfold, cuffs, and ear buds in place.

“I knew having a slutty lesbian around would come in handy some day.”

Terri and I both froze not believing our ears. It was Ella.

“Did you two idiots really think I’d believe that Bud was between my legs?”

Terri looked at me, horrified that our ruse had been uncovered.

“No one gives head like a woman," Ella said. "Isn’t that what you say, Terri?”

I removed the blindfold and ear buds, but feared removing the cuffs. I was unsure what Ella would do. She then greeted us with a big, glossy-eyed smile.

“Ah, shit Ella,” Terri apologized.

“Bud, please unlock the handcuffs,” Ella requested.

I cautiously unlocked her left wrist and stepped back as she pulled the cuffs away from the head board. She held her cuffed hand to me and I unlocked it. Once freed, Ella grabbed my swollen crotch and squeezed.

“You dumb shit. This was one of the stupidest ideas you have ever had, but I love you to bits for doing it,” Ella beamed.

I think I was still in shock. Ella was not the least bit upset. We looked at Terri who was equally stunned, and clearly felt like the third accomplice wheel. Ella looked at Terri and Terri looked at me, and then back at Ella.

“It was all fuck face’s idea,” Terri defended, throwing me under the bus. She then hung her head waiting for Ella to speak. “Are you mad at me?”

“Mad? You made me cum in a way I never thought possible. If you can teach Bud to do that, I’ll… I’ll have a baby for you.”

“Ah, thanks but no thanks, Luv,” Terri declined.

“Terri, go fix yourself a drink. Give us a few minutes. Bud needs to fuck me or he’ll explode.”

≈ ≈ ≈

It did not take long. With Terri’s guidance and lots of practice, I got much better at cunnilingus. My lucky wife now enjoyed having her pussy licked and probed and sucked to orgasm, by me, on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Adding oral to our sexual repertoire made our love life so much more fun than just doing the old in-and-out all the time. This new skill led us to explore, living a fantasy of mine by giving each other head in various risqué spots and situations.

Terri made a big deal about turning the breeder into a muncher. She never let me forget that. She even bought me a cake, had those choice words written on top of it, and had it delivered to my office on my birthday. She said that is what good friends do for one another.

A couple months later, we had Terri over for dinner and drinks. While we waited for dinner, we decided to open a second bottle of wine. Terri volunteered to get it from the kitchen. Ella then, playfully tipsy from her first glass plus, leaned over to me, and spoke thinking her slurred words were whispered.

“Do you think Terri would teach me how to eat pussy too?”

Terri returned at that very moment and heard what Ella had asked. Terri looked at me and I knew exactly what she would say.

“Ella, as I once told Bud, we are always recruiting.”

She grabbed my wife’s hand and led her to our bedroom. I followed close behind understanding the importance of keeping it in my pants. If I did not, my balls would he hanging from Terri’s rear view mirror.

Dinner that night just had to wait. I got to watch my wife start with dessert.


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