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Licked out in the library

The dare to end all dares!
This story is from my first year in college, in the days when I was seeing Gemma. Back then I was still to have my first experience with a guy, but Gemma and I were in each other’s panties at every opportunity. Gemma, for those who haven’t read any of my stories is a half Japanese cutie, with long black hair and big brown eyes. She is a little taller than me but with very pert small boobs and a juicy peach of a bum. I was almost as booby as I am now, but being 17 I was still developing.

On this particular day, I had a mock exam in the morning, but both Gemma and I were free for the afternoon and planned to spend it together. For some reason we didn’t just disappear to the park or whatever but decided to doss around college. Gemma was in her trademark short black dress and knee-high black socks. I was in a little pink and lemon dress, with just my bra and panties underneath. I guess it was early in the summer and quite warm. Gemma gave me a peck on the lips and then we had a nice little snog as our hands drifted casually over each other. I just knew it was going to be one of those days when anything could happen.

Gemma and I would often dare each other to do all kinds of naughty things but I had no idea what she was going to suggest that day. We went to the little grassy area where we had first met behind the science block. We sat under our tree, which was now dripping with white flowers and some sort of black pods. I wish I knew what it was. Anyway we knelt down in the shade and chatted about what we might do for the rest of the day. We went through a variety of options from a trip to the cathedral to a trip to a nearby town on the train.

"I’ve not been to Newark for ages," said Gemma. “We could go there, but I want to hang around here for a bit.”

“Why?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” said Gemma.

“Come on Gemms," I said.

"Not yet."

"TELL ME!” I snapped.

Gemma sat up and kissed my nose and then circled my boobs with her index fingers. The next thing I knew, we were both snogging with our hands inside each other’s dress. We didn’t care who saw us and we fell into a heap on the grass still kissing passionately and feeling decidedly horny.

“Hmmm someone’s getting wet, you naughty girl,” said Gemma, as her fingers found their way past my panty gusset.

“Well you know me,” I said, bashfully.

Gemma sat on top of me with her knees astride my waist and squeezed my boobies and then gave me a long, lingering kiss. I was getting really hot and I don't think I had felt this sexy since our first time. I stroked the beautifully silky flesh of Gemma's legs and twanged her hold ups playfully. We lay there kissing for ages until we heard voices and a few people were coming out for afternoon break.

We flattened our dresses and continued on our way, hand in hand.

“Come on Gemma, what’s on your mind?” I said, as we turned a corner.

“Are you up for a dare Danny?!”

“He hee I might be.”

“Let’s go to the library,” she said.

“The library!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, but take your panties off first.”

This did sound naughty.

“My panties? What you got planned Gemma?” I asked.

“I want you to sit at one of the desks in the corner and I’ll go underneath and lick you,” she said, as calm as a cucumber.

“Gemma, no.”

“Ah go on, Dan. It‘s a dare.”

“I know but in the library.”


“There’ll be people. All the mocks that’s going on and stuff.”

“That’s what makes it exciting,” said Gemma.

I looked in her eyes. Those big brown pebbles and her cute little nose made her look like butter wouldn’t melt. Who would have thought what naughty ideas she was cooking up. I have to admit, the thought of having my Gemma eating my pussy in public was a real turn on, but I wasn’t sure if I could go through with it.

“OK,” I said. “I’ll do it.”

A broad smile spread across Gemma’s face. I pulled her towards me and planted a soft, wet kiss on her lips. I lifted the hem of her skirt and slid my hand between her legs. I wanted to see if she was as wet as I was. Sure enough, her panties were hot and sticky. I moved her gusset to one side and slipped two fingers into her hot little pussy. Gemma brushed my hair to one side and kissed me gently on the neck. I just went to jelly at the touch of those full lips brushing my neck. I was getting so turned on and so was she. Suddenly the idea of her going down on me in the library was the best idea since sliced bread.

We walked hand in hand through the college campus, entering via one of the big glass doors at the end that housed the library. I went to push the heavy wooden doors when Gemma caught my arm.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” She said.

Her gaze fell somewhere south of my navel.

“Oh yeah.”

I looked around to make sure the coast was clear and eased my panties down. Gemma giggled when she saw my crumpled white knickers in my hand. I stuffed them down my top and we entered the library nonchalantly. It was, I suppose about a quarter full, which was rammed compared to usual. We passed the reception desk, where the rather stern-looking woman sat. I’m sure she was eyeing us suspiciously but maybe it was my imagination. I was doing my best not to look too furtive. We passed the first bank of computers and Gemma pointed to a desk just passed them. I looked round. There was a guy who was busy studying two desks down. A few girls were on the table behind us talking quietly. I picked up a random book from the nearest shelf and sat down at the desk with my back to the wall. Gemma picked up a book and then dropped it accidentally on purpose. It fell with a slap, which attracted attention to us, which was the last thing I wanted. I just smiled casually, hoping that people didn’t notice the fact that Gemma had suddenly disappeared.

There was a tense moment when I wondered if we would get busted. I was amazingly self conscious, but I just tried to tell myself that no one knew what we were doing. Then I jumped as I felt Gemma’s soft hands brush my leg. I let out a little yelp and the guy looked at me quizzically. I pretended to clear my throat.

“Get on with it,” I whispered.

A male student walked by just at that moment and looked at me as if I was a mentalist, talking to my book.


Gemma had rolled the hem of my dress back and was planting kisses inside my leg. It felt so good. I tried to concentrate on my book, which was about the history of the violin. Not the most absorbing subject.


“Are you Ok?” Asked the guy who was trying to study.

“Yes, I’m fine… just a little… you know,” I said, meaninglessly.

Gemma’s lips had reached the very edge of my puffy labia and was rolling her tongue along them. It felt so good! I was gripping the book like a maniac, trying to stay calm.

“Oh fuck… that’s good.”

“Interesting read?” Said one of the girls who was chatting to her mates.

Her friends giggled.

“Ha ha,” I said.

There was a loud ‘Shhhhhh’ from the taciturn librarian, trying to restore some order.

Gemma’s lips were now gently kissing my pussy, as her tongue felt for my wet little opening. I was staring at the book. It could have been written in Albanian for all I knew. I was struggling, wanting to squeal from the sensations Gemma was giving me and it was taking an immense effort to remain composed.

I made a little whimper as Gemma’s tongue lapped up the length of my inner lips and then she rolled the tip of her tongue around my clit.



More giggles.

“Oh fuck Gemma...that’s too much,” I whispered.

Her nose was pressed into my clitoris as her tongue flicked in and out of my aching little pussy. My right hand formed a fist, and I scrunched up the right hand page of the book.

I half yelped, half choked as Gemma nibbled my clit and the juices began to flow from my vagina.

The guy stood up and I was horrified that he would rumble us, but he just went to the water fountain and brought me a cup to drink.

“Thank you,” I said with difficulty.

“You sure you’re OK?” he asked.


He looked at the book, whose pages I had vandalised and went back to his desk shaking his head.

I could hear Gemma, who was enjoying herself as she ate me out while people coming and going. Her tongue began to lick me more quickly, alternating between my now swollen clit and my soaking wet cunt. My hands were gripping the edge of the desk now and I think my face must have been bright red. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold back. Her tongue went deeper and deeper. I could actually here her lapping up my juice noisily. I was convinced the sounds of her cunnilingus were ringing around the library. Any minute the librarian was going to come and we would be expelled dishonourably.

“Oh Gemma….oh fuck.”

My breathing was getting deeper and heavier as Gemma rolled my clitoris round and round.


I gulped down some water, which was a mistake. As I came hard my mouthful of water spat out over the desk.

“Right, that’s it.” I heard the librarian say.

She looked towards me sternly.

I looked at her innocently.

“Can you please keep it down or I’ll have to ask you to leave.”


The receptionist then moved away to do some filing.

“It’s OK Gemma, you can come out now,” I said.

Just as I said that, two guys came to take the seats opposite me.

“Is it OK if…”

His voice tailed off as Gemma suddenly appeared from beneath the desk. She had the guiltiest expression ever to be on a human face.

“Yeah, we were just going,” I said.

Gemma licked some of my goo off her lips and smiled.

We left the library hurriedly before anyone raised the alarm. I’m not actually sure if it was against college policy to be licked out in the library, but we weren’t going to hang around to find out. We went out into the afternoon sun and continued out through the college gates. I threw my arms around Gemma and gave her a big kiss. I could taste my juices on her lips.

"I'm going to get you back Gemma, " I said. "I just need to think of something good!"

She smiled and we continued on our way to enjoy ourselves for the rest of the day.

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