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Listening to the Radio turns people on

Seb is caught in the act with promising results
In the background the radio played romantic music as Sebastian stood in the shower thinking of the evening he had arranged with his dream girl. He couldn't believe that she had agreed to go on a date with him.

He has first glimpsed her across a room at a drinks party. It was her animation which made him notice her. The majority of people in the room were over fifty and in the midst of a group of predominantly grey and white haired people the black hair tumbling over her shoulders drew his eye immediately. She seemed so alive, so full of vitality. She was wearing a simple silver grey dress with long sleeves. It emphasized her slenderness. She looked stylish, elegant and demure, yet unobtrusively sexy.

Then he had lost sight of her until she suddenly appeared, attaching herself to the group he was talking with. Theydiscovered that they worked near each other in the City and met a few times for coffee and a sandwich lunch. She wore her City uniform; black tailored costume, straight skirt and black stockings finished off with black suede heels. He discovered that for work her luxuriant hair was either up, or in a neat pony-tail, which swung attractively as she walked. He too was in his uniform; dark suit, white shirt and polished black shoes. Miranda thought how good a man looks in a suit. He thought how amazing she looks.

Once after lunch he had gone with her into a fashion shop. He had browsed around self-consciously while she had bought some tights. On the way out she had pointed to an emerald dress and said something about it which he didn't catch. He looked at it and thought how it would cling to her figure and felt his cock stir and harden. An erection had set in.-And so he had invited her to dinner

Leaving the shower he dried and shaved naked - no designer stubble for him, too much of a cliche - he bent down and carefully tidied his pubic hair too. Too much or too little he disliked but he liked to be well-groomed all over. He picked up his boxer shorts and went into the bedroom to dress. Radio Erotica had stopped playing 'Music for Lovers' and a short story was being read. He listened. Apparently a couple had just come in from a night out.

"Adam poured the drinks and put them on the coffee table in front of them. Evie had sat down and her short, straight red skirt had risen up revealing a delicious amount of black stockinged thigh. His eyes were drawn irrestistably to them. Her legs were ucrossed, knees ,ankles and thighs decently together. Where they disappeared beneath her hem the material was stretched taughtly across her thighs making a little v drawing his imagination further up her legs. He felt a great desire to touch her thighs, and explore the tunnel above the v. He felt an erection rapidly developing.

"Are you you going to pass me that drink or just continue ogling my thighs?" she asked with amusement in her voice. "If not.....", and she leaned across and kissed him full upon the lips.
As her tongue explored his lips and slid slowly into his mouth his cock became fully and massively rigid in anticipation of things which might happen".

"She took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom".

Sebastian listened, patting Hugo on his chest and his stomach making a trail of scent which he hoped Miranda's lipsmight follow. The story and the hopes he had for the course the evening might take had combined to make his cock become as rigid as it sounded Adam's had. Hard, yet unable to become erect, it was pushing against the cotton of his boxers the swollen head was straining to escapefinding the only route viae by the leg of his shorts. He looked at his reflection and watched a first the head emerged, followed by more of his throbbing rod. He stood looking at his reflection. Seeing his engorged cocksticking severalinches out of the leg of his boxers was a real turn on. Inevitablyhis hand went down towards it, encircled it and familiar feelings coursed through his brain. Adam was luckier.

"They sat on the bed and locked once more into a kiss, tongues exploring mouths, slipping inin and out ofmoist lips -a provocative promise foretaste things to come. Instinctively Adam hardened his tongue. He felt Evie's hand move from the back of his head and then slowly move down play gently withthe waistband of his trousers. Then her hand moved down explored the contents of his mound, stroking and encicling it gently, slowly. His briefs held his swollen cock in place as it throbbingly grew under her ministrations. He looked down watching her delicate hands as they inlamed his desire. He closed his eyes and felt the buckle of his belt being undone and then, oh deliciousness, he felt and heard his zip being slowly undone. He looked down as the swollen mound in his briefs was laid bare. He let out a great sigh of delight. She undid his shirt and , still caressing his mound made by his aroused manhood. Her hands measured out the dimensions of his imprisoned rod feeling its responses. She started to kiss his chest oh so gently, her lips moving slowly over his chest and stomachy towards thetop of his pants."

"All his sensations were focussed in this one place as if this were his entire consciousness. All that he was aware of was centred beneath her lips and hands as they caressed, stroked and rubbedhim through the sensuousmaterial of his pants.

Evie looked down at his face and watched the expressions flit across his facelike clouds scudding across the face of the sun. One moment wonderlooked out her then joy. Ecstasy followed expectation - a kaleidoscope of emotions. She saw his eyes close in delight and watched him as he looked down in wonder as her hands worked together to pleasure him.She felt the responses of his cock to her skillful touch and the gentle movements of his hips. She was happy with the joy she was bringing him.

Sebastian listened wishing it was he who was being pleasured and by Miranda. He could resist no longer. The slow,gentlecaressing of his cock was no longer enough. He pulled down his boxers and the cock, now freed, sprang up and stood throbbing, hard and swollen in the air. He looked down and the swollen head and thenat all its magnificence reflected in the mirror. Standing proud. He was in good shape; thick hair, good body, strong legs and then, dominating his feelings at this moment this great throbbing cock and lovely balls - waiting to be attended to. He knew it was longer and thicker than many. As boys are supposed to, he measured it and found it was nine inches from tip to pubic bone when erect. Not legendary but capable and effective. As a baby his parents had had him cut. He was glad - it looked better he felt. Like everyone else he'd learned to wank instinctively although he'd learned some new refinements and new sensitivities like stopping for a few moments before his spunk came. Then he would start again.Sometimes he could hold back once or twice, but rarely three times. This made him able to keep going for up to an hour beforethe spunk would shoot out and land in thick dollops on the floor. Sometimes such restraint was impossible and he cum within quarter of an hour. He'd heard that a quickie could take four minutes starting from nothing. If he'd been aroused already a desperate quickie could take less. When he was seventeen it didn't take much to arouse him very quickly to need relief.

He discovered that he liked to watch his reflection in the miror as his hand slid up and down the the full length of his shaft.He liked manipulating his balls, sometimes squeezing them until it started to hurt. It was a safe sort of voyeurism.

And all the time this pole waving in the air. On the up stroke he'd discovered a twisting movement was particularly pleasurable. With lubricant either from a bottle or his own pre-cum, even his spit onto the palm of his right hand, he could tease himself. With circular movements around the ridge at the base of the helmet anddrawing his finger tipacross thethe slit out of which the pre-cum oozed and the spunk would shoot he found a special pleasure.

He'd sometimes imagining watching not himself, but another man wanking. He'd never done so and thought he might like it. It might happen, perhaps at home after a few drinks some mutual wanking and watching another man cummight be rather good. But he didn't fancy touching another man. He'd watched men giving themslves a hand job on dvd. He quite like it. He'd watched men engaged in mutual wanking and was quite turned on by several men spunking together over a girl's body. However he was vaguely disgusted by anal sex.

As he listened to the radio on Sebastain continued wanking, and imagining.

"Evie saw that Adam was in a fever of arousal and excitement. She could feel his cock frantically trying to escape fromfrom his restrictive briefs. Wondering how so much man could be contained in such small pants, she lifted the left legand coaxed out his cock. It didn't need much coaxing. Released, it shot straight out, it's blue swollen head and brown veiny shaft looking dark against his thigh. A sound of pleasure escaped his lips.Again she marvelled at the the excitement she could give him and she felt the dampness of her own knickers grow. She loved watching her hand touching him and seeing and feeling his responsiveness. It was magical. Imagining this gorgeous tool entering her, slipping in and out, with ever increasing urgency until she knew that he would inevitably cum shooting his love-juice deep inside her. She shuddered involunarily as an orgasm engulfed her. Yet he had not even touched her yet."

"As she pleasured him Admn marvelled at her skill. She was stiil dressed but the red skirt had risen up further exposing the lacy tops of her hold-ups. Adam explored the bare flesh, felt the damp of her panties, slipped his hand into them, explored and stroked the trimmed bush of hair and slipped his finger into her. Gently he explored her moving his finger in and out as if it were his cock inside her. Evie responded by tugging hard on his cock and having fully released and freed it she peeled back the leg of his pants andreleased his balls. She kissed him, tongue fucked with a few hard thrusts , kissed him slowly on the chest, tummy andpubic hair. Adam's cock was hard with anticipation as she gently kissed the tip and played artfully around the head with her tongue around the ridge and licking the pre-cum out of the slit. Then raising her head she encircled it firmly with one hand holding it so it stood proud from his body and cradling his spunk-filled balls with the other she enclosed her lips around the head. Again she explored it with her tongue,the ridge, the slit and felt the muscles respond to her touch. Adam watched her doing all this with ecstasy and wonder. It was the most beautiful things he had seen, the most amazing thing he had felt. Then she went further down completely engulfing his cock with her mouthand he watched and felt his cock slowly sliding between her lips.

He longed for these unbelievable sensations to go on for ever. yet he longed to cum as quickly as possible into her mouth with equal fervour. She was working him so skilfully. Head and hand, lips and tongue were all working together, lips and red-nailed hand moving down his shafttogether, then very slowly up spending time over the head. Again her tongue worked it's magic and finallydrawing in her cheeks she sucked gently. The sensations werealmost unbearably wonderful. He thought he might unavoidablyshoot into her mouth, but did not know how she would react. He wanted to. But he also longed too to kneel over her bared body wanking and being wanked until he shot his hot spunk all over her. He wanted her to sit astride him, his cock slipping in and out of her while her golden hair swayed rhythmically, her breasts bouncing gloriously in front ofhis face. He imagined bending her over the end of the sofaas herfucked her doggy style, sliding his hungry stiff cock in and out of her wtih ever greater urgency. He could imagine the glistening knob emerging as he pulled back thrusting his hips forward to bury himself inside her. In, deeply,again.his balls slappingagainst. He loved the sound of her juices and his balls as, piston-like, he drove his cock in andout. He wanted his hands on her hips pulling her towards him and on to his cock and she drove back ontoit to devour as much of him as she could."

"As he felt about to cum he wished his cock were!" so long it reached deep inside her jerking its load to fill her body full of his spunk. But is was not to be. She stopped for a moment and Adam descended momentarily back to reality. She extricated his cock and ball from the leg of his pants, removed them, then his shirt and allowed his ardour to relax a little his spunk to settle. It did but also increased their desire even more. She slipped out of her knickers, pulled her tight red skirt up above her waist and sat astride him facing him. He could feel her juices onhis chest. Lubricating her hands she returned to attend to the demands of his desperate cock"

Listening to this was too much for Adam. In front of the mirror the story had driven him to a frenzy of desire. Delaying his climax was becoming every moment more impossible. He was caught between the desperate demand of climaxing as soon as possible or climaxing at the same time as Adam did with Evie, but for inSebastian's mindit was not Evie's ministrations he was under, but Miranda's. Listening carefully he adjusted his rhythm watching as his hands worked his engorged cock.Together theas they worked the full length of his shaftthe head disappearing and re-appearing majesticallyfrom his encircling hands.

"Adam desperately wanted towatch as he shot he spunk Evie and he had made together onto Evie's beautiful belly and breasts. He looked at her hair, her bouncing breasts but especially his cockand her hands as she worked it. It was the most marvellous time he could remember. It must end soon with the blissful release of spunk yet he wantednever to end."

Evie was enjoying the sights and sounds too. She loved the way not only his cock but his whole being responded to her touch. She could feel the tension in his stomach, the movement of his hips. She was aware of the power she had over him. She could make him thrash wildly, uncontrollably until the tension was released by the bursts of cum. She could stop agin and make him cry out. She could bring him a pleasure which she saw and understood yet sensations she could not know. She bent down, encircling his love tool agin with her lips. As she knew he would, he sighed. She worked him rhythmically using hands and mouth together. In her mouth his cock felt good on her tongue, teeth and the inside of her cheek. She knew that the gentle suck of the head as she slid her lips towards the tip felt wonderful to him.From the signs in his balls, his stomach, his hips, his face, she knew he was about to cum. The increased rigidity of his cock in her mouth confirmed it. She had never swallowed cum and was not sure she would like it. She was sure she wanted to see the outcome of their lovemaking burst out of the little slit in the swollen head. She stopped and held the base of his rod tightly. He cried out in desperation.

"Next time you will cum and I want that lovely warm salty cream over my body. Sitastride meme."

"Adam moved on top of her".

"Evie pulled up her top completely, so her tummy, breasts, neck and face were bare. Excitedly he sat astride her facing her. taking his own weight on his bent knees. They knew it was time to cum. Astride her,he looked down at her body and his hungry cock bursting with anticipation,waving over it. She reached up encircling it with one hand, gently cupping and squeezing his balls with the other. She like the sightof her hand working the swollen, stiff cock whilst the othergently kneadedthe firm, spunk filled balls. She squeezed the hard sacs inside, noting his pleasure again. As her hand worked faster and she gripped more firmly, his rigid cock sliding up and down in her hand,his hips started buckingas they drove towards their mutual wish - his shuddering climax. He thought that this was how he would react if doggying her from behind or filling her spreadeagled over an office desk. Always that unnconcontrollable desire which drove hips hips frantically before releasing the pent up juice."

Sebastian knew the feeling exactly. He could imagine without difficulty that hewas astride Miranda, her hands encicling his cock and tending to his balls. He looked excitedly as he saw in the mirror his engorged cock thrusting upwards, his bouncing balls,his pumping hands and the certain signs of the imminence of the final release. He must not cum before Adam. As Adam's spunk splattered on to Evie, in his mind his would land on Miranda. Not before. Together. Or just after.

"For Adam there were just a few more glorious thrusts before he came. He knew it. Evie knew it. There would be no stopping. No teasing this time. Instinctively his hands dropped to his cock and hers moved to his balls."

"I get excitedwatching as a man wanking himself and shoot his spunk. Its awesome. ", she said and watched as Adam, excited too by this revelation of voyeurism, worked on his cock. After a few more strokes he threw back his head, thrust forwrds his hips,arched his back pointed his cock down a bit and yelled with joy and relief. They both watched as his thick creamy spunk shot from his cock. Several loads spurted out and arced to splatter Evie's tummy, breasts and neck. Some even landed on her face and hair. He leant forwards and shook the last drops on to her body. Together they spread the results of their passion over her tummy and breasts. She tentatively tasted a little on the tip of her finger declaring it salty and sweet and lay there glistening, relaxed on the bed"

How the story ended Adam never knew. As he listened to the final moments he knew he was about to cum too. The thought of Miranda glistening with his cum on her was too much. He bucked his hips furiously and then his own load exploded. The jets landed on the mirror, trickling down slowly.

In the mirror, behind him he saw a flash of green. His cock, emptied but still rigid, wilted a little in his hands.

"I agree with Evie. I've heard of men wanking, enjoying solo sex, giving themselves hand jobs whatever, but of course I've never seen it." It was Miranda. She was wearing the figure- hugging green dress. "Don't worry. I pleasure myself too." She walked over to the mirror, extended a red manicured finger, dipped in the spunk and tasted it. "Mmm. It is sweet and salty. The story was great butI bet the author was a man. Very full of cock. A cock and ball story in fact. But at least I know nowwhat men like and fantasize about. At least men like you", she added.

"When did you come in?",Sebastian managed to say as if being caught by a girl on a first date tossing myself off in front of a mirror was fairly normal.

"Well you still had your pants on but part of you was escaping from the leg. It quite turned me on. Though your cock was coming out your balls were still tucked neatly away. Seeing your cock grow, swell and stiffen whilst you listened to the exploits ofEvie and Adamwas fascinating. Then when you removed your boxers it sprang free and stood up there like a telegraph pole."

"Since men's cocks seem to have a mind of there own and go hard at the slightest provocation don't you think boxers are rather unsuitable. I mean its pretty noticable if you fancy a girl or something. To be honest that's how I knew you liked this dress. I noticed your best friend in your pants started twitching when I pointed it out. I wasn't actually looking, just could help seeing. You men are all a bit obvious. Briefs are a least a bit more decent and discrete. They keep you feelings under wraps. What would happen if I dressed really sexily? Like wearing no bra, which you would see, or knickers which I would tell you. Your cock could never keep a secret like that. See what I mean?" she added looking down and seeing Sebastian's cock rising again."

"Do you ever wear briefs?"

"Occasionally",said Sebastian.

"Well I think you should", said Miranda. " "I noticed by the way you played with yourself that you got quite excited where she worked his mound until he was desperate for her to get it out and touch it. Obviously she was teasing him to distraction. I could tease too you know. So no more boxers. At least not for well-hung red blooded males like you."

"The story was good. It gave me ideas but I loved the floor show. I liked the way you varied the pace and the way youbrought yourself on. I thought you were about to cum a couple of times but you managed to stop. Clever. Such a pity that you men can't cum several times like we women can." This was something Sebastian fervently agreed withbut didn't say so. That and how good it would be if everyone had four hands for love-making.

"The other good bit - it made me damp - was the last bit. I was trying to imagine what Adam was looking like as Evie was working on him but I didn't need to imagine because you were acting it out for me. I could see your hand working that cock and the knob getting bigger and bigger and that big vein getting more and more pronounced. Then your hand was working its length, playing with the head. I thought, 'Hes got to cum this time' every time the top re-appeared. But no your hand went up and over the top yet again and again.. Unbelievable. Then when your hips started going furiously, I knew you had to come soon."

"I knew Adam must cum soon, and you too,when he was sitting astride her and she absolutely pleasured him. I was watching you from behind, not the reflection this time. I watched the muscles in your bottom working - a lovely one by the way - and the dimples appearing each side. I wanted to grab it and pull your cock into me. I also wanted to strip off come behind you, press myself against that pumping bottom and moving in time with you, reach round you and attend to the needs of your cock and balls. I wanted to feel your cock in my hand as the muscles tensed up as I wanked you until I made you shootthose lovely loads of baby juice. Hearing of Adam finish himself off, imagining spunk over Evie's breasts and then seeing youshoot your load of juice on the mirror...... Amazing"

"Shower. Get Dressed. Lets eat. You'll have recovered in a couple of hours won't you?" She looked down at my hardening cock. "Oh I see you have already. Lets eat. Then we have the whole night ahead of us. We could even practice a whole new chapter."

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