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Long-overhanging foreskin

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washroom encounter
I shall always remember last Friday. I attended an afternoon seminar on retirement and tax planning at the Days Inn in Tampa. When it was over I stayed and talked to a guy who had answered a question that I wanted to get some further information about.

When we were done, the conference room was empty, and after he got on the elevator, I went to the men's room to take a leak. It was deserted, I checked all the shitters. There were two urinals, so I stood in front of the right hand one and proceeded to urinate. I had just started when another guy came in and stood beside me. 

I was holding my leaking cock with my right hand so that he could look at my cock if he wanted. He unzipped with his right hand and pulled out his cock and held it in his left hand. Thus, I had a tremendous view of his uncut pecker. And what a fantastic organ it was. It was about the same size as mine, but he had an awesome loose over-hanging foreskin of biblical proportions.

Since he didn't retract his foreskin to urinate, his stream splashed all over the urinal. Part went this way, part that way and part another. All this time we chatted about the weather, baseball, the Olympics, etc.

I had finished peeing and was just standing there stroking my cock while we talked and looked at each others equipment. When he was done peeing. he squeezed the piss out of his foreskin with his thumb and fingers. Darn! I'd hoped that he would peel his hood back so I could see his knob.

He shook it a time or two and put it back in his pants and zipped up. So, I proceeded to do the same.

While we were washing up at the sinks, he tells me he has a room upstairs if I want to play. I concurred and we walked out of the men's room and took the elevator up to the fourth floor. We entered his room. After he shut the door, he turned and walked up to me, looked at me and taking my face in his hands, began to kiss me. I haven't kissed many guys before, but this was exciting. He sucked my tongue into his mouth, and our tongues inter-mingled for a moment, and then I also sucked his tongue into my mouth. He was an awesome kisser. 

We then lay down on the bed and continued kissing and fondling each other. We were both hard, and our cocks were throbbing in each others hands. He made the move to reverse his position, and soon his one-eyed wonder was staring me in the face. That incredible long overhanging foreskin was a treat to play with.

He already had my cock in his mouth and was sucking away to my great delight. I played with his foreskin for awhile, stretching it out and getting a thumb inside and circling around his glans.

I think he liked that, as he moaned with pleasure. Then I retracted his foreskin all the way and marvelled at the moistness underneath. Besides leaking pre-cum, his glans and foreskin were glistening wet. The aroma was overwhelming. I just had to have a taste. I licked up and down his shaft and all around his naked cockhead, which was bursting with pre-cum. That I lapped up too.

It was impossible to pay attention to him sucking my own cock, so involved was I in sucking his and sucking his overhanging foreskin into my mouth. I alternated sucking on his dick with the foreskin pulled back behind his glans and then with it pulled forward covering his knob. I was in a dreamlike trance.

Fuck, it was an awesome feeling to have his cock in my mouth. I played too with his nuts and jerked on his shaft while I sucked.

Then he pulled his mouth off my cock and said, "I'm cumming".

And cum he did. He flooded my mouth with his juices and bathed my tonsils with his sweetness. I sucked up every drop and still kept his cock in my mouth while his erection subsided.

Meanwhile he was still sucking away on my dick and I could feel how good it was to be in his hot mouth. His head bobbed up and down on my erect cock. Soon the feelings were overwhelming and I couldn't hold back any longer. My load spurted into his mouth. He swallowed every drop. He licked my cock clean and sucked until only his saliva remaine. My erection withered.

I must remember to email the seminar company to thank them for the best and most awesome seminar ever.

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