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Love me, love thy nurse

A man finds himself in hospital on Valentine's Day, with just nurses for company
Tom sighed as he waited to be seen by the doctor in casualty. It wasn’t his lucky day. His girlfriend was away with work and now he had dropped a car battery on his foot. To cap it all, tomorrow was Valentine’s Day.

“Mr Roberts?” Said the young nurse, appearing from behind the curtain.


Tom hobbled past the other patients who were waiting in the row and sat in the small cubicle, where the doctor was waiting. The white-coated medic looked tired. It had been a hard day.

“Bad foot?” He asked, with a tedious intonation.

“Yes,” said Tom. “I was changing the car battery… slipped and well… look!”

Tom showed his foot to the Doc.

“Ooh nasty! We’ll have to get you in and make sure it doesn’t go wrong.”

“You’re admitting me?” Asked Tom.

“Yes, for a day or two,” said the Doctor.

Tom went to the admission waiting room and called his girlfriend to give her the news.

“Hi baby, it’s me.”


“Not to worry you, but I’m in hospital.”

“Oh no, babe! What‘s happened.”

“I was stupid. Dropped a bit of my car engine on my big toe.”

“Ah you poor baby. Sorry I can’t be there to kiss it better.”

“Ah thanks. I miss you baby.”

“You too babe. Especially with it being Valentine‘s tomorrow.”

“I know, don’t remind me.”

“Which hospital are you in?”

“The City General.”

OK, well at least you‘re in good hands.”

“Yes, we can go out next weekend babe.”

“ OK, as long as you’re better. Anyway, must go. I’ll text you tomorrow, OK. Someone wants me. It’s work.”

“OK baby. Bye.”

Tom’s toe was beginning to throb as the trauma from the injury was setting in. A little later he found himself being wheeled to a ward.. He was given a bed, which was in the corner, away from the others. There was even a view over the town. He had been given a little morphine to ease the pain and after a while he was feeling something like normal, with just a dull ache in his poor toe. He spent a comfortable night, in the circumstances. The nurses were kind and helpful, though nothing to write home about.

The following morning, two things happened. Firstly, Tom’s foot had swollen and the doctor prescribed him some antibiotics. Secondly, a new set of nurses had come on shift. These were more to his liking. Two in particular caught his eye. One had raven black hair and a very shapely figure, in her light blue uniform. She was in her twenties, a year or two younger than him, maybe. The other nurse was a sexy redhead. Her bum wiggled, teasingly in her uniform and she sported a big silver buckle on her belt. Her uniform was a slightly different shade of blue. Tom figured she must be a more senior nurse or something. It was around late morning that they came to see him and pulled the curtain round.

“Good morning Mr Roberts. How are you feeling today?” Asked the redhead.

“Aching a bit,” said Tom, a little pathetically.

“Will you be able to make it to the bathroom or would you like nurse Smithson to do you here?”

“Do me?”

“Wash you and everything.”

The dark-haired nurse, looked at Tom, as if inspecting him, but had a kind expression.

“If it’s not too much trouble, I could barely hobble yesterday…”

“Yes well, I’m sure Maria will sort you out. I’m Candy. I’m the nurse in charge today, so if you need anything. Anything at all, do buzz won’t you.”

She smiled and looked at her colleague with what Tom thought was a slightly odd expression. She licked her lips and left Tom in the nurse’s capable hands.

“Well, I’ll go and fetch some soapy water and a sponge,” she said. “Don’t go away will you!”

“Oh hmmmm nurse?“

Maria turned.


“I kind of need to go.”

Maria handed him a bottle from his bedside trolley.

“Don’t spill any, there’s a good boy.”

The nurse returned a few minutes later with a bowl of hot water and a large yellow sponge. Tom was unceremoniously rolled over as she put a water proof sheet on his bed and gave him a quick rub down. She left his most important bits till last.

“OK, let’s make sure he’s nice and clean.”

As the nurse leaned over, Tom could see down her uniform. She appeared to be wearing nothing but a black bra and her cleavage nestled teasingly under her blue uniform. Despite his best efforts to the contrary, Tom’s cock began to unfurl.

“Someone’s having naughty thoughts!”

Tom blushed. He tried to fight it, but those lovely brown eyes and her shiny black hair were too much. She held his penis gently and rolled the foreskin down, in order to wash him.

“Oh really Mr Roberts. Control yourself!”

“I’m sorry!”

Tom didn’t know where to look. The nurse knelt on the bed and squeezed the soap onto his rapidly hardening pink glans. She soaked his dick with the warm soapy water and then proceeded to wash him with a most inappropriate wanking action.

“Oh dear. I better get Candy…I mean Staff nurse Coulson to take a look.”

Maria pressed the red buzzer above Tom’s bed. A moment or two later, the nurse with the long red hair appeared.

“What’s the matter, our patient being difficult?”

“Not exactly…look!”

“Tut tut tut… Mr Roberts. I don’t know. Anyone would think we were just wearing black hold-ups under our uniforms.”

“Pardon?” Said Tom.

“And matching black bra and panties…”

“But we are!” Said the beautiful, black-haired junior nurse.

“Oh yes. Of course!”

Tom looked from nurse to nurse, his cock now throbbing so hard he had positively forgotten about his toe.

“All clean!” Said Maria.

“Ummm thank you!”

Candy bent down to get a closer look of Tom’s erection.

“Hmmm… what do you think Maria?”

Candy was playing with the top button on her blue uniform as she spoke.

“It would be a shame to waste such a nice penis, don’t you think?”

“I suppose. Well I have to write my patient notes up. But I guess ten minutes wouldn’t hurt. “

Tom watched, his heart pounding as the two nurses unbuttoned their uniforms, uncovering the top halves of their bodies inch by inch. Soon their uniforms were open at the waist. Finally they undid their metal buckles and the blue cotton slipped to the floor, revealing their matching, black lace panties and black stockings.

“Wow! What are you going to do?”

“What do you think!” Said Candy. “What does a girl do with a nice clean cock? Particularly one this hard.”

“Yes, don’t worry. We don’t bite,” added Maria.

“Oh fuck! But I’ve got a…”

“Shhhh…..” Hushed Maria, putting a finger to his lips.

“But she’s!”

“Don’t you worry Mr Roberts…just relax. Consider it nurse’s orders.”

Tom’s cock was still as hard as rock as he looked at the two amazingly hot girls in their gorgeous lingerie.

“You first,” said Candy.

“But you’re the boss,” said Maria.

“OK, together then.”

Both girls sat on the bed and together they licked Tom’s cock. They were gentleness itself, rolling their tongues simultaneously around the head and up and down his sensitive little banjo string.

“Oh….aaah fuck!”

“Hmmm… stroke his balls Maria, while I suck him.”

Candy took Tom’s engorged dick into her mouth and blew him softly, while her sexy underling massaged his sack. After a minute they changed roles and Maria licked Tom’s nob end, which was gradually turning a deep shade of pink and then she began to suck him. Candy licked his shaft at the same time until her nose touched Maria’s and they were sucking and licking him rhythmically. Then they shared him again, swapping his cock between their mouths at little intervals. Tom was gripping the mattress with both hands. He had never been sucked off by two girls before and he wasn’t going to be able to hold off for much longer.

“Hmmm… is that good Tom” said Candy. “You just come when you want to.”

“Aaaarghhh… fuck! Soooo good!”

“That’s it Maria, suck him while I wank him into your mouth. Let go Tom!”

Maria’s head began to go down on the horny patient faster and she sucked harder, until Tom was groaning and blowing. He was going to come and come hard.

“He’s nearly there Maria! Yes Tom, come in her mouth. She likes that.”

“Oh…aaaarghhhh….oooh fuck! Yes! YES!!! Uuuuuurghhh!!!”

Maria closed her eyes as Tom unloaded his creamy gift into her mouth. His body jerked, making the hospital bed rattle as wave after wave of orgasm racked his body. Maria accepted his spunk and swallowed every drop. He was cleaned up briefly, with a wet wipe and the girls dressed quickly and went about their duties as if it had all been in a day’s work. Tom lay back, sated but guilty, his heart heavy with betrayal

He must have fallen asleep and was woken by a different nurse, who had come to take his blood pressure. When she had gone his mobile beeped. He knew it would be Sandy, his girlfriend. Today of all days, he had let her down. He opened the message and read.

‘Good morning my darling. I’m so sorry I can’t be there with you today. But I hope you enjoyed your little present from my two friends, Candy and Maria. Really, hospital security isn’t what it was! Hope they were convincing. Happy Valentine’s Day babe. I’m going to sort you out when I get home. Love you. Sandy x.’

Tom smiled and kissed the screen on his phone.

Then he typed a reply.

‘Love you too, babe. You’re amazing!’

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