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Lunch break continues

An unexpected proposal during the break.
The sun was shining on a warm spring day. It was on these days that I liked to go out and lie in the grass close to where I work. I liked to lie close to the water, it was open but I was barely visible from the road that ran behind it. Or so I thought when above my face a cute brunette with a smirk on her face appeared. “What was she like?”

“Who?” I said with a confused look. “And you’re blocking the sun, move it.”

“Alright, alright, keep your pants on, although that seems too much to ask for these days, haha!”

“They are shorts, thank you very much.”

From the corner of my eye, I saw her moving down next to me in the grass. I could swear I could see her pink areola through her white tank top. Turning my head a bit to have a better look, I took in her full toned body as she was lying down flat on her stomach, closed her eyes and turned her head towards me. I was looking at her smooth neck and felt tempted to sink my teeth in such perfect skin, my eyes trailing down her back, until they stopped at her firm ass exposed to the sun. Her black skirt had been lifted up to her hips.

“You know your bare ass is showing?”

“I know.” She opened her eyelids and light brown eyes pierced mine. “Now tell me?” she said while she pushed her upper body up, resting on her elbows, “how was she? And don’t deny it, I saw you sneaking out of the toilet with that hot blonde that works in your office.”

Jenny, as her name was, was working one floor lower in the office building I worked in. We once started talking in the elevator and had been spending most of our lunch breaks together ever since. We became friends and slowly our friendship had lead to activities outside of work.

“She was alright, just needs some work.”

“Some work, huh? Guess she didn’t do this.” Within seconds her mouth was on my neck and a prickling sensation shot through my body as her teeth sank in my flesh.

“Mmmmm, no she didn’t do that,” I said with clenched teeth, goose bumps formed on my skin. She kissed the red mark she just left, before laying down her head on my chest.

“Are you gonna teach her?” Her fingers were lifting my shirt up over my stomach and started circling around my belly. “Teach her like you did with me?” She slowly unzipped my shorts and slid her fingers under the waistband of my boxers, impatiently searching for what they knew was there. Finding it, she put her hand on top of my slowly awakening member and started squeezing it. “Make her addicted to this here…” She squeezed my now fast growing shaft hard. ”So she does what ever you want her to do?”

“Maybe I will.” I closed my eyes, enjoying the pleasure and feelings of lust that were boiling up in my body. My hand slid down her back and she instinctively moved her body up towards me to give me better access. I gave her a loud smack on the ass before squeezing her already sun warmed ass cheek, squeezing my way down, following the path of her thong. “But what’s it to you anyway?”

“Because I wan…” With a gasp she cut off her sentence as my fingers found the wet spot on her thong and started to rub it. “I want to see it,” she continued with a longing in her voice, “I want to see you fucking her hard on her desk. Treat her like you treat me. When she will look at your lust filled eyes and she realises there is no other way than to just obey you.” Her hand started slowly stroking my now completely hard pole. “In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a lick at her body too; she is gorgeous you know.”

A groan escaped my mouth. “I know she is. But it will take time before I get her to surrender to that slutty side of her that’s waiting to be released.” I pushed her thong aside and ran the tip of my fingers over her moist pussy lips. “Besides, what’s in it for me?”

“What’s in it for you? Ooooh you’re bad. Isn’t… Is fucking two girls at the same time not rewarding enough?” She gasped as she felt me spreading her pussy lips and ran a finger up and down between them, her breathing became heavier and a moan rolled over her lips.

“Take my cock out.” The thought of those two girls together and all its possibilities were racing through my mind, I got so exited that I had to resist the urge to jump on this girl right away and tear her to pieces.

“What? But… but we’re outside,” she stammered a weak defence. “Anyone can see us. What if… what if a colleague sees us?”

“Your cunt has been on display already and NOW you start to worry about that? Take it out!” To strengthen my words, I pressed two fingers on her slit and pushed in. She let out a squeak, feeling her pussy getting penetrated. My fingers hardly met resistance as I felt warm juices surrounding them, sliding in easily. It didn’t take long before I had my fingers completely in her. Suddenly I felt cool air over my cock; Jenny had pushed down my boxers and freed my throbbing stick. Her hand was at the bottom, cupping my balls, squeezing them softly. She swivelled her body so her face was over my cock.

I felt the unmistaken feeling of a wet tongue touching the tip and I closed my eyes. My fingers still locked in her pussy. With a steady rhythm I was sliding them in and out her soaking wet cunt. My god, she must have been horny before she showed up alright. Her tongue was licking my head, twirling over it, lapping up any pre cum that dared to show itself to daylight. She licked my shaft from the bottom slowly up to the tip, before surrounding the head with her lips.

“What if I let you watch? Let you see me turn this innocent girl into a cum loving cocksucker like you. Does that get you excited?” She let out a moan as answer, sending out delicious vibrations over my swollen head, her mouth taking in more and more of me ever so slowly.

I grabbed her hip and pushed her away, with a plop her lips parted from my cock and she rolled on her back. Before she could react I was on top of her, my face in line with her hips and my crotch over her face, lowering my throbbing meat pole she knew all too well. When it hit her lips she opened her mouth and let it slide inside. I lowered my cock further in her mouth and felt my head hit her throat. She closed her lips tight around my shaft and started sucking.

The sensation drew all the blood out of my brain and pumped it to where my whole body wanted it to be going, the swollen lollipop that was getting sucked and licked intensely as if it were the last lollipop in the candy store. My self control broke and I ripped her thong down. I started biting my way up her inner thigh, the teeth mark leaving no question where I was going - straight for the radiating heat, sweet juices dripping down from it. Her nails dug into my lower back as she felt my tongue lick slowly down her pussy, tasting her, cleaning the love bucket that was running over. She moaned loud, her hips pushing up, trying to make a point. “Cut the crap and eat me alright.” That’s what she was trying to say, but all that came out her cock filled mouth was a high murmur followed by groans.

I pressed the tip of my tongue between her pussy lips, spreading them, clearing the way to where she desperately wanted me to go. The sweet sharp taste of her slit surrounding my tongue as I found what I was looking for, the opening to her pleasure, her surrender. I pushed my tongue in, not too far yet, letting her suffer a bit more, twirling the tip inside it. Her mouth wide open, unable to suck anymore, the burning need of her pussy was too strong.

I started thrusting my hips, knocking on the door of her throat to open up, pushing it open as my cock head slid inside. A gag escaped her mouth, another one. I felt her throat contracting around my cock. Fuck that felt so good. Pulling out, letting her breathe then assaulting her throat with more force, further in. She started to relax and her gagging lessened. The face fuck continued while I started pressing my tongue deeper in her waiting, pulsating cunt. My thumb found her swollen clit and started rubbing it so hard as if it needed to be polished sparkling clean. Her hips started bucking involuntarily. Her moans became louder, alternated with gurgling sounds. Saliva dripping out the corner of her mouth. My tongue was now so deep in her, my nose hit her ass. Pushing in and out. The feeling was too much for her. The cock that was ripping her throat apart was ready to explode and she knew it, she anticipated it but the urge was too strong. Her whole body spasmed as she surrendered to her desire, that sweet desire to loose control of your body and just let that feeling was over you. No thought involved, just pure feeling as she came hard, juices streaming freely over my tongue, in my mouth, down her ass.

“Mmmmmggmmmmmmg.” She moaned so hard on my cock, it vibrated through my every fibre and I couldn’t hold out any longer. I pushed one last time deep in her throat before pulling out of it and shooting spurt after spurt of white cream in her mouth. She started to suck and swallow, but gave up and took what she could get. Cum was running out her mouth, her body was still shaking, my tongue still lapping at her pussy.

“Fuck that was good,” I said, grinning wide, sweeping her juices of my face. I pulled out of her mouth and rolled on my back, covered in sweat. “Ok, you got yourself a deal. But I decide who gets to do what to whom.” She still lay there panting, whiping the cum from her face with the back of her hand and licked it up. “Fucker!” she grinned.

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