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Maddie and Drew, Chapter Two

Maddie and Drew's day together continues
The next time I wake, my first thoughts go to the familiar hangover that is still lingering, but I figure that it is a safe bet that this is the type that could be persuaded to dissipate with a stomach full of food. My second thoughts go to a persistent itchy spot on my face, an itch which, upon further investigation with my fingertips, my mind is sharp enough to recognize as dried cum. That realization reminds me of Drew, which makes the warm body behind me and the arm draped over my waist begin to make a whole lot more sense. I wet my fingertips with what little moisture I have on my tongue and proceed to erase the remnants of that early morning blowjob. Once gone, I roll over in bed and face Drew, waking him up in the process.

“Good morning, sunshine,” I greet him, unoriginally.

“Mmmmmm,” he responds simply, then leans forward to gently kiss my lips.

That gentle kiss lingers and begins to build a little heat as Drew’s hands show signs of waking up, but I put a stop to his advances quickly.

“I’m in need of food. Badly. Care to take a girl out for a greasy breakfast?”

He pulls his hands up above his head and straightens out his legs in a long, slow stretch before responding, “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.”

“I’m guessing you could probably think of a couple things,” I tease back, but already I’m rolling over and off of the bed in the direction of breakfast. As I stand above the bed in just my white cotton panties, Drew takes in the view. I could probably stand to lose about five pounds, as my emerging lifestyle of late nights consuming alcohol followed by hangover-y breakfasts hasn’t quite resulted in a full freshman fifteen, but is getting there. Still, my frame is highlighted by long, athletic legs and a butt that earns me plenty of compliments – and leers. I’ve always been self-conscious about my boobs, which took too long for my liking to emerge, but have now turned into a nice B-cup, a little less than a handful, but enough to make me feel good about them.

And certainly, right now, Drew is feeling good about them as well, as he can’t bring himself to tear his eyes away. Hoping to move this breakfast thing along a little, I reach down to grab Drew’s hand and pull him along out of the bed, then turn away quickly to throw on some clothes – a quick change of underwear into a fresh pair of white cotton panties; a cute, frilly bra; a t-shirt from the school’s rugby team; and my trusty pair of jean shorts. Once Drew finishes getting back into his clothes from the previous night, I pull him out the bedroom door and quickly into the bathroom where we share my toothbrush in order to complete a badly needed freshening up.

We duck out of the bathroom and into the main room where my two suitemates sat watching TV from the couch. Brandie looks up and offers a sparkling “Good morning!” as she gives me her “Oh, Maddie, what have you got yourself into now?” look, while Estelle just smiles her sweet smile. Drew and I both mumble out quick responses to Brandie, but head straight to the door without stopping for needless chit chat. Within a minute we are hopping into my beat up old Jeep, and not five minutes later roll into the parking lot of a greasy diner just off campus.

Somehow, even after a long night and a slow start to the morning, we were able to get to the restaurant with fifteen minutes to spare before they moved on to the lunch menu. And so Drew and I order plates of bacon and eggs and hash browns, with coffee, coffee and more coffee to go along with the food. We sit across the table from each other, at first just looking at each other, not sure what to talk about. But as the coffee kicks in and we wake up, the small talk follows, at least until the food arrived, at which point we hungrily gulp down our meal.

“So, what do you have going this weekend?” I finally ask Drew once I came up from my plate for a breather.

“Oh, not much,” he replies. “No real plans.”

“So, do you want to hang out with me today?” I ask, hoping for a yes, but not sure if he was ready to be rid of me for awhile.

“Of course,” he beams back, seemingly thrilled by the invitation.

The enthusiasm of his answer inspires me to bring up the topic that we had both had on our minds. “So, did you like this morning?” I ask him, with a twinkle in my eye and a flutter of excitement in my belly.

I catch him in the middle of a sip of coffee, but immediately his eyes connect with mine and grow bigger as he swallows his drink. “Oh my god,” he finally spits out. “Yes. Uh, you’re… Um... Amazing.”

“I liked it too,” I reply, batting my eyes, trying to fake a shyness that I don’t really feel. I begin to go on, but just then our waitress walks up, asks if we need anything else and sets down our check. Drew snaps up the check, throws down a twenty on a $15 bill, we drain our coffee and within minutes we are both climbing back into my Jeep.

With the brilliant March sunshine warming our skin following a week of rain, we sit in the parking lot for a while, flirting playfully and discussing our options for the day. Drew decides that he is in need of a change of clothes, so I slide the Jeep into drive and he directs me to the house he shares with three other guys. It is a ramshackle rental that has suffered through years of neglectful stewardship from a long line of college students and an uninspired owner, but it has a big backyard that regularly hosts parties and each of the four guys that live here get their own bedroom.

I park in front of the curb and we both hop out and stroll up the walk to the front door. Even from the stoop you could smell the familiar college aroma of freshly smoked pot, and as we walk in the front door into the living room I am greeted by the sight of three guys sitting around on a musty couch in a dark room playing some video game or another. The coffee table is strewn with the detritus of a typical male college student’s Friday night – empty beer bottles, a couple crumpled fast food bags, a big bong and other nonsense.

“Hey,” Drew offers simply as a greeting, and mumbled replies are offered by the group without so much as looking up from the video game. But once my voice chimes in with my own nonchalant “Hey” all six eyes shoot up to see who the female is in their presence. I know all of Drew’s roommates a little, so there is some level of comfort there, but I still feel some trepidation as each of them gives me the once – or twice – over with their eyes before proceeding to the small talk.

“Hey Maddie! What are you up to?” Mark breaks the ice.

“Oh, you know, just hanging out,” I offer, flailing.

“Where’d you disappear to last night?” another from the group – Justin – asks, addressing Drew with what appears to me to be a knowing smirk.

“Man… just… whatever,” Drew deflects, then grabs me by the hand and, mercifully, pulls me down the hallway towards his room.

“Oh my god, that’s so embarrassing,” I say, once safely ensconced inside his room, a dark, dank space decorated mostly by piles of clothes on the floor. There’s a bed on one side, a desk hidden under piles of junk on the other, a guitar stand and an amp under the room’s sole window, which is covered by a thin tattery translucent sheet. I immediately jump onto the bed, the only place to sit in the room, then proceed to lay down, making myself comfortable.

“Geez, maybe we should take another nap,” I suggest, stretching out. “What do you want to do?”

Drew whips off his shirt, responding “Sure, hopping in bed with you again seems like a fine idea.” He unbuttons his jeans, slides them down and sits on the edge of the bed to take them off, then lays down in bed beside me in just his boxers.

I give him a quick peck on the lips, then say “I really liked this morning.”

“You liked it?” he laughs. “If you liked it, I loved it. Haha.” Then he moves in closer to me and kisses me again, while wrapping his left arm around my waist.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’ve got a really big cock?”

“Honestly, no one ever has,” he answers with a laugh.

“Really? Have you not been with a lot of girls?”

“No, I’ve only been with one girl before you,” he answers, his shyness coming through again. “How many guys have you been with?”

“Oh. I…” I stammer. “Um, let’s just say I’ve been with more than one. I don’t really want to have that conversation yet.” With the words out of my mouth, I think better of it. “I’m sorry. That sounded weird, didn’t it.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“I’m not a total slut or anything. I just…” I trail off. “Well, let’s just say I’ve seen my fair share of cocks and yours is the biggest I’ve seen. I was almost scared when I saw it this morning.”

“Um. Thanks?” Drew laughs. “I guess I’m not sure how to respond to that.”

“Wow, this conversation is so…. awkward,” I laugh back. “I’m sorry. Maybe less words are needed right now,” I say as I inch closer to him, give him my lips and extend my arm down to reach for that growing bulge in his pants. I feel him through his boxers and as I rub him, his cock grows rapidly until, by the time I reach into his boxers and pull his cock out, he is rock hard again. As I pull on his cock, he reaches to lift up my shirt and I sit up and help him take it off, then quickly unhook my bra and remove that before laying back down.

“There. That’s more comfortable,” I say. Almost as soon as I lay back down, Drew’s mouth is on me, licking my left nipple, sucking on it as his left hand plays with my right breast.

“Mmmm, I love your tits,” he says, as he licks and sucks, moving from breast to breast. My nipples shoot up quick and are rock hard as he uses his thumb to flick them back and forth. Slowly but surely, I feel his hand creeping down my body and soon it is at the button of my jeans. He unfastens the button and then down goes the zipper. As his hand slid inside my jeans, I stop him briefly.

“Just so you know, I’m down to play around, but I’m not gonna fuck you today. I gotta maintain some mystery about me,” I laugh.

He looks me in the face, plants a big kiss on me and says “Whatever you want, babe. You can stop me whenever you want.” Then he digs back in for a kiss as his hand continues on to its previous destination. At once his hand is all over my panties, rubbing my pussy through the soft cotton, and maybe a little too vigorously. He is certainly excited, but I have to slow him down.

“Gentle, Drew. Gentle,” I murmur, grabbing his wrist and lightening his touch. At once, I can tell that his feelings are somewhat hurt, but I am able to put an end to that by bringing my mouth back to his and redoubling my efforts on the kiss. Drew finds the groove a little better with his hand, but remains eager to advance his position, as soon his hand is no longer content to rub me through the panties. His hand rises back up my body slightly, only to slip back down, inside my panties. I am a little apprehensive about Drew’s response to what he finds in there, as I’ve never been one to tend my lawn, so to speak. But his hand slithers through my hair in search of its destination.

By now, I am quite moist to Drew’s touch, and immediately his interests turn to slipping a finger inside of me. I do not dissuade him, but make sure to press down on his hand and grind my now throbbing clit into his palm as his middle finger dips inside of me to the second knuckle. I moan with delight, still sucking on his wet mouth with passion. My lower body bucks and squirms in appreciation of his efforts.

But, wanting more and more, Drew isn’t content with the current situation. He sits up, slides down the bed and, as I lift my ass up to lend a hand, he slides my jean shorts down my long legs, over the ankles, then throws them down to the floor. My panties are next, following the same fate and soon, there I am, with nothing between my body and Drew’s greedy eyes. Expecting an immediate attack on my pussy, Drew surprises me as, instead of heading straight to my snatch, he takes my foot in his hand, lifts it to his mouth and softly kisses every one of my toes. From there, he plants soft kisses on the inside arch of my left foot, up to my ankle, haphazardly along my calf, up to my knee where he lingers with wetter kisses.

From there, he traces his tongue slowly up the inside of my left thigh, while his left hand traces a similar route up my right thigh. Slowly, tantalizingly, until there he is, on the doorstep, lingering with soft kisses to the most milky white contours of my inner thighs. Pausing there, he gives me a quick glance, as if to confirm his okay to proceed, and, noting my pleasure, advances, burying his nose at the bottom of my snatch and, with tongue extended, proceeds to drag his nose upward through the dankest, most tender part of me. With joy, I reach down my hands to his head and drag my fingers through his thick dark hair, pushing myself against his face.

He slips his right index finger into my now sopping wet pussy while his tongue begins a haphazard search for my clit. In order to give the guy a hand, I reach down and push against the hood of my clitoris, at once exposing it to further stimulation and, just as importantly, giving Drew a wordless hint as to the location he seems to be having a hard time finding. But, my hint does the trick, as soon his wet tongue is toying with my enraptured button. In fact, his touch is almost too much, so I pull my hand away again and let him continue on.

He is tireless, fingering me while spending time stimulating my clit with his tongue, with his nose (now sopping wet itself with my juices) and occasionally with his other hand until soon I grab him by the back of his head and grind myself against his face mercilessly in search of orgasm. And orgasm soon comes in waves. Soundlessly, I throw my head back in ecstasy, rubbing my clit against his face, nearly smothering the poor guy in my ravenous pussy.

When the swelling orgasm begins to recede, I release my grip on Drew’s head, letting him breathe again. He eases away from me and looks up at my face with a sly smile glued to his face.

“Mmmmm. Come here,” I beckon. Slowly he crawls up the length of my body, dropping soft kisses along the way, until we were face to face and he kisses me, deep. I can taste myself on his lips, on his tongue as our mouths mingle. Below, I can feel his rock-hard erection sticking through the slit in the front of his boxers as he grinds his body against me. I reach down and begin to push the boxers down, but get distracted as I grab his cock, and am again amazed by its enormity as I stroke the length of it.

Breaking away from our kiss, I muster up my most confident, sexiest voice and tell Drew: “Come up here and fuck my mouth.” His eyes widen at my words, but in no way is he going to argue with me. Lifting his body, he removes his boxers, then inches his way up the bed, his legs on either side of me until his dick is right there in my face. With my arms more or less trapped by Drew’s legs on the outside side of them, I can’t reach out and grab it like my instincts want me to, so instead I stick out my tongue and lick the underside of it, teasing him. Not interested in the tease, Drew leans his hands against the wall above my head, contorts his body some, and then lowers his dick into my mouth, staring directly into my wide eyes the whole time. He’s so thick that my mouth has no choice but to wrap tightly around the tip of his cock as it juts into my mouth. Then he’s back out briefly, and then back in. Out and in, out and in. At first, it is just the tip in my mouth, but then with each thrust, he’s further inside of me. My tongue caresses his cock with each thrust and still he stares down at me. Each time in, he’s pushing another millimeter deeper until, despite my best attempts, I gag as he pushes in a bit too far for comfort.

“Sorry,” he gasps, and clearly the look on his face shows that he is. He pulls his cock out of my mouth to give me a chance to breathe, and rubs it all over my face, playfully bouncing it around my face for a minute until he’s ready to continue, slipping it back into my mouth, easing it back in a little, continuing to fuck my mouth, but taking greater care to not force himself too far. As he picks up the intensity, his gaze shifts from solely on my eyes to a blank stare as he begins to focus on his impending orgasm until… He pulls out, just as the first wave of cum spurts out of his cock, landing on my nose, eventually pooling on my cheek. The second and third spurts fly up my face, stretching from my left eye up into my hair. The rest of his cum dribbles out of his cock and I eagerly stretch up my tongue to lick it off and swallow it.

“Oh my god,” he says. “You’re so fucking sexy.”

“Mmmmm, I like it.” I smile, licking my lips as he stares at me in amazement. I love feeling dirty like this.

He reaches down with a thumb and cleans some of the cum away from near my eyes, him being a gentleman. I open my mouth and lift my head in order to get a taste of that thumb, me being a dirty whore. He complies and I suck that thumb clean.

Spent, he rocks his body off of me, freeing me to move again, and slides his body into bed alongside me. I reach over onto the floor and find my panties there, then use them to clean up as much of the mess on my face as possible, then roll back over and snuggle up to Drew’s body.

“Have you ever cum on a girl’s face before today?”

“No. I… It’s… You’re so hot.”

“What made you decide to cum on my face?”

“I’m sorry. You’re not pissed are you?”

“No, of course not. I’m just wondering why you didn’t cum in my mouth. Did you really want to cum all over me?”

“Yeah. And I didn’t know if you wanted it in your mouth. Earlier this morning you spit it out when I came in your mouth.”

“Oh, that was just me trying to be sexy,” I laugh.

“Next time, should I cum in your mouth?”

“No, babe. You can cum wherever you want. If you want to cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth. If you want to blast all over my face, blast all over my face. Hell, if you get me off like you did today, you can do whatever you want to me.”

“I think I’m going to like this,” Drew responds, in a severe understatement.

I close my eyes as I rest against his shoulder, his arm around my back and soon I drift off to contented sleep.

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