Making the Grade

By Gendog69

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A student does what she have to for a passing grade

Graduation is near and the only thing standing between me & that degree is math class. Why? Because like most college students I rather be partying or fucking then learning boring algebra. I barely did the homework and forget paying attention to the teacher. If I was going to pass the class I needed a plan quick.   That night as I laid in bed playing with my hot pussy, lightly rubbing my clit then spreading it’s lips open to slide two fingers in, it hit me I knew what I had to do. The next day I couldn't wait till math class (a first for me) my plan was perfect, a guaranteed success. Mr. H, my math teacher, was 42 yrs old and recently divorced. I figured a little attention from a young hot chick would for sure make him change his mind about failing me.   Soon class started; time to carry out my    plan. I wrote a little note and acted as if I was about to pass it, as plan Mr. H quickly took it away. He would have read it out loud like he do all notes passed in his class but after glancing over the words I'd written decided not to; it read “How am I going to pass math? It’s not my fault my failing. Mr. H is so hot it's hard to concentrate; all I can think about is how badly I want him between my legs, stabbing me with that big cock of his making that pussy dripping wet.”   Calmly he folded the note up, stuck it in his pocket and blushing slightly hurried back to his desk hoping to hide a growing bulge.


    Mr. H sat at his desk for a good fifteen minutes before he could get up.   Once class was over I ran out the door but not before flashing Mr. H a sweet, innocent little smile. Everything had gone as planned; now it was time for part two. I wore a red mini skirt with a low cut black top to school the next day. Wow I looked hot and the guys let me know it by brushing up against me or grabbing my butt, silly little boys I was after a man. Finally fourth period, time to catch my prey. As Mr. H started writing on the blackboard I slid my hand under my skirt and spread my legs holding my panties to the side as I started rubbing my dripping slit. Right there in a room with about thirty people I was masturbating. What a rush! Slowly seductively I played with my pussy sticking two fingers deep inside then rubbing my juices all over my clit. To get his attention I blew a bubble with my gum. When it popped he turned his head and his eyes landed straight on my pussy. Wanting to yell but unable to Mr. H swallowed hard and turned back to the board forcing him to teach the planned lesson. That was easily said than done. He kept glancing in my direction watching me sit in the front row playing with my hot pussy making it wetter. Just short of cumming on myself I stopped but the teasing continued. Tantalizingly I sucked on my ink pen. Slowly I swirled my tongue around it before sticking it down my throat. Looking at his crotch a small outline form was growing largely quickly. I enjoyed the power I had over this man. An hour passed and the dismissal bell rang. With a smirk on my face feeling excited at how well my planed worked I head for the door.   Sudden I heard a stern voice call out "Gen, please stay after class." BINGO, exactly what I wanted to hear, now I'd wiggle my ass, bat an eye lash and get an "A" without even taking my top off or kissing him.   I sat back down in my desk and waited for all the kids to leave the room.  


Once we was only Mr. H locked the door and walked over to me shaking his head. "Tisk, tisk, tisk,” In my sweetest little girl voice I asked "Didn't you like my show Mr. H?" His face reddened the bulge in his pants seemed to harden. SMACK! He slapped me across the face, a move I didn't see coming. Quickly I realized that I lost complete control of the situation. As I tried to get up to leave he grabbed my ponytail and yanked me back. Scared tears started running now my checks but he didn’t care. Then Mr. H ripped open my shirt and unhooked my bra freeing my tits. He pawed roughly at them, squeezing them pinch the nipples. I struggled to break free but that was met with another SMACK. Forced to my knees Mr. H released his cock from the confines of his pants. "Suck!" his voice ordered. I was scared, but at the same time so turned on. I loved the control he had over me. Happily I slipped his cock head into my mouth. I started licking softly starting at the base and working my way up. "You shouldn’t be teasing a man you slut” his words were harsh “you might get more than you can handle.”This situation was putting me over the edge; I was sucking my teacher’s rock hard throbbing cock, he was taking control over me.   I started working hard to make him cum swirling my tongue over his large head while gently massaging his balls. "Oh FUCK, you’re so good. Keep it up!" I felt him tighten in my mouth and knew he was seconds away from cumming. "Swallow it slut" I obeyed drinking it down greedily savoring the taste.


It seemed like forever he was squirting cum down my throat. After wits he pulled his cock away from my mouth cleaned it off on my shirt and put it back in his pants. What that’s it? What about me, what about my burning pussy? Saying nothing I just packed up my books and headed for the door. “Oh Gen before you leave I wouldn’t make any after school plans for the next two weeks. You’re going to be my little helper. Also nice try but you’re still failing. Maybe if you try doing the work it’ll help." What all that for nothing. Well at least I had some fun.