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Invite to friends house results in muff diving her in tub and bedroom
“Wow, now that was sexist. Don’t you think so?” one of the pharmacy clerks said after I walked out.

I was at the elevator and Marjorie, who I was talking to, thought about what I’d said.

"No, I don’t think," so she told herself as she smiled. I kind of liked that actually. Then the same clerk spoke up again.

“Don’t you think so Margie? Margie, hey Margie?” she called out. “Did you hear me?”

Margie said it to herself again, "No, I kind of like the idea," but then she said out loud “Yeah, that was kind of sexist. It was kind of typical for a guy to say that wasn’t it?” she said agreeing with the other young clerk.

Then she told herself, "But I wouldn’t mind it if he and I did get together and played around. I know. I know I’m married and all but heck, why not do it for the fun just this once?"

Then she turned towards the other clerk and, wearing a straight face, she added “Yeah, I know what you mean. He was kind of acting like a loser wasn’t he?”

She thought about me off and on all day long, she told me later. I didn’t mind hearing that. She told me she’d thought about it and how it would feel if my hands were all over her fat, fleshy belly. She said she even smiled at the idea. She said she thought about it a lot.

"Mmmmm, in a bathtub," she told me. "We could lay there and relax and talk about nothing and all we would do is lay there while I kind of played around."

I liked that idea. As she thought about it, she told me later on, she had applied her hand to her belly at work while on the job, and she rubbed her fat tummy.

I’m Dan. I’m ten years older then her but that didn’t matter. She and I simply hit it off. She and I got along with one another real well for that matter. See, I would be naked with her in a tub, and despite she was married I’d be in that tub with her and caress her fat and pregnant tummy.

So later on that week I had to come back for another prescription. She said she was so happy that I’d come back that we talked about nothing in particular. We laughed. I looked her in the eyes and every sop often, as she finished up ringing me out, I’d look down at what I considered her fat, pregnant belly. Am I that horny that I find that sexy? I guess I am.

No, Margie isn’t a goddess by any stretch of the imagination. It’s her personality I think that gets me. She isn’t ugly but she isn’t some incredibly awesome beauty either. Margie is sweet. And she hinted later on that she wouldn’t mind a “dip in the pool” with me and she added that anywhere would be fine. It would not matter.

So I said to myself, "Let’s do this. Let’s play around with her. Oh yeah, let’s go and play around in a tub with her."

So that day, when I came back, she got up and decided it was time to take a break. Hmmm, she wanted to take an early break huh? It was a tad too early but she took it anyway.

“I’ll be right back, okay?” she told the others as she went to clock out.

They watched her and she went and clocked out. They had their work to do. I was leaving. For 15 minutes she had all the time she needed. She saw me walk out.

“Dan? Oh Dan?” I heard someone say as I headed for the elevator. I heard my name and turned around.

There she was, smiling, and once I saw it I smiled back at her.

I said, "Hi."

“To be honest with you,” Margie said, “I couldn’t say anything to you over there but I’d love for something like that to happen. You know what I mean. You know petting and umm playing with my belly. That would be so cool.” Then she added “and maybe whatever else comes to mind.”

Once she said it, she smiled and she winked at me.

"Whoa!" I thought.

Did she just say what I think she did? My body immediately overheated. I think I swallowed hard. Yeah, okay, I did swallow hard. I felt hot. I felt really, really hot in fact. God I even felt it down in my crotch, if you want to know the truth, but it sure felt good. That’s for sure. I think I gave her a look that said wow, are you like serious? That is soooo cool Margie. I mean it too. I was nodding my head. I couldn’t believe she actually said what she did. I looked down. I looked at her big and round and sexy pregnant belly. I smiled and she stood watching me stare at it.

“Are, uhhh, you serious?” I said finally.

“If you are,” she replied.

“I am if you are,” I told her.

My eyes grew big. My mouth opened wide.

“Like when?” I asked. “Like I’d do it now if we could," I went on to say. "I mean it too. How and where would we, uhhh, do something like that?”

“I don’t know, but it does sound rather, umm, interesting. Don’t you agree?” she said.

I was nodding my head but I wasn’t smiling at the moment. However, I wasn’t making any other face either. I simply looked at what I considered a very sexy, very round, and one very pregnant belly. Finally, I began nodding my head. I was hot for that belly. Was I too horny? Hell yes I was too horny but she had to be too I guess or she wouldn’t have thrown out the idea. I almost, as we stood out in the open, reached out and felt her belly. I was kind of hot for the touch of it at that moment.

“Tell you what, okay? Let me get your email or even your cell phone number and we can figure that out. How’s that sound?” I finally said and finally smiled into her eyes. It was nice soft smile too.

“I’d like that to be honest with you.”

I was excited and she was smiling and I said one other thing as she wrote down her email. “I’d love to kiss and lick it too. I mean if you’d like that, that is.”

“Ooooooohh,” she said quietly. “Yeah, I’d like that too.” She was still smiling and nodding her head. “Email me. I’m off next Tuesday, alright?”

I was horny and jacking off later on, once I got home. Okay, yeah I’m a pervert. Yeah, I can easily get horny. I’ll be hard once I’m in a tub with her. I know it. I find almost all women adorably sexy, if that makes sense. It’s about personality. It’s about figures too. It’s about wants and needs. I know I have all of that already. I hope they do too.

So it was agreed, after a couple of emails between us, that I’d come to her house on that following Tuesday to “goof” around with her in her bathtub. Now, would you think I was a little excited? Yep, I was more then a little excited. I was nervous. I was horny as hell. She was too of course. Neither of us could believe we were doing this. And seeing as I was single, thankfully, seeing as my wife passed away a year ago, I could not wait. I had almost jacked off the night before actually, but I didn’t.

I stopped by to pick up some flowers. I fiddled with my cash and change at the store, dropping my wallet twice. The girl handling the transaction naturally asked me an odd question.

“Got a date?” she said.

“Yeah, actually I do as a matter of fact,” I said as I dropped the wallet for the second time. “Got any suggestions?” I looked her over. She was around 21 or so I thought she looked it. “I haven’t dated a woman in god knows how many years.”

“You, really?” she came back. I don’t know if she was teasing me but she added “You’re a nice looking man.”

That made me feel better. I looked at her and thought maybe I’ll come back and ask you out on a date too. But I didn’t and I left with flowers in my hand.

I got there. There was a truck in the driveway. Was that Margie’s? I wasn’t sure and I drove around the block a couple times. Then I did it. If a guy is there hopefully he answers the door and then I’ll ask for Karen who was my wife.

No guy answered the door.

When she answered the door I “exploded” with lust and desire and although she was pregnant. She wore that smile on her lips that could “crush” a man’s heart. At least it did for me. Plus, Margie had this sexually intoxicating outfit on which captivated my heart, soul, and every last morsel of lust within my body.

“Whoa!” I said at the door. “Wow, you look absolutely fantastic in that.” I couldn’t believe I even was able to get those words out of my mouth. “Here, these are for you.” I handed her the flowers.

I went inside. We hugged. I held on to her body maybe too long but it was a nice hug, a really nice hug too. She smelled nice and I sure hoped I did too. That week prior to this so called event I spent time on my feet. I had to. They were so coarse that I knew I had to do something and so I had soaked them all week long in and by weeks end most of that hard rough skin on my heals and other areas was gone. Thank god.

Now, I should also point out that it did not hurt our cause that she was wearing one spectacular item of clothing. And seeing as she was a pregnant woman I could not believe my eyes at all.

Margie had on this sexy and beautiful light toned babydoll. I was enamoured by it and how it seemed to fit her perfectly. And her hair, pulled back like it was and that smile on her cheeks as well, well I was soooo taken by her appearance I wanted to dive in and… well you know what I mean.

“Wow, damn Margie,” I started to say. You look, I don’t know, but that actually looks marvelous on you. You look soooo darn pretty. No, sexy is a better word,” and in saying that she surprised me.

She automatically, out of nowhere, leaned into me, and Margie kissed me on my lips.

And she did so with tongue too. Whoa! I stood there as I returned that favor back to her. Oh my god she made me feel so darn special as she slipped that tongue deep in my mouth and once she did that, I was hers. I was all hers as her tongue slid from this end to that end and all over the place.

And her arms and hands were everywhere too.

I felt myself being pulled against her body as we kissed and emotionally snuggled but I also felt something else. My dick was tingling madly. I mean madly. I wanted her on top of me. I wanted us naked and rolling all over the place. I wanted to kiss her and kiss her more and more. I wanted to handle her boobs as if they’d never been handled before in her life. I wanted to kiss and make love to her belly. I wanted that and even more.

“Ohhhhhh Danny,” she cried out. “Let’s go and get in that bathtub.”

And we did just that. She took my and my hardening cock and I followed her and her sexy, fat-ass pregnant body to the bathroom. My shirt was off me before she even turned around. She had an immediate smile on her cheeks once she saw my “manly” chest. I put that in quotations because I’ve softened over the years. That didn’t matter. So had she. She undid my jeans and then naked as I was except for my boxers, we hugged.

I got horny again and I so wanted to feel her tummy over and over and slowly at that.

She watched me as she undressed. I watched her big naked body unfold. My eyes grew wide. I grew horny. I needed another hug so I hugged her. I put my arms around that big wide body of hers but before I knew it I was kissing her neck.

And she did not care at all.

Before we knew it we were kissing one another on the other’s lips.

"Ohhhhhhh holy mother of god!" I thought. "Am I actually doing this? Kissing a married woman? I didn’t come here for this. I came to get a little “sexual” excitement or better yet a little sexual entertainment. Not for romancing a married woman," I told myself.

But here I was, kissing her and she wasn’t stopping me. Then we stopped kissing. After 10 minutes of that, or so, it seemed like 10 minutes, we pulled away and we were smiling as if it was A-okay with one another that we’d just done that. We smiled at each other.

She was naked and as she stepped into her tub I looked her over. God damn, can you believe it? She still looked hot. She still had nice but big, round ass, and great looking hips too.

“Don’t… Don’t turn around yet,” I said.

She asked, "Why?"

“I love looking at your hips… and your ass too,” I told her.

With that, Margie giggled, but then she turned around and let me see what she thought was the “ugly” part of her.

She kind of smiled but looked a little uncomfortable with herself. I smiled back at her and before she sat down in the tub, but after I’d stepped into it, I laid my hands on her tummy. I put them on it very gently and lightly and I slowly caressed its size. I stopped for a second. I looked at her. She seemed at peace with that so I rubbed it lightly again.

She closed her eyes and as she did she lowered herself into the semi-hot water. “Mmmmm, come on down here,” she said quietly. “It’s nice.”

She smiled and opened her eyes. We looked at one another. We smiled, comfortably at the other, and I did it again. I caressed her belly.

“I do like that,” she added. “I really do. To be honest with you, I kind of get turned on by that.”

Me too actually, seeing as my dick was tingling and hardening, at that very moment. I loved how I felt. I loved that I felt horny sitting with a pregnant woman I liked. And I loved that she, of all people, invited me to her house so I could play with her belly. I did not have any other plans than that. Was I an amateur? No, I simply hadn’t been sexed up in, wel,l in ages. That was the truth and this was the closest I was getting to that.

Here I was, after about 15 minutes of rubbing that fat woman’s belly, and enjoying it too and becoming hornier and hornier by the minute as well not realizing she wanted more. With that said, she’d seen my dick hard as it was, and she reached out and lightly grabbed a hold of it.

“Can I stroke this for you?” she said.

I swallowed hard. "Hell yes you can," I told myself, and with that I nodded my head.

She did. It got hard. I came. I smiled. I was in love with a married pregnant woman. Okay, so I wasn’t in love with her. I was certainly infatuated with her. That much I knew for sure.

“Will you do something for me?” she asked in a sweet tone of voice I hadn’t heard out her mouth before. “Will you touch me down here?” and she pointed to her pussy.

I looked down at it. It was shaved. "Cool bean!"s I told myself.

I looked up at her and smiled, nodding my head as well.

“May I lick it?” I asked.

“You…you want to lick me out, really?” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, I mean if you want me too,” I came back.

She did and so I tried positioning myself in the tub, which didn’t work out too well, and we each figured that out almost instantly and we decided something else was needed. We got out of the tub. We wrapped towels around ourselves, and as I kind of “plucked” at her sweet fat and round ass, she took me to the bedroom.

She plopped down on it, smiling. “Here, is this better?” she said.

I simply smiled and said, "Yes," and with that went in.

I licked and sucked and I licked her even more and I “cleaned” it all out so to speak. As I did that, I had her howling and groaning and also squealing as she pulled at me or down on me. I was even hard again as I did that to her. She told me later on that this was the very first time, in a very long time, that she’d had sex that was that good.

I was very happy. I was also very proud I could make her happy she’d done what she’d done. I told her this would probably be the only time we’d do this but she already knew that. I told her I guess I knew that too. We lay beside one another, as I caressed her big round sexy fat tummy, and I told her that even though we aren’t married that I probably loved her nonetheless.

She turned over and hugged me. Then she kissed my cheek. She told me she loved me too, kind of, but I told her I understood. About an hour later, I finally got up and got dressed. She walked me to the door.

“We’ll always have this day to ourselves you know. And I loved every last second of it. I know what we did was really weird, but to me you turned me on a lot. I loved that I orgasmed like that and came as well."

“Me too,” I replied as I pulled her in and hugged and then kissed her on her lips. “Me too and I’ll go home and at some point I’ll masturbate as I dream about this.”

She laughed at my comment and we hugged and kissed one another again.

And as I walked out she called out to me. “Don’t be a stranger. I know I love my husband but I know I sure loved what we did today.”

I left but would occasionally see her at the pharmacy when I came in and we’d talk and smile, as we did, and of course we’d also wink at one another knowing exactly why we were winking, recalling that one special day we’d spent together in her home.

Six months had passed and although we had talked a number of times when I stopped at the pharmacy, one day, out of nowhere, she emailed me.

“Care to get together again like we did that one time months ago?” There was a smiley face and even a tongue added in at the very end.

I thought about her email, smiling at the “proposition” and what it all could mean. I emailed her back, adding a smiley face and a tongue as well, and I told her, "Yes, that it would be my pleasure."

I asked when and what time and also if she’d like to come over to my house.

It wouldn’t matter to me. Being with her, being with Margie sounded awfully fun, and so she was here at my house two days later.

The bath, for starters was incredibly enjoyable, and as usual we both were as horny as horny can get. I loved it when I came. I loved it when she did too. God, I sure enjoyed being with her again. Uhhh oooooohh she tasted soooo damn good, I told myself as she headed out for her car later that day. I wore a permanent smile as I thought of her most that afternoon.
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