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Massage Sir?

A girl relates her first experience as a masseuse
My name is Poppy and this is about my first day as a masseuse. I had been recommended by my friend Julie who has already been working at the parlour for three weeks. Julie is working as an intern and is over from the States for a year. I’m eighteen and need the extra cash for uni. Julie said some of the girls take home a thousand a week. Like Julie, I’m doing just one day a week. I want to see how it goes and then maybe I will ask for an extra shift. I was a little apprehensive. I hadn’t done anything like this before; my previous job was part time at the Subway but that was rubbish. Prior to that, I was a kept girl, surviving on hand-outs from my Mum and Dad.

This parlour is a very nice place. The proprietress has built it up over the years and attracts a high calibre of clientele. A quality massage doesn’t come cheap. When the guys walk through the doors of this establishment, they won’t see any fake tans or enhanced boobs. No pot-smoking ladies out for a quick buck for little effort. Emily the boss, she went through all the rules and regulations. We give them a nice massage and for a consideration a ‘happy ending.’ Extras are at our discretion, though officially it’s in our hands, if you forgive the pun. We’re not prostitutes, so I won’t be keeping a selection of condoms in my hand bag. Julie said that the guys are really nice, mainly younger professional guys and the occasional, older gentleman. After a hard day in the office, the guys want to unwind and feel the tenderness of the female touch. We offer oil or talc. Most guys go for the oil.

So, there I was, trembling a little and waiting for the client who had booked in with me and Julie. Yes, Bubbly Duos is for those with a little more cash to blow in, and specializes in the two girl experience. I was glad about that. I would have my friend to guide me and that put me a little bit at ease, and anyway four hands were better than two. When the door buzzed it made me jump and Julie went to let him in. At this time in the day, I assume he had taken the day off work. He had booked in for the hour. I just hoped he would be a young, cute one.

“Massage Sir?” I heard Julie say. That’s what we have to say, on greeting a client.

He was about twenty-five I suppose, dark hair, brown eyes and a little goatee. His bottom lip was pierced and he had a ring there.

It’s Andy isn’t it?” said Julie looking at the bookings sheet.

“Yeah. Ummm it’s my first time… you know.”

“Mine too, it’s my first day here,” I said.

He nodded and smiled and his eyes went down to my boobs. I had put on my yellow hot pants and my tightest white T shirt. I had ‘Come and Get It’ emblazoned in big red letters on the front. Every inch of my tits were being hugged inside the white cotton and were an automatic distraction. To be honest, conversation became impossible with a man, while ever I was wearing that T shirt.

Julie has one of the most toned yet feminine bodies I’ve ever seen on a girl. She’s the original beach babe with a little tattoo of a heart on her tummy. She has brown hair and it’s quite long like mine. She was in a Cheerleader outfit with just about the shortest skirt in the shop. Julie is a cup size less than me, but shares my assets in the bum department. I’m blessed with a pair of 34E boobs and a bum that most girls envy. I’m the kind of girl that girls know they’re boyfriends are checking out even before they do! To top it all, I have long, naturally blonde hair. I gave our guest a smile and stood up and leant over the sofa to plug in my phone charger. Julie shook her head when I turned round.

“What?” I asked innocently.

Andy flashed me a smile and looked between the two of us.

“Can I ask?” said Andy. “Do you two, you know?”

“Interact?” I said.

He just nodded, like a puppy that had been offered a cookie.

“We might have a little kiss,” I offered.

Julie looked at me with a wry smile. We hadn’t so much has had a peck on the lips.

“If you want to get a shower, the towels are on the shelf, you’ll see them,” said Julie, getting down to business.

Andy dithered for a second and then went up the little staircase to freshen up.

“So we might kiss might we?” said my sexy cum kitty.

“Well, I just answered on the spur of the moment,” I said.

“He’s quite hot, isn’t he!”

“He’s not bad, yeah,” I agreed.

“Do you think he’ll come quickly?” asked Julie.

“Ah I hope not, why?”

“My first guy, I only had to look at him!”

“Ah no!" I protested. I hope he can last a bit, it’s more fun.”

I hadn’t considered that we might be so hot that guys would blow their loads like that. The guys I had slept with at least had a bit of staying power. Maybe I was good at picking them. I knew how to turn it on though, if I wanted. I mean, I prided myself on how to push the right buttons.

“OK, well I suppose we shouldn’t keep him waiting!” Julie suggested, pointing upwards. Our heels clip-clopped on the tile floor as we headed for the next floor. I got one hell of a view up Julie’s skirt as I followed her, sliding my hand along the newly varnished bannister.

The room was quite cosy and had a massage couch, which could be adjusted for height. The pink walls were adorned with photos of girls in sexy, though tasteful poses. Julie lit a few scented candles and I turned on the CD player, adjusting the volume so it was soothing and not too invasive. We titivated each other’s hair, putting mine in a ponytail and we chatted about our holiday plans until Andy came through dressed just in a white towel around his waist.

“Would you like to slip that off and lie face down on the bed,” Julie said.

He whipped his towel away and we got a good view of his wang, which was quite a specimen, even in its semi-soft state. He was quite toned with nice abs; not too hairy but just a few wisps in the right place. Julie ran through the prices. These varied depending on whether we massaged him clothed, topless or fully nude. Andy opted for the latter.

“OK, well we’ll keep them on for now,” I said.

I took the bottle of baby oil and poured a little into Julie’s palm and then into my own hand.

“You can be a bit more generous with it,” Julie said.

“Oh OK,” I said and drizzled the stuff all around his naked torso.

Suitably glistening with the silky liquid we lay our hands flat and worked it in, until his body was nice and slippery. I massaged his neck and shoulder blades as Julie squeezed his glutes. He had a nice firm body, with plenty of definition. I ran my hands over his back and drilled my fingers up and down his spine with a soft, vibrating action. I wanted to make it a slow, sensual massage, concentrating on his muscles, but with the lightest pressure. Andy murmured appreciatively, as we blew away all the stresses and tensions.

We talked sexy talk as our hands massaged his body. We spoke in a soft low tone about our last time with a girl and how good her sweet pussy tasted. We wanted our client to feel like he was in a fantasy, being tendered to by the sexiest girls in the world who were there to pander to his every whim.

I turned my attention to his bottom and Julie and I worked the oil between his cheeks and into the crease of his legs. He squirmed a bit and wriggled, telling us how amazing it felt being pampered by four oily hands. He had legs like a footballer, toned and sinewy. I brushed them with the back of my hands, feather-like as Julie took over his top half. I manoeuvred his legs apart, so I could tease him by tickling his balls. I looked at Julie and we giggled as his body flinched in response to my fingertips, as they dabbled against his sack.

“Does that feel nice, Andy?” I asked.

“Yes… wonderful!”

“We want you to feel special,” added Julie.

His scrotum was nice and smooth and I slipped my hand under his groin, feeling for his cock as my other hand tickled his sack. He was already getting hard and there seemed to be plenty of it too. I nodded to Julie, indicating maybe now was the time to do his front.

“Would you like to turn over?” I suggested.

Andy rolled over without being asked twice. He had a super dick! I thought I had got a bit of a handful but he was well-endowed. He wasn’t circumcised, I’m pleased to say. I don’t like ones that have had the snip. Half the fun is watching the foreskin peel back and rubbing it up and down looks so sexy. Whatever we had done, it had obviously been to his liking, as his cock was proud and erect.

“So you want us to continue with our clothes off?” Julie said.


Julie and I weren’t in a rush to undress. He was here to be turned on and turned on he would be. Andy didn’t know where to look. I unzipped my shorts and Julie unclipped her tiny skirt at the side. She wriggled her hips and it slipped to the floor as I gripped the hem of my T shirt. Andy gazed at me as I eased my top off. Julie followed suit and we gave him his first view of our bare breasts. My nipples were already quite firm and Julie had those delectably puffy ones, which begged to be licked. I wriggled out of my skimpy hot pants and Andy put a hand out and squeezed my right boob gently.

“That’s it, feel them. They’re heavy aren’t they!” I said.

I stood with my waist pressed into the couch allowing him to fondle my breasts as Julie transferred some oil to his cock. I loved how he touched them, kneading the flesh and then pinching my nipples.

“Don’t leave Julie out, Andy.”

“No, definitely,” he said, obediently.

“Hmmm… her tits look nice Andy, let me see you suck them.”

Julie looked at him sultrily and lifted up one boob, offering a nipple to his lips. He sucked gratefully as I joined Julie in a slow wank of his cock. He wasn’t just long but thick too and I wrapped my fingers round his shaft until I could feel it pumping. I ran my other hand through his hair and he turned towards me as I leaned over him. Now I had his lips clamped around my right nipple and he suckled on me with his eyes closed and his hand giving my bum a playful squeeze. All the time we were stroking his cock; twirling our fingers around the end and massaging his balls. His meat was pounding so much, it twitched every second or so. The end of his nob was glowing almost - deep pink from his arousal and watching him get so hard was beginning to turn me on. I wanted to suck him and I think Julie did too from the way she was looking at it.

Julie and I were still in our panties and I had a naughty, urgent need to take them off. I wanted to feel his fingers inside me, to give me at least some relief from the tension that had built up in my pussy. We eased our panties down and wriggled them off. Andy looked down at my sexy pubic mound and I took his hand and encouraged him to finger my entrance, which was so, so wet. Julie did the same and he played with us for a little bit. He made gruff, appreciative sounds as he fingered our pussies. I looked at Julie and I knew she was getting off on his fingers, making rapid, quiet little breaths. I licked my lips and we must have read each other’s minds. I knew how much he wanted to see us kiss, so good girls as we were, we didn’t disappoint. We leaned into each other as Andy watched and our lips met. Her breath was hot and had a lovely smell like baking bread and sex. Kissing my friend for the first time felt odd but incredibly arousing. Now with our bums pert and protruding, Andy took advantage, fingering our moist quims from behind. Feeling his fingers jamming in and out of my wet cunt just made me want to kiss Julie harder. I sucked her bottom lip and our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths.

We touched his dick now and then, not that we needed to keep him hard. He was up like a flag pole and wasn’t going down any time soon. We continued to kiss as we played with his cock, until the urge to suck Andy became overwhelming. I think he was surprised because he yelped as my tongue rolled over his cock. I could taste the oil, which wasn’t unpleasant. It was a bit like coconut and just added an extra yummy dimension to the pleasure of having him in my mouth. I sucked him slowly, taking his thick shaft into my mouth, until I felt his bulbous head hit my palate. I gave him a few long, slow sucks. I just loved his cock. I felt Julie’s hand nudge my face as she gripped the base of his shaft and I came up for air, allowing her to have a turn. I held her hair up, so I could watch her go down on him. She licked the little fraenulum, making his cock twitch and then took him between her soft lips. Her little mouth seemed to stretch from his girth and she sucked him noisily, drooling over the end when she released his cock. Her tongue stroked his glans, finding the most sensitive spots and then she took him as deep as she could, drawing in her cheeks as she formed a vacuum around his dick and then each time, releasing him with a little ‘pop.’

Andy was groaning now, his hands gripping the edge of the massage couch. I joined Julie and sucked on his smooth balls, before running my tongue up the shaft until my tongue met hers. We sucked him and licked him together, until we were kissing each other with his cock sandwiched between our lips. His groans were getting louder, interspersed with sharp gasps and incoherent words of pleasure. Julie held his cock and tugged the foreskin as I took him into my mouth and finished him off. His cock was so hard, so throbbing that I knew he couldn’t be far off. I just clamped my lips together as Julie wanked him rapidly. His gasps became grunts and snorts and I could feel his cock twitch and prepared myself for his orgasm. His body almost jumped off the bed and I could feel his legs trembling and then my mouth was filled with a little sea of hot, creamy spunk. I swallowed as it flooded into my mouth and then he delivered another spurt. He ejaculated again and his cum was seeping from my lips as I gulped it down. I kissed Julie with a little cum still in my mouth, sharing the warm gift with her, so she could taste it too.

Andy looked up and had the biggest Cheshire Cat grin I’ve ever seen on a guy.

“Enjoy?” said Julie.

“Wow! Yes, amazing!”

We giggled and I gave Julie a high five after we took his money. I don’t think I did a bad job in my first day, with a little help from my friend. Maybe next time we’ll go in the Jacuzzi!

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