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Matt and Natalie

Natalie always gets what she wants.
It was a cold, breezy Friday night. You could see your breath as you exhaled. On the middle floor of a stylish hotel in the heart of the city, a young woman was waiting for a phonecall.. the phonecall. Natalie is a curvy, sensuous and seductive girl in her early twenties. Long, flowy red hair, big green eyes and tonight has an insatiable appetite for one man.. and he's coming.

Matt is a guy from a far away place.. well.. London. He's nearly in his mid twenties, dark haired, handsome and wears a suit to work. Natalie's mind would erupt into hundreds of naughty images and memories whenever his name would pop up on her phone, her facebook, anywhere. She's been head over heels in love with him for years, but the fear of losing him always kept her from telling him the truth. Finally, she's got him in her grasp. He's coming tonight.

The phone rings. It's him. The sound of his deep, sexy accented voice gets her juices flowing..
'I'm here.' he says.
She smiles. At last, she thought.
'I'll come meet you!' she beams as she jumps up off the hotels kingsize bed and grabs her make up bag. After a few more words, she hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath. Matt is here, he's actually here!
She applies her strawberry flavored lip gloss, rolls up her lace topped stockings and attaches them to her matching lacy suspender belt. She puts her coat on, grabs the hotel key and makes her way out of the room and down the corridor. Her heart is racing, all the intimate but filthy thoughts running though her mind are becoming unbearable. She just wants him now.

Standing on the corner of the street, Natalie awaits him while shaking with anticipation. A dark figure is approaching her. She looks up. The figure is getting closer and closer. Her breathing becomes more erratic and then suddenly, he's stood right in front of her.
'Hi.' he says.
Natalie's heart resumes beating.
'Hello.' She reaches out to hug him, he gives her a kiss on the cheek. Just that makes her pulse race, imagine what the rest of him will do.

After a short talk and walk back to the hotel room, Natalie collapses on the bed. She feels sexy. Matt is unaware than under her bulky, baggy clothes is silky and seductive lingerie. He showers, Natalie waits. It's killing her, but she knows she has to make him wait, almost make him assume he's not getting it and then release the surprise on him.

Matt gets into bed wearing boxers and a t-shirt. Natalie is still fully clothed, sitting next to him watching TV. She senses how tired he is from working and traveling, and knows she must make her move soon. She excuses herself to the bathroom. Hidden under the sink is a pink and black overnight bag not packed with the essentials, no.. packed with naughty outfits, toys and everything she'll need for a night of hot, steamy sex.

She slips into something more comfortable, a cheeky little Ann Summers number. Low cut, black, lace and satin.. the smallest and sexiest French knickers as well. Those stockings and suspenders are already on.. all topped off with a silky dressing gown and platform heels. A couple squirts of perfume, a little brush of the hair and she's ready for him. He'll never be ready for her.. she's a hard one to tame. You'll never be able to fully handle her, but she'll make sure you give it a bloody good try. She opens the bathroom door and makes the short journey back to the bed, and to her disappointment, Matt is asleep. This will not do!
Immediately, she lies next to him and turns the TV volume up enough to wake him.
His face says it all.. stunned. Natalie never fails to turn him on.

She has a 'look but don't touch' policy, and Matt is looking, he's staring. His cock is getting hard. Throbbing hard. Natalie is already dripping wet and so desperate for him she could explode, but she keeps her cool. The hard to get attitude is getting too much. Matt pretends he doesn't care but that couldn't be farther from the truth. He's gagging for her.

Lights out. Out of sight, out of mind, right? No. Matt puts his hands on Natalie's smooth, silky stockings and runs his fingertips up and down her legs. His stroke is making her lips tremble. Nothing turns her on more than his touch. She runs her hands over his chest, neck, face, everywhere but where he needs it the most. She's working up to that. She cannot resist anymore more. As her hand runs down his stomach, she slides her hand across his big, hard cock. He's a massive 8 inches.. more than a mouthful, more than a throatful. His long dick is begging for her attention and she's more than willing to give it. Every time she's had this cock before it's never disappointed. She moves position and kneels between his legs, flicks her hair over her shoulder and gives him the look before she starts rolling the tip of her tongue up and down his shaft.. he moans. He's wanted his for a while. A lick turns into a kiss, getting his cock nice and wet before she takes him into her mouth. She can feel how wet her pussy is.. she's too turned on. Her legs are shaking already and she's not even had an orgasm yet.. thats how good Matt is. Gently sucking on his balls, she decides now she wants it all.. flicking her hair once again, she goes head first down onto his cock, forcing every inch of it inside her mouth, as much as she can possibly take. He helps her out with two hands on the back of her head, insisting she takes more. She gags, she takes him out but puts him straight back in. She sucks his cock faster and harder, more rapid and more firm every time, focusing all of her attention on getting him to give her a mouthful of his warm, sticky and tasty cum.

His moans and sighs get bigger and more substantial, she knows he's close. She'll work his cock more ferociously until she gets what she wants. He's helping her out, pushing her down onto him, making her choke, making her eyes water. He's getting closer, she's ready for his cum, all she wants is to be full of him.. in more ways than one. His cock is now rock hard and solid, any second she's going to get it. 'I'm gonna cum. You want me to cum?' he says breathlessly. It's hard to talk with a mouthful of dick, she moans as if to say 'Yes, give me it!', he pulls her hair, he's going to explode.. and he does. He thrusts himself into the back of her throat as he pours his sweet, creamy cum into her, she slides her lips and tongue back towards the tip of his cock, she makes sure she doesn't lose a drop. She releases him from her mouth. One thing you should know about Natalie is she never spits.. always swallows.
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