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Middle of Nowhere II

Last night, I had my first sexual experience with another person. Sure it was over the phone, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that it counts. There was the nervous part, and the pleasure part and all of the crazy emotions that were wrapped up between those two.

So that question I pondered all day was the thought of love. Did I love this man that I had been talking to for the past couple of weeks? The man who made me smile and made me feel like a person again. Or was I just looking for someone who would pay attention to me? The part I was worried about was not myself, it was him. What if I was leading him to me for all of the wrong reasons? What if I hurt him in the end? Should I stop talking to him and make it hurt now instead of later?

So even though I felt that letting him go was going to be the best thing for the both of us, I could not seem to do it. Instead, we set a date and time.

Text from Him: So are you sure that you want to go on a date with me? Or did you just want to meet up and hang out?

Text to Him: I would love to go on a date with you.

Text from Him: Okay, great. So when do you want to go on this date with me?

Text to Him: Well, my father is going to be out of town this Friday, so I was assuming we would be able to do it then.

Text from Him: Right, you mentioned that.

Text to Him: Yeah.

Text from Him: Did you want to go on a date with me, or just meet up at your house?

Text to Him: Which would you like?

Text from Him: I would like to take you on a date.

Text to Him: So take me on a date.

Text from Him: 7pm Okay?

Text to Him: Sounds like a date.

So that was that. We are going to be going on a date. Friday he was going to come here and he was going to pick me up and we were going to be going on a REAL DATE. I had never been on a real date before.

What was I going to wear? Where were we going to be going? What if he did not think that I was attractive? I mean, I know I am not ugly, but I am not ugly for 16. Richard is 37, he is used to a different kind of woman. What if I am not what he wants?



I looked over at the clock and felt my heart stop. He was supposed to be here in three hours. I needed to finish getting ready. I had already showered and picked up my outfit. I decided to wear a black shirt, with black leggings beneath, and a pair of knee high dark grey boots, to match my dark grey tank top. I then through on a red sweater over my tank top and that was that.

It was the make up and hair part that I was worried about. I have never done anything with my hair beyond throwing it up into a ponytail behind my head. As for makeup, well, I was never really one to wear makeup.

Then don’t wear makeup, I thought to myself.

But I want him to like me, I argued back.

If he doesn’t like you for who you are, I thought again, then he is not worth it.

So I decided against make up. I would rather not look as good with makeup off, then looking like the girl who doesn’t know how to put on makeup. So I threw on some lip gloss and was ready to go.

Looking at the clock, I felt my heart begin to race again and my palms were getting sweaty. It was 6:50 and he was supposed to be here in ten minutes. What if he did not show up? My mind was racing with everything that could go wrong this evening.

Knock Knock


I paced back and forth in front of the door for a minute. I was not ready to open the door. I was not ready to see him. Maybe if I was really quiet, he would go away. I was not that mean however, so I gathered myself and pulled the door open.

Standing before me was not what I expected. I kind of over thought what he was going to look like. He is not much younger then my father, so I pictured someone like that. A little chubby in the face, less caring about his appearance, maybe greying on the sides, but that was not who stood in front of me. Standing in front of me was a man who looked like he spent every day at the gym, rode a motorcycle and could have any super model babe that he wanted. It was then that I felt sick, I was not good enough for this man.

“Addison,” he asked in what sounded like shock. This made me feel worse. Now he had seen me. Now he was disappointed.

“That would be me,” I said with a slight laugh, trying to make myself feel better by being a little less serious about the moment.

“You are,” he began, but stopped himself looking me over. I am what? Not what he expected? A little kid or something? What was I? “You are beautiful.”

I could feel the fire rush to my cheeks in a blush I knew I was not going to be able to hide. That was far from the answer I was expecting him to say, but it was the best answer I could have possibly gotten.

“You really,” I began to ask if he felt that to be the truth, but before I could get the words out of my mouth, he pulled me into his arms and pressed his lips firmly against my own.

I felt as if all of the air had been sucked from my body and I could barely breathe. In most cases, I am sure that feeling would have been an awful one, but this time, it was a feeling I did not want to go away. He made sure it didn’t, as he continued to hold me in his arms, our lips never parting.

I was not sure for how long we kissed, but it was long enough that we had moved into the house and were now sitting on the couch. I had a feeling at this point that we were not going to be going to dinner this evening, and I was okay with this as well.

“We .... might .... miss dinner,” he said between kissing me, his hands holding onto my back, pulling me onto his lap.

“I’m not hungry,” I responded, wrapping my legs around his waist and pressing my lips tighter against his. I have never really done any of this before, but it seemed to be coming to me in a natural way.

“Maybe we should slow down,” he mumbled against my lips, holding onto me tighter and slipping his tongue between my lips. His actions were clearly speaking against the words he spoke, so I ignored his words and just continued to kiss him.

His hands worked there way down and up the back of my shirt, resting between my sweater and my tank top. Then before I could think it over, he lifted my arms up and pulled my sweater over my head. Tossing it to the side, he pulled me back down onto him and kissed me once again.

He continued to once again run his hand up and down my back, causing chills to shoot across my body. Along with the nerves I was already feeling, my body felt as if it were about to lose control. It was then that I panicked, was I ready to have sex with this man?

“Richard,” I said breaking away from his lips and sitting on his lap. “I am a little nervous.”

“We can stop,” he said quickly, with a nervous look upon his face. I felt bad that I startled him, being as I knew our age difference scared him a bit, but that was not what I was going for.

“No,” I said leaning forward and kissing him again, trying to reassure him a little. “I am not nervous in a ‘I don’t want to do this’ kind of way, but in a ‘I’ve never done this kind of way’. What if I do it all wrong or I suck at it?”

“Impossible,” he said kissing me again and wrapping his arms around me, our faces only inches apart. “You are going to be amazing in whatever we do. Remember though, there is no rush. I don’t want you to do something you are not ready for.”

“Maybe we could,” I was trying to think of the best way to put this, “maybe we could start without sex.”

“You mean,” he gave me a questioning look. “What exactly do you have in mind?”

Without giving it much thought, I pushed myself against him again and began to kiss down his neck. He leaned back against the couch, not fighting me or looking for a bigger answer to his question. He just let me take the lead, even though I was not completely sure what I was doing.

Kissing down his neck, I lightly nibbled my teeth against his skin, causing him to moan against my ear. This sent my body into all kinds of crazy emotions and I could feel my panties getting very wet, the moistness traveling down my leg and soaking through my leggings.

Pulling at his shirt, he lifted his hands over his head and helped me get it tossed to the side. His body was amazing, yet again, nothing like I had expected. He had told me that he worked out often, but I did not know to what extent he fully went. He obviously spent more time working out then not. Every inch of his chest was rock hard, all the way down to his abs. I could feel the firmness as I kissed my way down his body.

Sliding myself down to the floor and onto my knees, I kissed along his stomach, just above his pants, which he was currently unbuttoning. I watched nervously, my body shaking with eager fear, as he unzipped his pants, lifted his hips from the couch and in moments had his pants and his boxers down around his ankles.

He gave a slight laugh when my eyes widened, trying to take in the image of his cock. I had seen many cocks, in porn and magazines, but this was truly the first time I had seen one in person and it was scary. He was not even hard and still it seemed as if it was to much for me to handle.

Brushing his hand against my cheek, he smiled at me, giving me a look of approval. He was letting me know that it was going to be okay, and I believed him. I was just going to take it slow and things were going to work out.

Reaching my hand forward, I wrapped my fingers around his cock, feeling it twitch in my hand. This startled me, but I did not let go. Holding my hand there for a moment, I took a deep breath before I slowly began to slide my hand up and down around the the current length of his cock.

Throwing his head back, he moaned loudly. This caused my hand to move a little bit quicker, but I soon realized that I could not just do this with my hand. There was no enough wetness with my hand alone. He did not seem to be stopping me, or directing me for more, which only made me want more.

I rubbed my hand along the length of his cock a while longer, slowly moving closer to him, wiggling in between his legs. Once I was in a good spot, I removed my hand from his now hard cock and leaned in. Before I touched his cock with my lips I looked up at him, our eyes locking.

As our eyes continued to stay locked, I lowered my mouth around the tip of his cock and lightly sucked it into my mouth. His eyes got wider and a moan escaped his lips. He looked into my eyes smiling as I licked my tongue around the tip of his cock.

I soon broke the lock our eyes head for each other and tried to work a little more of his cock into my mouth. His moaning got louder as I sucked more of his cock into my mouth and began to bob my head up and down around it.

Reaching down he grabbed at his balls and rubbed them as I sucked on his hard throbbing cock. I reached up to let my hand join him, softly rubbing his balls between my palm and my fingers. He soon removed his own hand and leaned back a little further, letting me have his cock all to myself.

I pulled all the way up and licked down the side of his cock and lightly sucked on his balls for a moment before taking his cock back into my mouth. I could not get the whole thing in my mouth for sure, but I took as much of it into my mouth as I could. I had to fight the gag urge a few times as his cock pressed into the back of my throat.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned loudly, “I am going to cum baby.”

I was nervous as to what this was going to taste like and I debated pulling away from his cock and not letting him cum in my mouth, but my thoughts did not seem to have any control over my body as I continued to suck and lick at his cock.

“I’m cumming,” he groaned loudly, thrusting his hips up against my mouth hard.

Soon I could feel his cum hitting the back of my throat, over and over again. Its warmth sliding down and coating the entire thing. He continued to groan as I sucked every last drop of cum out of his body.

I worked my mouth slowly up his cock, causing him to squirm as my lips and tongue pressed themselves around the tip of his cock, which appeared to be overly sensitive. This made me want to keep sucking that much more, but I decided it was time to pull away.

Not moments after I had pulled my mouth away from his cock did he have me pressed against the floor, our mouths desperately kissing, not able to get enough of one another. I wondered if he could taste himself against my lips and if he was enjoying the taste as much as I was.

As we continued to kiss, he reached his hand down and began to pull at my skirt, pushing it down off of my body. Crawling off of me, he worked to get me the rest of the way undressed, leaving me in nothing but my bra and panties.

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