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Midnight Romeo

My best friend finally crossed the line, and I didn't try stop him.
I felt his muscles ripple against me, as he pulled me closer. What started as an innocent kiss was turning into a mess of moans and curious hands. He pushed me back into the cushions, and felt of me through my shirt. Nobody else had ever touched me like this. Or maybe I had never felt like this with anybody else.

Not that I had ever been with anybody else that mattered.

Our breaths grew shallower by the second, as he was not giving either of us time to breathe. His hands played at the hemline of my shirt, while mine traveled up his neck and knotted themselves in his hair. His surprisingly soft fingertips traced the outline of my body under my shirt. In the blink of an eye, he pulled back and had it off and thrown somewhere on the ground beside our feet.

He stopped for a moment and admired every inch of me in my sweaty, messy state. His eyes grew dark, before he viciously attacked my neck. There was something about the sudden contact between his hot tongue and my cold, damp skin that threw my mind into overdrive.

"Oh god, Alex," I moaned as I threw my head back in pure ecstasy. By now, any sense of rationality had fled my mind. Screw screwing our friendship; he was screwing me.. or he was about to.

I slid my hands down his chest and started tugging up the bottom of his white t-shirt. He stepped back and I pushed it up running my hands over his chest. His heartbeat was slow, but thunderous, assuring me that his actions weren’t simply from the heat of the moment. I pulled it over his head in one swift movement, having no time to bask in his shirtless glory afterwards.

The tip of his nose grazed the skin beneath my ear and I gasped a little. Taking advantage of the fact he just found one of my weak points, he repeated the action, but this time drawing circles over the sensitive skin with his tongue.

I moaned out, seeing somewhat of a smirk form on his lips-- those fucking amazing, annoying as hell lips.

He picked my left leg up and wrapped it around his waist and I followed wrapping my right.

“Can I have you?” he murmured into my skin.

My breath hitched in my throat when I felt him grind his hips into mine, leaving my answer silent but understood. He left a trail of sloppy kisses down my neck, and over my shoulder, pushing one of my bra straps off with his nose in the process. He did the same to my other strap. I felt his hand snake behind my back and unclasp my bra (that had Gir on it on by the way. Clearly I hadn’t planned for this), so I lowered my arms letting it slide off between us.

He had a lot of experience. There was no doubt about that.

He took his time making his way down to my bare chest, pressing a gentle kiss in the valley between my breasts.

Yeah, my mind was going crazy now. Just the thought of him being so close, sharing such an intimate thing with Alex overwhelmed me. He kissed around, teasing the hell out of me, which is pretty hard to do, considering I’m always hell. But I gave him control over me. He had me-- all of me.

I tangled my fingers in his hair again, and pushed down his sucking mouth over the hard nipple. Realizing he had the control, he deliberately stopped and ran his tongue over it once, then smirked into my chest. Even though it felt amazing to even have him on me, I was now a little pissed. I yanked at his hair one good time, and he growled then obeyed, creating a vacuum between the bud and his lips. He switched sides, while sliding his hands up my skirt. My hips involuntarily bucked into his, when he hit my inner thigh. He grumbled a few swear words into my chest, then sat us up. I crushed my lips against his, causing him to fall backwards, with me landing on top. Taking advantage of the moment, I sat up, while straddling his lower body, and stared down at him, slightly biting my bottom lip. I covered my chest with my arms.

I'm sure he noticed my abnormal breathing caused by the way he kept rubbing his hands up and down the sides of my upper legs.

I knew I needed him, and he knew I needed him, but I didn’t know if he needed me. Maybe a heartbeat isn’t always the best way to determine a person’s intentions.

Oh fuck it, I thought, and I let myself fall forward, connecting my lips with the salty skin that covered his chest. I pushed down, drawing figure eights into the bulge in his pants with my hips, while muttering something even I, myself, couldn't understand. He groaned and gripped my hips with so much force I could already feel bruises forming.

“Not here,” he said airily, ceasing my actions long enough to carry me to the downstairs guest bedroom. He probably found it while I was cooking.

He gently lied me on the bed, giving me a quick peck on the lips, then pulled my skirt and boy-shorts off.

I had no time to feel self-conscious before he dove into me, so instead I lied there unable to do anything but moan as he ran his tongue through my wet folds. He rolled around on my clit a few times, in which time I felt a weight in the bottom of my stomach grow. His tongue played around a bit more, but made me gasp when I felt him enter me. It was unlike anything I'd ever felt. I mean, I'm no virgin, but this boy can do things. He alternated his in and out movements with massaging the throbbing nub. He picked up his pace and I moaned out his name. He was so good. I knew it wouldn't take much if he kept going like he was.

Suddenly, he stopped, replacing his tongue with two fingers, and began pumping them in and out. His upper lip rested over the swollen nub. I wondered what the hell he was doing, but my question was soon answered when he began brushing his lip up and down. I grabbed a fistful of the sheets around me at this glorious action. Quickly, my hips began bucking into his face, so he held me down with one hand.

"Alex," I warned, but he only continued, his fingers darting in and out. "Alex," I whimpered in a more desperate attempt to get him to stop, but he wasn't budging. I couldn't hold much longer. Once I come, I don’t come again. My hips and shoulders were convulsing now. Everything in me tightened around that hard ball in the pit of my stomach then it was like someone jabbed a knife into the side of it, and all of the built up tension and frustration from the past 17 years of my life burst out with the warm liquid, my body shuddering beneath his, while the entire time, he kept his head between my legs, lapping and sucking at my juice, catching every drop of the semi-sweetness. My back hit the bed; a wave of calmness and contentment sweeping over my body. The only sounds to be heard were those of my gasps made in desperation to fill my lungs with air. A minute or two later, he came back up, so we were face to face again. Although I was completely content, I knew I knew I wasn’t the only one to be satisfied. I took this into consideration as I flipped us and positioned his tip at my entrance, both of us moaning as I slid myself down onto his pulsating rod.

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