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Midnight tongue-lashing for Leslie

A midnight interlude that ends with great intensity
I hunger for you. I am anxiousness to be together; to feel the electricity of skin on skin while making love. Divine, simply divine but I want to serenade you and take you on a trip to your favorite orgasmic shore.

As I lie there, the moon is bright and shines into our room, the ocean lulling you like a baby; the curtain wafting and moving gracefully in response to the breeze. You sleep peaceful and the light linen sheet covers your shapely legs, calves and thighs. The material clinging to your hips, accentuating the cheeks of your full and curvaceous ass while outlining your torso and perk breast. The hem of the sheet tucked under your arm. The moonlight shines softly on the nape of your neck. And the slow raise and fall of your breathing, is mesmerizing.

I watch you for what seems like hours - admiring the graceful beauty you are, humbled to be lying next to you – just being.

You must have felt my longing gaze. In response, you shift the sheets exposing one half of your body. An invitation? Your golden tan shimmers in the evening light. Your leg races up to meet your bum revealing your little scar luminous in the moonlight. I chuckle, as I remember discovering that piece of history with my tongue.

Hmmm, the thought of my tongue on your ass again, makes my cock twitch. Reaching out ever so lightly, I glide along your ankle up past your calves. Just the tips of my fingers, as if I were the warm breeze that now envelopes us. I caress your thigh. Strong and powerful but the inward curl of my fingers reveal how sensitive they truly are.

You shift slightly.

I place the full expanse of my hand on your ass. Smooth, sensitive skin dotted with goose bumps reacting to my touch. From one cheek to the other, I move over your full hips and back across the small space of your waist. Just touching you makes me hard as I move closer to you. My heart beats faster and loudly in my head.

And again I journey north over the lower parts of your lower body. The pressure of my palms increasing while following the path lit by the moon. Light and shadows dance on your frame. My hand runs along you inner thigh. The tips of my fingers lost in the darkness of the "V" in front of me. A soft murmur from your throat lets me know that I have found the prize.

This time you move with intent and the path for the rest of my hands is made easier.

The full length of my digits cup and fondle your pussy. Warm, soft and still moist from our earlier exploits, all my energy is now funneled to my fingers. Just petting with a lyrical effort; enjoying the sensation of silky, velvety folds of skin. Marveling in the essence of your womanhood, I enjoy the strumming of the strings.

My thumb and forefinger break away. Running alongside your outer lips while my middle two fingers stroke underneath, pressed against your engorged clit. You squirm downwardly as my fingers continue to stroke along the side walls of your hooded bud. Words do not need to be share to let me know that you are building steam and I should continue.

Grabbing a pillow and placing it under your abs, the tilt of your hips exposes your glistening slit to me. My lunar friend helps to expose the picturesque beauty of your pussy. No matter how many times we have made love, no matter the number of times I have enjoyed feasting on you, I am still in awe at the sight of your pussy. I wonder if you have you ever looked at yourself, the view of your vagina is exquisite. The shape, the way your inner lips extend out from your vulva, both long and equal in size. How your clit just peaks out from under the shielded cover; truly like the petals of a flower and how in the moonlight, it sparkles with your female dew. What a sight! What a gift! One that you share with me. I relish the offer as you lie there trusting, anticipating and readying yourself to be touched, taken and satisfied.

And in those fleeting few seconds, it takes all of my best effort not you mount you and drive my raging cock deep within you. Feeling the mounds of your ass slamming against my hip; I take you. Plunging deep with each thrust claiming you as mine. Feeling the fire within you searing against my shaft, as my girth stretches you wide. The length of my cock reaching into the deepest part of your cunt until the head of my prick is kissed by the tight ring of your cervix. Rough and unyielding, fucking you wildly, squeezing your nipples hard; biting the back of your neck into submission gives me the energy to move on. You love being ravaged, the rawness, the pain, the panting for air; make you sex crazy. You're alive all nerves exposed, as you match my energy. Screaming, thrashing and overcome by the violence of our fucking, you explode. A volcanic release, as your cunt fastens on to my prick milking me for all I'm worth. And in unison, our guttural screams let loose an intense climax as wave of pleasure sweeps over us. The mere imagery produces a drop of cum to seep out of me; maybe tomorrow night but for now, I hunger; I crave for the taste of you.

Your scent is intoxicating as I move my face close to you, my hands on your ass spreading you further and my hot breath makes you quiver. You moan, long and deep, as my tongue traces around the outside of your pussy. I am in no rush even with thoughts of my cock in your pussy. I playfully slide along one side your ass, tickling your puckered star and then nibbling tenderly on the other side.

I place the flat of my tongue against you and pass over your sensitive folds. The roughness of my tongue lapping up the juices that are flowing freely from you. The grit against your smooth, shaved, puffy lips (you always take care of yourself so well); the contrast, a succulent feast to behold. The feeling; so buttery in context, so delicious, it makes my cock throb. Your sweet and spicy nectar encouraging my tongue to dance, to swirl, to plunge inside you. My fingers rubbing your anus, the other holding you tight against my face. Responding to the sounds of pleasure, the movement of your body, my senses are heightened as I reply to your erotic cues and deliver.

I lick with a little more force, prying your lips open with my tongue. You are so wet. Your clit is hot and hard – as it protrudes from under your hoodie. My tongue wraps all around it, covering it as I place my full mouth on your box. Twirling your clit, dragging my teeth and pulling you into my mouth. I know you are pleased, your hips and waist are moving in all directions. You press your body against me to seal ourselves together.

I alternate between sucking and nibbling your bud with my teeth. Savoring the feel, changing the speed and intensity. Circling around your clit, you love those circles! I follow the shaft of your hardness and press hard against your The vacuum hold draws your tender, velvety lips into my mouth as my tongue flicks across, up, down and probes into your cunt. My fingers creep across and rotate just inside the entrance of your vagina while I continue to devour you. Your breath quickens, your moans growing higher, I know what’s coming and continue to play.

I am so excited as I plunge my tongue deep within your love canal. I can’t get enough of you and I alternate between tonguing your labia, sucking on your clit and entering your pussy. My fingers come to play. Launching a steady rhythm of motion - in, out; in, out; in, around and out. You are getting close. The telltale signs of you stroking yourself become uncontrollable and my best clue to move into high gear.

I quickly disengage and flip you on your back. You spread yourself wide, rising up to me as an ancient offering to the gods. The moonlight illuminating your beautiful gift. Your extended pussy lips darker, swollen and large, juices flowing down the crack of your ass – stunning! I waste no time picking up where I left off and neither do you. Your hand descends and starts the mystic rite. Clockwise circles, fast and furious against your clit. My face buried against you providing the lubricant for your barrage. Your other hand pulling my head tight against you, sucking on your pussy lips; pulling, twisting and biting each. My tongue shooting in and out. My pace matching yours as my fingers slide deep inside of you. Massaging the spongy ridges of your g-spot. Feathery hard stokes curling against the top of your vagina while matching the pressure of the outer rotation. The "come hither" motion matching direction and intensity. More slippery fluid escapes. The essence of who Leslie is lies close to this spot, as your abs flutter from the assault.

The erotic combination proves deadly. I hear you calling out that we are close and I see your face flushed with intensity;

Your eyelids fluttering open and close,
Your mouth opens wide,
Your breathing turns into a pant,
Your head falls back, thrashing from side to side,
Vibrating waves taking control of your being.

I am in rapture at the tortured look on your face. Not pain but sexual euphoria; making you fight for every breath and scream out in elated bliss. Your abs tighten as each swell rocks through you. Staying in contact, my mouth and fingers assail your pussy with vigor, continuing their feverish pitch. Then the zenith is reaching as you arch your back and the sound of "OH GOD, OH god, oh god" fills the room. My hands grasp on to your ass and rock you against my nose, my mouth, my face. And with one more deep and "out of body" growl, you bear down and explode. Your climax is so intense that you release a jet stream of nectar from deep within. Then a second, followed by a third, uncontrolled and unrelenting. I am awash with your nectar, the taste like ambrosia. Moving aside just slightly letting the fluid splash on the sheets . I just hold that position and let the orgasms work through you. Your tummy ripples as the rapture of the moment takes you. Your legs clamp down on me, your juices flowing freely from you and down my neck onto my chest. Continuing contractions crash against you. Undulating waves of pleasure seizing you, once, twice, a thousand times who knows. We are lost in the moment and I radiate with joy knowing I am a part of this most sensual of moments. It is only then that I realize that I too have cum, the magic of the moment having a most positive effect on me.

The typhoon of orgasmic bliss begins to subside and you draw me up to you. You are limp and fatigued. The tears flowing freely from the corner of your eyes. Our lips met and your kiss is full, passionate and convey your deepest longing. The last few waves still ebbing back out to the sea. You whisper how great that was and describe a cascade of images that came to you. I am joyous and a bit envious. Yet, I relish the depth of the description, the rhapsody that ensued while you tickle the hairs of my chest, your hand wandering down to my cock. I try and stretch myself to meet you half way and relish the tingling sensations as you stroke my manhood with your fingers and nails.

"You know we are going to need to do something about that don’t you."

You are a highly sexed temptress and the thought of fucking you hard, makes my prick jerk in response. It won't take long but for now

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