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Mister Adams, May I?

A farewell gift that neither can forget.

Senior year so far has proven to be everything I thought it would be and then some. My classes were easy and fun, and I was getting very good grades. The girls’ volleyball team was undefeated all four years! My Gym teacher, Mr. Adams, helped coach me on the side and was a great help, he has decided to let me pass gym class despite having to take it twice this year. But I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t mind at all. I kind of wanted to fail. It was easy to do, just don’t show up the week of finals.

He keeps a strict attendance records and fails you if you miss 5 classes. He was the most handsome teacher in our school. Six feet tall, slim but built, with a dark tan, hazel eyes that melt you inside when he looks at you.

For our last project we had to write about something that made us sad, and how we were able to overcome the sadness. Two kids committed suicide in our school last year so I guess it was something they threw in last minute.

I decided since it was my last paper, to write about how sad I would be when I left the school and would never see Mr. Adams again.

At the beginning of class, I handed him the paper. I basically wrote about how I felt about him these last four years, how I always missed the last week of class so I could have him again next year, how I loved his eyes and wished we could see each other after high school.

I was so nervous I actually was shaking my hand when I left it on his desk in the pile. He smiled at me and told me what a great student I was and that he would miss me, as I walked back to my seat. I smiled and said the same about him. He smiled back and I sat down. I thought it would be all over, I thought we would talk about how the year went, and say goodbye to our classmates.

But instead he put a video on, about suicide prevention after high school, and he began to read the papers. He went through them fast, they were only 1 page long. I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t think I could look him in the face once he knew how I felt. The bell rang, and immediately he looked at me, as the kids got up to go to lunch, he waved me over.

Everyone took off to go say their last goodbyes in the halls and in the café, as I stood in front of his desk, nervous and shaking. I was hoping he would tell me that he would love to see me again. That he felt I was his favorite student ever. Maybe even tell me sometimes he thought about me the same way. Instead he handed me the paper with a big fat F.

He said the paper was mandatory to pass and had nothing to do with the topic. I had forgotten that. He explained how id have to make it up in summer school, which would affect my college plans. He then finished his calm short lecture by telling me, “I never knew you were one to joke like this.”

“Well… I wasn’t joking Mr. Adams,” I replied, in a soft shaky voice. There was a silence for a moment, and I thought about seeing him in summer school. I looked into his eyes and he into mine. It took a minute before I realized we were staring at each other. Then he broke the staring contest, and began to slowly pan down to my feet. Then he slowly pannedup again into my eyes. 

“Carla, I want you to pass,” he said softly. He walked over to the door and locked it. Then came back and sat at his desk.

“They won't check all the papers, so we might get away with just marking you as completed, he said. “If they ask, ill say I misplaced it.”

I had a short sigh of relief, but then I realized that, even though this was better, I'd never see him again. He smiled and looked me in the eyes again.

“You can’t tell anyone I did this for you, because they are taking this issue very serious.”

“I wont tell anyone, what happens in here, stays in here,” I replied.

I stood there, with a smile on my face, and we were staring at each other again. This time I smiled and I looked at him up and down. I didn’t want him to think I was joking; I wanted him to know I was serious. He too began to look down on me again. I lifted up my skirt to give him a little more to see. The stockings I was wearing only came up to my knee area, so I figured that would look sexy enough. I took a step closer and he looked back up at me and just smiled even harder.

My heart was racing but in this last moment with him, I wanted him to know I was serious. I wanted to be the girl he looked for forward to seeing everyday for so long. After four years of waiting to say something, I wanted to let it all out now in case I never could again.

He leaned back in his chair and relaxed himself. “Don’t you want to go get lunch?” he asked me.

“I will Mr. Adams,” I replied. I didn’t want to sound like I was leaving. I raised my skirt even higher and held it up showing him all of my thin muscular legs. It was because of his coaching that I lost weight and gained the figure I have now, it belongs to him I thought. You deserve to have it.

“This should be yours,” I said in a soft voice, realizing I was thinking out loud. Then I just stood there frozen, holding my skirt up, staring at him.

“Why is that?” He asked me. Nervous yet brazen, I decided to tell him exactly why.

“Because of you I have my scholarship, I was a star, and I developed this figure,” I told him. I took a deep swallow. He gave me a warm look. I was completely melted inside. Then I looked him down again, and noticed he had a small bulge in his pants. I had made Mr. Adams excited.

“Carla,” he said. I didn’t want him to have a chance to object. 

I interrupted him and told him, “You deserve me, and I want you to have me.” Then there was a silence and a smile. I smiled back, I began to sweat and I was shaking more visibly. I was so nervous, just like I always used to get before a game. But he always pepped me and talked me into being brave. All I could hear were his past lectures of being brave and that this would only last a moment, 

“Tomorrow you’ll be glad you didn’t back down,” he always said to me. I walked right up to him, and sat on his lap straddled over him. Still staring in his eyes, I grabbed the back of his head, and sank my lips into his. Slowly moving them around aimlessly, too nervous to figure out what I was doing. 

He stuck his tongue out a little bit, it had been years since I kissed like that before, but I wasn’t backing down anymore. Our tongues dueled for the next five minutes as I recollected my thoughts in my head. His hands moved up and down my legs and around my waist. Soft, smooth, and so gentle, he touched me with such delicateness, while giving me a firm grip from time to time, around my rear end and upper thighs. 

He then stopped. We stared at each other with idle looks, almost dumbfounded by what we just did. The he smiled, and I chuckled. I got up. I don’t know why I got up, maybe because my legs were feeling uncomfortable. I didn’t want to get up I don’t know why I got up.

I reached down immediately and grabbed his bulge. He held my arm gently and pulled me down. We kissed again. I got down on my knees as he leaned in to kiss me. I began to unbuckle and unzip him. Then out came the most beautiful penis I had ever seen. It was large, enough to grip with a whole hand, and about 8 inches long. I stared at it for 15 seconds.

I looked up at him, and I smiled. I put my mouth next to it, 

“May I please, Mr. Adams?” I asked. 

“Go for it,” he replied.

I opened my mouth, more nervous than I have ever been my entire life. I only gave oral once before and I didn’t want to disappoint. As put my lips around the tip of his penis, I closed my mouth, and I closed my eyes. I began to suck on it, and I pressed my tongue against it. I pushed down deeper into my throat then I pulled away till I could lick his tip. I kept going up and down faster then slower. I saw porn before, I heard stories before, I remember what my ex liked, I did everything that I though he would like.

I gripped him with my right hand and began jerking him and sucking him at the same time. His balls started to get wet from my slobber. And I was already dripping wet too. I looked up at him, and he had his eyes closed, moaning softly to himself. My heart sank, I couldn’t believe I was actually pleasing him. I undid the top of my shirt, and pulled my breasts out, then kissed his hand and asked him 

“Is that good?” 

He looked down at me saying,

“It's perfect.”

He then reached for my breast. I raised my self a little to let him touch them as I jerked him off, slowly squeezing his tip. He let out a soft but deep moan every time. I stood up and pulled my panties all the way down and kicked them off to the side. I straddled him again and put my chest in his face. I reached down and put his penis inside of me. It filled me up and stretched me open.

I irresistibly let out a moan, and grabbed his head. He grabbed my waist and start pushing me up and down. The char was small and old and began squeaking very loudly. But I kept going knowing I was close to climaxing on top of him.

“I'm almost there!” I yelled. 

“You’re so tight!” He exclaimed.

He grabbed me close and pushed me up and down even faster. I couldn’t take it, I never had a feeling that strong before. I began to shake violently as I climaxed and the feeling was so strong, and I was so sensitive I had to pull him out. My clit and vagina were pulsating softly, then out of no where, I gushed a small amount of liquid on him. 

He looked at me, in shock, I looked at him, amazed. After a breather, I got on my knees, determined to finish him off. I started giving him oral, he exploded into my mouth.

He grabbed my head and stopped me. But I grabbed him closer and let him gush it all down my throat. I still won’t forget the warm feeling of it coming down. It was never that good again. I pulled it out of my mouth, and I opened it in front of him. I stuck my tongue out to show him, and then I swallowed it all.

I got up and kissed him. He then stood up and kissed me. We hugged, and as we hugged the bell rang, the end of lunchtime.

“I told you I would have lunch.” I said as I buttoned up my shirt again. 

He gave me a paper towel to wipe myself.

“Ill take care of that,” I said as I cleaned him in a hurry. As soon as he zipped up, I grabbed my purse and walked towards the door, he unlocked it and I walked out, as his next class walked in. Till this day, I still wonder, what ever became of my panties that I kicked behind his desk.

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