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Monday night drinks, and more...

Casual drinks turns into a sexy first for Jamie
I had always wondered what cunnilingus would feel like. I thought it must feel wonderful to have someone’s mouth on my wet pussy, tonguing my clit. Somewhere along the dating line, I had been subliminally convinced that it was gross. I had never had someone’s mouth “down there.” I remained curious, but was too embarrassed and shy to request it, since it had become something I thought all men found repulsive.

Of course, I was wrong.


I was beginning my new life, fresh out of college and in a new town. It wasn’t a very large town, and didn’t have much in the way of a “young professional” scene. I was very studious and conservative in college, not wasting my time or money partying or carrying on. I looked forward to my early professional years as my time to do things such as attend tame house parties, go out for drinks after work and entertain some semblance of a social life. I pictured myself wearing satin blouses and black pencil skirts to work each day, stopping off on my way home for drinks at a local bar to meet up with some hunky co-worker, perhaps a few years my senior. Afterwards, I would return to my one bedroom apartment to relax after a long day and return to work fresh the next morning.

But, as I mentioned, the young professional social scene in my small town was nonexistent. I realized very quickly that if I wanted the social scene, complete with happy hour and pleasant company, I would have to create this for myself. In my first couple of weeks at work, I met a few nice young people. Luckily, a friend of mine from college, Diana, lived about 15 minutes away, so we frequently spent time together in the evenings, and I presented my dilemma to her.

“I just don’t know how to branch out my friend group,” I whined.

Diana, being much more the socialite than I, seemed perplexed. “I don’t understand. You said you’ve met these nice people at work, and you have a kick ass apartment with a fully stocked liquor cabinet. Just invite them over for drinks one night!” She offered.

I paused. The thought had never occurred to me. It mildly pissed me off how easily the idea came to her.

“I’ll even come over too in case only one or two show up so it’s not awkward,” she suggests, seeing my frustration.

“Ok, I guess I can do that,” I say. “I’ll invite them over on Monday… to celebrate getting through the hardest day of the week!” We both laugh, and enjoy the rest of our whiskey sours before she departs for the evening.

Friday, I make my rounds through the offices of each of my new friends, extending my offer for Monday night drinks at my apartment. A few give me a regretful no, I get one maybe, and one definitely yes. The maybe is a young woman about my age and the definite yes was a man, probably 5 years older than me. Score, I think. Maybe I should uninvite Diana and the other girl and just have him over. A dirty smile spreads across my face as I sit back to my desk to work.

The weekend flies by, as they always do. I busy myself stocking my liquor, cleaning my apartment, and cleaning all of the glasses I would need for a proper happy hour. Short glasses, a couple of martini glasses and of course chilled beer mugs in the freezer.

“My first time entertaining in my own home,” I think. I fall asleep Sunday unreasonably excited to finally be beginning my social life in my new home.

I dress nicely for work on Monday, knowing I will likely still be wearing that for my evening drinks. I button up my light blue silk blouse, tuck it into dark grey slacks, and sit on my bed to slip into my comfiest black heels. I spritz on some light perfume and give my hair one last tousle before leaving for work.

Around lunchtime, I go back to my friend Lisa, who said she was a maybe. As soon as I approach her office, she gives me a startled look of realization.

“Oh, Jamie, I’m so sorry! I just remembered you invited me for drinks tonight,” she said apologetically. “I am not going to be able to make it, I promised my brother I would go to his basketball game tonight.”

“Don’t worry, it’s no big deal,” I say, my heart dropping.

“Please let me know if you do it again, I swear I’ll clear my schedule this time,” she says genuinely.

“Ok, will do. Enjoy the game!” I say before leaving.

Perhaps I should just call off the whole thing. Now it’s just down to Devon, Diana, and me, and I didn’t want to make Devon uncomfortable. Maybe he would forget…

“Hiya, Jamie!” I hear Devon call from behind me. “Drinks at your place tonight, right? Do I need to bring anything?” He beams at me, his light green shirt matching his eyes just perfectly. God, I would hate him if he wasn’t so nice.

“Yeah, sure thing,” I hear myself say. “It looks to be a smaller crowd than I anticipated, but you’re still welcome to come. And no need to bring anything, I’m all set.” I scribble my address on the corner of a piece of paper I’m carrying and hand it to him. God, he must think I’m a slob…

“Alright, sounds great. Thanks for the invite, I’ll see you later!” He calls behind him as he runs off to answer his phone.

After work, I call Diana on my way home and grumble about how it’s just going to be the three of us. As expected, she makes some perverse comment about us having a threesome, which I ignore. I ask her to pick up some garnishes on her way as I pull into my driveway.

About 30 minutes after getting home, Diana walks in. We chat about work, cut garnishes, and discuss what type of drinks to make. We are interrupted by a knock at the door. I answer, and not surprisingly it is Devon.

“Hey there, come on in! Devon, this is my good friend Diana. Diana, this is Devon.” They shake hands and exchange pleasantries.

“May I offer you a drink?” I ask. “I was a bar tender in college, so I keep a pretty well stocked liquor cabinet.”

God, now I sound like a lush, I think. Shut UP, Jamie.

“Ooh, you’re just asking for me to test you, aren’t you?” he asks. “How about a gimlet…”

I huff at him, “If you’re testing me, you’re gonna have to try harder than that.”

God, now I sound like a bitch. Ugh, this is why I have no friends…

“No, I actually just like gimlets,” he says, grinning evilly.

“Fair enough.”

The three of us make small talk for an hour or so, getting along very well and with minimal awkwardness. My cell phone chime interrupts our conversation, and I grab my purse from the living room to check my texts.

“Text message from Diana? She’s sitting at the damn table,” I think.

I open the text, reading: “OMGGG he’s totally into you. I’m leaving in 5 minutes and you better make the best of my absence.”

I start to panic, not sure how I feel about that. Devon has been nothing but sweet to me and is a great guy, I’m just not sure. I’ve never just hooked up with someone before except people I was already dating.

I almost text her back, begging her to stay, but decide against it. He is a reasonable enough guy. If I decide I’m uncomfortable, I know he’ll respect me enough to be cool about it. I put my phone back in my purse and return to the table.

“Welp, I’m outta here, folks. Early morning for me,” yawns Diana. Fuck five minutes, this bitch is out of here. She winks at me, grabs her purse and bids us good night.

“You’re welcome to stay for another drink if you’d like, but I understand if you need to go. No pressure either way.” I sit down to enjoy the rest of my drink.

Devon studies me for a second. “Well, if you’re offering, I think I will enjoy another drink. It’s not often I get to have a drink prepared for me by a lovely woman such as yourself in a small town like this.” He blushes. “I’m sorry, I mean I’m glad you moved here, it’s nice to have a friend. The social scene isn’t very vast here, I’m sure you’ve noticed.”

I grin inwardly, glad I’m not the only one who gets flustered in such situations. His discomfort is kind of cute to me, actually. To ease his embarrassment from such a raw compliment, I get up to refresh our beverages.

“Another gimlet?” I ask.

“Eh, do you have beer? I think I’d better lay off the liquor before I really let my tongue get me in trouble.”

Diana’s voice in my head runs a thread of about 15 different dirty thoughts to retort to that comment, but I spare him.

“Yeah, Yeungling or Coors Light?”

“Let’s go with Yeungling.”

“Funny, I only bought the Coors cause you struck me as a light beer kind of guy. I only drink Yeungling,” I reply, opening a Yeungling for both of us. He stands up, crossing his arms and pretends to pout.

“How dare you accuse me of being a light beer drinker,” he says, trying to keep a straight face. He walks towards me into the kitchen. Not sure what to do, I hand him his beer and tap it to mine.

“Cheers.” I lean against the counter-top and raise my bottle, taking a healthy gulp. Realizing he hasn’t taken a sip, I turn and look at him. He appears to be studying me. I start to panic, not sure what to do.

“What?” I ask.

He does not reply, but instead tucks a tuft of hair behind my ear, stroking his hand down my cheek. When he sees that I do not resist, he places his hand gently behind my neck and pulls my face towards his. Setting his beer down, he stands in front of me, seemingly studying my features. His other hand trails across my other cheek, and after what seems like ages, he pulls my face to his and kisses me. His soft lips foreign to mine, kissing softly at first. Tasting liquor on each others’ soft tongues. Our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, timidly at first then more aggressive and passionate. He cups my face in his hands, exploring my neck, cheeks and ears.

Still leaning against the counter, I wrap my arms around his back, pulling his body to mine. His broad chest and capable arms make me feel safe with him. I feel his chest move in and out as he breathes deeply, taking in my scent. As I pull him closer, I feel him hardening and pushing against my hips, in an almost imperceptibly slow circular movement. I moan softly, feeling my pussy start to clench and moisten.

Devon moves his hands from my face and neck to my back, lingering on my bra strap. I feel him tease me, threatening to unclasp it but releasing his grip of it just in time. He slowly moves his hands down, stopping at my waistband. I moan into his mouth, gently pushing my pelvis into his, hoping he will continue moving his hands downward. He gets the hint and slowly moves his hands over my ass, gripping it softly with both hands.

“Damn, you are so sexy,” he says. I have never been called sexy before in my life, so I turn a thousand shades of red. I relish in the feeling of his hands on my ass and of his erection against my hips.

He kisses down my chest, covering every inch of exposed flesh on my neck. Gently nibbling my ears, licking my collar bone. He reaches the bottom of my v-neck blouse, and looks up, as if asking permission.

“Please,” I beg. He needs no further invitation.

He unbuttons the top button, slowly kissing the newly exposed part of my neck, giving it as much slow attention as he did the rest of me. He then unbuttons the next two, which expose my light pink bra. I hear his intake of breath as he kisses and licks my ample breasts. I lean back on the counter, about to lose my footing. He dips his tongue into the cup of my bra to lick my nipples, which are already hard from arousal. Slowly he moves from one breast to the other, until he is satisfied both have been adorned with nibbles and licks. He pulls my shirt out of my pants and unbuttons the bottom button, letting it fall to the floor.

He kneels down so he is on the same level as my belly. He kisses down my belly, his soft shaven face rubbing me. My pussy grows more and more wet in anticipation, aching from his teasing licks and kisses all over my body.

I start to panic, wondering what I should do if he tries to put his mouth down there. I have never had anyone lick me before. Does he think I expect it? Does he find it gross? What if I taste different than other girls? At the same time, the thought of his smooth face and soft warm tongue on my pussy drives me wild with lust and I decide to let happen whatever he instigates.

He continues to trail kisses down my belly, looking up to me when he reaches my belt. He fingers the buttons on my pants as if to ask permission, and when I do not object, he slowly and tortuously unbuttons my pants. He pulls apart the unbuttoned part of my pants so just a small triangle of new skin is exposed, and you can just barely see the top of my panties. He groans, this time a guttural, lustful sound and licks my belly, just above my panty line. I moan, running my fingers through his hair, my pussy dripping. I can feel my wetness pooling in my panties, creating an undeniable wet spot that I know he will see as soon as my pants are down.

He slowly slides my pants down my legs, feeling my skin as he goes. He glides his hands lightly on my thighs, calves, buttocks. When my pants are at my ankles, he lifts each of my feet for me to remove my pants completely. Now here I am, in just my bra and panties, in front of Devon, awaiting what will happen next.

“Mmm, someone is enjoying herself,” he coos, spotting the obvious wet patch in the crotch of my panties. “Damn, that is so hot, Jamie.”

He looks up at me, licking his lips. Not seeing any objection in my face, he licks my inner thighs. Kissing over top of my panties very gently, he plays with the elastic at the top and sides. In anticipation of what I’m sure is about to be my first time having someone’s mouth on my pussy, my sex is screaming and my hormones racing. I moan at every touch of his lips on my skin. He finally grants me some relief by running his tongue over my clit through my panties. I almost cream myself right then.

“Oh fuck, Devon, that feels amazing,” I moan.

“I haven’t even started yet, my darling,” he replies.

He continues licking up and down my wet slit slowly through my panties, working his hands over my thighs and ass. I am desperate to feel his tongue on my bare wet slit.

“Take off your bra and play with your tits,” he demands softly.

I comply, feeling highly erotic, standing here with a mere acquaintance’s head between my legs, rubbing my tits and squeezing my nipples for him. As a reward for my obedience, he pulls the crotch of my panties to the side and runs his tongue up my slit, from my hole up to my clit. I almost explode on his face right then. The feeling of his hot wet tongue against my swollen pussy is more than I can handle. I have never felt anything like this before, and I struggle to stay standing up straight.

Devon returns to my soaked pussy, quickening his pace slightly. My panties to the side, squatting over his face as he flicks his tongue over my hot slit. My body convulses, almost giving in to orgasm. I gasp, holding it off, wanting to enjoy his tongue for longer. Devon pauses, sensing my predicament, taking his time to pull my panties down and off my legs. I am now completely naked, Devon still completely clothed. I notice his pants tented with his erection. Seeing his cock bulging in his pants turns me on even more. He returns his head to my now naked pussy, his warm and capable tongue circling my nub.

I feel my orgasm build up, so much more quickly than usual, but unstoppable. I pinch my nipples, sending little bolts of electricity to my pussy. Devon’s tongue speeds up fluttering over my cunt. I see my juices on his face and chin, him kneeling under me. He sees I am at the brink and brings his hand up to my pussy. He circles my entrance with two fingers to open me up and begins to finger fuck me, still fluttering with his tongue. His rapid finger fucking in combination with his warm mouth on my clit sends me over the edge.

“Oh, fuck…. Oh, Devon, I’m cumming!” I exclaim. I shake and spill even more juices on his face. My body is barely able to stay upright, quivering, spinning, exploding, cumming. I gasp as my whole world crashes around me. Then I feel my limp body, spent from my first oral orgasm, slump to the floor to meet Devon, where he is now sitting.

He beams at me, rising and gathering his belongings. “I like Monday night drinks, we should do this more often!”

“As long as I get to return the favor, I’m fine with that,” I reply.

(PS. Devon and I started dating shortly after and are still together, about a year and a half later.)

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