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More fun with Kathy

Things heat up down by the river
This is the second part of my experience with Kathy.
I have changed the names to protect the not so innocent.

I don’t want to say that it was uncomfortable in the truck as we set off again. It wasn’t, it was different. I would never again be able to look at Kathy the same way. Now she wasn’t Bill’s fiancée and my good friend. Now she was incredibly sexy Kathy who I hope I could spend a lot more time with exploring her wild side. Besides isn’t that what friends are for?

About an hour down the road Kathy suggested that dinner might be in order. “I’ll just call Bill and tell him we are going to be late” she said, and with that she flipped open her phone.

“Hello darling…….yes we are on our way but traffic in TO was horrible. We are going to be later that we thought. We are going to stop and get some supper…………..Of course darling, we will see you around midnight. ………..Me too, can’t wait. I’m sure it will be worth your while. Love you. Bye.” And with that she flipped her phone shut.

“Who I mean where would you like to eat?” she asked.

“If we stop in Kingston we can eat by the river.”

“Sounds wonderful. Maybe we can have a moonlit picnic. What do you think?”

“Whatever you would like my dear. I am here to please.” Was my response, the bulge returning to my jeans at the thought.

It was an easy drive with the traffic of Toronto behind us, and the atmosphere in the truck was surprisingly relaxed. I worried that Kathy might be embarrassed because of her show or worried about her relationship with Bill, but she was not. On the contrary I think she was excited about her newfound freedom.

“I haven’t cum that hard in I don’t know how long.” she said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Well I’m glad I could help. I rather enjoyed it myself. I can’t believe Bill is not taking full advantage of all you have to offer.”

“Well I feel like a new woman and I have you to thank for it. What can I do to show my appreciation?”

“Do I have to limit to one thing, or can we just see where this goes?”

“Both.” she said “I want to do something for you now, and I want you to help me to experience everything there is to experience before Bill and I marry. Once we are married I will only have memories, and I want a lot of them.”

I thought for a few minutes building up the nerve to say what I was really hoping for. Then it occurred to me that Kathy had told me what she had wanted to do, then she did it and it was great so I plunged in. “Oh Kay, I would like to watch you and Bill making love. I want you to put on a show for me and know that I am watching. I want to see the look on your face as he makes you cum.”

“Exciting! Consider it my gift to you. I don’t know how I am going to do it, but I will work it out.”

And then silence again. Kathy turned and looked out the window, lost in her own thoughts. The miles slipped by easily and we soon rolled into Kingston. We turned right at the end of the ramp and made our way downtown.

The sun was setting to our right and Kathy watch as it dipped below the horizon painting the sky in shades of red and orange. “What a perfect sunset. I don’t think I shall ever forget this trip.” She said almost to herself.

“I know I won’t.” I said.

Once downtown I found a liquor store and bought a bottle of wine, then we found a grocery store and bought bread, cheese, crackers, a few sweets and some other goodies to complete our picnic basket. Back in the truck I again headed south to find the water. It did not take long to find a secluded spot just off the public walkway by the water. I removed a blanket from the truck and our supplies and we settled down together.

Eating and drinking we laughed and flirted with each other. I could not help but look at Kathy’s tit’s so proudly displayed and I knew that she knew I was looking.

“You like these?” she finally said pointing to her breast.

“You bet. What’s not to like?”

“Would you like to see them again?” she asked already knowing the answer and moving her hand to her buttons.

I waited hoping that she was going to set them free for me but she didn’t.

“Oh, to slow! I’m not showing you if you don’t ask.” She said lowering her hand.

“Yes I would definitely like to see them, and touch them, and kiss them, and suck on your wonderful nipples”

“Oh, since you put it that way, you can. But you have to undo the buttons this time.”

As I reached for her top button my hand brushed the softness of her flesh, and I could not believe how warm her skin was. Slowly I undid her shirt kissing every inch of flesh as I exposed it until she was sitting there with only her bra still done up. I leaned in closer to her so that I could reach around her back to undo her bra to find that we were face to face only inches apart. She kissed me, her tongue explored the inside of my mouth as I released her bra and cupped her breast. It was wonderfully soft and heavy in my hand. My finger easily found her nipple, which was hard and responsive. As I caressed it I could feel her arch her back pushing towards me. Breaking off our kiss she said, “suck them. I need them in your mouth.”

Lying down on the blanket she offered her two perfect white breasts to me. Her large pink nipples where hard and puckered and I massaged one while I sucked the other. Her body responded to my touch and a slight moan escaped her lips.

“Sue was right. You do have a wonderful tongue. How would you feel about using it on my pussy? I have never cum outside before and I think tonight is the night.” And with that she lifted her bottom from the blanket and pulled up her skirt exposing her pussy to me.

I can not tell you how wonderful her pussy lips felt in my mouth. They were large and very wet as I sucked first one then the other into my mouth. Her honey was like water to a dying man and I could not get enough of it. It had been months since I had been between a woman’s legs and Kathy’s pussy was exquisite. It was obvious that she had spent a lot of time trimming and shaving her pussy for the trip, as it was perfectly smooth, not a single bit of stubble or a missed hair anywhere. I explored her lips and hole with my mouth then move higher to her clit drawing it and the tops of her lips into my mouth. I ran my tongue around and around her clit while I push two fingers deep inside of her. If I had thought that her breasts were warm it was nothing compared to how hot her pussy was. I worked my fingers in and out pressing upward towards her pubic bone while I savored her clit in my mouth. It didn’t take long before her hips started to rock to the rhythm of my fingers and I knew that I would be able to make her cum. And cum she did. She grabbed my head with both hands holding it tight to her pussy as she lifted her ass from the blanket. I just kept doing what I was doing when I felt a gush of fluid against my face and felt her body quiver. Although I had seen squirters in movies I had never seen one in real life and I worked hard to lap it all up. Slowly her grip loosened and she guided my head away from her pussy.

“Unbelievable” was all she said as she lay there with her eyes closed, her breathing getting deeper as she drifted of to sleep.

As I listened to the voices of the people walking by on the near by path I wondered how nobody had heard us, and what would have happened if they had. Although I did not actually time it I suspect that Kathy lay there fully exposed to my view under a full moon on a warm summers night for fifteen minutes before she awoke. I would have been happy to stay their forever.

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