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More than a Lodger…Part 9

Laura wakes to two wonderful cocks, and has three helpings of spunk!
More than a Lodger…Part 9

Laura found herself waking in a strange bed. It was not hers, and when she looked around the room, with half open eyes, she saw it was Tom’s. Laura felt a little sore between the legs and then she remembered the night before. The pleasure of what happened overwhelmed the soreness as she remembered her wild and unplanned night. They were always the best, she thought.

Laura turned over gently and saw Tom beside her. He was flat out on the bed, arms sprawled in both directions and his body lying at an angle to the bed. Laura had fallen asleep underneath his arms, probably with his hands on her breasts if Laura knew Tom like she thought she did. There was no sign of Jerry, which was strange, as she had never slept the night with anyone else unless Jerry was there too. Well anyone except Jenny she thought.

As she stirred, so did Tom who ended up on his side facing Laura. A wicked smile crossed Laura’s face as she slipped as quietly as she could down the bed. When she was level with Tom’s cock she started to lick it. His cock stirred as she licked sensuously up and down on the underside of his cock, then she made her way to his balls and licked the underside of what was accessible.

Tom stirred yet again, this time he stretched his arms and yawned as he started to wake. Laura licked up the underside of his shaft once more. His cock was stiffening rapidly as she did so. She made it to the top of his cock before she licked all around it with her tongue. It was gorgeous and such a lovable cock, thought Laura.

At the last lick, she dropped her mouth over the top of Tom’s now fully erect and hard cock and she sucked on it. Laura made extended head movements so that his cock effortlessly slipped down her throat and back up where she could lick on it without having to move Tom, or herself, very much. It was a wonderful position to be in as she sensuously sucked his cock in and out of her mouth.

Laura’s eyes were closed all the time she suckled on Tom’s cock.

She felt the bed beside her move. As she opened her eyes she saw Jerry climbing onto the bed beside them.

“Shhh! You‘re next…” she smiled and whispered at him Then she extended her tongue to lick up Tom’s cock and plopped it back into her mouth.

Jerry watched the exquisite sucking motion of his wife as she took his cock into her mouth, sucked it, and then let it plop out again. He watched as her tongue swirled around Tom’s cock as she guided the head back into her mouth and repeated the whole episode time and again.

Jerry’s cock was hard, and he couldn’t resist placing his fist around it to give it a nice squeeze. Come to that, Jerry couldn’t resist fisting his cock as he watched his wife’s expert manipulation of Tom’s cock.

Tom stirred, he became aware of a gentle sucking on his cock and he opened his eyes to see Jerry propped up on the bed wanking his cock and looking at Tom’s groin.

Tom lifted himself up slightly only to be pushed back down by a hand on his chest. A hand that was not Jerry’s.

“Lay down, don‘t move and don‘t thrust…” said Laura, without raising her head to look at him. Tom heard the voice and slumped back down on the bed, more on his back this time than on his side. He sighed as he felt a mouth cover his cock and suck him inside.

Laura was now moving her head to and fro over Tom’s cock. She was taking his length as much as she could inside her before allowing it to come back out. Nothing was rushed or frantic. She just dropped her mouth allowing his cock to travel into her mouth and down her throat as much as possible, then she withdrew and sucked on the end as she did so. Giving his cock a long and extended suck.

Tom started to clench his buttocks in response to Laura’s sucking action. He relaxed as she sucked him into her mouth and clenched as she withdrew and sucked on his knob.

Laura could feel Tom stiffen, she could feel him grow in her mouth as she slowly moved her mouth over him.

“Ooo fuck that‘s it…” whispered Tom as he sighed the words. He couldn’t resist pushing his arse forward just a little as he felt it surge.

Laura cradled his balls and squeezed lightly as his cock stiffened in her mouth. His pending orgasm was close, a few more sucks, thought Laura, and she would have it all.

A few more sucks later and Tom groaned loudly as his spunk jetted from his cock into Laura’s mouth, she swallowed, a second spurt did the same, she swallowed again, and again, until all his spunk had slipped quietly and effortlessly down her throat.

After she was sure there was nothing left, she let his cock slip from her mouth and turned around to face her husband.

“Now for number two,” said Laura quietly.

There was little build up for Laura. Jerry had performed all the erectile functions he could think of to make his cock stiff and solid for her. There wasn’t much he hadn’t done, from pumping it with his hand, rubbing the palm of his hand over his knob when it was covered with pre-cum, to fondling his balls. He even pushed it away from him at one point, making it strain and stiffen and then he let it go with a resounding slap against his stomach. Jerry was ready for a cock-sucker like Laura.

Laura smiled at her husband as she moved towards him. His cock was ready, Jerry was ready and Laura was loving it.

Laura started at his balls. She licked them one at a time. To Jerry, it almost hurt, due to the teasing he had given his cock beforehand. Laura then took each ball into her mouth in turn and sucked on it. She hoped he could last, she really hoped he would.

Laura then licked all the way up Jerry’s cock until she was level with his knob, and then she kissed it and flicked it with her tongue. She then opened her mouth wide to take it in. It didn’t go in.

Jerry was in turmoil.

Laura had stopped short of taking his cock in her mouth and started back down to his balls as she licked all the way. Tom had elevated himself on the bed and was now looking and smiling at Laura as she licked and teased her husband’s cock.

She was such a tease, thought Tom.

Laura made her way back up to his knob, she sucked the top with her lovely lips and then opened her mouth. She looked at Jerry’s pleading eyes.

It would have been wrong for her to tease a second time, she thought. With that, Laura slipped her mouth down over his cock as far as it would go. She swallowed as much as she could down her throat. Then she came back up and sucked on his cock head, she let it drop from her mouth and replayed the whole scene again.

Tom had to admit, it was the most erotic scene he had witnessed since he met them. Laura’s act of cock-sucking would make any porn film see bland and uninteresting. She certainly knew how to suck a cock and make it last, he thought.

Then Tom remembered. This was her second attempt, she must have done all this to him as well. His cock twitched as he thought about that.

Laura licked all the way up Jerry’s cock for the last time, she was going to swallow it this time and keep it there until he spunked in her mouth. She hovered over his cock, opened her mouth, and sank down on it. She took in as much as she could until his cock touched her throat. Then she paused.

Laura took deep breaths as she kept his cock in the same place. Then she slipped it down her throat. Her nose hit Jerry’s pubic hair. Tom was in awe of what Laura was doing to Jerry. He looked on intently to see what would happen next.

As Laura slipped her husband’s cock down her throat she started to swallow. Tom could see her throat muscles work as she swallowed Jerry’s cock.

“Fucking wonderful,” sighed Jerry as he saw and felt her constrict his cock in her throat.

Laura swallowed.

“Fuck that‘s cool,” said Tom as he watched, glued to the action like it was a porn film. He took his eyes off the action for one moment to see that his cock was fully erect and pulsing all on its own.

Laura swallowed.

This time she swallowed twice in quick succession. She bobbed her head back slightly and then she went forward to take it in again.

Laura swallowed.

She needn’t have bothered.

“Oh! Fuck, she‘s got it,” groaned Jerry.

Tom watched as he saw Jerry pump his arse towards Laura’s mouth. He watched as Laura moved down his cock taking it all inside her mouth.

Then the first shot of spunk hit the back of her throat. Laura let it flow down her throat, then the next shot hit the same spot. Jerry was trying hard not to move his cock in and out, he just clenched his buttocks as hard as he could with each pumping action of spunk that hit Laura’s throat.

Laura finally pulled back from his cock and swallowed the remaining spunk that swept inside her mouth. She sucked hard on the cock head in front of her before she once again let it slip from her mouth.

Laura had a huge grin on her face as she revelled in taking two loads of cum in the most sensual and erotic way possible.

Eventually, Jerry got off the bed, kissed his wife and wandered off downstairs. Laura watched him leave and smiled as he left the bedroom.

Tom was stroking his cock furiously as he watched Laura deep throat her husband. “Want some more…” he queried as he pumped his cock hard.

Laura looked over at Tom and saw his fully erect cock with his hand furiously pumping up and down on it.

“You bet!” she exclaimed as she looked on him with lust filled eyes.

Laura hovered over Tom’s cock as he pumped it hard. She let out her tongue and flicked at the top.

Then it hit her full in the face.

“Fuck, Yes!” shouted Tom as his spunk jetted out onto her beautiful face.

Laura breathed heavily as she struggled to get all the spunk directed into her mouth so she could swallow it all. She actually did manage to get most of it down her throat, the rest, she thought, would have to be man-handled.

Jerry reappeared only a few minutes later with six chocolate filled croissants, coffee for Tom and himself and tea for Laura.

“Prepared earlier,” he announced.

“I’ve just had something better than chocolate!” announced Laura as she licked her lips after scooping some of Tom‘s spunk off her cheek and into her mouth.

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