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Morning Treat For My Girl

Waking up my girl with her favorite treat
Morning Treat For My Girl

By MK4Luvr

What can I say; I have become addicted to my new lady! Now, let me explain; not only is she a complete knock-out, dark hair, eyes that could launch a thousand ships, beautiful smile and seductive lips. Oh hell, who am I kidding?! Her ass is this perfect heart shape that sits atop these long legs with the sexiest feet manicured to perfection. To top off the whole package is a stunning set of 38DDs with large nipples. They are so round and firm and I just can’t get enough of them or her. Now, one of the things that she really likes is oral sex, me going down on her and then she rides my face till she comes. And Wow! When she comes, she really squirts too! Her pussy gets so wet when she is grinding into my face as I lick and tease her sweet pussy. After she has come, my goatee is soaked with her juices and she slides down my body and we kiss deeply; our tongues dancing wildly. Sometimes we will just drift off to sleep with my arms wrapped around her body as her tits lay on my arms.

It was a usual Saturday morning; the light slowing creeping through the windows. Under the covers we lay in a sensual spooning position. I raised my head from the pillow to see if her eyes were open? Nope, she appeared to be sleeping as I continued to lay there occasionally kissing her back lightly over her T-shirt. My boxers and her panties hit the floor last night in a flash of undressing and jumping into bed. A nice dinner and wine had made us both a little horny and after some laughing and kissing, we started to get a little more intimate and had a wonderful evening of hot passion.

Now, I moved on top of her kissing her neck; slowly working my way slowly to each nipple as it hardened between my lips. Using my teeth to gently bite each nipple and then sucking on each with my hand squeezing each as I altered between her firm tits.

Her breathing was increasing subtly and she drew her legs up my sides and then crossed over my ass. I could feel the warmth of her pussy against my dick as I ground it against her mound. Soon, my cock was becoming rather erect and harder as our hips moved together; the sensualness was building. The desire was growing as well as my dick and I started to take my tongue and kisses southbound. Releasing me from her legs I slid down to where she wanted me most; watching her face as my tongue danced around her clit. The roughness of my goatee rubbed against her shaven mound. Sliding my hands under her ass to hold her in place, her feet now rested on my shoulders as my tongue began probing her slick lips; first long licks from the back to front of her pussy, the course hair of my goatee driving her crazy. Her deepened breaths mixed with low moans; her hands on the back of my bald head coaxing me to her clit, which I focused on with my swirling tongue and my lips sucking and tugging her wet, swollen lips. Flattening my tongue licked and licked her wet and waiting pussy. The aroma of her moistness was intoxicating!

I briefly lifted my mouth from her pussy to tell her that if she didn’t mind; I may be down here awhile!

Diving back in, I sucked on her swollen lips causing her legs to open like the petals of a flower. Removing my hands from her firm ass, I brought two fingers up to rub them through the juices forming on her smoothly shaved pussy, gently coating my fingers and slowly pressed them between her lips, inserting them and pushing them in and out. With my palm up, I curled my fingers to massage her g-spot. Inhaling deeply, her hips involuntarily moved against my mouth. With one hand on the back of my head and the other gripping the sheets, my fingers moved faster as her legs started to twitch and tighten.

“Ooohh.. gonna come! Right there…oh yes…oh.. I am coming"! Pulling my fingers from her pussy, I thumbed her clit. Her legs convulsed and she started to orgasm hard! I kept up my motions on her pussy as her body twisted back and forth. Her juices started to soak my face and the sheets! As she recovered from her intense coming, she muttered, “Roll over, I want to sit on your face.” I moved up her body to kiss her on the mouth deeply and then rolled over on my back. As she moved above my face she moved her hand over her pussy looking at me with a look of determination like I hadn’t seen. She stood up and had her feet on either side of my face, rubbing her clit.

“ I am gonna come all over your face”, she said as she lowered herself to a squatting position over my face till she could feel the rough hairs of my goatee. She moved back and forth on my tongue and ground her hips against my face. With her head tilted back in the throes of ecstasy; a hand held my head in place. My hands moved over the cheeks of her firm ass; squeezing them and pulling them apart. Her moans told me that she was nearing her next explosion from deep inside as she rubbed her pussy against my mouth and I felt her thighs tighten again. Warm fluid splashed on my face and ran down my cheeks and chin. Each tremor caused more come to squirt and my facial hair was glistening with her juices. Lowering herself to her knees and sliding down; she lay on top of me with a big smile on her face.

She kissed me as she pulled the sheets up over us. As she lay on her side, I moved behind to spoon her again as we drifted off to sleep.

Saturday mornings are great.

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