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Morning Tryst -- Tryst chapter 2

Meaghan and Jay wake up after a long night..

I wasn’t awaked by the sunlight streaming through my window and hitting my face. I didn’t wake because of the mild hangover headache. I didn’t even wake because the covers had moved off my body during the night and my naked body was a feeling a bit chilled. No. I woke because I smelled coffee. The delightful aroma of those magical beans was what had my eyes popping open. I gasped and pulled the covers back up to hide my naked body.

“Good morning, Meaghan,” Jay greeted from the bed next to me, a smile twitching on his face. “Sleep well?”

“Uh, yes. I did,” my eyes fell on his. He was lounged in bed next to me, the covers tucked around his waist, leaving his chest bare. I noticed the muscles in his shoulders and arms were quite well defined. My eyes fell to his waist where the sheets were, and I bit my lip for a moment, missing what he’d been saying.

“Sorry,” I blinked. “What did you say?”

He held up a second cup of coffee, “Would you like some?”

I took the cup with a nod of thanks and allowed the caffeine to do its work. I looked around the room. It appeared that he’d done a bit of tidying while I was asleep – the clothes that we’d thrown about last night were folded on top of the dresser in a pile for himself, and a pile for me. The nip bottles that we’d gone through that had been left carelessly on virtually every surface were carefully tucked in the waste bin. The coffee pot was even washed out and carefully left to dry.

“Something wrong, Meaghan?” His voice was soft as he set his cup down on the nightstand.

“You cleaned up,” I smiled. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“I didn’t want you waking up to the disaster area that we’d created.”

Fuck, that’s cute..

I finished my coffee and set my cup down. I turned to him and kissed him fully on the mouth, leaning into his strong chest. The kiss wasn’t as needy as it was last night, but I felt the spark of desire in me, centering into a jolt between my legs.

His hand went into my hair, and he gently leaned back, “Meaghan...”

I pulled back a little farther, expecting him to say the “responsible” thing about how he was too old for me. Last night was a beautiful mistake. He doesn’t want to rob me of my youth. I was expecting a bullshit brush off.

But I never got one.

“I want to make sure it wasn’t just the alcohol in your system last night. Are you actually interested in me?” he asked, his eyes searching mine.

“Yes, Jay,” I answered, letting my lips press against his once again.

This kiss was different. We both knew what we wanted. I pulled the covers back from the both of us and straddled his lap as he reclined fully on his back. His large hands ran up my thighs and sides to cup both of my breasts as we kissed, squeezing and massaging them. I let out a sigh of pleasure; I love being fondled.

I thought he was giving me control by letting me stay on top, but I was wrong. He grabbed the back of my legs and pulled, shimmying his body under mine until my naked pussy was just over his face. I looked down at his smiling face, surprised.

He ran his tongue over my slit, making me shiver and grasp the headboard.

“I’ve wanted to taste you for so long,” he moaned before he buried his face into my pussy. He wrapped his lips around my clit and fluttered his tongue. The sensations were electric, he knew what he was doing to me. My hips started rocking in time to the attentions from his tongue. One of his hands left my leg and moved to push two fingers into my soaking pussy. I groaned, clutching the headboard even harder.

His curled fingers worked me quickly, hitting my spot repeatedly while his tongue did unspeakably pleasurable things to my sensitive clit. I moaned, spreading my thighs a little more, settling my pussy squarely on his lips and chin. My impending climax broke, sending my hips bucking and writhing. I let out a scream, but he didn’t stop.

Jay used his other hand to hold my hips still, increasing the pace of his tongue, assaulting my over-sensitized clitoris with waves of pleasure. His fingers almost blurred from the speed he was using. I screamed again, coming hard once  more, leaning down and pushing myself off his face. “Too much,” I gasped, shuddering in bliss.

He sat up and wrapped his arms around me, his lips moving to my nipples, circling them before sucking them gently until I calmed. He pushed his lips to mine, and I could taste myself on his tongue. I let him push his tongue into my mouth, sucking on it gently, grinning when he moaned.

“Okay, we need to get breakfast into you,” he chuckled.

“What?” I asked, incredulously. My stomach growled so loud that the sound nearly echoed in the room. Traitor.

He grinned and pulled me out of bed, landing a light slap on my ass. “Get dressed. I know where you can eat.”

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

“I already did.” His grin widened as I groaned.

“Did you really just – “

He kissed me again, making me quiet. We dressed. He pulled on his trousers and shirt from last night. I selected a soft red sundress with spaghetti straps with the hem falling to just above the knee. I slipped on a pair of black sandals and ran a quick brush through my wavy hair to complete the look.

Jay kissed me as he shut the door to my room behind him. “Ready for breakfast?”

I dropped my room key, making it look accidental. In front of him, I bent from the waist to pick it up, knowing full well the hem of my dress would no longer cover what it should. Hearing him groan when he watched me made it worth it. I straightened up, answering with a smile, “Are you?”



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