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Moving to Australia Part two

Tags: boss, oral
I didn't know what to do. After him telling me what he'd heard and what he had done made me nervous. What if I lost my job? I'd be in Australia with nowhere to go with no money. After a few minutes I got up from the sofa, walked into the kitchen and explained I was not feeling well and was going to bed. He sat there with a smirk on his face, asking if I'm feeling okay. I just nodded, turned away and closed my door.

I sat there for what felt like hours and then I heard a light tap on my bedroom door, I turned around to see him slowly entering my room. The sight of him made me go weak, he was just wearing his boxers, leaving nothing to the imagination with his hard cock straining to be let out. He told me that everyone had gone to bed and that he'd told his wife he was checking I was okay.

He closed the door, walked towards me and moaned, obviously affected by the way I looked. I've learnt that sleeping in Australia with the hot weather is hard and now just sleep in my panties, so this is the sight he was welcomed to when he entered my room. As he closed the gap between us, I heard him whisper my name as he brought his lips to mine. That was it, I was gone. Wrapping my legs around him I pulled him into me closer, kissing him hard as his tongue worked it's way into my mouth. He groaned and pushed me up against the wall, still kissing me but rubbing his hard cock still covered by his boxers against my now soaking wet panties.

I needed his cock. I needed it in my mouth, and I was going to get it. Pushing him away, he looked at me confused. Did he think I didn't want this? He couldn't be more wrong. Slowly walking towards him, I teased him by pinching and playing with my nipples. His chest was raising quickly, hearing him take deep breaths. I knelt down, rubbed my hand over his erection, lowering my head to taste the pre cum leaking through his boxers. His breathing hissed as I was doing so. I pulled down his boxers to see his cock spring free. It was beautiful. Around 8 inches and rock hard. I slowly licked my way up to the head of his cock where I started to twirl my tongue around the tip. Hearing the way he was reacting, I couldn't hold back anymore and I took his cock inside my mouth. Sucking him hard, whilst my fingers started playing with his balls. His hands found his way to my hair where he pulled it and made me take his cock further down my throat, making me gag.

I loved it, I was so wet at this point, that when he pushed me onto the bed and ripped my panties off, I could of almost cummed right away. He slowly licked his way from the bottom of my pussy all the way to my clit, where he then started sucking on it, rolling it between his teeth. I was going crazy, pushing my hips up I wanted him to go deeper. His tongue busy with my clit, he slid a finger between my pussy lips before pushing one deep into my hole. I tried not to scream as he slowly slid another one in. Still licking my pussy whilst finger fucking me. I couldn't take it much more as I started to moan out his name, telling him I was about to cum. He just started to fuck me more until I came all over his tongue, licking up all my juices. I lay there shaking from an amazing orgasm.

Slowly he brought his lips up to mine and kissed me, making me taste my juices. Rolling me over so I was now on top, I wriggled down until I had his cock back in my mouth. I was going to make him cum now. Licking from the tip of his cock I worked my way down to his balls, taking them into my mouth I sucked on them one at a time whilst rubbing his cock. I then moved my tongue down and I stared licking around his asshole, hearing the way he reacted I knew he wouldn't last long. Still pumping his cock with my hand I pushed my tongue deeper into his hole and wriggled it about. His body fought for me to get deeper, so I grabbed his cock in my mouth and sucked hard, taking as much in as I could, gagging until I heard his moaning getting quicker and feel his cock pumping away in my mouth. I looked into his eyes as he came in my mouth, I tried to swallow as much as I could, licking the rest of his beautiful, softening cock.

He pulled me in for a long kiss, tucked me into bed and asked if I was feeling better now. All I could do was nod my head as I watched him walk out of my bedroom and back to his wife.

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