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My Best Friend

I had never wanted my best friend so much in my life...
This is my first story, please be kind to me!

About a month ago, I caught my boyfriend in our bed, with another girl. She was tied up and he was whipping her, screaming “You like that don’t you”. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. But what made it worse, he was doing a better job on her, than he ever did with me. I always thought he knew nothing about turning on a woman; I was always longing to be touched by him, slowly running his fingers down my body, teasing me. But no, with me he liked to dive straight into business. And yet I was standing in the door of my bedroom, watching him take it slow, turning the woman on. I was in disbelief.

It was always something I questioned, more than I missed him. I started to just think perhaps I was bad in bed, and he just wanted to get it over with. Over the past month the tension started to build, I was craving sex, hard rough sex, something he was never willing to do with me.

Living on my own meant I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, without interruption. I took full advantage. I stood in front of my mirror, and slowly watched, as I lifted my top over my head, relieving my tight body. I did kick boxing as a hobby and worked hard on my body. I run my hands down my sides to the front, unbuttoning my jeans, gliding them down, I was already getting excited, desperate even. Unhooking my 32 F bra, and lowering my knickers, till they simply dropped to the floor.

I stepped out of them and slowly walked to my bedroom, and lay on top of the covers. My hand found its way to my breasts, my nipples were already hard. My thoughts were going to the prospects of someone else running their hands over my body, squeezing, pulling and sucking on my breasts. I was already getting wet. I let out little moans, as I pinched my nipples with both hands. I then traced down my flat stomach till I reached my mound. It was soft, I had a slight landing strip, but it was faint and well-trimmed. With one hand still pinching my nipples, my other hands separated my already wet lips, finding my sensitive clit. Circling it round, my moans increasing, my hips moving to the motion.

I wanted a man’s tongue on my clit, sucking it, biting it. While his fingers explore my insides. My circling got faster. Once I asked my ex-boyfriend to suck on my clit, but he just looked at me like I was speaking a different language, and sulked at such a demand. I forced the memory of him to the side and went back to my body. The hand still pinching and squeezing my breast instantly moved away, heading straight for my tight hole. They eased their way in. Slowly in and out, each thrust getting deeper. My hips moving up with each drive to work them in more, my clit tingling. I knew it wouldn’t take long. The faster I dove my fingers between my soft lips, into my tight, dripping wet whole, the faster I circled my clit, matching in rhythm. Until I felt the waves of orgasm hitting me. My juices flowing out all over my hand. My body twitching in pleasure. It got harder to thrust my fingers in, as I rode the last waves wanting it to last forever.

That’s when I got a text; it was from my best friend, Tom. I had known him for years. We had drifted a bit in the last few weeks, unfortunately when I needed him most. So I was excited to get his message.

I read the text, “What you doing tomorrow? Thought I would come see you around 1?”
“Nothing sounds great, I have really needed you.”
“I know, I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you tomorrow. Love you.”

I had a crush on him when I was younger, but I never tried to do anything about it. I knew he wasn’t attracted to me. But we managed to stay really close friends, to the point that we knew everything about each other.

The next morning I still was thinking about lasts night orgasm. I was addicted to the way it felt, the tingling sensation. How my hole tightens around my fingers. How my movements become uncontrollable. I was tempted to get straight back into bed, but Tom was going to be over soon and I needed to get ready.

I went to my wardrobe and threw on a vest top, no need for a bra, and skirt. I looked in the mirror. It did look at little slutty, but it was a hot day, and I loved how the skirt loosely laid on my thighs, short enough that if I bent over you could just see the bottom of my arse cheeks. I threw a thong on, and headed down stairs. I felt comfortable enough to wear basically nothing around Tom because we had been close for so long. It was rare for me to feel comfortable around any one.

I impatiently waited till 1 o’clock. I hadn’t realised how much I had missed my best friend over the past few days. My heart jumped when the doorbell rang. I dashed to it quickly, as I threw the door open, Tom immediately putting his arms around my waist and pulled me in tight. I had forgotten how strong he was and he squeezed tighter.

“Tom, you’re crushing me,” I mumbled out.

“I’m sorry,” he chuckled, slowly releasing me from his grip, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, where the hell have you been?” I thought it was just me that missed him; you see Tom had just recently got into a relationship, so contact between us slowly faded. I selfishly thought sometimes, I wish he would never get a girlfriend and devote his time to me. But people in the beginnings of the relationship are always in that honeymoon period, not being able to take their hands off each other, I understood that.

“I’m sorry, you needed me and I wasn’t around. I’ve been a dicky friend, but I’ll make it up to you today, promise.” Tom then brushed past me, walking straight into the living and settling himself down. I noticed he always felt so comfortable in my home and I loved that.

“You look a bit like a slut today Rose.” Tom mockingly said.“Shut up, I like this skirt.”
“So do I.”

At the time I didn’t think anything of that comment. He was my best friend, maybe that’s why I was so blind to it at first.“Stick something on.”

“I’m dressed already Tom.”

“No, smart arse, a movie of something, put it on the television.”

I loved being a smart arse. It came almost naturally to me, though I could see it sometimes irritated people. Tom had got very much use to it, and sometimes I noticed he would elongate his sentences, just to avoid my smart arse comments.

My DVD’s were placed neatly next to my television; I had a lot of DVD’s all of which was alphabetized. I liked organization and being in control. I started on the top shelve, which was pretty hard to reach. I am 5 foot 7 and yet I still have to tip toe to reach. I looked through each DVD, deciding when Tom called.

“Try the bottoms ones, erm have you got, Zoo lander.” I bent over, completely forgetting that if I don’t bend at the knees, you could see my arse cheeks peeking out from under my skirt.

“Nope don’t own that movie.”

“Keep looking, try another DVD that begins with Z.”

“What?” I turned to face Tom; he was looking at me in a way he hadn’t looked at me before, lust. He was staring at my legs following them up. “Tom!” he snapped back into focus.

“Sorry, your fault for wearing something like that. I am only a man.”

I was strangely flattered by him checking me out, it was starting to turn me on a little actually. I could feel a slight dampness between my thighs. But he had a girlfriend, there was no way I would ever cross that line. I grabbed a random movie from the middle shelve. I shoved it in the DVD player and walked over to sit next to Tom. When I was inches away from sitting down, he grabbed both my hands and pulled me. I fell on top of him, my legs bent either side of his waist. He instinctively put his hands on my arse; pulling me in closer.

“Tom, what are yo…” that’s when I felt his hard bulge against my pussy. I could feel myself getting wetter.

He had the most beautiful brown eyes; his hair was dark brown, short, I loved the feel of short hair through my fingers. He had that effortless look. He didn’t have to try, he was naturally sexy. I felt myself pull in closer. I knew it was wrong. He had a girlfriend, but I suddenly wanted him so badly. I couldn’t think of anything else but him, and his cock being inside me.

He slowly brushed my long red hair behind my ear. He pulled my face in close to his, our lips locked. At first it was a nervous kiss. I held back slightly not sure of how to react, and then I could feel myself craving more. As I relaxed onto his mouth, our tongues started to entwine. His other hand still grabbing my arse. I started grinding against him, instinct kicking in. His lips left mine, but for only a brief second. He was kissing my neck, nibbling a little as I moaned in pleasure. I could feel the dampness getting worse between my legs and I moved against his massive member, I lightly brushed my hands though his hair.

With his fingers he pulled one side of my top down over my arm. I lifted my arm through it, as he pulled it further so my perk breast was showing, my nipples stiff. He traced his tongue down till he was sucking on my tit. I continued to grind against him, moaning. He starting pulling and lightly biting on my nipple. His hand slowly stroked the outside of my thigh, moving under my skirt, his fingers lightly danced around on my thigh, caressing me. Teasingly going so close to my aching pussy. I tried to push closer to his hand. I think he could tell my desperation, as his fingers glided up and down her on the outside of my underwear. I hadn’t been treated like this in a long time. I hadn’t had someone take the time to pleasure me, yet I couldn’t stand waiting any longer.

“You are so wet.” Tom husked, looking at me, deeply.

He started to move my knickers out of the way, feeling my soft lips. My arm around his neck, gripping on to his shoulder. He parted my lips, running them up to my clit, touching it lightly. I moan louder. His other hand placed on the lower part of my back. He moved his fingers down to my hole. I gripped tighter and he thrust them in. There was no ease to it. I buckled and pushed myself further onto them. But he didn’t take them back out, he held them, buried deep in my pussy, and moved his fingers inside me. I rived on his hand, my head dropped to his shoulder.

He pulled his two fingers out and gently traced back up to my sensitive clit. My pussy dripping wet. Then pulling his fingers away, my pussy wept, desperate for them to be back inside me.

He pushed me back from him. I was suddenly confused, how could he build me up like that and then push me back? When he started to ease his top off, his stomach was toned and tight, his skin was tanned. I had never realised how fit Tom was. I just stared at him, like a little school girl, almost drooling. He picked me up, twisted me around, so I was sitting on the edge of the sofa. I quickly pulled my top off over my head, as he pulled my underwear down, throwing them across the room. The movie was playing in the back ground, but I could no longer hear it.

He started kissing up the thigh; my back was already arching in anticipation as he got closer. I flung my head back when his tongue touched my clit, massaging it. I was on the brink, taking it slow was all of the sudden the worse thing someone could do to me. He dove his fingers back inside me, his tongue flicking my clit, sucking on it. I grabbed the slide of the sofa; digging my fingers into it hard, as I felt myself cuming.

“Ahh, I’m cuming!” I screamed.

I had no idea why, it just came out. I was never one to moan so loudly or even mutter a word during sex, but this was incredible. My body twitched, my pussy tighten over his fingers. He kept thrusting them in and out of me, my juices soaking his hand. His tongue darting about on my clit, not moving away. Until I slumped on the sofa, exhausted his fingers still buried inside me.

At once he stood up, unbuttoned his jeans, releasing his massive cock. Still catching my breath he pulled me to my knees. I grabbed his cock in my hand, moving it up and down, my tongue licking the head. I pursed my lips around his cock and slowly eased him in. My tongue moving on his cock, I sucked it slowly. He grabbed the back of my head, and forced his cock deep into my mouth, trying not to gag, tears welling in my eyes. Forcefully holding my head in place; he started to fuck my face. I relaxed my throat as much as I could. Barely able to keep up, he was grunting loudly. His thrusts got harder. My mouth was starting to ache, but I wanted to take more of his cock. I grabbed his arse cheeks, squeezing them and pulling him closer to me. Till I was choking on his cum, desperately trying to swallow it, and lick him clean.

He pulled out, as I feel to the floor. Trying to recover, when I felt his hands on me again, pulling me to my feet. My knees buckled under me. I bent over, my knees on the sofa, my arm resting on the back. My pussy dripping and exposed. He slapped me arse, hard, the sting only made my hornier. I held onto the back of the sofa, bracing myself.

“Fuck me.” I screamed. I wanted him so much as this point, and Tom knew it, he thrived on that.

“Do you want it now? Or later?" he chuckled to himself.

"Now now now!” I bellowed.

He parted my arse cheeks and ran a finger all the way down to my clit. My body shook. He started teasing me with his cock. I pushed closer trying to accidentally slip him inside of me. He snickered slightly, that’s when he grabbed my hips and eased the tip of his cock inside my wet hole. When he pulled out, I was aching. I couldn’t take it much longer.

“Now.” You could hear the desperation in my voice. I was in complete submission to him. He had teased me long enough, and I needed him so badly. I had never wanted my best friend so much in my life.

That’s when he shoved his cock in me hard, ramming my pussy, my hips moving to get him in deeper, out grunts drowning out the sound of the television. His hands on my hips, forcing his cock so far inside me. He quickens his speed. The sofa started to creek, I could barely hold on with the force of his thrusts. I couldn’t get enough, his hands were digging into me, my arse was slamming against him. I took his whole cock in my pussy. I was hot, flushed; I could feel myself cuming, screaming for him to fuck me harder. With one last thrust, I felt his cum filling the inside of me, at the same time as me.

I slouched over the back of the sofa, still exposed, I heard Tom drop beside me. I slowly fell on him, exhausted. I knew I looked a complete mess, my hair sticking to the back of my neck, my makeup smudged, my pussy was oozing and red. Tom smiled, pulled me in his arms and whispered in my ear.

“Told you I would make it up to you.”

I hadn’t realised yet, but I was about to help my best friend have an affair.

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