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My Chat Friend’s Amazing Ability

She proves to me that Deep Throat can be true!
I like to get onto an Adult chat board from time to time, and meet up with people that I have chatted to for a while, and occasionally a new one. One of my regular friends there was Jennifer. She lives in the US, and as I am a Brit, but we found enough time to meet online.

We were just sharing photo links, and discussing what we saw, and obviously through that she got some idea as to what I liked, and I got a very good idea about her too. However, after we’d been chatting for five or six times, she was chatting about one of the video clips that I had sent her, in which you see a close up of a nicely formed penis being sucked lovingly and slowly by a beautiful you woman. You don’t see much more than his penis and her face, and she clearly is very talented, and her eyes are so expressive. At one time it almost looks as though she is experiencing a slow orgasm, and I told Jennifer that maybe the film Deep Throat was true.

You can imagine my surprise when she then told me that for her it was, as she orgasmed most times she gave a blowjob. She was married, but her husband was a salesman and was away from home most of the week, leaving her at home, childless and without a job, so she came to the chat board quite regularly. It turned out that while she loved giving her husband a blowjob, he was rather perfunctory in his love making, and so she rarely experienced orgasm in any other way.

About a year later, I had a business opportunity to go to the US for a series of meetings, initially in San Diego, then Austin, and finally in Atlanta. So we arranged to meet.

Jennifer lived about a hours drive outside Atlanta, and said that she would come in to see me, her pretext being the age old one – shopping. I arranged an early morning business meeting, and kept the rest of the day clear. She arrived just before lunch, with a couple of shopping bags, so her story was true. We kissed in greeting and I took her in to the hotel café, where we sat and talked for a while. She was as delightful as I hoped she might be, slim, and perhaps a bit flatter chested than my ideal choice, but her southern accent just delighted me. After a light lunch, we agreed that we were comfortable with each other and headed up to my room.

She dropped her bags and at once was in my arms, her lips warm and soft on mine, opening a little to let me touch her teeth with my tongue, and then as she opened her mouth more, our tongues met in a little explosion of sensuality.

Sinking to the bed, our hands explored, undoing clothes to feel and touch better, until we were all but naked. Jennifer had a brief pair of panties, and I still had on my jeans and socks. We looked at each other and she said, “take those off, and I’ll show you what I can do”.

I did just that, and lay back in expectation. Sensuously, she slid her body over mine, her slimness snaking over me, and though her breasts were small, her nipples were long and stood out from those little mounds like corks. The feel of them scraping over my chest as she moved down was wonderful. Then she wrapped her hands around my cock, which was already hard and erect. I’m not the biggest guy in the world, but a solid seven inches has done me well, and by the look on Jennifer’s face, it was plenty for her to work on.

And work she did, her slim fingers running lightly up and down my length, just stopping around the rim of my cock head, and giving a gently squeeze there. Soon enough my pre-cum started to ooze out, and she rubbed her finger in it, spreading it around my head. Then bending her head down, I felt her tongue just lightly lick, around my head at first, and then dragging it over my pee hole, and then slid her lips right over my straining purple pole head.

Her tongue worked around me, as she took me in, half inch by half inch, slowly and sensuously, until I felt my cock head pushing against her throat. She paused in her downward movement then, and kneading my balls in her hands, sucked me harder while sliding back up and then back down to where she had reached. All this time she was looking at me, our eyes locked, as she sensed from our gaze and from my body how she was pleasing me.

I could see from her gaze that she was getting as much as I was, a wonderful thing, when two people are so in tune. Then her throat opened and she pushed deeper on me sliding all the way down until my cock head was deep into her throat and she could then start to use her throat muscles to squeeze me. I was so into this that I lost track of time, all I knew was the pleasure that she was giving me and that I must hold back from the initial and almost overwhelming desire to cum, and then not to take too much control but let her set her own pace.

I was gasping out loud with each gulp of her throat, and her tongue, her cheeks, her lips, her throat all seemed to be working in unison to send me into spasms of pleasure with each movement. All at once her eyes darkened. It was such an erotic sight. Her pupils widened, her eyelids drooped, and her speed on me increased and her grip on my balls tightened, her long nails searing my skin. I could hold back no longer. I felt the rise of my semen through my cock and then the ejaculation burst from me, sending streams of my hot seed deep into Jennifer’s throat. I think it must have been when the first hot stream hit her throat that she groaned heavily, the vibrations through my cock helping me continue, and her body simply writhed, convulsing as her orgasm hit her hard.

I told Jennifer that I had not really believed her, but now that I had experienced it myself, I thought that she was the most amazing woman I had ever known. And in that special way she was.

I pulled Jennifer up to lie beside me, and we cuddled for a long while, our hands just stroking and squeezing. After a while her hand happened to stroke my cock, and it responded, so she continued to stroke me until I was back into a full erection. Now, I kissed Jennifer, from her mouth all the way down to her pussy, tasting her sweet juices, and licked her almost to orgasm. As she lay there panting I lifted her legs and moved up so that I could slide my hard cock into her. She was very tight, and I just fucked her, long and hard for a good twenty minutes, by which time she had experienced a couple of strong orgasms and a couple of smaller ones. I finally came again, but didn’t have quite as much left, but enough to let her feel me pulse a stringy stream into her vagina.

Jennifer didn’t have to get back that night as her husband wasn’t home for a couple of days, and I persuaded her to stay with me. We made love again several times, and she experienced further orgasms, both through her blowjobs and when I penetrated her pussy.

We have often chatted about our time together, but I have never had the opportunity to return to Atlanta, nor has she ever come across to the UK. If we ever do meet again, I shall relive one of the most amazing sensual experiences of my life.

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