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My Education- Part 2

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The next installment of my education
It had been a couple of days since my sister-in-law had changed my life for ever by taking my virginity and introducing me to the wonders of a woman's body. Since then my mind had been filled with nothing but the memories of that occasion, reliving every detail over and over again. My cock seemed to be continually hard and I had lost count of how many times I had brought myself off as I played, the bikini bottom she had left me smelt of her pussy and I savoured the aroma as I jacked off.

Since that wonderful morning life had continued as normal. Not a word of what had happened was mentioned, not a look or a sign of what we had done was passed. I knew better of course and was dying to know if anything else would unfold, after all her parting words to me had been that that was the end of the first lesson, surely that meant there would be more?

Early that morning I had been going through this routine and actually had the garment wrapped around my cock as I slowly pumped it up and down. I got carried away and was soon building to a climax. As I felt my orgasm build, I opened up the bikini bottom and held it close to the tip of my cock. My cock quivered and strained as it began to spit my thick wad into the gusset of the bikini, I was imagining it emptying into her pussy. As I began to relax, I realised what I had done and began to panic a little but then calmed down as I remembered that it was laundry day today and all evidence would be cleaned away. I got up and snuck into the bathroom and dropped the soiled item into the linen basket and returned to my bed. As it was early and I felt sated, I fell asleep quickly.

A little later I awoke, aware of a noise that had disturbed my sleep but could not place the sound. I lay there, building up the energy to get out of bed when a voice behind me said, "I see someone has been a naughty boy again". My head whipped round to see my sister-in-law's face poking around the bedroom door. Next thing, her hand appeared and on her finger dangled the bikini bottom. "And I see from the looks and smell that it was not long ago. Well that is a pity as I have just finished taking a shower so I would be nice and fresh for you for your next lesson and I was going to wear the bikini as I know how much you love it. Now I can't but luckily for you I have something I know you are going to like instead".

It dawned on me that the sound that woke me was that of the shower being switched off. I thought I was alone but I guess she must have palmed the kids off on someone and sneaked back into the house while I was sleeping. My cock twitched with anticipation and then she stepped from behind the door and into the room. What I saw next made my cock stand up in an instant. She stood before me in a matching bra and panty set made of a white, sheer, see-through material. Her magnificent breasts were held in place by the gossamer fabric, her large, dark nipples clearly visible. The panties hugged her hips, the sides arching gracefully over the top of her legs, the triangular front was taut across her thick mass of dark pubic hair. I noticed that she had shaved her hair into two vertical strips about an inch wide that edged the lips of her pussy, the effect was fantastic.

She climbed into bed with me and lay by my side. "I have been thinking of you and have decided on what your next lesson should involve" she said. She then reached over and pulled me on top of her. "But first, I think a little re-cap might be necessary", she continued. Our heads came together and our lips met to allow our tongues access, snaking around and in and out as we probed and explored each other. The kissing continued for several minutes and I could feel my cock pressing against her pubis, the heat of her pulsating against me. Finally she came up for air and sighed with pleasure, "Very good, you are getting better at that. Now then, you are going to learn to use that tongue to its full capacity and to do so you must go on a journey. That journey is to my hidden valley and you are to enjoy the sights along the way, take your time, use your lips and tongue as you go, we have lots of time so there is no rush, remember it is not a race".

She closed her eyes and I kissed her lightly on the lips before moving to her chin, kissing her there before moving down her neck to her shoulders, leaving a trail of kisses along the way. I admired the softness of her skin, I could smell her freshly washed hair, the light scent of her shower gel. My kisses moved back to her throat and then on down lower to the edge of her bra, those wonderful boobs coming into view as I went. Her nipples were already hard and inviting, I closed my mouth around her left one, feeling the sensual fabric between me and her nipple. I began to suck on the nipple, dampening the fabric which protected it as I then began to tug on it with my teeth. I was rewarded by hearing a gasp of pleasure above me. I transfered to her left nipple with my mouth and repeated the treatment but also taking her right breast in my hand, cupping it and enjoying the feeling of it through the bra. I continued to pleasure her in this way, swapping from side to side, feeling her squirm under me as she relaxed and allowed me to do what I wanted with her.

Eventually I began to move down her body, kissing her all the way, down over her tummy, kissing her belly button and on lower and lower. I began to smell a faint, familiar aroma as I closed in on her panty line. I could see her pussy hair through the fabric, see where it was damper in the middle compared to the rest of the garment, she was obviously very turned on. I lowered my head and inhaled her scent, making me giddy with excitment as the musky smell filled my nostrils, making my cock twitch.

I slid my fingers under the panty sides and began to tug them down, she obliged by lifting her bottom off the bed, allowing me to pull them off and down her legs, rolling up as the went until I pulled them over her feet. She spread her legs wider, affording me a beautiful view of her. I knelt at the end of the bed and began to kiss her knee, working my way up her leg until I was back where I wanted to be. I gazed down on her glistening lips as they pushed out through the hair. Taking my thumbs, I opened up those lips to expose the soft pink flesh inside, then I lowered my head and licked her for the first time. The taste of her was exotic, bitter sweet, intoxicating. She shivered as my tongue made contact and I licked her again, enjoying the taste of her juice in my mouth. I lowered my head so that my tongue pushed deep into her and explored, searching for her clit. When she gasped loudly I knew I had found it and was amazed at how it seem to expand as I began to lick it, feeling her body shiver and tremble as I worked her to her climax. I reached under and took her bottom in my hands, holding her tight to my face, her legs wrapped around my head so I could not escape. Relentlessly I tongued her clit, as she built up to a climax that rocked her, crying out over and over again as she came. Her juices seemed to pour from her and I lapped them up as fast as I could.

She released her grip on my head and pushed me away. Looking up at me with a lecherous expression she said, "Okay my young stud, time for you to fuck me hard and fast".

I climbed onto the bed and lay on top of her, her hand grabbing my cock and guiding it home. The heat of her pussy was intense as I began to push into her until my balls rested against her ass. Her legs came up around my back and I quickly began to move within her as she matched my rhythm. I went hard and fast, thrusting deep every time, feeling my balls bounce against her. It did not take long for the familiar sensation to build in my balls and I pressed on relentlessly until the thick cream was racing along the length of my shaft to emerge into the velvet abyss in hot spurts. She came again, squeezing my with her pussy as she accepted my gift as it filled her up until we were finally spent.

I collapsed on top of her and we kissed one last time before she pushed me off her. She climbed off the bed and turned to me. "That was fantastic, I don't think I have ever cum so hard before. I'm going to leave you my panties again for you to enjoy, I like what you did to my bikini bottoms, feel free to do that again, don't worry, I won't let it go to waste, I will wear them after and enjoy the feeling of your cream against my pussy lips. For our next lesson I have something in mind that I think you will like". Then she turned and left the room................

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