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My Favorite Chair

Enjoying moments when you get them.

“Pass it and turn it up!” She had that infectious grin on her face and reached for my pipe with her small nimble fingers.

I handed it to her and without hesitation, she brought it to her beautiful full lips, lit the lighter and took a deep hit. I was mesmerized by her. I always had been. Her small frame squirmed, dancing in the overstuffed armchair and took another hit.  

Music. It was always music with her. Whenever she was around there was an endless supply of music she could dance to. I looked forward to that part.

She was an ex, but not by my choice. A free spirit, that’s what she called herself. ‘I’m a free spirit babe, I can’t be tied down. You knew this when we started.’  

Even now, five years after that horrible day, she sat here in my house, dancing in my favorite chair. The chair that we had constantly fought over. We fought when I brought it home because she said it didn’t match anything and she liked to point that out any chance she got. We fought again when she was leaving me because she wanted to take it with her. In the end, I kept the chair.  

“Hey! Come on turn it up,” she commanded, snapping her fingers at me.

“Sorry,” I mumbled and went to the iPod dock to turn up her playlist. I kept it there for surprise visits like tonight. I looked forward to those too.  The unexpected visit, the music, the dancing, and the chaos that followed were all apart of her.

I turned around and saw her dancing towards me, arms above her head, blowing smoke out as she came. “Your turn,” she grinned handing the pipe to me then turned back around.

Her slender hips and round bottom swayed hypnotically side to side. It made the song so much more important than it normally would have been. When it stopped so would she.

Bringing the bowl to my lips, I closed my eyes to block her out and inhaled deeply pulling the smoke in, holding it, enjoying the burn. When I opened my eyes she was standing right in front of me, looking up into my eyes with her big brown ones.

She grinned at me, tugging me towards her.

I knew what she wanted and shook my head laughing, “No, I can’t keep up with you, you know that.”

Her arms slid around my waist and pressed herself into me. “Yes you can, you have many times.” She gave me a playful wink then continued, “Just hold me and feel my body. You know how to do that.”

My hands went to her deceivingly angelic face. I wanted to tell her no because I really couldn’t keep up with her, but feeling her hands on me guaranteed that I would say yes and the smug smile told me she knew I wouldn’t say no.

She took my hand and pulled me towards the center of the room and began to move. I rocked a little, feeling the beat thumping through my body, my eyes locked on hers. Her body swayed, becoming one with the music, it controlled her and she controlled me.

Her hands were on my hips and I felt her fingers slipping inside my sweats. I pulled her closer to me and felt her nails press into my skin making me gasp. This woman knew exactly what she was doing to me. She knew the moment she came to my house. I knew what she wanted and at that moment the air became electric, thick with lust.

My fingers brushed along her cheek and I began to lean down to kiss her, but she kissed my chin and then moved to the iPod to change the song.

I shook my head and sat in my chair to take another hit. As the smoke filled my lungs, I heard the first few notes and closed my eyes.

It was a song I knew and loved. It reminded me of her.

I listened to it often. The beat was contagious and I loved dancing to it when I was alone. Listening to it almost always ended in the same way, me on my back with my fingers deep inside my aching cunny. With every rub and every throb I wished it was her.

Feeling her hands on my legs I opened my eyes. “Hi,” she said sweetly and oh so seductively.

“Hi.” My voice, however, was low and thick because my mouth was bone dry.

She was on her knees between my legs and her body swayed to the beat. I was vaguely aware she had turned the music down making it background noise. “Lift up,” she ordered, tugging on my sweats.

Without a word, I lifted my hips and she pulled them down. Her hands moved up my legs, kissing my inner thigh spreading them as she went. I felt her nails digging into my skin as she moved higher and nipped my skin. Standing up, she pulled off her shirt revealing what I had suspected, she wasn’t wearing a bra, then slowly removed her pants.  

Reaching for her, the backs of my fingers glided from hip to hip and along her stomach. I placed my palm flat on her stomach and slid it up higher as she climbed onto the chair placing a knee on either side of my legs.

My hands cupped her breasts, and she bent to kiss me sliding her own hand down my tummy and into my panties. “Fuck I love how wet you are, how wet you always are for me.”

“Yes,” I moaned as two fingers pressed hard onto my clit. She made small quick circles causing slow tremors to begin throughout my body. I lifted my hips sliding lower in the overstuffed chair, spreading my legs further apart.

She took advantage of that and pushed those same two fingers fully inside me. “Fuck baby.”

My fingers squeezed her breast, pinching her nipples between my thumb and first finger.

“You love it when I fuck you,” she purred, fucking me faster, her thumb rubbing up and down on my clit.


Her fingers curved and found that spot. She rose on her knees pushing her breasts closer to me and I sucked one pale perfect nipple into my mouth. “You are dripping baby, fuck I love that.”

“Harder.  Please.”

“Ooh, please what baby?” She pressed harder and moved faster.

“Please make me cum.”

There was a soft giggle. I would remember that sound and replay it over and over again.

“Mmm, baby.”  She knew what she did to me and loved when I begged. I didn’t do that for anyone else.

Straddled on my lap, with her fingers inside my panties, she fucked my cunt and rubbed my clit hard and fast. She began nodding her head and whispering in my ear, “Yes, that’s it cum for me like you used to.”

My arms wrapped around her holding her to me, kissing her breasts, my hips keeping rhythm with her fingers. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I whimpered.

Her teeth nipped my ear and she breathed so softly, “Never.”

The tightness inside me exploded, my ache for her and only her, flowed out of me and covered her hand. She gave me what I needed and I gave her what she wanted.

Before I could come down from my own orgasm she was standing on my armchair, one foot on each arm, swaying her hips seductively in front of me. She pulled her barely there panties to the side and showed me her glistening lips and that her juices had run down her thighs.

My hands slid up the back of her legs to her ass, and I leaned forward to lick the moisture off her thigh. My pussy contracted again, causing another tremor as I got my first taste. I sat up higher, looking up into her eyes and she took a small step forward, placing her delicious cunt on my hungry mouth.

I hummed with pleasure as she flooded my mouth with her sweetness. My fingers dug into her ass and pulled her harder against me. It caused her to fall forward and she giggled again when her palms smacked the wall behind me.

“Oh, you like this pussy don’t you?”

In response, I nipped her clit and sucked it hard between my lips. Her knees quivered.

“Fuck you’ve always eaten me best. I fucking love your mouth.”

My tongue pushed in and out of her then, and I licked, lapping over her clit. She bent her knees grinding it harder on my tongue keeping me there, pressing my nose against her clit, rubbing it back and forth. I loved her taste and I was so greedy for it that I pulled her even closer, licking, tasting and fucking every bit of her delicious cunt.

One hand on the wall and one gripped almost painfully in my hair she moved harder and faster chanting softly at first, growing in volume the faster she moved. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh, fuck!” Her body froze as she came. She held my head still as her sweetness flowed out of her covering my tongue and mouth, sliding down my chin and neck. I licked her slowly, greedily taking all that I could.

She took a deep breath, giggled softly and slid down me, crumpling onto my lap. My arms wrapped around her as her head laid on me. I kissed the top of her head and she mumbled against my chest, “Fuck I love that mouth.”

I smiled to myself, holding her and suddenly felt exhausted. I didn’t want to sleep because I knew when I woke she would be gone. Same as always. I couldn’t stop the heaviness from pulling me under.

When I woke I saw she had covered me up and there was a note on the table in front of me. I could still smell her sex on my skin and when I licked my lips I could still taste her. She was everywhere. Picking up the note, I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes for a moment longer to take in her scent. Then I read the note.

“Hey, babe. Sorry, I had to go so early, but you know how it is. Thanks for another great night. You really are the best. Talk soon.

Love ya,


PS. That’s become my favorite chair too.”


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