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My First Oral

He made my First Oral the best I've ever had.
As a college student, it was very hard to believe that I was still a virgin and it didn't help that I looked pretty hot. I had waist-long, golden-brown hair, baby blue eyes, firm D cup breasts and a round ass which I got from my Latin grandmother. Nobody believed that, at 19 years of age, I had never masturbated, given head or been given head. I grew up with the strictest parents and the male anatomy was one area I feared to tread.

After a lonely first week in college, I met a very handsome young man called Ty. He had hazel brown eyes guarded by bushy eyebrows. His lips were full and succulent and he had a toned and sexy body. His arms were large and muscular, his chest had well defined pecs and abs, almost as if they were dug sections on a piece of land. Ty was undeniably very attractive and to top it all off he was friendly.

Another week went by and Ty had invited me to his room on campus. I hoped that Ty and I would end up fulfilling one of my numerous erotic fantasies and I made sure I did my best to induce this sexual foreplay I expected. I wore the most arousing lingerie underneath my very low V-neck top and tight mini skirt. I sprayed body mist all over myself and left for Ty's room.

When I got there, he opened the door, glancing at me from head to toe, pausing at my cleavage and lingering longer on my thighs. He immediately complimented me and invited me in. It was then that it hit me! The rooms only had one chair accompanied with a table and a bed.

"Oh no, we're watching a movie on his bed," I worried to myself.

I had never been that close to a guy and let alone, even though I wanted us to perform erotic acts on each other, I didn't know how to do so. I tried to control my breathing as he curled up next to me on the bed but my imagination was running wild and I was really starting to get uncomfortable. I stood up from the bed and walked to his study table and sat on it to calm down.

Ty noticed my uneasiness and told me I could leave if I wanted to. I looked up at the clock and it was 10 pm. I wasn't backing out.

"Ty, the truth is I have never been with a guy as hot as you," I paused, "Alone in a bedroom."

"Do not worry, as sexy as you are, I promise I won't do anything silly."

He saw the disappointment on my face and stood up from his bed. He walked up to me and held me in his arms.

"There is nothing to worry about. You will be fine," Ty whispered into my ear.
I felt his manhood press against my thigh. I had hope of at least getting a kiss out of the encounter.

"Ty, I don't know anything about sex or foreplay. I don't masturbate, I have never given or received head. I am still a virgin," I admitted shamefully.

Ty loosened his grip, found my lips and kissed them. His hands moved lower to my waist and he pulled me to the edge of the table. He took each of my lips into his mouth and sucked on them, nibbling on them too. I kissed him passionately and I was itching to feel how hard he was getting.

His hands moved up to my shoulders and he pushed the straps of both my bra and top down. He stuck his tongue in my mouth as he massaged my bare breasts and fondled my nipples. He squeezed my tits hard and I moaned softly in his mouth. I could feel myself getting wet with every pinch of my nipple.

Ty left my lips and kissed me down my neck to my breasts. He licked my flesh and sucked on my nipples one at a time. I was sliding my hand through his hair as he sucked on my nipples as though he were breast feeding.

"Do you like that Kimmy?" he teased. "Baby Ty likes sucking your milk," he said between licks on my boobs.
Ty rubbed my thighs as he slowly pushed my skirt up. He slid my thong off and spread my legs. He pulled me to where his hard dick was pressing against his shorts. He rubbed himself against my pussy and talked dirty to me as I moaned on his neck.

"You like that huh? You like my hard dick rubbing your wet pussy, don't you baby?"

"Yes, yes, yes. I like it Ty," I moaned.

He moved back and put his hand on my lips. He spread them and I felt him rub a spot of pleasure. He rubbed me harder and faster and I was moaning loudly. He stuck his finger up my hole and started fingering me slowly. He increased his pace and I was moaning "don't stop".

He lowered himself and I felt his warm tongue tickle my clit. He licked it softly and took it into his mouth and started sucking on my clit. The combination of his tongue and his finger working down there built up a lot of pressure in my body. The more he worked, the more I felt I would explode.

I lost control of myself and my very first orgasm took over. I let out a loud moan as my juices came squirting out with so much vigor all over Ty's mouth and chin. He removed his finger and licked me gently until I was clean.

He looked up at me and said "You've had a finger and a tongue up your virgin pussy. There is only one thing left."

"And I look forward to it," I said as I grinned down at him.

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