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My First Time Getting Blown

The true story about the first time I got sucked off
When some guys recall the story of the first blowjob they ever received, it usually takes place with a girlfriend in a car and being really inexperienced. A few of my closest friends have told their stories, and it contains a lot of confusion and uncomfortableness from both people involved.

I had the pleasure of being with a girl that had her share of experience. I was sixteen and just starting to develop what I thought was a high sex drive. I went to a high school that was pretty laid back, no real groups of people like you see in movies or TV shows. Everyone knew everyone and while not everybody got along, you still knew the basics of each person.

I was on the hockey team and it was common locker room talk after a game or practise for sixteen year old guys to talk about which girl they were into, or who put out this weekend kind of thing. I always found myself pretty good looking, not that I was God's gift to women or anything, but I took care of my body and was never shy around girls.

Julie was a girl that I kind of joked around with from time to time. Little small talk but nothing serious enough to be considered friends or even acquaintances. She had brown hair, blue eyes, was about average height, and had an outstanding body. She developed well in high school and had all the guys, and some girls, wanting to hook up with her. She had about a 36C chest, slimmer waist, and a perfect, porn-star style ass. She was a complete “hourglass” frame and while she wasn't the prettiest girl at school, she wasn't the ugliest.

We were in class one day and ended up getting paired up for an assignment. We made small talk, while working and we realized that we had finished ahead of most of the class. Since we had some time to kill, we started talking and that was the first real time that we got to know each other. She informed me that she had just broke up with her boyfriend from a different school. The reason for the breakup was because she caught him cheating on her, with a girl from his school. Not exactly a shock at that age, because most guys will take the chance to have a sexual encounter with anyone, not thinking about the repercussions. I figured there was no harm in getting some more details, and asked her some more questions about it, which she answered.

It seemed that talking about it helped because she was really amazed at how nice I was about the whole thing, and how good of a listener I was being. She even made a little joke about how I wasn't even looking at her cleavage. In my defence, I totally was looking but not so much that I'd get caught. I mean, unless her nipples came out, there isn't exactly a whole lot changing with the cleavage. I was a sixteen year old horny kid, what do you expect? Anyway, that little joke seemed to open up a new level of conversation.

She was opening up more and said that he was the third guy she had ever fucked. As soon as I heard that, I started feeling my cock stir a little bit in my shorts. Here was this very pretty girl that is the same age as me and has already had sex with three different guys. I felt embarrassed that I had only gotten a handjob from one ex-girlfriend, that I had to finish myself.

I decided that I could use the good listener quality to an advantage, and asked her a couple more questions in a conversational manner, as if I were interested. To be fair I kind of was, because this was going to open up a whole new level of thoughts as soon as I got home to jerk off. I could tell that this conversation was starting to affect her as well. It was becoming obvious that she was enjoying the questions, and her answers got noticeably longer and more detailed.

She told me she lost her virginity a couple months before during the summer, and since the guy was too big for her, she spent a lot of the time giving him blowjobs. It became almost a daily thing between the two of them, as they would meet after school. Julie didn't give many details, but it seemed as simple as her sucking him off, him cumming, and the two of them going their separate ways. The second guy, was a one night stand that she met at a party of a different school, and the last guy was her cheating newly ex-boyfriend. She went into more detail, saying that she almost enjoyed giving blowjobs more, because of the fact that she was in control and that she was getting a lot better at giving them.

I knew it was only a matter of time before Julie asked about my sexual past, and I had to decide if I should tell her the truth or kind of pump my own tires a bit and embellish the truth. I noticed that after she talked about giving blowjobs, her hand was touching her thigh under the table around the hem of her skirt. She quickly realized that we were still in school and snapped out of her little trance, then came the questions towards me.

“Are you a virgin?” she asked, “Who have you hooked up with?” and finally “What kind of girls turn you on?”

Those were the basic questions for teenagers that are starting up a sexual based conversation. I was hesitant to answer and then she blurted out in a joking, but still somewhat serious manner “Come on, I need some material to masturbate to after school!”

My mind was racing after hearing that! My hard on was pressing right up against my shorts, and while I did my best to adjust it, my cock had a mind of its own.

She kinda smiled and laughed a bit before adding, “Oh come on, it’s not like you don't masturbate!”

I pulled myself together and answered the questions. Yes, I was a virgin, and I named the couple of girls at our school that I had made out with. I told her the type that turned me on, and finished by saying that I masturbate as much as possible.

She really liked that last answer and for the first time, I could see her getting as excited as I was at the conversation. After that, the teacher came over to our table and took our assignment as class ended. Julie stood up, adjusted her skirt, while I was in absolutely no condition to stand after that conversation, and remained seated at the table.

Julie leaned over and asked, “Hey, I was just thinking... Do you have any plans today after school?”

“Not really, just heading home.” I replied, while hoping that this was heading where I thought it could be heading.

I couldn't believe this was happening. Was it really this simple? Or maybe she just wanted to talk and not do anything physical? Before I could elaborate on my answer to keep the conversation alive, she informed me that her parents were at work until five, and that would give us two hours after school to be alone. I had no doubt as to what she was implying, and I accepted trying to hide my excitement and told her that I'd love to go to her place.

I met her outside after school, and we walked the short distance to her house. During the walk, we continued our conversation from class earlier. I was amazed that there were no awkward pauses, or any sense of nervousness at all. I wasn't positive on what would happen at her house, however I knew I would enjoy myself.

We arrived at her house, and she led me by the hand to her living room couch and said that she would be right back after she grabbed us a drink. I took a seat while adjusting my shorts, so that my cock would not be uncomfortable. I looked around the room at the various family pictures and art designs, and was planning my next move. She returned with two glasses of water, and as she was putting them on the table, she “accidentally” knocked the coaster to the ground. As she bent over to retrieve it, her skirt, which was a lot higher now that I think about it, came up and I could see the bottom of her thong covered ass. I was afraid I was going to cum right there at that amazing view. She turned around, smiled and noticed the obvious tent in my shorts.

“Well I guess that was bound to happen, with our conversation earlier!”

I had no idea on what to do next. Do I touch her? Kiss her? Take my shorts off? She sat down on the couch next to me, as I did my best to not look nervous.

“Look, the fact you're inexperienced is a turn on. I haven't hooked up with anyone since my boyfriend cheated on me, and honestly I don't want you to think I'm a slut or anything, but would really love to give you head for your first time.”

I nodded in agreement. What else was I going to do? She had her mind set on what was going to happen, and to be honest, I wanted a blowjob! I was not going to say anything at all that could jeopardize that. She slid off the couch on to her knees and positioned herself between my legs. She undid the button, pulled down the fly, and pulled my shorts and boxers down. I lifted my hips a little to give her easier access, and my hard cock flopped onto my stomach, which made her eyes widen as she looked at it and she smiled.

“I see you're pretty blessed in the size area!” she said while keeping her eyes locked on my cock that was pointing straight up.

I blushed a bit and let out a little laugh. I never had thought about it, but was about seven inches and kept myself very trimmed in the pubic hair area. It was a nice looking package, if I do say so myself. She lifted my cock and licked from the base all the way up .to the tip. I was fighting every urge to not cum right there. She took it into her mouth and slowly started bobbing her head up and down, and it was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced. After attempting unsuccessfully to put it all the way into her throat, she removed her mouth and with one hand wiped away the water from her eyes as she laughed at her unsuccessful attempt.

Julie was really a pro at this blowjob thing, because she knew what she was doing and was enjoying every step. She spit on my cock, while using her right hand to jack me off and lowered her head to lick my balls. I looked down and all I could see was the top of her head, her closed eyes and her hand pumping away. I knew I was close to exploding and gave her a warning.

I didn't know what else to do, so I said in between my heavy breathing and moaning, “I'm going to cum soon.”

She smiled, lifted her head and replied, with a very simple, “Stand up.”

I had viewed a lot of porn before that moment, but still wasn't sure of what was going to happen. I stood up, and she repositioned herself in front of me and bobbed her head with her hand up and down my cock and was really trying to make me cum. I braced my legs and felt my orgasm about to happen, and she did as well. My cock got harder in her mouth, which was a sign for her that I was about to cum. She removed her mouth, while continuing to furiously pump on my hard dick. I looked down and saw that she had her mouth a few inches away from me and aimed my cock right for her tongue that was sticking out of her open mouth.

I exploded as I felt the first stream of cum shoot out and watched it land right on her forehead. After that initial shock, she quickly gathered herself and put her mouth around the tip, and took the remaining two to three solid streams I had left in me before swallowing it. Julie removed my cock from her grasp and gave it a little kiss on the tip.

She stood up to her feet after a job well done, and I fell back on the couch exhausted. Julie checked herself out in the mirror, looked back and said, “That was incredible,” before leaving the room to go clean up.

I couldn't exactly reply in my current condition, so I looked down at my spit and cum covered dick and just smiled. I felt like I deserved a high five or something for that. Not that I did any of the work at all, but I was just proud that she was impressed with my cock, and that I did everything right. I was aware the girls gossip and this performance could only be good for me.

We talked for a few more minutes, and she gave me another blowjob about twenty minutes later. This time not giving me the chance to give her a facial, as I remained seated and she took the entire load into her mouth. Julie made sure that she didn’t lift her head from my midsection until she was sure that she had received every drop.

As I was leaving her house, we hugged goodbye and she said that she had to go take a shower before her parents got home.

“I really need to cum now after all that! I just hope my shower head is ready!”

We both laughed, hugged one last time and I kissed her on the cheek in a friendly but flirtatious way. I mean it was the least I could do, since the girl just gave me two blowjobs, a few hours after not having a real conversation with me for as long as we knew each other!

Anytime we passed in the hallway at school or talked in class, we never mentioned our encounter and continued to be civil and friendly to each other. Julie ended up getting back with her boyfriend a month later, but gave me a fair share of blowjobs before then. She swallowed every time.

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