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My Junior Year High School U.S. History Teacher (part 1)

My Junior Year High School U.S. History Teacher (part 1)

A student and his teacher have a lot in common.
The school year was winding down and summer was just around the corner. The last few remaining days in school seemed to last forever. I couldn't wait for the pool parties, bonfires, late nights with nothing to do or nowhere to be, and the backyard grilling to be here already.
I didn't have any sort of fun whatsoever this school year. It was all business aside from two minor events. I mean I had turned 18 in February so I was older than most of the students in my grade. I started school a year late when I was younger. I actually went to a strip club for my birthday and it didn't really do much for me. Maybe because it had too many old trashy grandma dancers with old wrinkly faces with oversized, but perfectly shaped, implanted tits. It was kind of gross if you ask me.

Oh, I tried marijuana for the first time, over break, with my friends and what an experience that was. I didn't really enjoy much this year basically. I am really looking forward to this summer. Possibly, I could relax a little while having some fun. Maybe try something new or exciting that I haven't experienced yet.

It was getting close to the end of my junior year, one of the most stressful school years in my life. Balancing school work, working part time work at a local hospital, and fitting in the time to study to score well on the SAT tests had left me overall mentally and physically drained.

I was glad that this particular school year was almost over. They say junior and senior years are the hardest because these years are the years colleges pay attention to, viewing your transcripts when determining where you stand academically. I was so motivated and determined to earn good grades and get into a good college.

With three days left, I was ready to say peace out to this boring old school for the summer.

It was the end of the second to last day of school. Students were more ready than ever to rush out of here and go and enjoy the nice weather outside. There normally wasn't much to do in classes within the last remaining days. I don't understand why they make us come to school when we don't do much besides play games or watch movies in class. It was practically summer out already and we were still stuck inside. Well, I understood why we were still in school. It was due to the snow days we had that kept us late into the summer.

It was 2:02 p.m. and almost all of the students had left within twenty minutes of the final bell ringing. My friends and I gathered at our lockers as usual, grabbed our things and soon were walking to our cars. When suddenly I realized I had left a sweatshirt in my locker. I had been meaning to take it home with me these last few days but it kept slipping my mind. I had to really get it this time because it was the last day we were allowed to use our lockers due to locker clean outs that were today. I kept an extra sweatshirt in my locker year round especially for the colder seasons, just in case it got chilly in the old school of ours. In New England, it’s usually cold for the majority of the school year, so it’s quite convenient to keep in my locker anyhow. 

After hanging out and chatting for about thirty minutes in the parking lot on this nice day my friends were soon all in a rush to get to their destinations. After saying goodbye, we soon all split up. A few of them were going to their last track and or cross country meets and some were going to work right. I didn't have work right after school today, for once, and I was so happy. I dreaded my part time job.

I ran back into the building, as I was speeding down the hall way I noticed Mr. Lang's door wide open. Why was he was still here? It was odd; most teachers took off just as fast as students did especially when it was the end of the school year like this.

I figured I would stop by and say “goodbye” for the summer and end of the school year. He was such a cool guy. He was pretty much laid back on assignments and tests. His teaching strategy is pretty effective, I would say. I actually learned in his class. He had students work in groups and play trivia games, related to history, as part of learning the material. He was creative and fun.

What I found interesting about him was that he played baseball in college. He doesn't seem like the baseball player type but I mean that was long time ago. I can picture a younger, more athletic version of him. He was still in shape now.

He seems like such an intelligent guy. Upon casual conversation with his students he would always find something interesting to talk about. He was definitely one of my favorite teachers in this school.

He has dark brown hair with sparking light green eyes. He has a handsome intellectual face. He was also very tall, perhaps six foot four. He was overall a big guy with broad shoulders. I thought he was perfectly portioned in terms of a manly, masculine figure from what it looked like.

He was about forty years old, married and had a three year old son named Theodore he would mention during class sometimes. He was handsome; I am not going to lie. People in general are naturally able to tell who is good looking and who isn't. Here I was thinking, I liked girls but because of Mr. Lang, I could be bi or questioning my sexuality. But I never really thought about it seriously.

Nah, maybe a man crush, but do man crushes include the intense feelings I would get when I would see him daily? I have never been more physically attracted to another man as much as I was to him. He was kind, had a sense of humor, and his intelligence made him sexy in a nerdy way. I mean, I thought I liked girls, or at least I still do, but this man had me thinking otherwise. Maybe it was his attitude or the way he carried himself that I admired. I looked up to him, wanting to be just like him.

I noticed him, but I had to run to my locker before the janitors had the chance to clean out the lockers. They would get rid of anything that was left in them at the end of the school year. I figured I would come back and say what sup to Mr. Lang.

I entered his classroom.

"Hi Mr. Lang, whats going on?" I said excitingly.

"Oh, hey there Charlie, not much with me. What sup?" he said looking up from his laptop.

"Nothing, just stopping by to say hi because I noticed you were still here."

"Oh yeah just checking my email. Are you pumped for the summer?" he asked. 

I started to get nervous speaking to him. I wasn't sure why this was happening. It was just Mr. Lang. I didn't want to believe it but, I thought to myself maybe I was attracted to him or that man crush thing. My heart was pumping, my palms got sweaty and my mouth got extremely dry.

"Yeah I am! So pumped for the summer! I'm so glad the year is over," I said with excitement, wishing I wasn't so nervous with this dry mouth effect.

"Me too, I am ready to travel, relax, have fun, and spend some more time with my family," he said confidently, looking back down back at his laptop somewhat distracted.

"Oh yea, that sounds good, quality time with the family is best during the summer and you are free to do whatever you want," I replied. 

For some reason, I was getting a little annoyed he wasn't giving me his full attention as he was constantly looking down at his laptop. He looked extra handsome today. I noticed he just have gotten a freshly trimmed haircut. His clothing fit him in all the right places. I thought “total package” today, as I gazed at his light blue button up dress shirt with his khakis just sitting in his chair. His glasses made him even sexier.

"Mr. Lang?" I nervously uttered.

He was busy reading something on his screen and didn't answer.

I wanted to tell him to quit looking down at the laptop screen and look up and pay attention, when someone is talking to you. But I am his student, who was I to say that to this grown man?

"What are you reading that has all your attention?"

"What?... huh?” He replied, with his eyes glued to the screen while scrolling up and down on the laptop.

"Mr. Lang, I'm here to talk to you and came to see how you are doing? So can you focus on me for a second," I said nervously with my mouth dry as ever.

I couldn't believe I just said that. I could have left if I wanted, after saying a quick hello. But I wanted to stay, hangout, and talk with to Mr. Lang. Even though there wasn't much to talk about.

He looked up and stared at me for a second and noticed that he was possibly being unkind or rude. A student of his showed up in his classroom, after school hours to talk to him about possible issues they may have in their lives. He may need to be helpful and give some advice.

I could tell that he was a very kind hearted type of guy. He made it so you can express your feelings comfortably. However, I was feeling a little uncomfortable due to my being nervous for some random reason.

He closed his laptop screen immediately and said, "Is there anything else?" His attention finally on me, made me even more nervous.

I froze and didn’t know what to say next. I wanted to say something like you are the best teacher ever and are my favorite teacher at this school. But that would sound stupid. I was trying to think about something we could talk about.

A few seconds went by and he got up out of his chair, stood up in front of his desk, and then he leaned backward against the front edge of his desk. I noticed his firm manly ass pushed against the edge. He was now facing towards me looking down. I was in a student's desk.

I think he noticed and caught my eyes checking him out. My eyes scanned all over his gorgeous body. I don't think he knew how freaking hot he was. My eyes scanned from his crotch to his ass then up at his chest then back down to his feet. I quickly turned away. What a masculine figure he had.

"Is something the matter? Did you want something?" he asked softly

"No, I just came to say hello and see how you were doing,” I said followed by a brief silence. I was trying to figure out what to talk about next.

"Then what is it you wanted my attention for and to talk about?" he asked, with a questioning concerned look on his intellectual handsome face, as he walked over to close the door to his classroom. He might have done this so it was more of a private conversation, so I could open up to him without any outside interference. It was somewhat hot in the class room. I could smell his sweat. It was more of a sweet masculine musky smell. I figured it was just an older man scent or the deodorant he was wearing. Whatever it was, I seemed to like it.

"You can tell me anything, you can talk to me," he said walking back to the front of his desk.

I looked up and our eyes met. His beautiful green eyes through his frames were so gorgeous. He smirked a little. I think he noticed that I was nervous and was crotch watching him a few moments ago when he got up out his chair. Oh gosh, he was so perfect. What a babe. His wife is lucky to have such a perfect stud. This man was handsome, intelligent, great personality, and a good sense of humor.

With a concerned look on his face he said softly, "its okay," as he stares at me.

A silent moment occurred for a few seconds.

"I think I know," he said calmly, as he leaned in towards me, extending his arm out to grab my hand off the desk.

He grabbed my right hand and placed it on the front of his pleated khakis pants.

Unexpected and shocked, I didn't know what to say or do exactly at the moment.

He started pressing my hand into his crotch, guiding my hand to his massive bulge. I was feeling his semi-erect cock and guiding my hand to grope his balls through his pants. I have never felt such a combination of emotions. I was excited, scared, and nervous all at the same time. It left me breathless and short for words. I think he might have been surfing and searching for porn before I came in and interrupted him. I think it resulted in his beautiful semi-erect penis in the front of his pleated khakis.

I never felt another man's dick before and honestly didn't plan to today. The thought of it, at first, was somewhat strange, but here it was taking place. And I was so very much aroused.

"Is this what you want?" he looked me in the eyes and said softly as he continued to rub my hand against the front of his pants.

I look at my right hand underneath his large hand. Controlling the circular and up and down motion over his bulge still guiding me to feel all over his crotch. Then I looked up at his handsome face and gazed into his eyes and now I think he knew I've been attracted to him all this time. He instantly saw in my eyes, how much I wanted him to continue.

Stuttering I uttered, "I've never done this."

"Ssh its okay, you've never felt another man's cock before," calmly speaking. "Since you've been staring down there below my waist line, I thought I could help a former curious student out."

"You feel that? That’s the head of a grown man's cock you are feeling right now. Want to see it?"

Still scared, my eyes lit up with excitement, as I looked up at him and into his eyes. It was for the purpose of reassurance and approval.

"Go ahead," he said, with a handsome smile on his face

He leaned back onto the front edge of his desk with both arms and hands to each side of the desk. Opening up, he spread his legs slightly. A welcoming gesture I suppose. I got up out of the seat and undid his belt buckle, then the button, zipping down the crotch to his pants. I really love crotch-watching men especially in dress pants or in perfectly fitting pair of khakis like he had on. But to be touching him was out of this world ridiculous.

I could see his massive bulge having difficulty staying in his pants. His cock pitched a massive tent like I'd never seen. I soon slowly pulled down his khakis. With his pants at his ankles, the sight of his obvious protruding bulge and manly thighs got my cock twitching with excitement.

His black briefs were super tight, but keeping the bulge in place.

I look up at him as he said, "You know I haven't had an opportunity to have sex with my wife in a while. She’s pregnant with our second child. Her mood swings can be a bit of an annoyance at times. I also haven’t even gotten the chance to jerk off this whole week either," he said and I’m not in a rush to get home at all."

"Bet you know how that feels like when you have a seven day load built up and stored in your ball sack. It feels like you need a release really bad. I think not being able to cum for awhile makes you go insane," he added.

Looking up, still a bit scared and unsure, with my heart pumping I said, "Oh gosh, I know what you mean, but I am not sure. Maybe I should go. This isn't right Mr. Lang."

He smiled and let out a small laugh, grabbing my right hand once again, placing and rubbing his manhood bulge poking out his underwear.

We then started to have a conversation. It was kind of weird, that we started talking extensively, now that I was kneeling in front of him with my hand on his erect penis.

"I know you have a girlfriend Charlie and I have a wife, but we are men and getting horny is what we do best. And I know what I like and right now I would like for it to be a blowjob. A mouth is mouth right? No one will have to know, it will be our little secret. We can even do a mutual exchange, if the mood is right. I'm horny and by the looks of it, you are too. Otherwise why are you here on your knees in front of me?" he asked.

"Oh crap, he was so right," I thought to myself.

"Your right Mr. Lang," I said smiling up at him. He was correct. This situation was whatever. We were helping each other out. And it wasn't like it was going to ruin anything.

"You don’t have to put a label on your sexuality. It doesn't mean you are gay necessarily. It is possible for a person to like both sexes. You can explore and see what you like you know, why limit yourself? Who cares? Do what turns you on and makes you hot," he said, looking down at me. "And right now it looks to me that my cock is making you feel a certain way, don't think too much, just do what comes natural."

He figured, if he was going to help his student out and give me any type of advice right now, it would be that. 

I thought quickly and looked up at him as he continued to forcefully guide my hands on his firm package.

I felt the need to contribute to what he was saying. I wanted to keep the conversation going and wanted to add something. Something is better than nothing and just kneeling there I felt like I was waiting like a hungry animal about to get fed.

"Oral sex isn't considered to be 'real sex' according to Bill Clinton's statement when he said he didn't have sexual relations with Lewinsky. It’s a causal thing. I was trying to make a relevant intellectual reference but then felt like that was a such a dumb one."

Placing his left hand on the top of my head he looked at me and winked with a smile and said, "exactly," softly laughing.

"Some U.S. history for you Mr. Lang," I say jokingly.

“Right,” he said softly looking down and suddenly putting his right thumb into my mouth as I sucked on it slightly twirling my soft tongue around it. That stopped me from saying something else that was stupid. Guess he means business. Too much chit chat possibly?

Thinking to myself, I figured giving and receiving head could be like a favor. Sort of like you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, whatever. I couldn’t help but notice his cock getting bigger and bigger in front of my eyes. How can those briefs restrain such a large tool in place? I notice some darker wet spots on his underwear. I figured he had let out a lot of pre-cum while I was rubbing against him.

I now really focused my eyes and attention to what was in front of me. I figured if I wanted something mutual in return I must do the best job. I'm a competitive and a overachiever so it was natural for me to think that way. I planned on showing how much I was in love with his meat. I was going to make him feel like the luckiest man in the world. I was ready to become a slave to this master cock and balls.

Before pulling his briefs down, I wanted to take my time and so I started kissing all over his crotch. Feeling around with my tongue finding the huge helmet head. I licked the tip of the cock felt through the cloth, making out the cock and balls with my mouth, I sucked softly on the lower portion of his briefs where his balls obviously where.

"That is it, act as if you are passionately in love with my junk," he said excitingly.

I thought quickly, normally I probably would think this is gross but I was feeling the opposite effect thinking this was freaking awesome. Oh gosh, the though of the built up seven day load of cum in those big balls made me hot and caused me to start forcefully kissing all over the front of his underwear, teasing him. I gently kissed, sucked and then softly bit the large head still within the cloth teasing him once more.

He let out a loud manly moan, as I continue to passionately kiss his package all over the front of his under trousers. I looked up to see his reaction and facial expression. He reached out and placed both his large hands on the back of my head and pushed my face in his junk.

I caught a whiff of a sweet musky smell of cock and balls from his huge package while shoving my face into his crotch. I am not sure how to describe it, but the smell was such a manly smell. Whatever it was, it turned me on. And my cock was completely erect from all of this playfulness, along with his scent and his forceful ways with me.

He then grabed my head with both hands with a little more force. He pulled and positioned my face to look up at him. I looked up at his handsome face. He said softly with a little seriousness, "So is this what you wanted this whole time?"

I then instantly automatically nodded my head “yes” and then moved my hands up onto the waist band of his briefs and slowly started to pull down. Distancing my face, just a tad bit, so I wouldn't get a black eye or a slap to the face upon releasing his monster knob waiting to come out and be worshiped. My ultimate goal was to drain that built up load out of his sexy ball sack. That would be a huge help and favor to him, I thought to myself.

As I pulled slowly, I noticed a neatly groomed and trimmed set of pubes. Real men keep their pubes, unlike the porn stars, I thought to myself. Without pubes they seemed little boyish. 

I pulled down further and noticed a few massive veins starting from the base of the shaft. I noticed right away the girth of his member was a bit intimidating. 


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