my new alarm clock

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Normally I'm awoken by the dreadful sound of one of those old buzzing alarm clocks that can wake up the people sleeping three houses down. But this morning it was different, this morning I thought I was still asleep. As I turned my head to look at my alarm clock the time read 7:02, two minutes later than I had set my alarm. Still in a daze, I shrugged it off before feeling the familiar twitching of 'morning wood'. But somehow, today the twitching felt different. As I gradually woke up more and my head began to register the time, the twitching and everything else going on around became clearer.

I felt the swift swipe of a warm, wet tongue across the head of my cock. Looking down and pulling back the sheet I found long dark brown hair flowing from the head of the cutest Latina girl I'd ever seen. Big, innocent brown eyes, light brown skin and the most luscious lips you could ever want wrapped around your cock. After feeling the sheet being removed she simply looked up at me, with my cock in her little hand, she smiled a devilishly wicked smile before again running her tongue across the head of my dick, not breaking the eye contact for a second. A few things began racing through my mind. Who was this mysterious goddess? How did she get in my bed? I hadn't brought her home the night before, nor could I remember ever formally meeting her. Yet there was some vague familiarity about her, like I had seen her before. As her hand moved slowly up and down my shaft I just looked into her eyes and waited for her next move.

Her tongue went back to work, this time starting at my balls and slowly but purposefully all the way up my shaft before slipping the head into her mouth. Still not breaking eye contact she slowly began engulfing my cock taking it deeper each time she went down. Not breaking stride or even appearing to struggle, not stopping at all until she had my entire length in her mouth and down her throat. My head was spinning, I had the most gorgeous and sexy girl giving me the best blow job I'd ever had and it was all before breakfast. The feeling of her tongue rubbing against my cock as she took it in and then let it back out, flicking the head before starting again had me transfixed.

For the first time since it began I looked past her face to admire her body. She had big, firm, round tits, I reached down to rub them while her mouth worked on my cock. I began rubbing and lightly pinching her nipples causing her to moan and vibrate my cock in her throat. Her slim body leading to a round firm ass sticking up in the air as if waiting for me to get in behind her, but I wasn't about to stop what she was already doing to me though. Her mouth and hand in perfect unison up and down my cock, I couldn't do anything but lay my head back and enjoy the best blow job of my life.

All of a sudden I felt her mouth leave my cock and I looked down to see it glisten with her saliva before seeing her hand begin to pump my cock up and down like a machine. It was incredible. It was like she wanted my cum and wanted it bad. She then dove straight back taking my cock the entire way down her throat and back up, twisting her neck as she did so. The soft, slow, sensual work she had begun with, was fast becoming a hungry assault for her reward. And if she kept this up she wouldn't have to wait long to get it. Instinctively my hips started thrusting up to meet her, wanting to fill her hungry little mouth with cum.

She was swallowing my cock like I've never seen and I could see her hand working furiously on her clit at the same time, sending vibrations back down my shaft. My body began to tense and she felt it. Her mouth stopped at the head and her free hand began pumping my cock again. I let out a long low groan as I felt my cum shoot spurt after spurt right where she wanted it. With a mouthful of cum she let my cock pop from her lips. She then slowly crawled up my body still keeping her eyes locked with mine until she was near my face. Leaning forward she swallowed her reward, just inches from my face before opening up her mouth to show me how hungry she was. She again looked at me with those innocent, brown eyes. And said; "good morning".