My Night With Cassie pt. 1

By reddog44

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A secretive blowjob from my sexy friend
Cassie was quite the cutie. She really knew how to work all she had and really worked it well. She was a petite young girl and just a year younger than me at 20. She had long black hair and a cute little ass with a nice pair of b-cup tits. She was totally my type. After breaking up with my girlfriend I had gained about 40 pounds and really stopped caring about much, but in the three months prior to our night I had really started working out again and getting back in to shape. I weighed just over 200 pounds and was pretty muscular.

I had somewhat had a bit of a crush on Cassie since I met her. She always came over to smoke and we all had a lot of fun together. Sometimes she would come over and sit on my lap with a cute little smile, daring me to make a move. She loved to wiggle her ass around on my dick. God it was so arousing. I should have busted open in my pants a few times I was so hard. I always liked what we did and she liked the treatment I gave her as well, but it was one night we pushed it a little further.

Everything was going well. We were over at my brother's house playing some music and just hanging out and smoking and drinking. Cassie was acting like her usual self after smoking a bowl. She put herself all over me and I could not keep my hands off of her, but it seemed like she really wanted more on this night. She kept coming over and sitting down and grinding her ass on me for about five minutes and then going to walk around for a while.

After three or four of these short episodes she was really starting to get to me and I really just wanted to fuck her right there. The next time she came to flirt I put my hand down on my leg to grab her ass and gave it a quick squeeze. She looked down at me and smiled as I twitched my dick up in to her, letting her know there was more here than meets the eye. Her eyes got big and she began to smile.

I whispered in her ear "I want you, real, real bad."

She responded with "I know, I can tell, but we can’t do anything here right now."

I told her to go down to the bathroom downstairs and wait for me with a wink. She left in a hurry to say the least. This was going to be good.

I waited for a bit, played a song on bass and then said I had to take a piss. As I walked down the stairs I started to think about what was waiting for me inside that bathroom. I knocked on the door softly and she said "Someone is in here."

I responded saying "I know... Open up. Now." She knew my voice and cracked the door. I pushed it open and she was hiding behind the door. As it closed and her body came in to full view I about lost my mind.

She had taken her black tank top and hot pink bra off and they were lying on the ground. She was just in her skin tight jeans and I could catch a few glances of a matching pair of hot pink panties. I was so turned on at this point that I just wanted to tear in to her and relentlessly pound my dick inside of her until neither of us could stand, but I had friends around and we could not get that rowdy. As she hopped up on the counter of the sink her tits bounced playfully. I put my hands on her side and went for the kiss.

At first it was really weird because we had different kissing styles, but once we got the rhythm right there was no turning back. I felt her goose bumps all over her body as I moved from her lips to her neck (my favorite place to kiss and be kissed) and she moaned quietly in to my ear. It was not much, just a subtly content "Mmmmmm." She made me want her so bad as she pulled me in tight and let me really kiss her hard. I softly licked and kissed from her ear to the bottom of her neck, she was just going through waves of pleasure and I saw no end in sight.

As I kissed her she reached down to undo my belt and I let my hands explore her jeans. I got the button unhooked and slid down the zipper as she pulled down my jeans and smiled. She slid down off of the sink and took my dick right in to her mouth. Her warm tongue circled the head of my dick as her small cold hands stroked my shaft. I was not going to last much longer at this pace. She felt my balls start to tighten and my body start to tense so she began to pick it up even faster.

I tried to hold back but looking down on this gorgeous girl swallowing the entirety of my dick and pulling off to stroke it for a while and stroking her own cunt beneath her wet pink panties certainly sent me over the edge. I cried out some attempt to warn her and let loose. She took all of it in her mouth, swallowing the first wave and letting the second sit in her mouth for a bit. It was so sexy seeing my cum in her little mouth. She smiled as she swallowed the rest of my spunk and I picked her back up on to the sink to show her what I could do...

Give some responses and I will post Part 2 Shortly. Thanks readers. Hope you enjoyed.