My Pleasure

By Kimasa

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The best baby sitting job I ever had
Let’s just say that I was in my mid to late teens when this happened.

I was babysitting for Mike, one of our neighbours. He had popped around to our house earlier in the week and asked my mother if I could look after his daughter on Friday evening so he could have a night out with the lads.

Mike was a divorced guy in his mid thirties who had his four year old daughter Casey staying with him for a few weeks. He was a lovely bloke who completely doted on his daughter but he was accustomed to being free to go out when he wanted to and having been tied to the house and looking after Casey for the last six days he was desperately missing his mates down at the local pub.

I liked Mike he was a gent, very friendly, easy going and good looking to. I had seen him working in his garden with no top on last summer and he was quite fit with nicely defined muscles. I didn’t know the reason behind his divorce but that didn’t matter as it was none of my business to know anyway.

Casey would be put to bed before I arrived, I could have the TV to myself for a change, raid his fridge for snacks have access to his drinks cabinet, just chill and even better than that get paid for it.

I arrived at Mike’s at 7pm and was quickly shown where everything was, Casey bless her was fast asleep in her room and Mike was looking like he was dressed go out on the pull rather than have a few drinks with his pub friends. He had obviously shaved, gelled his hair and was wearing a crisp white shirt, tight jeans and had splashed on a cologne to die for which I later discovered was called Joop. Mike made me feel somewhat underdressed in my grey jogging bottoms and a purple fleece top, my hair was quickly brushed back and put into a pony tail using a cheap band with some purple beads in it. I wasn’t wearing much make up either except for a quick application of Smooth Sangria lipstick. What the heck I wasn’t going out but I should have made a little more effort to get Mike’s attention. Mike didn’t seem to take any notice of what I looked like but obviously appreciated me babysitting for him.

Mike said he should be back home by 1pm latest and left the house.

By 10 pm I was bored. The TV was crap and I needed to be entertained so it was time to check out the drinks cabinet. There was vodka, whisky, brandy or gin to choose from, there was also orange juice in the fridge so I decided on vodka.

I hadn’t thought about watching a film but he did have a shelf of DVD’s within his bookshelf but there wasn’t anything there that interested me, however I did find a few additional DVD’s in blank cases tucked in behind the bottles of spirits. I selected one at random and slipped it into the DVD player pressed play when it had loaded, settled down on the sofa and waited.

I can’t remember what it was called but it was a pornographic compilation. My first thought was to turn it off, I mean porno is a man’s thing and certainly shouldn’t be watched by young women but curiosity got the better of me so I let it continue. Once the intros were over the first scene showed a boss fucking his secretary over his desk after he had given her a telling off for something. The acting was poor and after a few minutes I got bored and flicked to the next scene.

Two women were on a bed in a 69 position, both wearing stockings and suspenders, and for some reason one was wearing red high heels and the other Perspex or glass high heels. How stupid and how the hell would their shoes stay on anyway.

I ejected that one, selected another again at random as they all had blank covers and settled back on the sofa hoping it would be better.

This one was interesting and at least it had a story line to follow. Young man comes home with girlfriend, introduces her to Mother and his older Sister, Mother tells them they will have to sleep in separate rooms. Later the two have a quick cuddle and kisses and retire to their rooms. Older Sister pops into the girlfriends room to check she’s okay and suddenly they are kissing then it’s all out love making. In the morning after boyfriend and Sister have left to go to work Mother seduces the girlfriend.

Okay so it was crap but at least I could relate to the fact that I had recently been seduced by a female friend’s older sister.

I didn’t and still don’t have the confidence to seduce men or women but if they come on to me and I like them then I will happily submit and do whatever they want me to do. When kissing a guy my hand didn’t naturally go to feel their cock, I used to let them take my hand and put it there. I also fancied girls but I was even more timid and scared of the consequences of my desires towards them.

My sexual CV at this point in my life was not a romantic one, I was still a virgin but I had given a few hand jobs, given one boy a blow job as a spin the bottle dare in an empty garage and I had been coerced into licking out my friend’s older sister.

I didn’t realise it at the time but this would be my sexual destiny for many years to come and probably still is. I loved being the object of someone’s lusty desires and I wanted to live up to their expectations by giving them the pleasure they craved from me. It never registered with me at the time that I could also receive sexual pleasure but I guess I was driven by the need to impress them and submitting to their needs. I have no idea where or how it had originated but I had a fixation for performing oral sex on men and women but only when they made me do it to them, that was the key, I needed to feel that I was being coerced into doing it.

I poured myself another vodka and orange. Fast forwarded and the next scene was a petite blonde girl with short hair on her knees sucking a massive cock. She was struggling with it and her mouth was stretched to the full, he his hand firmly behind her head and was ramming his giant cock into her mouth until she was gagging, tears were streaming from her eyes, her eye makeup was running, then he pulled out and came all over her face.

I enjoyed watching that and wished I had been that reluctant petite blonde girl having her little mouth invaded by an enormous cock. It all looked a bit messy at the end though, I would have swallowed but I guess that was what the director wanted.

It was getting late by now so I switched off the porn and returned it to where I had found it. I didn’t want Mike to know that I had not only found it but had also been watching it to.

The second vodka had made me feel a bit tired so I turned the lights off, placed a cushion on the arm of the sofa and lay down on my side so I could watch some more TV.

It was a beautiful hot summer’s day and I was on my own walking in a meadow of fragrant wild flowers near a clear slow running river. I was wearing a very short and flimsy yellow summer dress and was carrying a small open basket to collect flowers in. The dress was loose fitting and gently flapped around my thighs as I walked. I looked and felt stunning, the air was warm and butterflies fluttered past and the birds were singing in this idyllic place.

I heard some splashing and wandered over towards the river. There was a young man swimming in the cool water. He didn’t see me at first so I watched him for a while then when he did notice me he swam towards me and pulled himself out of the water and onto the river bank. His hair was blonde, quite short at the side but wavy and longer on the top. He had a nice face with piercing blue eyes. He was wearing a pair of pale blue shorts and his upper body was hairless and he had very well defined muscles.

He didn’t say anything, he just smiled, took my hand in his and led me away a short distance to where he had a picnic blanket laid out on the grass. We still hadn’t spoken a word when opened up a small picnic hamper and took out a bowl of strawberries and pot of cream. He then selected the biggest and juiciest strawberry from the bowl, dipped it into the cream then gently brushed the fruit against my lips. I went to take a small bite but he pulled it away from me. He then went back to just brushing it against my lips until my lips parted and I started to lick off some of the cream. I somehow knew that biting it wasn’t allowed so I gently licked the fruit and took the tip of it into my mouth so I could remove the cream as he pulled it away from me again. He dipped the strawberry into the pot of cream again and returned it to my lips, this time I took the whole of the fruit into my mouth and seductively sucked off the cream without biting into it.

The river and the meadow had disappeared, I could no longer hear the birds singing or feel the warmth of the sun on my face, and I was now just sucking and licking this lovely strawberry in my mouth.

Then I gently opened my eyes and the strawberry had turned into Mike’s cock. He eased more of it into my mouth till it touched the back of my throat then pulled back as I continued to suck and lick it. His heavy breathing suggested he was to far gone to stop and I wasn’t going to spoil the moment for him by stopping. He took hold of my pony tail to hold my head in where it was. He was so excited he couldn’t resist his natural urge to trust his hips in a backward and forward motion and fuck my mouth. His cock was so hard and big he completely filled my mouth, my lips were stretched to the full as his movement got harder and faster.

His heavy breathing had turned from sighs of pleasure to animalistic grunts as his cock exploded jets of sperm into my mouth. My mouth was so tightly stretched around his cock I could it pulsing and pumping as more jets of sperm hit the back of my throat. I tried desperately to swallow it all but there was so much I had to pull away and some escaped my lips and dribbled down my chin. Mike then pulled away and collapsed next to me on the sofa. He was spend and quite drunk judging by the look of him. I quickly scooped up the escaped sperm from my chin with my fingers then licked my fingers clean.

After a few minutes of silence Mike was full of remorse and said he was so sorry for what had just happened. He had come home drunk seen me lying there and had just acted like a man possessed and pleaded with me not to tell anyone or be upset by it as he promised it would never happen again.

I smiled at him and told him not to worry, I quite enjoyed being woken up in such a horny way and I certainly wouldn’t tell a soul.

Till now!!!