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My Senior Year

It was my senior year I was dressing in our locker room after volleyball practice, and all I could think about was my lunch time getaway under the bleachers where I had just given one of the boys his first blow job.

I had only been with guys at this point and even though I had only been giving blow jobs so far I had earned a bit of a reputation. I did not mind the reputation I had made for myself though because I enjoyed it more than them most of the time.

As I was getting dressed I did not notice that while thinking about my most recent escapade my nipples had harden to the point that anyone could see them beneath my shirt form a mile away and I guess some one did notice….

In our locker room there was a window into the coach’s office. She would set at her desk most days after practice and be busy with work looking up occasionally to make sure everyone was behaving. However as I was lingering, dressing slowly with my mind completely preoccupied with my last encounter, I looked up to notice that almost everyone had already gone. My coach was now turned in her seat and no longer busy but looking over at me. That is when I first notice my rock hard nipples and suddenly was so embraced I rushed to finish dressing and lock up my locker.

As I grabbed my bag and headed for the door my coach had yelled out to everyone leave that we had a good practice, keep it up and then asked if she could see me in her office for a moment?

I was so nervous and as I walked into her office not knowing exactly what she wanted. She was shuffling through some papers packing up her brief case. She was dressed very well today different than normal she had on a tight black skirt that reached just below her knees with a gray silk top.

She said she had a school board meeting after work but had wanted to talk to me first about something. Looking over to me now for the first time she said I have heard of your reputation and then looked way to finish packing. I was so embarrassed and suddenly afraid, was I in trouble, what was going to happen?

It was then she stood up to move her brief case over to the door as she closed it, then over to the blinds in the window shutting them. She was much taller than me and had an amazing body. She was and athlete in collage and she always worked out with us. She moved back over to where I was setting leaned next to me and whispered in my ear, now that you seem to have perfected your talents on the boys would like to move on to higher studies?

I remember she smelled so good to me as I felt her breasts brush my shoulder as see moved away to set on the chair next to me. I never had been with another girl before and never really thought about it until just then.

My nipples had resumed their previous position hard as a rock. She sat back in her chair and looked at them asking if I was again thinking about the same thing as earlier, alluding to when I caught her looking out the office window. I did not know what to say, but it just came out, I said in a shaking voice, no I was curious about what you meant by higher studies.

She just smiled and as she leaned forward to take my hands I could see down her blouse she had on a red bra that made her breast look amazing. She pulled my hands toward her causing me to slide out of my chair to my knees. She placed my hands on each of her knees, and then slowly pulled her skirt up. I was expecting to see a matching pair of panties but she did not have any on.

She tenderly touched my face and looked at me with a grin and said I’m sure you like to play with yourself right? I gave a nod to confirm. So she said just take your time and do what makes you feel good but with your lips and tongue.

She saw my nervousness and again gently caressed my cheek and said give me a little kiss. I then slid further between her legs sliding my hands up her skirt moving it with them. I moved my head forward kissing her pussy that had just began to drip. I pulled back but felt her wetness on my lips I lick them and felt overwhelmed with excitement.

I had never came while sucking a guy, I just loved doing it but at this point I am throbbing and wetter then I have ever been. I move forward this time taking my tongue and sliding it once down the inside of her pussy and taking her wetness all around her lips spreading it all over.

I could feel her pushing her hips up toward me as I moved my tongue back up to find her clit. She moved her hand to the back of my head and gently pulled me in closer and closer as I sucked and flicked her clit. She kept pulling me closer until I could hardly breathe.

My chin was barred inside of her all wet and warm as I moving up and down vigorously. I could not stand it anymore I was going cum!

My body convulsed hard my head pushed in deeper and deeper in to her, she let out a moan and thrust her hips up hard almost causing me to lose my balance and fall backwards. I had cum so hard and was completely wet.

It was the most exciting thing I had ever done to that point and I loved every moment of it. I returned to her wet pussy licking it clean from top to bottom. She just smiled and said that I was going to enjoy lesson two next week.

I look back on that moment with such vividness relishing the idea of being taught how to please another women and how I now love to show new girls for the first time.

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