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My Teacher

Well today I’m just sitting here in class feeling bored, not being able to stay focused with the assignment as I been extremely horny all weekend long since I met this sexy older woman online. We have been texting back and forth and chatting online. We have even spoken over the phone. I smile as I remember her saying how she loved the sound of my voice, how she found my accent to be sexy, loved how soft spoken I am and how it turns her on.

So I sit in the back of the class room at an angle in view of my lovely teacher as she sits there. Standing she is 5’9 with long beautiful reddish hair. Today she wears a tight skirt that hugs her curves with a slit about mid thigh and a blouse to match. She stands from her seat and tells us we are watching a film today. I’m like great, just awesome, something else to pay attention to. Not as bad as it could be I suppose, because it could be a test or something, but whatever, I still lose focus on it. Instead I pay attention to her as she walks back to her desk. Wow, I think, look at the way she walks, so sexy, her body so tight.

I reach for my phone and begin texting while the movie plays. I text the woman I met online asking about her day and how she is feeling. She responds with how work is going for her. Her replies assure me all is fine. I text back saying I have something I want to share with her. She replies telling me to speak my mind, so I tell her that I am extremely horny today and can't stop thinking about her. She sends one back saying she has been feeling the same way today and how my voice drives her crazy. I reply telling her I wish I was near her too. I tell her I would whisper in her ear as she sits there at her desk at work. Her reply makes me smile as she texts mmmm how much she would love that and the thought of it is making her wet.

I look up to make sure my teacher hasn’t noticed me playing with my phone. I see that she’s been busy on hers as well. I continue on my phone flirting, telling her I want to rub her shoulders as I nibble on her ears and kiss down towards her neck. I look up and notice that my teacher is squirming in her chair adjusting herself. I take notice of her skirt slit, opened up over her thigh, showing it off. Mmm wow, I think, very nice legs and thighs she has. That thought is quickly followed by how I want to have a taste of her body. I feel myself starting to bulge through my pants as I let her know in text. She replies quickly. How much she would love to see that as she tells me she’s leaning forward towards her desk, squirming, squeezing her thighs together. I look at my phone and reply back.

I look up and notice that my teacher is receiving a message at the same time. I text back saying that I’m just sitting back slowly unbuttoning and unzipping my pants and reaching to release my cock from its trapped location in my boxers. I look up quickly and notice that she now has one hand inside her blouse slowly fondling her breast. She leans forward a bit more so she’s not noticed. I start telling her that I wish she could feel how my cock is wanting her, crying out for her.

She looks down at her phone. I notice how she licks her lips at the thought. She pinches her nipples and squeezes her breast. Mmm so yummy I think as I begin stroking myself in the back of the class, hoping she'll look up and catch me masturbating to her. She is so focused on her phone so my next text is: Ms Jill how’s your breast feeling?

I look up and see her look quickly around the room. I send another text come to the back of the class and sit next to me in this empty chair. I raise up the phone like I’m stretching so she can see the light and notice where I am. She comes back and sits down next to me. I place my hands on her thighs and she puts her hands on mine. I slide from her open slit to her inner thighs. She takes my hard cock in her hands.

Softly speaking the word wow as she feels the hardness and thickness, she strokes my dick up and down. My hand travels up towards her panties. I can't resist taking a look seeing she’s wearing pale pink mesh boy shorts. Feeling over it I find her clit is now nice and swollen. My finger traces down to a nice big moist spot on her panties. I slide my hand into them and feeling how smooth her pussy is as she continue to stroke my cock. I begin to finger her while the rest of the class is still watching the film. Sliding one finger in, then another, feeling how wet she becomes from my touch makes me harder. Pushing my fingers in deeper as she strokes me faster telling me how she would love to taste it.

I whisper to her feel free as I remove my fingers from her pussy. I grab her as she stands from her chair. She goes slowly to her knees with my cock still in her hands. She bends down and pushes her face into my lap, her mouth around my cock taking it in, then back out as she takes her tongue and traces circles around the head and down the shaft to my balls. She takes it into her mouth, sucking each one then back up my shaft and to the head as she begins sucking once more. I fall back relaxing into the chair with my hand on her head going through her hair grabbing it. The motions up and down up and down all over and around my hard cock, sucking faster as I push her head down further, taking every inch of me into her mouth. She gags on it as she continues sucking harder and faster. I tell her I’m going to cum, she sucks even faster as I keep her head there with my hand as my cock tightens up.

"Mmm! Ms Jill yes, oh my God, yes here I cum!" I shoot my entire load into her mouth as she swallows and sucks me dry. There’s nothing left but the tingling feeling of her tongue over my cock, taking deep breaths as she licks her lips and sits back down. I turn to her and smile as she sits back closing her eyes. Before she can reopen them I'm on my knees pushing her thighs and legs apart as I kiss from her legs up her thighs. I push her skirt up to her waist kissing and licking her inner thighs and up to her pink mesh panties kissing over them as I pull them to the side.

I begin licking her button and sliding my tongue around in circles and up and down each side, licking down her lips and slit coming back up with my tongue and sucking her clit. I take her by her waist and pull her body down towards me placing her legs over my shoulders and around my head as my face is buried into her lovely kitty. Sucking her clit I slide my tongue into her love cave, tasting her juices. She releases more and more, dripping all over my mouth. "Mmmmm baby you taste wonderful!" I praise licking her faster as she pants. Her heavy breathing and moaning pleases me even as she is trying to hold it in but she can't. She becomes louder as she comes closer and closer to her orgasm. She takes her hands and places them over my head and pushed down on me thrusting her body up into my face. Her legs tighten around my head as she screams out,

"Oh my gawd! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Yesyesyesyes!" I keep sucking her clit and sliding my tongue in as deep as I can taking her orgasm into my wanting mouth as her body falls back into the chair. Her legs relaxes as she tries to catch her breath. We must have been so into it that we never noticed that the film went off and one of my fellow class mates had turned on the lights.

The class watched our finale as we looked around the room. Everyone's jaws have dropped open in shock. They are all speechless as I lick my lips and button myself back up. She pushes her skirt back down as I smile and look at her. She looks at everyone and says, "What are y'all doing? Class is over, everyone out!" She turns to me and winks as she says, "As for you young man see me after class!"

Oops guess I’m in trouble with the teacher …

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