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Nana and Troy

How would you like to live here with me.
Nana and Troy


Nana lived in a small cottage at the end of the main roadway. She was aged about sixty-five years old and was such a sweet, old lady. One day she was out in the garden when a young lad came along and seeing her there weeding; he asked her if he could help with anything.

Nana turned around and greeted him and said that she could sure use some help with loading the leaves onto the wheelbarrow. Troy began to rake the leaves and piling them into the barrow and Nan told him that they had to be wet down and then spread onto the garden. He was happy that he could help her in this way. He was on his own and didn’t have anyone that he could relate to. His Mother and Father were both dead. As were his Grandparents on both sides. He had been an only child and so didn’t have any siblings to turn to. He felt comfortable helping the old lady.

After working about 3hours in the middle of the day, Nana stood up and told Troy to come inside for a cold drink. They both wiped their shoes at the kitchen door and she led him into the house. Nana told him to sit down and she went to the refrigerator and got them both a long glass of home made Lemonade. Troy swallowed his in one gulp and Nana poured him another. He thanked her and said that he should get going.

“Is there anything else I can help you with before I leave?” Troy asked.

Nana told him that she was going to knock off gardening now, but if he would like to come around one other day, he could maybe help her with some tree lopping.

Troy told her that he had a TAFE course for the next day, but he could come the following day.

He was doing a Mechanic’s Course at TAFE. He wanted to finish that and then become a Diesel Mechanic. He had another year to go before he finished.

Now Troy was about twenty-one years old, stood about 6’1” and was of an athletic build. He had dark brown hair and velvety brown eyes. His skin was tanned and he dressed well but not expensively. He probably got most of his clothes at the Good Samaritan Stores. Everything was looked after and in good condition.

Troy arrived at about 8am on the day he had promised to come. Nana was already up and ready for him. She had breakfast for him. She wasn’t sure, but she felt that he didn’t have any extra money and didn’t get to eat enough.

He asked her if he could change his clothes into some working gear. Nana showed him where the second bedroom was. He came out about 10 minutes later, in overalls.

Nana took him outside to where she had already marked the trees that she wanted to cut down. Troy took the electric saw and began to saw through the trunks. He advised Nana to keep back so that if one of the branches came down, she wouldn’t be hit.

He worked hard for a full three hours and by then had cut down 2 of the trees. There were still a couple to tackle.

Nana said that they had better have some lunch before any more work was done. Troy switched off the saw and laid it on the ground. He covered it with a tarpaulin so that no one would trip over it.

“You’re a very sensible boy Troy,” exclaimed Nana.

“Well Nana, we learn at TAFE about making sure that all tools are used and kept safely.”

They both went into the kitchen. Nana had already prepared a salad for their lunch. She served it with a large jug of Lemonade again. Troy congratulated her on the drink.

“I don’t think I have ever tasted a Lemonade like that before,” he complimented her.

Nana smiled and added, “Well, I have been making it for many years, so over time I have got it down to a fine art. There is a special ingredient in it; which I won’t tell to anyone.”

“Oh well, I suppose we had better get back to cutting down trees.”

Troy helped her pick up the dishes and put them into the sink. He ran the water over them and went ahead and washed them. Nana was amazed. She didn’t really expect this from him.

They both went back into the yard and continued to cut down the other two trees. Troy then gathered up all the branches, and the trunks, which had been cut to fit into Nana’s fireplace for winter. The branches were loaded into a Dumpster for removal and Troy looked round the yard and decided that he had everything under control.

It was then about 4.30pm. He had a class at TAFE that night. He asked Nana if he could possibly take a shower and change while he was there. It would save him going home and he could leave from there to go to School.

Nana was so pleased with all the work that he had done, she told him that she was also going to cook him dinner.

“So you go and have your shower, sweetie. In the meantime, I will get something to eat. It will ready for you when you finish.”

Troy went up to the bathroom and proceeded to have his shower and get dressed into his better clothes. He dropped his overalls on the floor and forgot them, in his rush.

He came into the kitchen where Nana was setting the table. She told him to sit down and bought out a large casserole dish of a Hungarian Goulash. She must have had this in mind earlier, as that was not a dish that was cooked in fifteen or twenty minutes.

“Now Troy, you have been working so hard all day, I think that you should have a good feed before going to do any study.”

They spoke together throughout the meal, learning more about each other. Nana learned that Troy lived in Bed and Breakfast accommodation on the other side of town. He didn’t have any relatives and was a loner. Troy learned that Nana was a widow and had been alone for about 20 years. She had no children and was in the same situation as he was. She didn’t have any relatives left and all her friends had since passed on. She was also a loner.

By the time the meal had finished they were both much more comfortable with each other. Troy told her that he had to go or he would be late.

Nana asked him to call around at any time. Not to work but to keep her company. He agreed that he would love to do so.

Two days later. Troy called in to see Nana. She was in bed, and not feeling very well. Troy wanted to know what he could do for her. “There isn’t much Troy, I am just getting old.”

Troy went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea and raided the biscuit tin. He took them into her bedroom and put them on the bedside table. He helped her sit up in bed, and then sat beside her and held the cup for her. She smiled at him. “What a lovely thought.”

“Well Nana, you looked after me so well on the days I came around to help you, I thought that I could look after you.”

“Troy, I have been thinking over the last couple of days. Very seriously. How would you like to live here with me? I have an extra bedroom and we are both alone, why can’t we keep each other company. Neither of us has to answer to anyone else.”

Troy thought for a few minutes. This was a big step, but he could see the sense in it. He looked up and smiled at her and nodded his head. “I would love that Nana, I’ll give my notice at the B&B tomorrow and than I can move in on the weekend. How does that suit you?”

Nana was thrilled. She knew that she had made a good move. Not only would she had a willing helper whenever it was necessary; but she would also have company, who was compatible with her and her ideas.

So Troy moved his gear in over the weekend. Nana still wasn’t feeling very well and he felt that he couldn’t have moved in at a better time. He cooked and cleaned over the weekend. He kept her supplied with cups of tea and little snacks during the days. At night he would conjure up a meal and feed it to her, spoonful by spoonful. He hovered over her like an angel.

He had to go to TAFE on Monday, so he left a small meal in the fridge for her, and set up the tea making things ready in case Nana wanted to make herself a cuppa.

He came home on Monday night, and found that she was very ill. He called her Doctor who arrived about an hour later. He recommended that she stay in bed and gave Troy a prescription to be made up for her.

After a few days, she was beginning to feel a lot better. She started to sit up on a chair in the bedroom. The next day Troy came home and found her in the armchair in the Lounge Room. She definitely looked a lot better.

By the next weekend she was just about back to her old self. She wanted to go out into the garden and do some weeding. Troy told her that she could sit in the garden but she was not going to do any work. She would tell him what was to be done, and he would do it.

After a few weeks, the two of them were both getting along so well. Troy felt as though he had known her all his life. He started to treat her like he would if she were his own Grandmother. Nana loved this.

About 3 months into the relationship, Nana fell ill again. Troy was truly worried at this. He organized to have his studies referred to the next year and decided to stay at home to look after her. She wasn’t really capable of being left on her own.

He would bathe her in the mornings and then get her breakfast. He would then change her linen every second day, so that it was fresh for her to lie in. He managed the laundry and any ironing that needed to be done. And kept the house in tip-top condition.

One morning, he decided that he was going to give her a bath. He asked her permission and she agreed. He ran the bath and then stripped her nightclothes from her. He picked her up in his strong, young arms and lowered her into the bath. He held her and helped her wash her hair and her body. She wasn’t capable of washing her privates so he held the cloth in his hand and gently passed it between her legs and over her groin.

She smiled up at him. “Troy, keep doing that, it makes me feel so good.”

Troy was beginning to harden himself. He could feel her tits rubbing against his arm. He didn’t really know how to contain this feeling. He continued to wash between her legs and his fingers gently touched her labia lips. She jumped and Troy wondered what he had done.

“It’s okay baby, I like your fingers down there – it is a long time since I have felt a man’s hand on my mound.”

“B..ut…but… Nana.”

“No buts Troy, just keep sliding your fingers up and down my clitoris.”

So Troy decided to do this the right way. He lifted her out of the tub and wrapped her in a large towel and took her back into the bedroom. He laid her on the bed, dried her off completely and pulled the bedclothes over her, “Troy, where are you going,” she cried.

“I am just going to get undressed and then I can give you all the loving that you want.”

He lay down beside her and his mouth found her saggy boobs – he suckled on them both and nibbled at the nipples as they hardened and stood out from her breasts. He followed the scraggy skin down to the mound that had started this. His fingers inserted themselves into the slit between her legs and he wriggled it around.

He continued doing this with his fingers until Nana pushed him away. “Lie down on the bed Troy, and let me do something to pleasure you. Just something I used to do for my husband when he was alive. He always enjoyed it when I sucked on his penis.”

Troy lay down. He didn’t really know what to expect from this old lady; but he would let her have her way for the time being.

Nana sat up and then bent her head over his private parts. She took his cock into her hands and gently rubbed her fingers up and down the shaft, making him feel so good. She then lowered her mouth to take him into that hot crevice and slowly began to lick and suck him. He had never had this happen before. Even though he’d had a couple of girlfriends, no one had ever given him something like this. He was in Heaven, but he felt that he was going to lose it soon. He pulled himself from her mouth and lay back. “What’s the matter Troy, don’t you like that.”

“I love it Nana, but I feel like I am going to shoot my cum. I don’t want it to shoot into your mouth.”

“Well, if that is all that is worrying you, don’t let it.” She immediately went down on him once again and proceeded to suck out every ounce of semen and swallow it.

They both lay on the bed for a full fifteen minutes. Neither one could comprehend what had happened. It all seemed somewhat of a dream; or a nightmare. Troy wasn’t sure.

Nana broke the silence by stating, “Well, it looks like I am going to have myself a Toy-boy now – and I can be your Older Woman. How does that sound to you.”

Toby laughed and replied, “I think I am getting the best of the bargain. I never thought I would end up, looking after a little old lady and end up taking her to bed. But I am very happy that we met the way we did and I stopped to help a wonderful lady.

From that day on, Nana became Gloria. Not to be called Nana again.

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