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Naughty Naughty Babysitter, Part 2

Mr Carson has Abbie the naughty babysitter right where he wants her. What shall he do with her?
For the build up to this juicy encounter, check out Part 1!

Mr Carson's first instinct was to charge in, throw that dildo aside and sink his cock into Abbie's greedy little pussy. No introductions necessary. Every nerve in his body was telling him to do it; his brain, on the other hand, was working out how to maximise his pleasure. Wait until she cums, he thought. Wait until she's cumming so hard she can barely speak.

By the sounds that were coming from the bedroom, he wouldn't have long to wait. Abbie was thrusting the vibrator deep now, one hand mauling her nipples while the other frantically rubbed her clit. In her mind's eye she could see Mr Carson on top of her; those steel grey eyes pushing her further over the edge, those strong hands doing what Abbie's hands were doing now, only a thousand times more forceful. A thousand times better. As she imagined his voice, the stern authoritarian tones in which he'd say, cum for me, she hit a peak of pleasure that made her cry out,

"Oh fuck, oh Mr're making me-"

The end of the sentence became a deep, drawn-out moan as Abbie's cunt convulsed around the vibrator. Shocks of intense pleasure flashed through her stiff nipples and her pulsing, needy clit; her hips bucked wildly as her voice became more ragged. With a short, sharp cry, she squirted her sweet juices all over the crisp white sheets. Her head hit the pillow, and as she began to lose herself in the aftershocks, Abbie barely heard the key turn in the lock. Mr Carson had time to walk to the foot of the bed and drink in the sight of his well-fucked babysitter, naked and open wide, before she opened her eyes.

"Enjoying yourself?"

Mr Carson could barely suppress a laugh as Abbie jumped like a startled rabbit. He forced himself to keep a straight face as the delicious little blonde tried vainly to cover her nakedness, throwing the vibrator into a corner of the bedroom. As his cock grew ever harder, Mr Carson said,

"Don't bother. The keyhole made sure I got a damn good eyeful."

He walked around the side of the bed, leaning in close to Abbie's quivering body. The smell of sex was heavy in the air, and Mr Carson was unable to keep the desire from his voice as he said,

"Besides, I like what I see. Craven little sluts like you shouldn't wear clothes."

There was the magic word. Slut. Abbie felt a tiny pulse of excitement in her sensitive, worn - out clit. She noticed the bulge in Mr Carson's pants for the first time, and made the decision - the frightening, pleasurable decision - to play along. Who knew where it could lead? Biting her soft, full lip, she said, "Mr, Carson, I-"

"Sir. You call me sir."

Abbie's clit sent sparks through her body again. She said in a hushed, obedient tone,

"Yes sir. Craven little sluts like me shouldn't wear clothes, sir."

"That's better." Mr Carson was rolling up his shirtsleeves, exposing his strong, tanned forearms. "You've been so very bad, slut. Sneaking into my bedroom, the bedroom I share with my wife, and playing with that tight little pussy until you mess up my clean sheets. You're lucky I don't throw you out the door naked."

He reached down and grabbed Abbie's hand, placing it firmly against the outline of his bulging cock. 
"Instead," he said, gasping as Abbie began to rub her hand up and down, "you're going to be my little whore. And you're going to start by sucking me until you're begging to be fucked by a real cock."

He kicked off his shoes, removed the rest of his clothes as quickly as he dared, all the while drinking in the sight of Abbie's firm teenage body. The hand that had been stroking his cock was now hovering at her full, juicy lips, while the other was slowly stroking its way down to her gaping pussy. When he finally stood naked before her, he saw the appreciation in her eyes.

She said, "Oh Sir, you're so -"

"No words," Mr Carson said sharply, cutting Abbie off. "You're not here to talk. Put that mouth to better use."

Inwardly reeling at the sheer eroticism of the situation, he reached one hand down to Abbie's tousled blonde curls, knotting his fingers into them. With a firm jerk, he tugged Abbie's head upward until her mouth was inches from his hard, aching cock. As he felt her warm breath roll across the sensitive head, he could only say in a low, harsh tone,

"That's right, slut...worship it."

Abbie drank in the sight of Mr Carson's naked body. Tall, well-muscled, a sparse line of black hair leading to a thick, fat cock that Abbie couldn't wait to wrap her tongue around. He may be acting like the boss, she thought with an inward smile, but then, he thinks he's seen me at my dirtiest. He doesn't know how wrong he is. She slowly pouted her lips, and gently, reverently kissed the end of Mr Carson's cock. His answering gasp thrilled her. For a few tantalising seconds she kept her lips gently pressed against the very tip of his cock, not moving, letting the sensations build.

Then, at the moment Mr Carson opened his mouth to give another order, Abbie sank her hot little mouth down onto his cock so far that it hit the back of her throat.

The effect was immediate. Mr Carson's loud, heartfelt cry of pleasure sent a shock through Abbie's clit; she began to move back and forth, flicking her tongue along his shaft, keeping her breathing steady as she drove his cock further and further down. Mr Carson's hips had began to thrust of their own accord; both of his hands were now entangled in Abbie's hair, pushing her face down onto his cock in a quick, savage rhythm that had Abbie reaching for her aching clit.

"Oh God," Mr Carson moaned, "Your throat's so fucking tight."

Abbie moaned in response; the vibrations ran through Mr Carson's cock with an electric jolt, making him thrust his hips all the faster. He wants to explode down my throat, Abbie thought - hell, I want him to cum. But not yet. She pushed back against Mr Carson's hands with a sudden show of force, letting his throbbing cock slip out of her hot, wet mouth. She said breathlessly,

"Please Sir, fuck my tits. It's going to feel so good, my big tits pushed up against your cock."

For a moment she thought she'd displeased him; he was staring at her with an inscrutable expression in those deep, dark eyes. Then he pulled her hair again, savagely lifting her to the level of his face. Abbie found herself swept up in an open-mouthed kiss of animal ferocity. Biting her bottom lip, breaking the kiss, Mr Carson said,

"I'm going to cum all over that pretty little face."

He let go of Abbie's hair, vigorously stroking his slippery cock as Abbie began to caress her beautiful breasts. Unable to stop himself, he reached out a hand and pinched one of Abbie's puffy pink nipples. Watching the babysitter's face contort with pleasure, he said, "Next time, I'm going to bit these until you scream."

Next time? Abbie smiled inwardly as she grasped Mr Carson's cock, placing the tip at the entrance of the slick channel in-between her heaving breasts. Staring into Mr Carson's eyes, she slowly licked along two of her fingers. She said, teasingly, beginning to massage the base of Mr Carson's cock with her slippery fingers,

"Looking forward to it, Sir. Now fuck my tits."

With shaking hands, Mr Carson pressed Abbie's soft breasts together. In one shuddering thrust he sank his cock into the silky flesh, gasping as Abbie licked the tip with her warm tongue. Her tits are even tighter than her throat, Mr Carson thought as his cock sawed in-between them, the friction already so intensely pleasurable that he knew he wouldn't last long.

Abbie had her eyes closed now; one hand pinching a nipple, the other dancing over her clit. She was lost in a world of filthy, slutty pleasure; it felt so good to be used again, have someone brutally take what they needed from her body. She realised that despite having climaxed only a short time ago, Mr Carson's domination was going to send her over the edge again. Frantically rubbing her clit as Mr Carson's thrusts grew faster, she cried out,

"I'm close, Sir."

Mr Carson was moaning incoherently now; the erotic build-up from the moment he'd seen Abbie through the keyhole was coming to an explosive head. As Abbie began to writhe in ecstasy, he felt his balls tighten. He said, urgently, "Open your mouth."

With a shaky cry, as Abbie's mouth opened in a cry of orgasmic pleasure, Mr Carson shot thick ropes of sticky white cum all over her face. Some landed on her quivering pink tongue, the rest covered her face in hot bursts. Some even landed on her breasts; the sight of his own cum on Abbie's perfect tits made Mr Carson spurt another jet with an uncontrollable moan.

That was how Mrs Carson found her husband and the babysitter; naked, panting, with Mr Carson's cum splattered all over Abbie's face. Surveying the scene in front of her, door key dangling from her hand, one thought rose above all others in her mind. 


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