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Naughty Naughty Teacher

Melissa cums at her desk!
Melissa stood in front of her class, lecturing on the second act of Macbeth. Just as she was reaching the climax of her explanation, her cell phone signaled a text from her desk. Without missing a beat, she glanced at the clock and noted that Shawn would just be waking up; he was working swing shift and needed to sleep in mornings. She continued to teach, asking questions, fielding answers, automatically monitoring the 30 teenagers sitting at their desks, frantically scribbling notes in preparation for the exam she was giving them tomorrow.

The other part of her brain wondered if the text was from Shawn. If it was, what might he have said? When he was in a playful mood, he often sent her naughty little messages or sexy pictures of what he'd like to do with her.

Finally, her lecture complete, Melissa directed her students to review their notes in partners. As soon as they were engaged in exploring Lady Macbeth's manipulative methods, Melissa walked back to her desk and checked her phone. Sure enough, there was a text from Shawn.

I woke up hard and wanting you.

Turning her back so her students couldn't see what she was doing—they weren't allowed phones in class—Melissa texted him back.

Stroke your dick for me and send me a picture of you cumming!

His response was almost instant. A picture of his huge, hard dick, a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip. Melissa stared at the picture, entranced. She felt her pussy get wet in her panties and squeezed her legs together, trying to get some relief.

I want that. Now! She sent back, then went back to her podium to wrap up her class, trying to ignore the desire pooled in her belly.

Shawn continued to text her sexy messages during her next class, writing in delicious detail all of the things he wanted to do to her. Melissa read them when she could and struggled valiantly to continue teaching without betraying the gnawing sexual need his suggestions had caused. Finally, the bell rang signaling lunch. Melissa gratefully waved the last of her students out and closed and locked her classroom door.

She hurried to her desk, knowing another text had come thru.

I'm going to make you cum. Today. Be ready. Melissa stared at the message, intrigued. She wondered just how Shawn planned to make her cum when she was at school and he was working. She glanced at the clock; he would be in briefing right now at the Sheriff's station, getting assigned his beat for the shift and learning any various calls that might need immediate attention. Maybe he wanted to have phone sex? The thought of doing that at her desk had Melissa blushing...and hoping. It would be so naughty!

She slipped off her damp panties and put them in her purse, hoping that he would follow through. In order to encourage him, she texted him back, I'm always wet and ready for you. Then, knowing he couldn't respond while in briefing, she slipped on her reading glasses, pulled a stack of student essays towards her and began to grade.

The ding of an incoming text interrupted her halfway through a particularly dismal essay. Grateful for any distraction—and hoping for a titillating one—she checked her phone. Then frowned. Open your classroom door. Now.

Confused, Melissa rose from her desk and opened her door. Shawn, in full uniform, slipped inside, closing the door at his back. Melissa gaped at him. He grinned back. “Hello gorgeous,” he whispered.

It took a few tries for Melissa to find her voice. “Hello yourself,” she finally managed, her wide eyes greedily taking him in. He looked so fucking hot in his uniform. It accented his broad shoulders and narrow waist and did absolutely amazing things to his ass.

“I love your sexy teacher look.” Shawn told her, closing the distance between them and sliding her glasses back up her nose. Melissa blinked at him and wet her lips. “You look so prim and proper. It makes me want to mess you up.” He leaned down and kissed her, his sensual lips molding hers, his hands finding her hips. As always, it took only the slightest touch and Melissa was lost in the pleasure he always brought her. She reached up, trying to wrap her arms around him without hitting his radio. She pressed her body against him and was met with the hard shell of his kevlar vest, his duty belt poking her in her belly. She let out a breathless giggle of frustration.

“Hard to feel you when I have all of this on,” he commented ruefully, his dark brown eyes warm with amusement and desire. He took her hand and led her back to her desk, seating himself in her chair. He glanced at the stack of essays, noting the plentiful red marks on the one she'd been grading. “Grading going well?”

“These aren't the best efforts I've seen,” Melissa responded, settling herself on his lap, careful to avoid his leg holster with his duty weapon. Shawn ran his callused palm up her bare leg, pushing her dress high on her thighs. Melissa purred in pleasure and wiggled her ass on his lap.

“Did you like your texts?” Shawn asked, his lips close to her ear.

“Mmmm....” Melissa responded, spreading her thighs in invitation.

Shawn used his free hand to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. “And would you like to cum today?” His voice, deep and rough with desire, had Melissa's pussy tingling with excitement.

“Yes. Oh please, yes,” her voice was soft, breathy with a heady mix need and fear at what they were doing. She would SO be fired—in disgrace—if they were caught. Somehow, that only made it more exciting.

Shawn's hand moved higher up her leg, brushing lightly against the small patch of curls just above her clit. She kept the rest of her pussy shaven, just as Shawn liked it. Melissa moaned in pleasure.

“Are you my dirty little girl?” he asked, feeling her curls get wet. He still hadn't touched her directly, keeping his touch light and teasing.

“Yes, I am. I love being your dirty girl,” she gasped out, trying to keep her voice soft so that they wouldn't be heard outside her door. Lunch was over—it was now her free period-- and the halls should be deserted, but there were always errant students and other teachers on their free periods wandering the halls. Thankfully, the window on her door was covered over with a poster. It was school policy to obscure the view windows on classroom doors for safety purposes—they didn't want anyone to see if students were in the room in case a shooter came on campus—but right now she was appreciating the privacy for an entirely different reason.

Shawn caught her nervous glance at the door and punished her by withdrawing his hand. “You have to be naughty for me if you want to come,” he admonished. “Have we found your boundary, Melissa? Or are you dirty?” He left his hand tantalizingly on her upper thigh, stroking her soft, smooth skin.

Melissa moaned in disappointment and tried to squirm closer to his magical fingers, her body tight with the need he had already ignited. “NO, it's not a boundary!” she gasped, “Please, Shawn, please...”

“Good girl,” he crooned and rewarded her by thrusting his fingers suddenly deep inside her. Melissa cried out. “Hush, baby, you have to stay quiet” Melissa's head dropped back on his shoulder, her back arched to avoid his duty belt, causing her hips to thrust forward and giving him perfect access to her sweet spot deep inside. Moving his hand in a steady rhythm, he stroked that spot that she loved, feeling her pussy get wetter and wetter and clench around him.

Melissa was breathing quickly, her cheeks flushed, her full lips parted in ecstasy. She subdued her cries. Somehow, having to remain silent made the pleasure even more intense. She was so close to cumming, her body building and building with sweet pressure.

“Cum for me, Melissa. Cum for me here, now,” Shawn urged. On his command, her body shuddered with an intense orgasm. A soft, keening cry escaped her lips.

“Again, Melissa,” Shawn demanded, sliding a second finger inside of her and massaging her spot vigorously. “Cum again. Now. Here at your desk. Cum all over my lap.” Melissa, always responsive to him, came again. Shawn felt her cum squirt out of her pussy, coating his hands and soaking through his uniform. God, she was squirting all over him, cumming again and again.

He was rock hard. As she slowly returned to awareness, Melissa felt Shawn's hard cock beneath her ass, pushing against his pants. She turned her head and kissed him passionately. Shawn slid his fingers out of her and showed her how they glistened with her cum, then slowly licked them as if enjoying the most exquisite delicacy. Melissa kissed him again, tasting herself on his lips.

She slipped off his lap and saw the huge wet spot on his thighs. She giggled. “I got you wet!”

His brown eyes sparkled, “Yes, you did. And hard.”

Melissa eyed his crotch where his hard dick was very obvious. “Let's see what I can do about that,” she replied, dropping to her knees. Her desk was just high enough for her to shimmy under it so that she was kneeling between his spread legs in her chair. Deftly, she unzipped his pants. His dick sprang free.

Melissa indulged herself for a moment, staring at his huge dick. She loved his dick. Loved to look at it, feel it, lick and suck it, take it deep inside her. She considered; she wasn't quite brave enough to fuck him here at school, but somehow sucking him didn't seem quite as dangerous.

Or maybe she was just eager for his dick.

Dropping her head, she took his dick into her mouth, savoring the tangy taste of him and the smooth glide of his hot skin against her tongue. She slid her mouth up and down his length, getting him slick with her spit. Wrapping her hand around his thick shaft, she lifted her head to look up at him. His eyes were locked on her, watching her suck his dick.

Melissa felt naughty. And powerful. She grinned up at him. “Is this a boundary for you, Deputy? Or will you let me be your dirty girl?”

“God, make me cum Melissa.” His voice was deep, strained. Melissa was thrilled; it was a heady sensation to be in control of such a strong, sexy man. She continued to stroke him with her hands, watching his eyes go deep and hooded as his desire grew.

Wanting to taste him again, she bent her head once more to his dick and licked and sucked eagerly. She was rewarded by his soft groan. She continued, her rhythm moving faster as she felt him grow harder as his orgasm built.

Suddenly, he tensed in the chair, thrust deep down her throat and moaned, “Fuck, Melissa, fuck!” His cum shot deep down her throat and Melissa swallowed, again and again, loving the feel and taste as he shot into her mouth.

Finally, she leaned back and gently wiped her lips. Shawn straightened his uniform and stood up, offering her a hand. Once again, she eyed the still-wet spot on his uniform. She giggled. He raised an eyebrow at her. “Guess I won't be making any traffic stops until that dries,” he commented sardonically.

“Lucky drivers!” Melissa replied. Shawn leaned down and kissed her gently.

“Have a lovely afternoon, dirty girl. All mine.” Melissa smiled at him. He strode out the door and she returned to her desk.

Musingly, she eyed the surface, still strewn with essays. Maybe next time, he could bend her over the desk...she thought. See what other boundaries they could push.

She definitely enjoyed being a naughty teacher.

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