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Night Time Romance | A Series of Unfortunate Events

Night time stranger turned lover
The night in question was spontaneous; I was at an old friend’s house who I hadn’t seen for about a year, with my best friend, Loz. We sat around, drinking and having a laugh whilst Loz played the guitar and sang with her cooling voice.

We ended up there purely by coincidence but I loved it. I soaked up the contented atmosphere in which I felt comfortable, even though I’d only met half the people about an hour before.

I was chatting away when I heard somebody come through the door, and I looked up, checking to see who it was because I didn’t remember noticing anyone leave. That was the first time I set eyes on you; you were a jerk through to the core.

You came in, making fun of everyone straight away, everyone except for me. After doing a sweep around the room to make sure you’d made a joke out of everyone you locked eyes with me. I expected you to comment on my height or something along those lines but you didn’t. I was ignored, charming. But as the night went on I kept catching your eye and we were drawn to each other. I didn’t know why, I hardly knew you and you were an asshole to all our friends but fuck, I loved that naughty side I could see shining through your beautiful eyes.

We got closer and closer and by midnight we were sitting in the corner away from our friends. You whispered sweet nothings into my ear, wooing me into a sense of security. I liked you, your way with words bewitched me. You talked of your friends, family and life, making me feel secure, and I talked about things I’d never talked of before. You asked questions as I ran my fingers along your face, tracing your cheek bones. You pulled me closer into the warmth of your body, our fingers intertwining whilst your crystal blue eyes stared fiercely into my emerald green ones. We could hear our friends laugh and joke at us and we played along.

We’d been drinking a lot and were both quite drunk, but the atmosphere between us was still intense. Every so often your hand would brush the top of my leg or I’d get carried away stroking your hair. We were eventually pulled away from this position by our friends though to play a game of spin the bottle.

I wanted to sit next to you, but ended up by the girls, so we sat near enough opposite each other in the large circle. Our friends were giddy and kissed passionately with one another. Even the guys were getting into kissing the other lads, maybe a bit more than the girls. The bottle landed on me a couple of times to kiss some of my girlfriends, which I could tell was driving you wild because you couldn’t take your eyes of us.

Eventually, the bottle landed on you. I wasn’t sure why but I was apprehensive about it landing on another girl, I’d only just met you and was already feeling protective. The bottle spun again, gliding past each face fast at first but losing speed after a while. Me. It landed on me. I was a happy girly. We both crawled towards each other in an instant and kneeled in front of each other.

Your large hand cupped the back of my neck and your hot lips pressed against mine sending fire burning through my body. My back arched and you leaned over me, pushing every inch of you into me. Our friends cheered but they sounded like distant echoes on mountains. I allowed my fingers to get tangled in your hair as your tongue slipped into my mouth and danced around. I gently nibbled on your lip and massaged it with the tip of my tongue. It was like being in heaven and felt like it went on for an hour but our friends pulled us away. They were jealous.

The game went on a bit longer, you kissed some girls but with nowhere near as much passion which made me feel extremely privileged. The novelty wore off and people began passing out from such large alcohol consumption.

By the time it turned 3am nearly all our friends had fallen asleep and we snuck downstairs to grab another drink. I lay on the black worn out leather, thankful of its coolness on my back, and closed my eyes thinking of the nights events. I wanted you so much; I needed to have you, for you to be mine. I slid my hand down into my black shorts and started rubbing at my clit through my black silk panties.

The drink had got the better of me and I got carried away, my breathing hitched as I rubbed more furiously at the swollen nub. I wiggled out of the shorts and carried on when I felt your big hand run up my pearly skin. I stopped everything, the embarrassment of what I was doing washed over me, paralysing me.

I opened one of my eyes to see you kneeling beside me, you were marvelling at my body and stroking up and down my legs. You caught my eye and started rubbing my clit as I had been doing previously. “I was enjoying that, why did you stop?”

I sighed and threw my head back as you plunged your middle finger deep into my pussy. You pushed deeper and deeper into me with long hard strokes making my back arch in pleasure. I felt the pressure of your lips on mine and started to kiss you passionately, the same fire returning, whilst running my fingers through your thick brown hair. You carried on making love to my cunt with your fingers hard and fast, flicking up at my g-spot and making sure every inch of my walls were touched. My juices leaked onto the sofa and you brought me to orgasm within 3 minutes, record time. My whole body shook as you went down and kissed my clit gently, occasionally flicking at it with your tongue.

I sat up and kissed you. I pushed you onto your back, preparing to return the favour. I kissed all the way down your torso to your jeans which I found were already unbuttoned. I licked from the base to the tip of head all the way around your large cock and swirled around the head. I felt the pre cum ooze from your cock and let it drip onto my boobs. I took all of you into my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down.

I knew it wasn’t fast enough so used my body to rock and pick up the speed. You ran your fingers through my thick hair and gently tugged at it whenever I paused to swirl around the head once more. I wrapped my hand around the base of your cock and began pumping up and down in time with my mouth. It was an art I’d become accustomed to and found drove every man crazy. I suddenly let go and you looked up at me shocked.



“Beg for me to carry on.”

“Please, please carry on sucking my big cock? Let me empty my cum into your mouth and all over your round tits, please!”

This was good enough for me and I went back down, starting right where I’d left off. I brought my left hand up and gently massaged your balls whilst vigorously jerking you off with my right hand and lapping hungrily at the top of your cock with my tongue. The mixture of sensations was enveloping you in paradise as you grunted and moaned my name. Your grip in my hair tightened and your cock spasmed in my mouth as stream after stream of thick cum hit the back of my throat and slid down.

It filled my mouth and I pulled away, letting one last stream hit my boobs as it dribbled from my mouth. I perched there on top of you in my thigh high black socks and black glasses watching you come down from your biggest climax yet. I stood up and pulled my shorts on and you pulled my body close to you. I fell asleep instantly in my night time lover's arms, against your warm chest, and awoke the next day cold. I turned round and realised you were gone, I checked the time and it was only 9am.

I looked around the house and realised you were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps I would see you again sometime, either way I was happy. I went back to the cum covered sofa and pulled a fluffy blanket onto my body and fell asleep again, dreaming of our antics.

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