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Nikkie - Part 3

Nikkie discovers the truth about herself
Monday afternoon I got a call from Carole asking if I was free for dinner that evening. I said I had a late afternoon lecture, but that it should be over by 6:00 pm.

“Awesome! How about if I pick you up at 6:30? Do you like sushi by any chance? A friend of mine told me about this great new place over in Bristol and I’ve been dying to try it out, but none of my friends like sushi.”

“I love sushi.”

“Great, I’ll see you at 6:30 then.”

I told Jenna I was meeting Carole for dinner, so not to wait for me for dinner after the lecture. When she asked where we were going and I told her, she went to my closet and picked through my clothes, coming up with a short, rather tight fitting skirt and a low-cut top. She pulled a bra and panties from my drawer and suggested a pair of low heels.

“I’ve heard about that place, but sushi isn’t my thing as you well know. However, everything I’ve heard has been nothing but good. You have a really good time and don’t worry about me one bit. I’ve still got a lot to do on that paper and I’m running out of time.”

“Thanks Jenna. I think I’ll clean up before the lecture, then I’ll only need to change when I get back after class. I guess I’m not sure what time I’ll be back, but I’ll be quiet if the lights are out when I get back.”

I showered and did my hair and makeup. I decided to do my nails in a different color to match the outfit Jenna had pulled out for me. By the time they were dry, I had to rush to make the lecture, arriving just before they closed the doors. The professor hated the interruptions of doors opening and closing during class, so had a strict rule about latecomers. I sat through the lecture, finding it hard to concentrate. My mind kept wandering to things Carole had said at the party, then her call this soon afterwards.

At the end of the lecture, the professor handed out a pop quiz which I finished in about ten minutes, but spent another ten minutes second guessing all my answers. I could barely remember three words of the lecture. The professor finally called time, and I turned it in, then hurried back to the dorm. I changed and touched up my makeup, barely finishing before my phone rang.

“I’m out front Nikkie.”

I did a quick spin around for Jenna who gave me the thumbs up and hurried out to the car. I got in and Carole leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. She was wearing a really cute little sundress and two inch white open toed heels.

“You look great Nikkie.”

“You too, Carole.”

“I hope you’re hungry, because this is a sushi buffet, and they have quite a variety of items. I want to try them all.”

“My appetite has been known to be quite hearty, I’m embarrassed to admit. It’s just a good thing I have a high metabolism and good genes.”

“Hey, I’m no slouch either when it comes to food, so I at least go for healthy most of the time. Anyway, we should be there in about twenty minutes. I made reservations for 7:00 pm. We can start at the appetizer bar. I hear it’s really cute. They have this conveyor belt that goes around this circular bar. As the plates go by, you grab the item off of it. They provide each patron with a tray of sauces for dipping. After that, we can sit at a table and work our way through the rest of the buffet.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun.”

We arrived at the restaurant about ten minutes early, but by the time we parked the car and walked inside, we were just a few minutes early. We still had to wait almost ten minutes before a place opened up at the appetizer bar, though we were given the option of being seated immediately. We opted to wait for the bar, since it looked like a lot of fun. After trying out a number of the appetizers, we signaled we were ready to be seated at a table.

We both made at least three trips around the buffet, taking our time in between each trip, also having several glasses of the sake that was served with the meal as well. Carole suggested a place she knew of on the way back to campus that served the best ice cream creations, or we could try another place she had in mind.

“What time is your first class tomorrow? There’s this club I go to occasionally that you might enjoy. We can dance off some of these calories we just consumed unless you have an early class.”

“I have a 10:00 am psych class, but I blow that off half the time. His tests are always strictly right out of the textbook, so attendance is not mandatory, but I do have an 11:30 lab, I can’t miss, so unless you plan on keeping me out til dawn, I’m good.”

“Well I guess I’ll just have to try to get you back before then.”

She giggled, and we drove for about fifteen minutes before she pulled into a parking lot. It was already about half full, which was a good sign on a Monday night. We parked and went inside, stopping at the bar for a couple of drinks. We found a table in the corner and sat down with our drinks. Carole pulled her chair quite close to mine; close enough so our thighs were touching. She put her hand on my leg and rubbed up and down.

We got up and danced, staying on the floor through a number of songs, finally returning to the table for a break. After about ten minutes, a slow song came on and she got up, pulling my arm. I was a bit hesitant as this was not a private party with females only, and I felt a bit self conscious.

“C’mon, let’s dance.”

“I don’t know. This isn’t like Parados. A fast dance is one thing, but this is a slow dance.”

“It’s okay. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I know you’re new to all of this. We can just talk some more and wait for some more fast dances.”

We sat and talked for awhile, watching the couples on the dance floor and at the tables. While most people in the room were mixed groups or couples, I finally noticed a few tables of all females. The next slow dance, two of them got up to dance and it seemed like no one was paying much attention. I reached out my hand. Carole smiled and took it, leading me out to the floor. She pulled me in close and we just kind of moved around in a circle. I could feel my breasts pressing against hers, and I decided it felt nice. I tucked my head into her shoulder as we finished the dance.

When the music ended, she led me back to the table, but turned around before I could sit down and kissed me hard on the mouth. She stepped back, leaned in and kissed me again, then laughed.

“Well, that’s out of the way now.”

We both laughed at that. We spent a couple more hours there, and danced several more slow dances. I got more comfortable with each slow dance we danced and by the time we were ready to leave, we were making out a little after each one. I was becoming quite aroused by this and not quite sure what would happen next. Finally Carole said we ought to head back to campus before it got too late. When we reached the dorm, she parked in a dark corner of the lot, rather than near the entrance.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself tonight, and I would love to see you again.”

“I did, and I think I would like that. I guess it was a little weird at first, especially the slow dancing, but I got a bit more comfortable with it after awhile. It’s just so all, you know, different than normal. Well, not that this isn’t normal. I mean… oh god, I’m messing this all up.”

“It’s okay Nikkie, I know what you’re trying to say. And I understand. I’ve been doing this since high school. Some of us just find out sooner than others do. It’s not a big deal that you are just discovering it now. But I sure as hell am glad I was around when you did. Or at least when you realized there was a possibility and have let yourself be open to it.”

Carole leaned over and began kissing me. Her hands explored my arms, my back and finally my breasts. I felt myself responding to her touch and kisses and felt that if I would let her, she would go further. Everything was happening so quickly, and while I actually had let Crystal play with my clit in the hot tub, making out in the car just felt, well… kind of weird.

“Please. Can we stop? I’m…”

Carole pulled back immediately.

“Of course hun. I’m sorry. It’s just that I find you sooo sexy. And it’s getting late anyway. But I’m not letting you off the hook that easy. I do want to see you again, and soon. I bet I will have some competition in that area though. I suspect as word gets around, you’re going to be a busy little girl. Now let me pull up to your entrance and let you out. but I will be calling soon.”

Carole started up the car and pulled up to the dorm entrance. I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss.

“Thanks for a great evening, and I so intend to take you up on that trip to the ice cream parlor.”

I got out and went inside, heading for my room. In a way, I hoped Jenna was still up so we could talk. In another way, I hoped she was asleep so I wouldn’t have to talk right now until I could process it all myself a little. So much had happened over the last three weeks and especially the last three days. As I approached my room, I could see the light was on which meant Jenna was still up; maybe she was too busy with her paper and I could claim I was really tired.

No. Such. Luck. She was on me before I was halfway in the door.

“So how was it? Did you have fun? How was the restaurant? It’s too late to just have gone there. Where else did you go? Did anything happen? Do you like her?”

“Whoa cowgirl. Slow down a bit. First, it was awesome, the restaurant was really good. We were there for quite awhile, there was so much food to try out. We kinda took breaks between trips for food and talked in between each course. After that, we went to a club for awhile. And yes, I like her.”

“Hey, you missed one. Did anything happen? You gonna see her again?”

“Well something sorta happened I guess. The club had dancing and we danced a lot.”

“Dancing is no big deal.”

“We slow danced several times. And after each dance we kinda kissed and made out a bit. And then when she drove me back, we parked in the back of the lot for awhile and made out a little bit more. And I do want to see her again. But it felt a little strange making out in the car in the parking lot, so I stopped her. She was quite understanding about it though.”

“I’m so proud of you. When are you gonna see her again?”

“I’m not sure. We didn’t make any plans. And besides, I’ve been out three nights in a row now. With exams coming up, I’ve got to hit the books, and I’m sure she does too.”

“Okay, but if she doesn’t at least call to talk in a few days, you should call her. In fact, you should call her tomorrow and say thanks.”

“I was planning on doing that after lab tomorrow after lab. Now, I really need to get some sleep.”

“Me too, I was just waiting up for you. I finished my paper, so do you think you can read through it for me? See if you spot anything glaring?”

“Sure, leave it on my desk and I’ll take a look.

I changed into my PJ’s and crawled into bed. So many things were going through my head and there was so much to process; Crystal, Carole, and several other girls at the two parties. Even Miranda and Kandi had both seemed interested. I thought about everything that had been happening, how my life had changed so quickly. I began to realize that the way I had felt about some things may just have been because I was with the wrong people in the past. Everything that was happening now just seemed so natural and right. In some ways, it was scary that all my expectations of what my future was going to be had changed. But at the same time, it was quite exciting. I fell asleep wondering what would happen next.

I heard Jenna get up the next morning to go for her run, but it was way too early for me. I decided to catch another thirty minutes, then get up, shower and meet her for breakfast. I set my alarm and curled back up under the covers for a bit. When it went off, I hit the snooze once, then dragged my butt out of bed and hopped in the shower. When I got back to my room, there was a note under the door addressed to me. I grabbed it and tucked it into my book and headed for the cafeteria.

When I arrived, Jenna wasn’t there yet, so I dropped off my back pack and went through the food line. I was still a little full from last night, so I skipped the eggs and just grabbed some oatmeal and fruit along with a cup of coffee. Since I usually missed lunch on lab days, I grabbed a hardboiled egg instead, and a protein bar for later. As I was heading back to the table, I saw Jenna come in and wave at me. A few minutes later, she sat down with her tray.

“How was your run? From the time, I’d say it was a long one today.”

“Yep, I felt really great after my regular distance, so I did another two miles before the cool down lap. I’m thinking of entering the half marathon next month, so really need to step it up if I want to have a decent time.”

“Well, I am sure you will be ready by then.”

Just then, I remembered the note and pulled it out to read. It was from Carole thanking me for going out with her and hoping I had enjoyed myself. Jenna made me read it to her when I was done.

“I better give her a call right now and thank her.”

I called her room but got her answering machine, so I just left a message saying last night was a lot of fun, and I would try her again between class and my lab. Jenna and I finished breakfast, then went on our way. I decided to hit the library until it was time for my class. On the way there, my phone rang.

“Hey sexy! Sorry I missed your call, but it was my turn for breakfast cleanup today, so I wasn’t near my phone. Did you get my note?”

“I did get it. And I was planning on calling you anyway to say thanks and tell you that I really did have fun. I was just a bit hesitant at first at the club, but ended up having a really good time there. And sorry about when we were in the parking lot. I just…”

“Please stop! Don’t apologize to me for that. I am the one that owes you an apology. I should have given the whole situation more thought before I acted. I just hope you can forgive me and that my stupidity hasn’t scared you off.”

“As far as I am concerned, you have nothing to apologize for. I did have fun and would love to see you again. Maybe we could hit that ice cream parlor this weekend.”

“I have to run home this weekend for my parent’s anniversary, but I’ll be back on Sunday. I was going to stay home for dinner, but maybe I’ll ask mom to make it an early one or lunch instead, or just skip it entirely and be back here by 6pm.”

“Oh, please don’t do that on my account. We can go another day, and it will be my treat. Okay?”

“All right, but let’s not wait too long. Next week one day. When are your exams?”

“My last one is on Wednesday and I have to hand in a project by Friday, but I have a good handle on it already. In fact, I am heading to the library to do a bit more research right now.”

“How about Wednesday after dinner then? We could even grab something in the food court, then go there for dessert.”

“That sounds like a plan. How about if we meet by the Spud Bar at 6? First one there should grab a table.”

“Great! See you there.”

I went into the library to do a bit of research, then headed over to class. After that, I went directly to the lab. As I was leaving the building and heading back to the dorm, a girl that had been in my orientation group freshman year came up to me. We had not really kept in touch much just finding ourselves in the same class or at the same party last year a few times.

“Hi Nikkie. Do you remember me from orientation last year? I’m Tiffany – Tiff to my friends. I heard about you and Jason. What an ass!”

“Sure I remember you. How have you been? And thanks, but I’ve decided I just need to forget about him and move on.”

“That’s good to know. After I heard that you broke up, I heard a few other things about you, so I was wondering if you wanted to go into town and catch a movie on Sunday?”

“Giggles. And just what rumors have you heard?”

“Oh my god! I hope I haven’t overstepped or misheard. I really apologize if I did. I’m sorry.”

“I’m just teasing. I can guess what you’ve heard and I suppose it’s true to an extent. It’s all new to me, so I am just kind of feeling my way here.”

“Now it’s my turn to giggle. I’d love to feel your ‘way’, whatever it is. So you are kinda checking us girls out then? One of my friends said they thought they saw you at the CDO party last weekend. You know how these things get around on a small campus like this.”

I turned a bright red at her comment. I wondered if this is how it was gonna be. It had been a long time since I had been asked out on dates, and even in high school, guys weren’t beating my door down. Do I accept all offers? What if I don’t want to go, how do I say no nicely? I could see I was going to need to talk more to Jenna.

“What movie were you thinking of?”

“Avatar is playing at the two dollar theater, or the new one with Matt Damon is playing at the Cineplex. There are other choices too, if you don’t like either of them. I can pull it up on my tablet.”

“Uhm, sure. Avatar sounds good. I’ve been wanting to see that.”

“Okay, let me see. It’s playing at 1:00 and 3:30.”

“The 1:00 sounds good.”

“Great, I’ll stop by about 12:30 and pick you up.”

The rest of the week went by fairly uneventful. A few more girls I knew from some of my classes expressed their sympathy at my break-up and a couple of guys told me they thought Jason had been a real jerk. Apparently, he was getting a hard time from a lot of people to the point where he was keeping an extremely low profile. For my part, I just wanted to forget it. And I was a little relieved that no one else asked me out, though there was some definite flirting going on. Jenna and I had a few chats about it and her best advice was to go ahead and enjoy the attention and go out with anyone I found interesting, but to not feel obligated for a second date if there was no chemistry.

On Sunday, Tiff picked me up and we went into town. I wanted to go Dutch, but she wouldn’t hear of it, especially since it was only two dollars. I gave in, but insisted on getting the popcorn and sodas. During the movie, she reached over and held my hand a few times. I was still a bit uncomfortable about doing these things in public, but it felt kind of nice so I let it be. On the way back, we stopped at a café for a cup of coffee, then headed back to campus. When she dropped me off, she leaned over and kissed me.

“I sure hope we can get together again soon.”

I smiled at her as I got out of the car and went into the dorm to prepare for the week ahead. Exam week was hectic, but by the time I took my last exam, I felt pretty good about how I had done. My project was also completed and ready to turn in. Jenna and I always gave each other’s papers and projects a once over, so I was just waiting for her to take a look at it. After my last exam, I headed back to my room to get ready for my date with Carole. I decided on a pair of jeans and a short sleeve pullover sweater.

After getting the final fashion approval from Jenna, I headed over to the food court, arriving about five minutes early. Carole spotted me before I saw her and waved me over to the table. She stood up and kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue brushing them softly. I found myself kissing her back, until I realized where we were; then I pulled back a little.

“Sorry, I keep forgetting, but every time I see you, I just want to do that! And I forget, you’re probably not ready to be quite so public about it.”

“It’s okay, you just kind took me by surprise. Jason and I used to kiss and make out in public. I just need to get used to kissing a girl. It feels a little different, but it really isn’t that different in the long run I guess. Anyway, let’s get some food. I’m thinking something light so I have room for a nice hot fudge sundae or a banana split.”

We decided on a small salad for each of us, then spilt a chicken breast and cottage cheese plate. We exchanged some small talk about school and how we felt we had done on our exams. Carole said he had one more exam tomorrow afternoon, but she was carrying an A in the class and had no worries about the test. She told me that she had realized at an early age that she preferred girls and had her first girlfriend when she was in high school. She also assured me that the fact I was just discovering this was really not all that unusual.

We sat around a bit longer to let our food digest, then headed to Carole’s car and drove to the ice cream place. There were so many yummy things on the menu that I had a hard time making up my mind but finally settled on something called a French Vanilla Kiss sundae, which was French vanilla ice cream with chunks of Hersey’s kisses, covered with hot fudge and topped with whipped cream and a large fresh strawberry. Carole got a scoop of Sublime Fantasy and one of Melons de Adels covered with pineapple sauce.

We each tasted the other’s choices, laughing and giggling about funny names for ice cream flavors, coming up with some rather racy ones. When we were done, Carole suggested going back to the sorority house so we could talk some more. I was really having fun, so I agreed, I think kind of hoping somewhere in the back of my mind that something more might happen.

We went into the CDO house and downstairs where the party had been held. The room had been rearranged into several cozy sitting areas. There was a larger area on one end with a TV and a smaller one on the opposite corner, also with a TV. A couch was set up in another corner. There was a group of about five girls sitting in the larger area watching a sitcom. The rest of the basement was unoccupied.

Carole led me over to the couch in the corner and pushed me down. She leaned over and started kissing me, her hands rubbing up and down my back. When her tongue again pressed against my lips, I parted them, allowing it to swirl around mine. I leaned back and she followed my body down. I felt myself reaching for her breasts through her blouse as I turned on my side. She entwined her legs with mine as we lay side by side making out. I was rubbing and squeezing her breasts through her shirt and could feel her nipples responding.

“Let’s take this to my room.”

Carole took my hand and led me out of the basement up a back staircase to the second floor where her bedroom was located. As soon as she shut the door, she was pulling my sweater off, and I was reaching to undo my bra. She cupped my breasts and took one in her mouth. The feel of her tongue licking the tip of my nipple while her teeth pulled on it and her hand squeezed my breast was exquisite. She repeated that on the other side while I held her head to my breast. My head rolled back, and my eyes were closed just enjoying the feelings coursing through my body.

The next thing I knew, she was guiding me to her bed and removing her clothes. I found myself undoing my own jeans and stepping out of them, along with my panties. She pushed me down and lay next to me, her hands roaming over my body, caressing it softly her hands slid down my back and cupped my ass. I reached for her tits and began massaging them while my finger and thumb softly pinched her nipples. I was definitely getting a response and felt my body responding to her as well.

Her kisses were getting more urgent as her hand slid between my legs, finding my clit as I spread my legs slightly. She began kissing down my body, stopping and giving each breast a bit more attention. Finally sliding down, her mouth found my clit and sucked it into her mouth while her fingers slid up and down my slit. I heard myself moan loudly as she pushed a finger inside me. I arched my back, forcing my hips up into her mouth and hand. Carole responded by pushing her finger in deeper and twisting it around.

Her tongue on my clit was sending a series of waves through me that felt like an electric shock with each lick. She soon added a second finger, and I could feel the wave building inside me. As I got closer to the edge, my entire body tensed and Carole intensified the speed of her licking and her fingers moving in and out of me. Suddenly, the orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. Spasm after spasm hit me, my pussy walls alternately gripping her fingers and relaxing. My back arching and hips bucking, but Carole somehow managed to keep her lips locked around my clit.

She slowly brought me down, then slid her head back up to mine and kissed me again. Her fingers were still inside me, just moving around slowly. It felt wonderful, and also had the effect of keeping me aroused. It suddenly dawned on me that I had no clue what to do next. Then Carole took my hand and moved it between her legs. She rubbed my fingers up and down a bit until I pushed two fingers inside her pussy. It was warm and wet and surrounded them immediately. I mimicked what she had done to me, using my thumb to rub her clit.

My other hand went to her breast and began to massage it. She began to moan softly. I slid my head down and began to suck on her other breast and teased her nipple with my tongue. Her hips began riding my fingers, and I twisted in a third finger. Her moans got louder and soon her body tensed. One of her hands pushed down against my head while the other hand was on mine hurrying the pace.

“Ooohh yesss!”

She pushed hard against my hand as her hips arched high in the air, then began jerking up and down. My fingers continued moving in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit until she finally pushed against it to stop me. I was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her nipple and breast in my mouth, so I continued, switching from side to side. Finally, she pulled my head up and raised hers to give me a kiss. Carole looked at me and laughed.

“Are you sure you’re really new to this?”

“Oh my god! I had no idea what to do until you took my hand. The rest just sorta happened.”

“Well sweetie, I don’t think you are going to have any problems in that arena if that was your first shot!”

We lay there cuddling for awhile until Carole suggested going down to the hot tub for a bit. She said she had a suit I could use if I really felt uncomfortable, but most of the time, no one used a suit in there except during parties when there were a lot of guests around. I finally agreed, and she gave me a robe to wear. We headed down the back staircase again and out the patio door. As we reached the basement, we ran into Crystal, who was also heading for the tub.

I got embarrassed as soon as I saw her, for several reasons. I was naked and headed to the hot tub where she had played with me, and it was with someone else. And was sure she would guess that Carole and I had just had sex. Was I going to get a reputation as a slut?

“Well, hello there. How is the newbie doing today? Nice to see you back here, though I’m not surprised at all.”

Crystal winked at Carole when she said that, and I am sure all my blood rushed to my face. I was about to turn and run when each of them took a hand and pulled me to the tub, which was completely empty. They took off their own robes, undid mine and slipped it off, pulled me into the tub and sat down on either side of me. They each put an arm over a shoulder and planted a kiss on each cheek.

“So Nikkie, how are things going? Have any of the questions in your mind gotten answered over the last few weeks?”

“Well Crystal, it has certainly been interesting.”

I glanced at Carole and turned red again.

“First, I am amazed at the support I have gotten from people I don’t even know, or barely know. And second, I can’t believe how many girls have hinted they want to hook up, or say they flirted with me last year. As for what I have learned? Some, but mostly that I think I have a lot more to learn. But I sure am enjoying the studies!”

All three of us laughed at that. We sat around for awhile in the hot tub, then the three of us went back upstairs to Carole’s room where we had a ‘study’ session. The remainder of the semester, I had several more ‘study’ sessions with Carole and Crystal, sometimes together, sometimes ‘private’ sessions. I dated several other girls, and just before classes let out for the summer, I met the woman that turned out to be the love of my life.

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