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My neighbour comes to the rescue again
I jumped at the chance when my agent asked me if I wanted to be Miss July in a 2013 calendar. It was going to be naughty rather than full on erotic and each month would feature a model in some sort of uniform. I was given the choice between police woman or nurse. I quite liked the idea of police woman but I thought my voluptuous figure was more suited to the latter. I’ve actually fantasised about being a naughty nurse on more than one occasion so I plumped for that option.

I’m not sure if it had to be bespoke, but I was sent round a couple of weeks earlier to be measured up at the outfitters. I was delighted to be declared an E cup, since Marks and Spencer had told me I was a double D. I had a choice of white with pink or blue trim. I opted for blue, simply because I thought that would go better with my blonde hair. So I went away, leaving them with my stats of 32 - 28 - 34.

My costume was delivered on the Friday along with a note asking me to try it on, just to make sure it was the proper fit. Everyone wanted each month’s girl to look spot on obviously. Well, I guess it was a bit tight on top and I couldn’t fasten the top two buttons. My boobs were doing their best to remain under control, but inevitably spilled through the gap in my uniform. Maybe I would need a bigger bra but it would do for now. I looked back into the mirror. My bum looked like someone had wrapped up a pair of giant peaches in white cotton. My black stockings and suspenders completed the look, and the skirt was at the perfect height leaving a teasing inch of white thigh below the hem.

I don’t think I would have got far in a hospital before I gave every male pensioner a heart attack but for a girly calendar, I was perfect. Just as I thought everything was going smoothly I came to take it off. It worked by zipping up at the side and buttoning at the top. Except that I had somehow got my suspender belt caught in the zip. I pushed and pulled this way and that but it just wouldn’t budge.

If it had been a week earlier I would have been in a right fix, but my neighbour across the hall had just returned from a long trip to Europe and I was sure he would have some pliers or something to help me out of my tightly fitting costume. I just hoped he was in.

I knocked on his door and waited with my fingers crossed. I sighed with relief as I heard the key turn. He opened the door and looked me up and down.

“Hello. It’s me again,” I said.

“Danielle. You’re a nurse!”

“I know and I’m stuck!”

His eyes didn’t so much undress me as go into X-ray mode.

“Well come in!” He said, enthusiastically.

“Did you have a good trip to Europe?” I asked.

“Oh…ummm what? He said, with his eyes still glued to my cleavage.

“You went to Europe? Was it good?”

“Oh yes yes…thank you!”


“So are going to tell me why you’re dressed as a nurse?” He asked.

“It’s for a calendar I’m involved in, for next year. I was just trying it on.”

“And you’re stuck?”

“Yes, my suspenders are fast in the zip.”


My neighbour had a far away look in his eyes when he said the word ‘suspenders.’

“Yes, I think it’s a bit tight to be honest, what with my boobs and everything.”


“Yes! Stop repeating everything I say!”

“Sorry Danielle, I’ll just get some pliers. Oh I’m neglecting my manners. Do you want a coffee?”

“Yes please.”

I waited and sat on his sofa as I heard him fumble around in his tool chest. He came back with a fine pair of pincers and asked me to stay still while he gently prised the zip away from the black lace of my suspender belt.

“There!” he said. “No damage.”

“Ah thank you so much!” I said, gratefully.

The whiff of fresh coffee began to waft through and he came back with two cups.

“There you go babe.”

“Thank you.”

“You make a good nurse Danielle!”

“I do?”

“Yes! If I came to you for a check up, I think I would fail on the blood pressure!”

“Hey naughty!” I said, reproachfully, but feeling a teensy bit turned on.

“Sorry, you just look so darned sexy!”

“I don’t know! What is it with men and nurses!”

I took a sip of my coffee and looked at my handsome neighbour over my cup. I could feel my nipples becoming a little erect as a naughty idea occurred to me.

“Don’t look at me like that Danielle!”

“Like what?!” I said.

He shook his head and we looked at each other, each trying to read the other’s thoughts.

There was no doubt what was on his mind. He had helped me with my zip. I suppose I owed him a little favour. It couldn’t do any harm.

“Hmmm as I’m in my uniform, I don’t suppose you want me to give you a little check up?”

He almost choked on his coffee and stood up trying not to spill any more hot drink down his shirt.

“Well now you mention it, I do have this little problem,” he said.

“Oh? And what might that be?” I asked.

“The thing is nurse. Whenever I see a nurse, I get a bit you know…”

“No. Explain further please.”

“I get unwanted erections.”



“Hmmm…can you pop it out, and I’ll take a look.”

He looked down at me as I sat on his sofa and I looked up expectantly. As he unfastened his belt and drew down his flies my heart did a little flutter. I licked my lips as he rolled his boxer shorts down. His cock was three quarters hard and growing by the second.

“He does look excited doesn’t he!” I said.

My neighbour took a deep breath and I noticed that he was trembling from head to toe. I stroked the inside of his legs and then the back of my hand brushed his balls before stroking the underneath of his shaft.

“Oooh… that’s not helping is it?”

“No!” He said, as his cock instantly became rock hard.

I knelt on his sofa so I could look down on his nob end and gave the foreskin a gentle stroke with my index finger. I tiny amount of precum leaked from his slit.

“I’m just going to try something,” I said.

I took a mouth full of coffee. As soon as I had swallowed the hot beverage I leant forward and took the tip of his penis into my mouth. He let out a loud yelp of pleasure as my hot mouth half burned his cock.

“Better?” I asked.

“Yes… and no.” He said.

I took another slurp of coffee and then took another gobble of his throbbing dick. He yelped again and then sighed deeply as I began to take him deeper and deeper into my mouth. I tickled his balls with my finger tips at the same time. He groaned satisfyingly as my soft lips gently stroked the outside of his reddened penis, which was twitching with each beat of his heart.

My eyes gazed up into his, and I began to undo the rest of the buttons on my tunic. I was in one of my favourite lacy pink bras. I reached round the back and unclipped the three fastenings. My boobs were particularly full and my nipples stiff like little bullets. They’re always like that when I’m due on and I longed to have them sucked. They felt beautifully sensitive.

I got my neighbour to sit down and I rubbed my tits all over his face squeezing them around his cheeks and nose. He moaned helplessly but closed his eyes as I offered my left breast to his lips. He took my tender pink nipple into his mouth and sucked on it softly.

“Hmmm… that’s it baby! And the other one!”

I continued to flick the end of his rigid member as he sucked on my breasts. His cock was pointing upwards like a tent peg between his legs. He was so enjoying sucking on my boobs I could have let him sit there forever, just suckling them.

It was time to finish him off. I had him stand up again and I sat on the sofa with my head level with his cock and took him into my mouth again. I allowed him to fuck my hot, wet mouth, letting him control the speed as I wanked his cock. He was breathing deeply through his nose as I sucked him off. I felt so horny being his naughty nurse. I made sure his cock was properly wet; drooling my saliva over the end and then licking it off. My tongue toyed with his banjo string for a while and then I sat upright and wanked him faster and faster. I drizzled my spit over the end again making his tool wonderfully slippery, until I felt him get harder and bulge at the end. I looked up into his lust-filled eyes as I aimed his cock over my boobs. As he groaned and snarled I watched a fountain of white cum spill out and spatter my tits. His cock twitched like a fireman’s hose as more and more hot cum shot out, glazing my boobs until they were covered in his spunk. I licked and sucked the end of his dick, making sure every last drop was out and then I licked him clean, swallowing the remnants of his ejaculation.

“Wow! Danielle!”

“Hmmm… I know!”

I smiled a broad smile. I just hoped none had gone on my uniform. How would that look!

He handed me a few tissues before I put my bra back on. I needed to ring the agency to give them the news that my uniform was good to go.

“OK…well thanks for the help with my zip,” I said.

“No problem blondie. Any time!”

You can’t beat good neighbours!

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