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Office Tryst

The day starts off as any other work day. I wake up to the sound of the alarm but hit the snooze button a couple of times before mustering the strength to get out of bed. Fall has just started and it is still dark when it is time to get up. I start my daily routine. Have my morning pee, have my shower, get dressed, have my breakfast and leave for work.

As I make my way to work, I start thinking about what the work day will bring. I am a federal government employee and a member of a small team responsible for supporting and maintaining several corporate IT systems.

As I do every morning, I check my emails to see if there's any urgent matters that need my immediate attention. I am pleased to see that there was no such email waiting for me in my inbox but another email catches my eye. The email is from a woman called Kate who works in the business analysis section.

The first thought that comes to mind is "why is she emailing me?" She has never sent me a message before nor have I had any previous interactions with her. I open the email and read it attentively. Kate is requesting a meeting with me to discuss the decommissioning of a legacy system. Normally, I cringe when I am asked to attend a meeting but this meeting request puts a big smile on my face.

From what I know, Kate is a beautiful woman with long straight black hair, light blue eyes and a great looking body. I've seen her around the office a few times. Her name has been mentioned on numerous occasions during typical guy conversations about women working in the building.

Our office is in the midst of funding drive for local charities and the team members and I have often mentioned that selling an 'Office Girl' calendar would be a great way to raise money. There are many great looking women that work in the building that would make excellent candidates for this calendar and Kate would definitely be one.

I reply to Kate's email informing her that I would gladly meet with her and provide whatever information or services she requires. A few moments later, I receive an appointment request scheduled for the afternoon and the meeting is to take place in my cubicle. I have never been so eager or happy to accept a meeting request.

As I visualize this gorgeous woman in my head, I look around my office and notice how messy it is. Loose paper is strewn everywhere and CDs, computer hardware, pens and numerous other items are littering my desk. I work among other guys and seldom receive visitors in my office therefore I've never had the need to keep a tidy cubicle. I take the time to clean my office and in no time, my desk is cleared of items and no longer looks cluttered.

Shortly after 1, someone knocks on the wall of my cubicle. I turn around and see Kate standing in front of me holding a notepad and printed documents. My recollection was right! She had long black straight hair but had it wrapped in a bun. I caught myself getting lost in her beautiful blue eyes.

Her skin tone was dark as if she just came back from a vacation down south. Although she is wearing professional business attire, she looks hot. She is wearing a charcoal colored skirt that ended just above the knee and a matching jacket. The skirt was the perfect height as it shows off her toned legs. She has high heels on which accentuated her calves. Under the jacket, she wore a burgundy v-neck button-down blouse.

Judging by the way her blouse was straining the buttons, she either wore a size too small or she must have nice size breasts.

"Hi, there! You must be Kate," as I stand up from my chair and reach out to shake her hand.

"Yes I am," she responds. Although her hands are very soft, she gives me a solid hand shake.

"It is nice to meet you Kate," as I beam a smile in her direction.

"Likewise," she replies as she returns the smile.

"How can I be of assistance?" as I pull out a chair and offer her to sit down at a small table that I have in my office. She starts explaining how she was assigned a task of analyzing some of the applications that are used in the business and determine if any of them can be decommissioned. She needs someone from IT to confirm the impact of removing a particular system and what would be required to do so.

She pulls out the printed document that she had brought with her and turned to a page that contained a diagram. She starts going over the system components and its dependencies of other systems.

At some point, I start losing interest in what she is saying and start focusing on her. I look at her hair, her eyes, her skin and head down her body. What I see next makes my heart skip a beat. The way that she was sitting and hunching over the table caused her blouse to open at the neck exposing the top of her breasts. Her black lacy bra is clearing visible. I could not stop looking down Kate's blouse.

A small bulge starts forming in my pants as naughty thoughts appeared in m head. The only thing I could do was to sneak some peaks when I thought it was safe to so do. As I sneak another peak, I start wondering if she has matching panties which makes me look a little longer than I should. This is when it happens! I look back up and she looking straight at me.

"Oh shit, I am in so much trouble," is the first thought that comes to mind. I was sooo caught. I sat there, speechless, too scared to move or say something. I expected the worse. I slap across the face? A verbal tongue lashing? A rapid exit from my office? A reprimand?

But No! To my surprise, Kate simply shakes her head, smiling, straightens herself up and resumes going over her document. A sense of relief came over me but also a sense of confusion. "Hmmm, what just happened here," I thought to myself. I was clearly caught but she didn't get angry. She didn't even say anything. Perhaps she doesn't mind or likes this sort of attention.

In any case, that experience set me straight and helped me refocus on what she was saying. After going through the document, I explained to Kate what the possible impacts would be and started identifying the required steps. The whole time, I made certain to only look at Kate's eyes or the document on the table. There is something that isn't clear and ask her to pass the document over to me so that I can have a closer look.

As she hands it to me, she accidentally drops the pen she was holding which hits the floor and rolls under the table. The gentlemen that I am, I get off my chair, get down on my hands and knees and crawl under the table to fetch the pen. As I crawl out from under the table, I notice that I am at eye level with Kate's legs.

Sadly her legs are closed and I cannot see anything. All of a sudden, her legs spread open giving me a great view of her panties. I was so surprised, so caught off guard, that I got up too quickly and hit my head hard under the table.

"Are you ok?" she says while putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Yes, I am fine. Thanks," I say to her while pretending nothing has happened. As I stand up and hand the pen back to her, I notice that she has a sly smile on her face.

Kate raises her arm and looks at her watch. "Oh shoot! Listen, I gotta run to another meeting. Can we continue this another time?"

"Sure," I say already looking forward to the next meeting.

"Great then. I'll setup another meeting," she says while gathering all her things. As she leaves my office, I tell her it was nice meeting her. She retorts by saying "It was really nice meeting you."

After she leaves, I sit back down on my chair and asked myself "What the fuck just happened here?" I recount what had just transpired. Did she intentionally spread her legs for me?

For the rest of the afternoon, very naughty thoughts are running through my mind. Me, under the table, my head between Kate's lovely legs, eating her out. Kate kneeling between my legs as I am sitting, giving me a mind-blowing blow job. Kate, propped up on my desk, legs spread eagle as I am wildly fucking her.

These thoughts give me a huge hard-on. I decide that I'd better stop since the huge bulge in my pants would be hard to conceal. Last thing I need is to have a surprise visitor come to my office.

To help take my mind off things, I go down to the coffee shop to have a little break. Although I am still thinking of Kate, the people around me keep my excitement level low. After my 20 minute break, I return to my desk and check my emails. To my surprise, I see another meeting request from Kate. I open it and read it attentively when I notice something odd about the meeting request.

She is requesting a meeting at 4:30PM. Kind of late in the day to have a meeting! I assume that she has a strict deadline to get this analysis done and that this is the only free time she has. As I did for the first meeting request, I gladly accept.

It is 4:25pm and I make my way to my follow-up meeting with Kate. I take a few flights of stairs to a floor that I am not very familiar with. I follow the numbers on the doors which leads me to a room at the end of a hallway. As stand in front of the doorway, I notice that this is not a meeting but some sort of office supply room. I double-check the location of the meeting request on my mobile device and the number on the door.

I do have the right room. I take a few steps in and see several supply cabinets, stacks of printer paper boxes, tele-conference equipment and other items you would typically find in a supply room. I was standing there, puzzled when, all of a sudden, I hear someone say “psst!” I turn around and there is Kate behind a huge cement pillar, leaning against a filing cabinet.

I say hello but she presses her index finger against her lips motioning me to be quiet. I stand there excited yet stunned and confused as I am not certain about what is going to happen next. Kate walks passed me, shuts the door and turns to face me. A devious smile appears on her face again. She walks towards me, puts her arms around me and presses her full lips against mine.

I wrap my arms around her waist and passionately kiss her back. Both our tongues start exploring each others mouths. The temperature in the room appears that have risen a few degrees. I let the lust for sex take me over. I let my arms drop until both my hands are cupping her ass. I muffled moan can be slightly heard coming from her mouth.

We make out for a few moments longer when she eventually breaks our embrace. She leans in and whispers in my ear, "Did you like what you saw earlier today?" I nod as I smile. She puts both her hands on my chest and shoves me backwards. I stumble backwards until I am stopped by the wall behind me.

"What the fuck?" is my first thought. Is this it? Is she cruelly teasing me? Why the hell did she stop? I am relieved when Kate approaches me, kneels down and start tugging at my belt. Perhaps the shove was her way of asserting herself, letting me know that she is in control? She unlatches my belt buckle, pulls down my zipper, reaches in my pants and pulls out my cock. My cock was already hard but her touch makes it as hard as a rock.

She inspects it, gives it a few strokes, rubs it against her cheek to feel its smoothness and emanating heat. She sticks out her tongue and licks my cock from the base of the shaft all the up to the tip. She popped the tip of my dick into her mouth and lets her tongue dance circles around it. I close my eyes and enjoy the wonderful sensation she is giving me.

At this point, I am in complete disbelief. Nothing like this ever happens to me. This was to be an ordinary day and here I am, in a room with a gorgeous woman with my cock in her mouth. She takes a few more licks to get my cock all wet with saliva before slipping my entire length into her mouth. This drives me crazy! She holds it for a few moments then pulls out of her mouth.

She gives it a few more strokes and goes back down on me. She is giving me the best blow job I have ever had. She is sucking my cock like there is no tomorrow. It does not take long before I get the urge to cum but I manage to resist. Kate is on a mission! She starts bobbing up and down my cock faster now while applying more pressure when stroking me. Not wanting this to end too quickly, I muster the strength and I refrain from cumming.

She is surprised that I haven't blown my load yet and she senses that I was resisting. She doesn't like not being in control. With her free hand, she pulls my pants down further to get better access to me. Without me noticing, she gets her finger nice and wet, either from her mouth or from between her legs, and places it at the entrance of my ass. She slowly eases her digit into me. Ass play is foreign to me but quickly started enjoying the sensation.

Her mouth on my cock and her unexpected finger milking my prostate proved to be too much. I start grunting as stream after stream of hot cum jets out of my cock into her mouth. She strokes and milks my cock as I have a mind-blowing orgasm. She swallows every little bit of my cum without spilling a single drop. That was incredible. I have never come that hard in my life. I feel spent, weak at the knees and slump down against the wall.

Kate is not done with me yet. She grabbed my shirt in her fist and pulled me back up on my feet. She let go of my shirt and starts walking backwards until she reaches a one meter high filing cabinet. She bends down and grabs the hem of her skirt and pulls it up.

Using her thumbs, she hooks the elastic of her black lace panties and pulls them down. She once again lifts the hem of her skirt and sits down on the filing cabinet, legs spread with one foot propped up. Her beautiful pussy is in full view. She is completely shaven except for a little landing strip above her pussy.

With her index finger, she motions me to come closer. I get the hint. I step out of my pants that are around my ankles and walk over to Kate. I kneel down and put my head between her legs. I take the time to take in her aroma. I use my index finger and start playing with her pussy.

She lets out a small moan as I insert a finger into her cunt. She is dripping wet. My finger enters her without any resistance. I have to taste her. I remove my finger, I stick out my tongue and give her a lick from her asshole all the way to her already swollen clit.

Another moan slips from her mouth. She grabs the back of my head as I lick and suck her clit. From time to time, I slip my tongue deep into her pussy but quickly return the attention back to her clit. In no time, I feel her body tense up and her pussy contracts as an huge orgasm takes her over. I dip two of my fingers into her hot pussy and they come back out completely drenched.

When her orgasm finally subsides, she grabs my head with both hands, forces me to look up at her and mouths the words, “Fuck me!”

No need to tell me twice. Going down on Kate gave me the chance to get hard again and I am ready for action. I stand up and help Kate to her feet. I spin her around and have her bend over the filing cabinet with her legs spread wide. I step in and rub my cockhead up and down her pussy to get it nice and wet.

I place the tip of my cock at her warm and wet opening and push my way in. In one stroke, I am balls deep into her pussy. She is nice and tight! I place my hands on either side of her hips and start fucking her doggie-style.

At first, I am fucking her nice and slow. I pull out of her until my cock is almost out of her pussy and push all the way back in. With each thrust, I can feel her clamp down on my dick. The feeling is incredible. Both of us are uttering quiet moans as my dick goes in and out. I slowly increase the pace as I feel another orgasm building. Kate feels the same as she reaches behind, grabs my ass and motioned me to fuck her faster and harder.

I comply and fuck her with the intensity and speed that she desires. I am very close to cumming and want her to cum at the same time. I lift one of my hands to my mouth and get the index finger nice and wet. I place the finger at the entrance of her anus and start massaging her butthole. Kate clearly loves this ass play. While I am still fucking her, she shifts backwards which makes my digit penetrate her ass.

This brings her over the edge as she start coming all over my dick. Her pussy is contracting uncontrollably and tightens around my cock. I am at the verge of cumming myself. 

I remove my finger from her ass, grab her hips with both hands and plunge my cock deep into her pussy as I come. I pull out slightly and slam back into her cunt as each stream of cum squirts out of my dick. Kate is still in the middle of her orgasm and is milking every last drop of cum into her pussy.

As both our orgasms subside, I slumped down over Kate to catch my breath, cock still in her pussy. I eventually lift myself off of Kate and pull out my limp dick. My cock is covered with her juices.

We clean ourselves off and arrange our clothes. Without saying a word, Kate turns to me, give me a passionate kiss on the lips and carefully leaves the room. A few moments later, I do the same.

I return to my office, sit down on my chair and go over today's events. "What a day!"
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