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Oh boss-man, isn't this naughty?!

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He pulled me close, kissed me gently, and lifted me onto his desk.

* * * 

I am a physical therapist's assistant. My boss's name is Cody, we now work together. Cody and I grew up together in a small, North Dakotan town. Cody is only six months older than me. We were in the same class in High School, I have always had a crush on him. Cody is about 6' 1" and 180 lbs, he has sandy blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

* * *

"Lexsie, will you stay a little late tonight? I need some help with paperwork." Cody asked. 

"Oh sure! I can do that." I replied.

It was about 4:30 in the afternoon, I usually get off work at 5:00. I was actually looking forward to helping Cody after work.

I was sitting at my desk staring off into nowhere. All I could think about is what could happen with Cody. I was day dreaming about the way he walked with his hands in his pockets, the gorgeous facial expression he made while working with patients. His amazing smile.

After I noticed myself getting slightly horny, I looked up at the clock in my small office, it said 5:00. I headed across the hall to Cody's office.

"Hey Lexs!" Cody greeted me. 

"Hey Code! What's up?" I asked.

"Oh nothing much, I'm just trying to figure out some of this paperwork." Cody replied.

"Alright, let me have a look." I ordered.

I pulled a chair up right next to Cody's chair and looked at what he was trying to do.

"You look really pretty today." Cody said.

"Thanks!" I said. I was completely surprised when he said this.

Cody didn't say anything after that. I just tried to finish the paperwork. I felt his hand trailing up my thigh. I turned my head to look in his eyes. My big brown eyes met his beautiful blue eyes.
Cody turned his chair slightly to the side so his chair was perpendicular to mine, he grabbed my face and pulled it close. I closed my eyes as our lips met and broke into my lips with his tongue. Our tongues became one. I felt Cody turn my chair toward him, he put his hands on my hips. Cody started to stand up, he didn't brake the kiss. I didn't want to brake the kiss, so I stood up too. Cody broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. He pulled me close, kissed me gently, and lifted me onto his desk. Cody looked down at my skirt with a lust-filled look.

"Can I pull down your skirt, Lexsie?" Cody asked, he was such a gentleman.

"I'd be insulted if you didn't." I laughed.

Cody pulled my skirt down to find out that I wasn't wearing any panties. Cody got down onto his knees and placed his fingers on my pussy. He slighly rubbed my shaven pussy lips.

"God Cody, stop teasing me!" I ordered.

"You have been teasing me all my life." He snapped back at me.

After he said that, his tongue went into my pussy. I wasn't expecting that, I gasped. His tongue went everywhere except to my throbbing clit. He brought two fingers up and shoved them into my hole. Cody began thrusting the two fingers in and out of my hole. His tongue finally went to my clit.

"Cody!!! Come on! I need more!" I yelled.

He moaned, it vibrated my pussy which felt completely amazing.

"Cody! I'm going to cum!" I screamed.

His fingers thrusted faster and faster in and out of me and his tongue seemed to be everywhere. I felt my body tense up, my orgasm hit. Even though I had just cum all over my boss's face, he ate out the rest of the jizz in my pussy.

"That was amazing." I said when he stood up.

I got off of his desk and kissed Cody.

"Lick it off." Cody ordered. 

I didn't say anything, I just licked off all of my fresh juices off of his face. I kissed him passionately before we both decided to leave. I put my skirt back on and fixed up Cody's desk up since I pushed some papers off. It was silent until Cody sighed. 

"Do you need a ride home?" He asked innocently.

"If its not too far out of your way" I answered with a sarcastic laugh.

Its a good thing that our apartments are right next to each other, because I wouldn't feel guilty about making him drive me home!

Okay, what'd you think?! Part 2 or no part 2? :)
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