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Old Man's Tales - Part 2

My awakening continues

A couple of years went by after Terry, life went on and the kids grew. My wife and I had straight sex which was great, but I never got to go down on her. She said it irritated her pussy. And she did go down on me a couple of times, maybe an inch into her mouth but only for a second or two before she said she could not do it. So I pretty much gave up on changing her and was glad with what I had. I had a vasectomy so we could have sex without worry, so it was all natural now for us.

And then Mary came to work. She looked like Annette Benning, about five feet tall with a strong athlete's body. She liked to run but did not have a runner's body, it was more rugged. In her uniform, you could not really see how she was built but I suspected she had a great body.

Her job involved press releases for the state park and she would schedule trips to get around the park and see what was going on. As the boat captain I would be the one running her all over the lake. Some of the guys said she had the hots for me but I did not see it. Even so we started to get friendlier. She would request me to be at meetings or have me run her trips. Mary started joking around with me more and more, and taking pictures of me for press releases. Her office was in a stand alone building near headquarters, and I started to stop in when I had business there.

Finally, the day came when she looked at me in her office and said she had something to tell me. She took me into the back room and said she was very attracted to me. I was not expecting that, but I told her I was attracted to her also. She said to give her a kiss. As I moved closer to her, she turned her head sideways and said, "That hurts doesn't it?"

I was a bit confused but said, "Yes."

Then she grabbed me around the neck and gave me a long deep kiss. Our tongues danced around, and I was getting hard quickly. Soon she pulled back and said, "We have to meet soon, after work."

I walked out of her office feeling like the king of the world and looking forward to where this could go. 

We e-mailed a few times and set a date. We would go to her place since she was just a town over, maybe ten minutes away. I followed her home and we went into her basement apartment. As luck would have it, she had her period, but said she wanted to give me a blow job. She asked me if I liked them. I told Mary, "The truth is, I never had one. Yes, I've had girls suck on my cock but I never shot a load into their mouth."

With that, Mary told me to take off my clothes and lay on her bed. She left the room while I undressed and came back a few minutes later. As I was laying there she came over to me, still fully dressed. She kissed me deep, and then slowly worked her way down my body. She sucked on my nipples for a time, then moved slowly down. About this time I remarked how unfair it was that I was naked while she still had all her clothes on. She stood up and started to undress, taking off everything but her panties. My suspicions were right, under that uniform was a great body. Her stomach was flat, and her tits were large on her small frame with silver dollar sized nipples. 

Mary got back on the bed and, as she took hold of my dick, remarked how manly I was. I did ask what she meant by that, and she said I was exactly what she expected. As she held my dick with one hand, she was gazing at it with desire. She said how much she loved giving her men blow jobs.

Mary started stroking my cock with one hand while gently taking my balls in her other hand and massaging them. In time she started licking my balls and then she took them into her mouth and played with them. Wow, I had never experienced this and loved every second of it. As she mouthed each ball one at a time she was still stroking my dick and holding it against her face. Mary was so good at this, I started oozing pre-cum which she used to lube the tip of my dick. After about twenty minutes of this, she got up on all fours and took my cock into her mouth. I was in heaven. The way she was oriented, I could reach out and start feeling her breasts and nipples. Oh they were so nice. Larger than I was used to, but not saggy, they were firm. Her large nipples felt very stiff as I rolled them between my fingers. 

As I did this she kept on sucking me. At first she only took me into her mouth a short way, just the first inch of me. I could feel her tongue swirling around it, and I liked it. Then she started taking me deeper into her mouth. I am average in size and girth, but still I was amazed as she took me all the way in, going down into her throat. She gaged a bit but did not stop. She kept on sucking and moving her head up and down on my shaft. I looked down to see this scene and was awestruck.

I could not stop massaging her tit as she kept it up, feeling a building from within. She moved faster, and I knew it would not be long before I came. It built and built, my cock felt so hard and I felt I was going to burst. Definitely I would have already cum if I was fucking her. With one hand she held tightly to the base of my cock, pulling any skin down from the head, exposing the most sensitive area on my dick. Her other hand was cupping and massaging my balls. I felt like my cock had grown in size just before I came with a loud groan. Once, twice, three times I groaned with pleasure, literally raising my upper body off the bed as I spasmed over and over into her mouth and down her throat. She kept going, sucking all that I had to give until I was totally drained.

I lay on her bed utterly, completely exhausted. I had never felt such an intense orgasm. I looked over at Mary as she licked her lips, and she asked if I enjoyed it. I did. I got up on wobbly legs and dressed. I had to get going and meet my oldest at school for her basketball game. I kissed Mary goodbye and headed out. As I drove I thought about what we'd just done, and I wanted more. 

Over the next few months we would meet after work at her place. Sometimes she would open her door dressed only in a man's shirt. She was so hot and ready for me that I could smell her scent. It drove me crazy, I loved it so much. Do women know what their scent does to a man? How strong its affect on us? We would move mountains for a chance to get some of that. 

 She took me to her sofa, and undid my pants. Mary would have me sit down and she would straddle me and lower herself onto my dick. She was so wet I loved it. I could feel her juices running down my shaft, onto my balls. As she moved up and down I would have two hands full of her beautiful tits, massaging them and sucking her nipples. We moved onto her bed with me on the bottom; she loved that position. Mary came multiple times. As I got close, I would have her stop so it would last. But, when I finally came, it was such a powerful orgasm I would be drained.  Usually it was just a one shot deal. I had to get going home and not appear to be doing something.

Another time we met, she let me in and I sat down while she left the room. When she came back she was wearing an open crotch black mesh body suit. Oh it looked so sexy with her nipples poking out and her bush just so. I jumped at her and pushed her backwards to her sofa while sucking on her tongue. I set her down on her back and with no fanfare went down on her. She tasted so good as I worked slowly towards her clit. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth over and over and then started a light touch on her clit. Then I sucked it into my mouth and while keeping pressure on it I flicked away with my tongue. Mary grasped my head with her hands pulling me tighter to her pussy. Her muscular thighs clamped my head so tight I thought it was going to pop. She was saying something as I went on and on until she came with so many convulsions. I could feel them as my tongue just rested between her clit and slipped inside her hole.

My face was covered with Mary’s juices when she finally released me from her thight and started kissing me. She licked her juice from my chin and then grabbed my cock pulling me onto her. Her pussy was soaked as I pushed into her, taking my time to make it last. Mary rolled me over and got on top of me. She fucked like a bunny, but when I got close I would say suck me, and she would get off of me and move down and suck on my cock, bobbing her head and taking me deep into her mouth. Then when I got close that way I would say, "Fuck me," and she would move up and take my cock deep into her. This would last for hours with me constantly on the verge of coming until I could not stop it anymore. 

Mary also liked me to take her doggie style, and I gladly accommodated her. I loved looking at her as I approached her from behind. Her pussy was not shaved but not very hairy. I tried to last when I fucked her that way, but I shot my load very quickly. While she was in that position, she mentioned I could fuck her in the ass but I declined.

After I would leave Mary’s house, I would go home and have dinner like nothing happened. Then, when I could, I would fuck Ann like an animal. I got her to let me take her from behind, which surprisingly she found she liked. My cock would still be wet from Mary, but Ann never knew and I thought it was so cool. I never did think about what could have happened. I started to get more aggressive in bed with Ann, relentlessly asking to go down on her until she let me. Then I would eat her out until she came over and over, not giving her any break, sucking on her clit and working it over with my tongue. She tasted so good to me. Then I would get on her and push my cock into her still sensitive pussy just pounding her until she and I came. I was fucking these two women three and four times a day, I thought I was a porn star!

One day at work, I had to drive an hour or so away to deliver an injured hawk to a rehabilitator with Mary. As we were driving she reached over and started undoing my belt. I had to raise my hips so she could lower my pants and then she started giving me a blow job. I almost drove off the road a few time until I came, it was awesome.

She sat back in her seat with a big smile, but not as big as mine. I looked down and saw a huge glob of cum starting to slide down my shaft and U said to Mary, "Hey, what about this?" She bent over and cleaned me off, and I loved every minute of it.

 I kept this up for months, catching sleep at work on the boat whenever I could. Then Mary got a transfer, and that was that. Again Ann told me she could not take me going down on her, it irritated her pussy. I think she felt, and still feels it is just not decent, but I am still trying. So I calmed down and went back to our ho-hum sex life. In a way, I am glad Mary left. I was seriously considering getting divorced, and now, looking back, I am glad I did not. But that does not mean I stopped getting laid at work - just the opposite.




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