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On the Job Training Part Two

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The next day...
The next day I walked into the office on shaky legs. I was hyper-aware of my breasts, loose under my thin silk blouse, my nipples hard from rubbing against the soft fabric. I was sure every man in the office could smell my wet pussy as I walked by to take a seat at my desk.

My phone buzzed almost immediately. It was Mr. Decker. "Karen, please come to my office."

I knocked on his door and entered, closing it behind me.

"Lock it." I did, and stood waiting.

"Mm, I see you remembered my instructions regarding bras. Very nice." He walked over and grasped my nipples over my blouse, giving them a hard pinch that had me moaning softly. "Did you abide by the other rules?" He cocked a brow, and at my silence slipped his hand under my skirt, raising it up past my hips.

He sniffed the air, then smirked at me. "I can smell your juicy cunt, Karen. Does forgoing underwear turn you on?"

I nodded, flushing bright red. His fingers brushed over my freshly-shaved mound and lips, teasing my clit before pushing inside. "Oh, you little slut. You're dripping all over my hand. I thought it might take some convincing to get you to agree to undergo training, but you're a natural. You love being my obedient little fucktoy, don't you? You want to please me, to do whatever I ask of you? You want to be used for my pleasure?" I could only nod frantically. I wanted it—all of it.

"Excellent. We're going to have a wonderful time together. You'll learn how to please me, and anyone else that I ask you to, and if you behave and do well with your training you'll be rewarded." He seemed to remember something then, and reached back to spread my cheeks. "Ah, good, you wore the plug. Did you remember to clean yourself this morning?"

"Yes, Sir," I answered, growing wetter as he twisted the plug before once more seating it firmly inside me.

"You're a good girl , Karen, and I want to reward you. Kneel and take my cock out. You may suck me until I come, and it is yours to swallow."

As strange as it seemed, being allowed to swallow his load seemed like the greatest gift anyone had ever offered me. Eagerly, I unbuckled his pants and lowered his zipper, whimpering as his thick, hard cock came into view. I sucked him in, working him into my throat and trying not to gag. It took a few tries, but eventually I was smoothly deep-throating him, even reaching out with my tongue to caress his heavy balls. Finally he pushed roughly into me, holding my head in place while he shot thick streams of cum down my throat. When he finished he pulled out, holding his cock in front of my face so I could clean him. I licked up every last bit of jizz, and he tucked himself back into his pants.

"Thank you, Sir." I smiled shyly, patting down my hair.

"You please me greatly, Karen. Not only obedient, but a well-mannered slut. You are a very good girl, my dear."

I puffed up proudly at his praise. He pulled out his phone, scrolling though it while he unbuttoned my blouse and idly pinched and pulled at my nipples. I jumped at the loud knock on his door.

Looking up, he smiled and pocketed his phone. "Right on time." He went to the door and opened it, letting a well-dressed older man in and once again locking it behind him. To my shock, he brought him over and introduced us as I stood there with my blouse hanging open and one breast out.

"Richard, this is Karen, my new assistant. She's a terrific cocksucker." As humiliated as I was, I was sure my pussy was dripping down my thighs.

"Richard is one of our best clients. As such, he's entitled to certain...privileges."

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