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One Day only

One Day only

Online lovers meet for the first time.
Sliding my hands down my body, I feel the beginnings of a slight tremble. Do I have time? A quick glance at my watch confirms that I do, but should I? Why not. Feeling the slow pathway my fingers take to strip my body of all clothing, throwing them on a chair behind me, I laugh for the freedom. Everything but the polished black stilettos, they can stay.

Standing there in front of the full length mirror, twisting and turning, studying my figure. "Not bad." I’m not bad at all, for a mother of two. Bringing my hands up to cup my breasts, enjoying how they over fill my hands. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones. When the breasts kept their firmness after all the breastfeeding. Rolling my fingers around the soft pink nipples, there is no hiding my fair complexion. But I truly love my breasts. I feel so sexy when I tug and play with them.

Sensually, I sway my body in slow movements to the romantic song playing on the sound system. Ah, the music, the champagne on ice and the little extras that I had ordered. This hotel seems to cater well for one's needs.

Slipping my hand further down, feeling the softness of my abdomen skin. Creamy white, soft and delicate to touch. The ache within me to fill myself becomes more demanding. Anticipation ripples through my body, oh how I love this feeling. The tempo of the music changes and so does my body.

No longer swaying, but moving in more fluid motions as if I am wrapping myself around you, sliding up and down your body with my naked one. I slowly smooth my hands down the silky skin of my thighs to my bending knees, only to fondle my way back up to my ass, as my legs straighten in a faster movement. Flawless: a sexy move, one I perfected a long time ago, and a great way to showing off one's butt, even if only for the mirror.

Curling my hand around my rear cheeks, I squeeze hard before gently rubbing. Hmm, it’s a shapely ass. Not perfect by any means, but the cheeks are full and firm. Being so means they feel pressure easy. I do hope you are gentle with me. I wonder what it will feel like to be spanked. I try and hear the loud slap, my body rippling under the sting. Ow... Not so sure about that one, I surmise while I watch the red hand print gradually disappear.

I stare straight into my reflection's eyes. They look calm, collected and yet what is about to happen is surreal, unbelievable so. Today is different in every way. A day that I never usually would part take, not in a million years. And yet here I am.

Again, the anticipating ripples through me in small shudders of excitement. I am sure there is fear in there too. This is all about trying new things. It’s having this wild day with a person, I have only ever meet online. Never shared webcam, only photos. That was my choice.

Today isn’t about being comfortable, but about learning. I take a deep breath. This day is for learning about me. Learning how my body responds. A quick flick of panic swept through me. Will you come? Now that thought sends a little fear into me, and What if you do come? Can I go through with this? I pinch my nipple that little harder. No! No perceiving of dread! No doubts! I am not allowed them.

The burning sensation of the smack on my backside brings my mind to the bareness of my body. Ah yes, today I get to try things out for myself. We have our safe word. And you know my limited experience is almost nonexistent. I take a deep breath, thinking that’s what you get when you marry to young. Limited knowledge, neither understanding the truth about sex.

You think you do, but no you don’t and then with the fighting and the bickering, you stop. You stop touching, you stop snuggling and you stop making love all together. Then one day you wake up and ask him to leave. Without fuss or fight, he does and with that, twenty years of marriage are over. I knew I was lost. I wanted to go and experiment but where does a forty-year-old go?

I shrug my shoulders, watching their reflection lift and fall in the mirrors glass, seeing my breasts bounce with the motion. That’s when friends suggested I should try the Internet. Oh dear, really? But loneliness found me there. Finding the site was fascinating. The talk was so open compared to other chat rooms. So sexual, so exciting, everything I had heard of, and a lot more I still have no idea about. This led me to you.

I smile into my green eyes, seeing them sparkle back at me. This is not love, we never really speak about our lives outside of the sex room. But then who wants love. Been there done that, and lived to tell the story. No, this isn’t about love. It’s all about lust. It's about experimenting. About you and me, and this one-day.

Heat draws my mind back to the ache between my legs. Moving my fingertips down over my mound, I smile once more. So soft, I love no hair. This is new to me, your suggestion, but the sense of air directly on my skin, just divine.

Laughing again I think of the underwear I threw out, never having realised how horrible the material was. Now I have found silk to be just the perfect touch against my lower lips. I can’t hold the giggles back. Yes, I can even say that word now. I’m growing to be a sexy woman who has the confidence to call my private area, my pussy, out loud even.

Feeling naughty, free and greedy, as I slip one fingertip in between my labia, grazing my clit and groaning softly. I'm so deliciously wet. Beautifully wet with excitement. I feel the sucking of my opening begging to be filled. I stop swaying to the music, as I dip the tip of my finger in feeling my muscles surround it like a warm glove. A perfect fit. I never understood about masturbation until you talked me through this online. I never knew the delights of self-pleasure.

I dip a second finger in, pushing them both to the knuckle and further, before I begin scissoring them. Oh God this feeling is so incredible good. My knees are wanting to buckle underneath me. I stop playing with my nipple and place my left hand on the side table taking my weight there, allowing my right to continue the delightful movements. I thrust a little further , curling my fingers to hit my G spot. ‘Oh my god, that’s perfect!'

Feeling the warmth of the fluid as it washes over my fingers. I lower my knees to the wooden floor, as I continue to tickle my insides, Scissoring. Pulling out slowly only to thrust a little further, harder, and then again using the scissoring action. As my palm rubs against my eager clit, I can feel my inner walls swell, to thicken up so that I can barely move my fingers, so incredibly tight.

Then another spasm, another warmth, another run of fluid, and this time so much that I feel my personal elixir run down my arm. I have always been easy to make cum, but I am loving being about to do it all by myself. The smile on my face feels permanent, until I hear your knock on the door.

"Oh God, you're here."

Slowly I pull my fingers out and bring them to my lip, allowing my tongue to flick out tasting my juices. Building the courage, I stand up and steady myself. I can do this. I take a deep breath. Walking slowly to the door, I knew you would be able to hear my heels on the warm wooden boards, each step a tantalizing waltz towards excitement.

“Who is it?” I ask in a breathy voice, not able to hold back my excitement, (wanting to kick myself. For surely, the first time you hear my voice and I sound like a bitch in heat, breathless).

“John,” With that one word, your deep voice reverberates through to my bones.

“Can you please turn your back, and close your eyes John,” trying to put a little more power into my voice?

I give you half a minute before opening the door. God you are tall, I knew you would be, but love finding out this is true. I have to stretch that little bit higher, placing my hands on your shoulders for support, sensing their unyielding strength. Fuck, the type that I could hold onto so tightly while riding you hard, my fingertips itched to dig in and hold tight. Relaxing a little as I lean against you, placing the black silk blindfold in front of your eyes, tying it tight.

As I pull away, you grab my arm fast. Lifting my fingers back up to your face, and take in a large breath through your nose. Curiously, I don’t understand why you’re sniffing my hand for a moment. I feel your groan against my skin as you move your tongue along my arm. Oh my, how could I have forgotten in my excitement of seeing you, what I had been doing just moments before.

“ Mmmm very nice.” you growl. You appear so satisfied, like a question you held was answered. I hold my breath until you finish licking my hand before letting go of my arm. Trying to control my breathing, I try to remember how I am about to proceed.

“Too tight? The blindfold?” my voice nothing but a whisper holding the question. The feel of your tongue and all the images your words have given me over the past months seem to pour into my mind, you feeling me, touching me, kissing me, sucking me, pulsating in me. A shudder runs through me. I need to pull myself together.

I take a couple of steps away from you to catch my breath and to look at you. Taking a really good look at you. I had seen photos, okay, so they were of you naked. But dressed as you are, I can see just how instrumentally male you are. Handsome is the ultimate word. Not good looking, but distinguished, and I feel so thrilled to share this one moment in time with you.

“Its fine, but I had hoped to at least see you," you reply. I bring one of your hands to my face, allowing you to feel the shape and texture, before kissing you lightly inside your palm and guiding you into the room, closing the door behind you firmly.

Standing in front of you, I can feel your uneven breath flowing down onto my face; thank god you are as effected by this as me. Taking your overcoat from your arm, I turn and hang in on the coat rack. Noticing it weight, little clinking sounds came from the pockets.

"Lets move into the lounge," I murmur, as I lead you into the larger room where you can smell the scent of the flowers that adorn the tables.

Allowing both of my hands to reach out to your chest, guiding my fingers up your shirt, teasingly caressing you from under your jacket before pushing the cloth down off your shoulders, catching it before it falls, and walking away, to set it on one of the chairs. Every step deliberately, every step for you're hearing, watching you as your turn your face towards my actions, as I came back in front of you.

Slowly, I unbuttoned your shirt, spreading my hands wide, fingers trying to feel your entire chest in one go without much luck. Tanned. Warm, hard with a dabble of rough chest hair. The character of your heat is bordering on illegal. A little shudder runs through my body, I see your tense, and yeah you feel this too.

Self-awareness of how small against you I am floods into me. Never before have I felt this delicate, breakable almost. This is how I want to feel around a man. The way it should be always for me. Another shudder courses through me with excitement. Damp is not the word to describe my responds to you being here.

Lowering your shirt down your arms, before taking it from your form, smoothing the material with my hands, as I take to the chair before returning to you, watching you follow the sound of my footsteps. I love this sense of power and control, to greet a man at the door, naked apart from a pair of heels, and you're not seeing any of it.

I know it will be short lived, but the fact you are allowing it, just excites me more. To know you will be running your hands through my thick red hair soon, grabbing it roughly while you thrust your gorgeous cock into my mouth. God just this vision in my mind, has my legs wanting to buckle beneath me with need.

Feeling a small orgasm hitting me at just the idea is remarkable. I stand very still, absorbing the feeling. The frill and recover my breath quietly. Of course you notice, you notice everything. I can’t help my naughty smile. Cocking my head to one side, I contemplate for a moment; the problem is your belt you see. It buckle looks challenging. You seem to feel my hesitance, and for the first time you move your hands to help. You undo your buckle, unthreading the belt from the loops in your trousers.

“Keep this somewhere close for later.” Shit, your voice is so strong, so solid, unlike the men around my life. After you lay the thick smooth leather into my waiting hands, you just let your hands fall back down to your sides. This is after all my time in control. I lean up and kiss your lips like a whisper to thank you, and slowly walk away to leave it by the bedside, before return to you.

Heels on the wooden floor, each step a crisp sound, causing a ripple of excitement within the air itself. As I close my fingers around your pants, popping open your top button, and slowly, lowering your zipper, I feel your reaction, you twitching to escape from the confines of your pants. I bend my knees and lower your trousers to the ground. Untying your shoes.

“Step out of them please,” I requested in a whisper. I could hardly get my words out. My mind is racing ahead, my body is filling with little thrilling shudders. I can feel my dampness with ever step I make to and from the seat. I can smell my need for you. I know you can smell it too, the light flowery musk in the air. Your underwear makes me smile, boxers of course. More room to lengthen and grow, and expanding you are in that beautiful pulsating movement of yours.

Sliding my naked body back up along yours, until my hands reach up to your shoulders again. Skin to skin, loving the feeling rippling within. My fingers slowly descend grazing your nipples, your abdominal muscles, teasing your stomach button before gliding down lower, until my hands slip under your boxers, tugging them over your hardness while bending my knees, taking them to the floor.

I know you can feel the sun worshiping your body through the window just the same way I am. We are so high up, no one can see. There you are standing in your naked glory, apart from the pair of socks on your feet. You look incredible. The photos you had posted of yourself on our shared blog were not exaggerated. You are beautiful. I feel somewhat lucky for you are all mine tonight.

"God." You are what my body is demanding to have throbbing between my legs right now. I bite my lip trying to stop the groan from leaving my mouth. But you hear it. I see you smile. You seem to understand the effect you have on me, and you love it.

Balancing on my heels, I lean in, my heavy breath falling on your cock, making you twitch with anticipation. Knowing the moment I wrap my mouth around you, you will take control, I can see your hands clenching into fists, knuckles turning white. Yeah you want control but not yet.

I deliberately take my time to learn the feel of you in my hand, my soft fingers caressing the bulbous tip of your ridged rod, tracing every vein running up and down to the base. Caressing your length with tiny kisses makes your body shiver, encouraging me. Oh how I like your reactions. I fondle your sack that produces your cum. Knowing it will quickly become mine. They are full, too big for me to take fully into my mouth, but I know I could caress them with my tongue, gently graze you with my teeth and appreciate your taste.

Again and again I gently caressed you, letting my warm breath tease you. Knowing you will be so demanding soon. I can feel my body weeping with the need for your huge cock to hurry and thrust inside of me. To push up deep within, to be thrusting so hard. I just want to push you down on the floor, climb on top of you and ride you so hard that I scream. My pussy spasms again, making my legs loose balance and I lean against your thigh for a moment while I try to regain control.

I hear your gasp as you place your hand gently on the top of my back. You feel the same. You can tell my control is almost gone. My need for you is so intense that I know you can feel this in each of my jerky movements too, yet you wait. You hold back and wait for me. Even now you are unselfish. I knew you would be. But this first time was for you. I had promised myself this. I slowly stood up, grazing my hands along your body, up, up until I reached your lips.

“ Are you ready?” I whispered. There is much I want to say, but can't even voice. You let your hand fall from where it had been lazily resting on my back.

“I have been ready since the first time I knew you had cum for me while we chatted, knowing you were doing what I wanted, feeling in your words what you were feeling…. I have been ready since I first spurted cum all over that keyboard due to your words, and all the other fucking keyboards you made me mess up and I will be cumming for you, on you and in you today…Yeah I’m ready.”

Your voice is so gruff as you reply, causing little shudders to ran through my body, liquid fire pours out of me. God, your voice is so rich, it gives me delicious tingles with every word, you just make me so darn needy.

I bend at the waist, feeling the light breeze seeking through the room, cooling the wetness that now lines my thighs, while I lick my way up your ridged cock, before taking the tip, so slowly, so deliciously into my mouth. Sucking a little more in, again and again, soon your whole head is inside my mouth. Still you hadn’t touched me. My skin feels so sensitive I want to scream for you to touch my body. To run your hands all over me, to find those places that are demanding your attention.

Taking another inch into my mouth, I feel a little tremor running through you. This is the another sign that my mouth is effecting you. I feel your cock, harden, lengthen; I didn't know you could be turned on even more then you already where. I take in another inch, my tongue sliding up and down. I can feel your head hit the back of my mouth.

Pulling you out, I lightly grazes my teeth against you, showing you I could hurt you if I so dare, loving the quivers running along your stomach. Taking your shaft in inch by beautiful throbbing inch again, hitting the back of my mouth. I tilt my head a little more, giving access to the last few inches down my throat. Deep throat, this was another first experience. Do I like this feeling? Feeling you hard throbbing so deep in my mouth that I almost can’t breath?

Fascinatingly, yes I do. You taste of sweet, salty, tangy fluid. Liking the taste more then I expected. You begin a slow comfortable pump into my mouth motioning against my own movements. I try to smile, but can’t as your cock is in to far, your too big. I love the fact you can’t quite leave this up to me. That I am pushing your buttons, and your body is demanding satisfaction.

Easing you out from between my lips, I enjoy licking up and down your thick penis. Feeling every groove, every ripple, and every vein before encasing you again. Awareness of your thrusts deepening. A light salty tang hits my tongue. That’s when you lose your restraint.

I feel your hands touch my shoulders, gliding up into my hair and digging into my scalp. You take control… hard deep thrusts; I could love you for this very touch. Each thrust in, you graze me, and with every withdrawal you leave a little more taste of your pre-cum. I feel the strong need for you to fill me. Again and again you thrust in…

I hear your voice echoing in my ears. “Oh shit you feel so good.” I try to tilt my head that little bit more, and bam you slam right in, down my throat, all the way. You truly do feel so good in my mouth, in my throat. Throbbing deep within. The way you grip my hair, tugging me forward by the force of your hand, yes you are the one now in total control.

I would hold you there longer, but you pull out faster and slam back in faster and faster, harder and harder, the tears erupting from my eyes. I am not scared, sad or hurt. I truly cherish the feeling of your thrusts. I stay still trying to take everything you have for me, ever thrust, every slam, then you push in and push that bit further, arching your back while groaning an ear shattering sound.

I felt your semen hit, coating the back of my raw throat, burning and soothing at the same time. Feeling the streams of your fluid sliding down, warming my stomach. Then another shot, I swallowed each pulsing eruption, as my muscles continue to milk you with every swallow. And I do milk you, even as you soften into my mouth, I continued to suck and lick and taste you.

Pulling away, I lift my eyes to search your face. Your blindfold! It’s gone. When did you take it off? The expressions that are crossing your face move from satisfied to tenderness. They make me shiver. I love seeing the absolute pleasure and satisfaction in your features.

Gradually you withdraw, untangling your hands from my hair, before gently combing it with your fingers, rearranging the locks back into some form of normalcy. Sliding your hand so gently along my face, my shoulder to my arm before you help me stand.

Moving my hand, so my fingers touch the corner of my mouth where little droplets of cum are sitting, before moving my fingers into your mouth. You suck them clean, before leaning in and kissing me. So hungrily, as if you are starving for the very taste of my soul. Shudders running though my body with desire. My need nearly driving me wild. Delicious!

I begin to relax in your arms, as I feel your lips leave my mouth moving across my cheek to my ear, you nibble for a bit, sending tremors again and again through. Then I hear you whisper,

“Gorgeous girl, I am going to make you shatter!”

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