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One night at a concert

One night a guy got something he'll never forget
I'm John and I'm 25 brown hair and eyes. One Saturday night I had a big concert to go to. It was the Uproar Tour with Avenged sevenfold and many other bands. The concert was at a huge stadium that filled roughly 40,000 people. As the main stage bands were about to begin, I started to feel the need to go to the bathroom. But I wasn't desperate as of yet. I never seen Avenged Sevenfold who was headlining the show. So I held out as long as I possibly could. But as I was enjoying the show, I did catch the eye of a woman that looked to be about 23 or so. She was about 6 foot and had blonde hair with C-cup boobs. She looked sexy and was giving me a lusty look. But it being I loved Avenged Sevenfold and that I had to go to the bathroom, I didn't pay a lot of attention to her as they started the show.

But as Avenged Sevenfold was about halfway through their set, I just could not wait anymore. I went running to the bathroom. I went up to the urinal to relive myself. It took a minute, but then as I was done, I washed my hands and went back over to the concert seats. When I got there, I noticed the lady was gone. I didn't think much of it honestly, so I just continued to enjoy the show. But then I felt someone tap my shoulder, it was the woman. She just gave me that same look. Why I thought to myself, was she into me or something. Still I had no idea, and I just tried to concentrate on the show. I also continued to drink my soda as well. But that was not the best idea considering about 20 minutes later I had to go to the bathroom once again.

As I started walking about to the bathroom, the lady was gone once again. Maybe she had the same problem, I had no idea. I went back to the bathroom once again and went to the urinal. This time the bathroom was empty, which was odd. I mean the place was huge, and no other guy had nature calling right then? I guess not, but then as I went out back through the door, I saw the woman coming towards me. I waved at her and gave her a smile. She waved back and gave me another lusty smile. As she got close to me, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and stood there. I was confused on why though, other than she was into me. But we were total strangers though. Then she walked over to the ladies room entrance and stopped. Then she looked at me and put her hand out signaling 'come here'.

Of course I was skeptical by the request, but I think she was into me, and I was single, so whatever happened, happened I guess. So I walked over to her she gave me a kiss on the lips. Then she took my hand and brought me to one on the stalls. The ladies room bathroom was empty as well. We both went inside and she closed and locked the door. Then we both started making out for a few minutes. I had never ever done anything like this before, so this was all new to me. We made out passionately and eventually I broke the kiss. I was about to say something and then she put her right pointer finger on my lips. I don't know why she did that, but it just turned me on even more. Then we began making out once again and she started putting her hands on the big bulge in my pants. The whole situation just gave me a huge hard on.

She slowly began undoing my pants and they fell to the floor. My hard cock poked out through my boxers and she took a look at it. From the look on her face I'd say she was impressed. It was a good 8 and inches as it was rock hard pointing out. We made out for a minute as she stroked my cock slowly. Then I broke the kiss and once again I was gonna say something, but she stopped me yet again by putting her finger on my lips. Then she gave me another kiss and bent down on her knees. Then she took my cock into her mouth. I 100% could not believe it, a total stranger that happened to be a attractive lady was blowing me in the bathroom at a concert. I couldn't help but moan a little. It felt absolutely amazing to say the absolute very least.

I was slowly breathing in and out, I was afraid I would just shoot my load down her throat without warning, but on the other hand she was blowing a complete stranger, so no harm no foul. I even put my hands on her head as she began going back and forth slowly. She intensified the pleasure a great deal when she began to deep throat me. She looked up me a little and I could tell she was trying to give me that same lusty look once again. But she for some odd reason did not wanna say anything, I was wondering if she has done this often, but I had no idea. I was about to take my shirt off, but she stopped me. So was it just gonna end at a random blow job? It appeared so, but nevertheless, it was great. I never felt so good in my life I don't think honestly. I just had the biggest smile on my face and I was loving absolutely every single second of that blow job from this random lady.

Then I pulled on her shirt a little to signal that I was about to cum. She backed up a little and let me cum on the bathroom door. I was surprised, very surprised. Surprised by the whole thing truth be told. But wouldn't be? Then I put my dick away and we both went out to the sinks. She washed off her face because a little did get on her hands. Then she dried them as well. Then we both walked to the entrance and she gave me another kiss. But by then the concert was over and people were leaving. I was a little disappointed honestly, but I still got an experience of a lifetime. Then as I was about to say one thing, she stopped me yet and gave me another kiss. She grabbed onto the bulge in my pants and gave me a thumbs up. Then she walked away towards the gate.

I was really confused and joyed at the same time. I never got her name, and she never got mine either. Was she just looking for someone she could give head to? Something to cross off her bucket list? I had no idea honestly. I had no idea who she was or if we'd even ever see each other again. I lived 2 hours away from that stadium, and had no idea where she lived. All I had to go on was that she was a 6 foot tall blonde with a nice rack that was sitting in row FFF, seat 23 in section B at one concert stadium. I have a mental image of her and a blurry picture of her on my phone, but that's it. I have absolutely no idea if I'll ever run into her again or if I'll get even the smallest reason why she did that, but I know I'll never forget that blonde lady.

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