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online to reality

A true story that rocked my world
The evening was wearing on and he was about to shut down his laptop and head for bed. He thought he'd send one more message to an interesting profile he'd stumbled upon.

"How are you this evening?" wrote John. "I'm particularly aroused."

When a message popped into his inbox less than five seconds later he was amazed.

"Hi there, yeah feeling quite naughty actually," came the reply.

John, a thirty year old guy of whom it was often remarked how cute he was, couldn't believe this response. He could feel his breath come a little quicker and get that odd feeling of arousal in his stomach.

"What should we do about it?" typed John nervously.

"If you don't think it's too weird would you like to come over to my place?" replied Rebecka.

John was out the door almost before he got directions.

It took him a while to make his way there and he got lost several times. When he rang her he hoped she wasn't thinking he was some kind of crazy guy. He'd never done anything remotely as spontaneous as this and he was quite apprehensive about meeting someone who he'd only chatted to online for less than twenty minutes. Still he'd been single for a while now and this kind of offer only ever seemed to arise in the movies and he wasn't going to say no!

John hadn't even seen a picture of Rebecka as she didn't have a photo on her profile. He just hoped she was attractive. According to her profile she had a thin body type and enjoyed sports and horse riding, so John's hope wasn't without foundation.

After an hour on the road, he finally pulled up outside her driveway. John wasn't disappointed when Rebecka opened the door to let him in. She had long straight brown hair. It flowed down almost to the small of her back. She was thin and appeared to be very toned. She wore tight black trousers that showed off her toned ass and a white shirt with the top two buttons undone. She seemed to be a bit shy and very softly spoken as she offered John a beer from the fridge.

She was exhausted after a hard day's work on the farm and a mountain of housework. John supped on his beer and made conversation with Rebecka. He was a bit nervous but hid his nerves well. After getting to know the basics about each other John offered a hug to Rebecka. They hugged for what seemed like an age. Neither were sure about going further. They pulled apart at the same time, looked each other in the eyes and locked lips passionately. Before long their hands were all over each other.

Before it went any further Rebecka suggested they went upstairs. She lived right beside her Aunt in the countryside and she was liable to walk in at any time of day or night for a chat.

The last thing she'd expect would be her niece naked with a stranger on the living room floor.

Rebecka took John by the hand and led him up the stairs. They kissed passionately once again and threw themselves onto the bed. Before long John had Rebecka's shirt and trousers on the floor. She had beautifully toned and tanned legs and stomach. When she turned over he marveled at her incredible ass, clearly seen as the thong she wore left little to the imagination.

They were both overwhelmingly excited at this stage. She had his fly undone and his throbbing member in her learned hand already. He then kissed her legs and between her thighs. She moaned with anticipation. He slowly let his mouth and then tongue move across her thong. He licked the side of her labia as lifted her thong up ever so slightly. She was wet and he went in with his tongue. Swirling and dancing to her delight. She came within five minutes.

She whispered into John's ear, "Now let me do something for you."

She moved down between John's legs and licked on his sack slowly, teasing him. John let out a yelp of excitement. She continued for a minute before taking his member in her hand again. This time she directed it into her mouth. John had many blow jobs in the past. He reckoned from about ten different girls. He loved the feeling naturally, but could never come merely from fellatio. This felt different though. Whatever method she used simply put all the others in the shade. Within a minute he could feel himself ready to come. He was almost annoyed that he would come so soon. He couldn't stop it no matter how he tried.

"I think I'm going to come," he said.

He waited for her to take his cock out of her mouth but to his astonishment she didn't. He exploded three seconds later and she let out moans of satisfaction. He could hear her gulping down his love seed. Even after he'd finished she kept on sucking, trying to get every last drop. John was on the biggest natural high he had ever experienced. They cuddled for a while before John set off on the long journey home. It definitely was a trip worth making for John and Rebecka and it was the first of many steamy encounters.

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