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Oral pleasure!

We are walking into the bedroom and suddenly with no warning you pin me against the wall! You kiss me passionately and I eagerly respond! We stop, you take my hand and lead me to the bed, you kiss me softly while slowly undoing the buttons on my blouse, once undone you cup my breasts in your hands and you nibble on my bottom lip! You remove my blouse and undo my bra; you lie me down on the bed and lie down next to me! I turn to look at you and you lean in and kiss me, you move your kisses down to my neck and then to my breast, you tease my nipple with your tongue working fast and slow, I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter and the need to feel your hardness inside of me is getting more and more unbearable! I feel your fingers slide down my body and you skilfully undo my jeans, u slip your hands into my trousers and you slide your fingers up and down the slit of my pussy! You can feel how wet I am through the material of my panties! I moan at the feel of your fingers, hearing this you smile, you then pull down my trousers and panties all in one swift movement! Now kneeling at my feet you lift my leg up and slowly kiss down my foot and slowly move up my leg, once you get into my inner thigh my breathing shortens and quickens, you kiss my pussy lips teasing me, you slide your tongue up and down my slit, stopping on the tip of my clit teasing me with your tongue! You move your hand up and insert your fingers into me; you skilfully work my g-spot and lick my clit. I can feel the beginnings of an orgasm starting to build up inside me, telling you not to stop you carry on working your tongue getting faster and faster on my clit! A moan escapes my lips and I grip the bed sheets, the waves of an orgasm are beginning to rip through my body, I put on hand on your head forcing you into me as I shake as the orgasm hits me, I scream as I cum into your mouth! I lie exhausted as you move to lie next to me; I smile at you and lean across to whisper in your ear!

“It’s your turn”

I pulled you on top of me kissing you as I wrap my legs around your waist! I put my hands up the back of your shirt gently scratching at your back whilst my kissing gets more firm and more passionate! You respond with great pleasure, I can almost read your mind begging to find out what happens next! I slide my hands around to your front, feeling your stomach, sliding my hands up to your chest, letting my fingers work on their own they trace your nipples, teasing you, pinching you! I remove your top and tell you to lie down, I lean over and kiss you, I move down to your nipples and lick them, I move and undo your jeans, I can feel how hard you are through your trousers, wanting to let you out of your imprisonment I pull down your boxers and jeans in one swift movement! Seeing how hard you are I start to feel excited about how it’s going to feel and taste in my mouth! Not wanting to dive straight in I lie back down next to you and take your hardness into my hand moving slowly up and down your shaft, after a few minutes I tighten my grip moving faster! I suddenly stop and seeing your precum glistening on the head I lean down and lick it off! Putting your member into my mouth I tease the tip with my tongue and gentle sucking, I move my mouth down your shaft making sure I get to taste all of you, I feel you start to move with me, placing your hand on my head tangling your fingers into my hair, I stop and place my finger in my mouth, getting it nice and wet, I reach around and slowly and gently insert it into your ass, I slowly finger your ass, I quicken my movements, sucking on you a little harder! I can hear your breathing quicken and little gasps escape from you as your pleasure is starting to take over, I feel you harden, you moan loudly as you cum, not wanting to waste a drop I swallow it all!

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